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Burns, Coley, Muhammad among freshmen catching Golden's eye; Dorsett talks being Canes' fastest man

Three practices into fall camp is hardly enough time for Al Golden to make a determination on which freshmen will actually make an impact this coming season. But so far, it's safe to say cornerback Artie Burns, receiver Stacy Coley and defensive end Al-Quadin Muhammad have shown flashes that have caught Golden's eye.

"The first battle as a freshman is to come in shape. The second battle is to know your stuff and clearly those two (Burns and Coley) have made progress," Golden said. "They aren't where they need to be yet, but there's a little poise about Artie Burns. You coach him everyday and he looks you right in the eye. He's not too high, not too low and he's ready to move on."

Golden said Burns, a 6-1, 190-pound former standout at Miami Northwestern, and Coley, a 6-1, 180-pound standout from Oakland Park Northeast, have risen to the challenge everyday in practice.

As for Muhammad, a 6-3, 230-pound standout from New Jersey powerhouse Don Bosco Prep, Golden complimented him by calling him "twitchy."

"When somebody is explosive or somebody is sudden, you can feel it," Golden said. "Sometimes you can see it on the film. But when you get to this level, when you have a lot of guys that have twitch, sometimes you just see there is a little difference in one guy. I think Quan is a very explosive young man. He has to understand the system, get bigger and stronger and all that. But he has twitch.

"He can go from a standing position to five, seven, 10 yards in a very short period of time. The guys that can do that irrespective of their body size have a chance to continue improve and grow and be a difference maker."

Golden also mentioned receiver Corn Elder (out with a hamstring injury), bruising running back Gus Edwards (6-2, 225) and offensive tackle Alex Gall (6-5, 304) as other freshmen standouts.

> If you haven't heard by now, receiver Phillip Dorsett (5-9, 179) put up the fastest 40-time on the team during off-season testing, posting an eye-opening 4.29 seconds. Dorsett ran a 4.39 a year ago.

"I kind of knew I was going to run it," Dorsett said of his blazing time. "I kept messing with [conditioning coach Andrew] Swasey telling him I was going to run it. I wasn't really shocked, just more relieved I put up a legit time like that."

Dorsett, who runs track, said he spent a lot of time this off-season working on "lower body explosion" and converting his speed "to breaking down and helping me run better routes, working on my hands a lot."

"I feel like I'm a lot better receiver," Dorsett said. "I can't wait to go out there and show it."


> Three players were in a red non-contact jersey Tuesday: safety Deon Bush (sports hernia surgery), defensive end Anthony Chickillo (ankle) and receiver Corn Elder (hamstring). Golden said Chickillo was moving better before practice and would likely get integrated more into practice on Wednesday.

> Freshman offensive lineman Sunny Odogwu spent his second straight day in a yellow limited-contact jersey.

> Quarterback Stephen Morris said he watched film and worked on his footwork this off-season with former Hurricanes quarterback Steve Walsh.

**** The following notes are from UM's sports information department following practice ****

## During stretching, the team listed to a Michael Irvin speech before the tones of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice, Ice Baby” filled the air at the Greentree.

## The offense dominated early, winning 10-2 in first 11-on-11 drill, winning the WR vs DB drill and the red zone skeleton.

## Following the three straight losses, junior LB Denzel Perryman called the defense together and spoke about the importance of accountability. He emphasized, focus, communication and execution. Senior LB Jimmy Gaines also spoke about the keys to defensive success in the huddle.

## The defense rallied to win the next 11-on-11 drill, despite senior QB Stephen Morris connecting with sophomore RB Duke Johnson on a wheel route for a TD and TD runs from running backs Dallas Crawford and Danny Dillard.

## The two units tied in the next 11-on-11 drill with senior DB AJ Highsmith recovering a Duke Johnson fumble. Johnson rebounded in the 2-minute drill, scoring a TD on the first play with a long run up the middle. But the defense won the 2-minute drill, with freshman LB Alex Figueroa picking up a tackle for loss to help seal the victory.


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Man, is coach goldie high, now he's saying the reason we're doing real well in recruiting thus far is because they're are no off fields distractions by the players, which is allowing them to focus solely on recruiting. So last year, by us only getting 4 players from home, must of been because the team not coach goldie and crew. Man, how many side swipes is this guy going to keep taking at the team. This the first time I ever heard a coach blame recruiting's success/failure at the feet of the team, no wonder he keeps endorsing clown 117th.

Another goldie gem in reference to Alquadin Muhammad, "anytime a guy can go from standing up to 5, 7 and 10 yards in a short period of time, the guys that can do that"

man, i'll stop right their, maybe i'm not that smart yet, but I still haven't figured out what's the advantage of having a guy standing straight up at the line of scrimmage, only to get met full steam ahead by pulling guards with a running start, it automatically gives up leverage, advantage=offense. If we're bring Alquadin in here to be standing up at the end of the line, I don't get it, again, if he's used the way coach goldie and them envisions, he'll be a parade all-american in the secondary.

I don't need d-linemen getting picks I need them getting to the qb and runningbacks in the backfield.

Don't look now, but this is going to be a real problem for somebody, in the meantime while we're getting stronger and bigger is it really going to matter if you can't catch nobody. I could careless about the guy, but the one thing even Oscar cryer understands is how to use speed and use speed properly. In the meantime coach goldie and his croonie are taking us back to an 80's style of defense from the big 10.

bradley roby 4.26 corey brown 4.31 braxton miller 4.32 doran grant 4.32 devin smith 4.33 chris fields 4.35 ryan shazier 4.35 dontre wilson 4.36 james clark 4.38 evan spencer 4.40 ezekiel elliott 4.40 tyvis powell 4.41 terry mcclaurin 4.41 parris campbell jr. 4.41 carlos hyde 4.43 vonn bell 4.45 mike mitchell 4.45 etc.. the list just goes on and on. there's A LOT of guys with 4.4 - 4.5 40s at OSU. urban meyer always recruits and builds teams with athletic speed guys.

Offensively we'll maintain speed, will it be superior speed, time will tell, but defensively, we got speed to but will we use it.

I wanted us to get ryan shazier here, that man is a straight balla. The sad part about it is, ohigho fake is using our formula when it comes to defense, in fact most schools are now, even osu's linebackers are smaller than ours, so where this idea of all of our linebackers need to be in the 240's, like I said, they're following the same defensive blue print that got coach al groh fired from Georgia tech. The only players that need some size with them were the d-tackles, other than that,the weight managaement is terrible on the defensive side of the ball and I heard coach goldie say some time back that coach OH-NO is one of the main ones in the weight room trying to make it happen.

jim gallo has already pointed out what is obvious to those who know football, once again we got a new oc in here, but yet and still the offene is way ahead of the defense again, how is that possible going into year 3 of this defense. Until we get a defensive scheme that's going to challenge this offense every practice where we know the offense won one day and the defense won several days. Instead we're down to how the offense won most of the series and the defense only won 1 series here and there. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out james coley, a first time official oc is already out scheming and out dueling numb nutz 117th!

I like this ernest suttles pick-up, great job coach coley, we need some mo head bussa in here. You'd have a feared defense if you lined up with guys like eddie Johnson, gionni paul and the future head bussa in ernest suttles. YOu can't have nice guys on defense and as it stands right now, we seem to have way more tough guys on offense than we do on defense.

jontavious carter would have gotten pulverized had he been pulling some of the same stunts he's been pulling, I like his fire, but I do know deon bush will be back and ready to pop some folks, along with jamal carter and artie burns, they are going to have some fun with carter.

Coach barrow, whatever you do, don' let your li cousin go to bama, but I take it since him and quincy are tight, those 2 will probably end up at the same school, I know he wants to play corner and all, but i'm thinking safety is his best bet. Time will tell, but he's one of those players other players luv to play with, he brings out there that's for sure.

Dorset may be fast but he's going to drop it when it counts. We need to get off his jock because he's going to break our hearts.

Been watching this Sean Taylor highlights. That dude hit hard, loved the hitting. I want Bush to play with this kind of abandonment, but does anyone think that Bush is big enough to play like that?

Calvin, you're right you're not smart. No need to add the word yet, because you'll just stay the dummy you are.

Canes were about 80th in points given up, the only defensive measurement that ultimately matters. Where will we be this year is the big question.

Up or out year for the defensive staff.

I am getting sick and tired of reading the negative garbage from most of you guys....Jesus, it's football season, stop trying to be coaches and get pumped for the season. It's the Canes, period! We have no control over who the coaches are for this team.

How about some positive speak....gator fans, go back to trailerville and stay off the this blog...you guys are so bad they probably banned you from their blogs.

Go Canes, I am excited to have another upon us...7-6, or 12-0 - I am a fan

Year over year, team weight is up, strength is up, speed is improved and body weight % is down.

And Lady Calvina thinks that is somehow a bad weight management issue. Truly clueless. And fixated on male weights.

Wtf...usually the defense is ahead of the offense. These dudes are breaking runs in practice! Fix that d!!!

Yep, we've gotten bigger, stronger and I guess this is what the geniuses mean by we've gotten faster nowadays!

LB (small DE), FB, TE, K
T Armbrister 4.64
D Perryman 4.67
R Kirby 4.68
T Cornileus 4.68
P O'Donnell 4.69
A Figueroa 4.7
M Goudis 4.71
T McCord 4.74

Pure big 10 speed on defense, so we don't have a nickel package on defense, so we'll continue to cover 4.4 slot receivers with these type of 40time linebackers. And if you geniuses say we've gotten faster, than what in the hell were their times last year morons!

And this those who act like ladies & gentlemen from our stronger and bigger skill position crew:

P Dorsett 4.29
H Waters 4.40
S Coley 4.42
R Johnson 4.44
C Elder 4.49
A Crawford 4.52
A Hurns 4.55
D Dillard 4.58

Oh, did I mention faster, if stacy coley is already the 3rd fastest on the team in the 40, somebody's spot is in jeopardy. Anything in the 4.5's and under is moving. Unfortunately, we don't seem to have to many blazers at the skill positions.

I have been tellin U guys alquaddin muhammed is a beast, and he might not even get Playin time, that's how deep we are/ 2014 1st playoff season, when this class gets 1 yr in weight room, forget it

Canes Vs Alabama in NC game

It amazes me how the same 2-3 people who have been posting for two years and more just talk crap. If after so long of non stop crying how this team would only be better if they did as you 2-3 say you would be coaching for a living. If you are so damn unhappy that you need to feel we all want to read your non stop
rants your mistaken. This is a new season with players bigger faster stronger than years past. They are recruiting a top 5 class for next year. They are doing this while dealing with the NCAA coming after them. They have a head coach who had NOTHING to do with the mess yet has held the team together and get players to even think of coming next year. So shut the hell up stop your non stop crying and maybe for once be a TRUE CANE FAN !!!! Your crap and little attention getting antics is old. Your like children needing attention which you don't get at home. Your really pretty sad and pathetic.

Mike....your preaching to the choir with these guys. They are simply disgruntled and upset that they feel this is their best "outlet". The best we can hope for is a "sign in" format through Facebook for example so that we do not have to hear them again.

It's all good....like Al said...."they are afraid of what's on the other side of that mountain"....haha....classic line from a classy coach!!

Do you like my nickname?

I predict the d wil be better than 40 this year and avg points per game around 22. Why? Better size, speed, more experience, better depth, AND a weaker schedule. Even if/when this happens, short of ACC campions the whiners will stil call the coaches terrible.

I'm just hoping my Canespace brothers don't figure out that I'm really Sarasota Cane.

Go Canes!

Why you gotta' be such a HATER! Seriously, bUbba.
Oh, that's right. YOUR mammy and pappy didn't give you enough love and what not. hUh
Posted by: D | August 06, 2013 at 05:26 PM

Gee, why should he hate someone that attacks, insults, lies, and then hides behind a keyboard because he is afraid to meet up with any one of us in person?

And then you take a shot at his parents, when at least his parents sent him to SCHOOL where he learned ENGLISH.

Oh I just can't figure out why nobody here likes you...

Hard to understand how grown men, regardless of their shortcomings, seem compelled to follow a site dedicated to Hurricane football in order to add their uninformed diatribe. Don't Gators have anything better to do. DO we all have to suffer another year of Gallo, CanesFan72 and the even more moronic Calvin. Doesn't he have food stamps to go pick up?

Once we get a real defense, most of us will be celebrating and hyped up for any game we're about to play, but under this regime, it's a pathetic feeling going into games knowing full well we're playing a prevent defense from the jump. Until than, we dont' understand what all the hype about coach goldie being the headcoach has been about. He keeps defending his boy and taking side swipes at the players when it comes to recruiting.

Ask yourself, have you ever heard a headcoach say "the reason we're doing so well in recruiting this year is because we don't have the off field distractions". So why is he/goldie saying that, he's basically blaming the success/failure of recruiting on the players, is that what's called accountability now.
You can tell coach goldie has alot of growing to do if he's going to be the headcoach at Miami, he keeps saying things like he's the 1st one to ever have to deal with minor issues, which is a clear indication he has to get use to alot of things, but he's not in the same mold as howard or jimmy or butch in regards to being around the culture of Miami which is something he's trying to change cause he's more focused on social issues and not coaching/providing an environment where guys can thrive.

Now you got players taking shots at departed players, no need for that, if you didn't say nothing while they were here, don't say nothing now. Unity Council my arse-creating in house snitches one council member at a time. All those council members would get they arse whooped a few years back just for reporting anything to the coaches, that's what they're their for. It's because most of the players instinctly don't trust goldie or his boy clown 117th or some of his minions, coach goldie knows this so he had to find a way to try and reach the players and to get information indirectly=Unity Council, trying to unite the out-cast coaching staff with the players.

You can tell the thomas finnie situation messed him up mentally, lol, goldie was let down and hurt cause he didn't understand, here's a guy he sees everyday but than bam, get it time came, he didn't know he had it in em!

rocket said:
"Hard to understand how grown men, regardless of their shortcomings, seem compelled to follow a site dedicated to Hurricane football in order to add their uninformed diatribe. Don't Gators have anything better to do. DO we all have to suffer another year of Gallo, CanesFan72 and the even more moronic Calvin. Doesn't he have food stamps to go pick up?"
you guys who have never played football have no clue about what it takes to make a national championship team or even a winning team with a respectable record like only one or at most two losses. Unfortunately, neither do golden and d'o.

Using three down def. linemen leaves such huge gaps in the LOS, a truck could drive through for five yards which is about how far d'o keeps his LBs off the LOS. Three down linemen can NOT get through five or six blockers to put pressure on a QB who will convert on third and long if necessary and especially if all his receivers need to do is go and sit and wait in a gap which you have all over in a zone, no coverage pass defense.

The Canes need a DC who knows you must have four down def. linemen who will pinch in from the ends and contain an end run, who will stay in their lanes and prevent the run especially with LBs who will be close to the LOS and plug the holes, with DBs who can play close man to man pass coverage and tip the passes up for possible interceptions. You need well disguised blitzes. SMART DEFENSE wins championships, not girly girl gushy offenses where fat off. linemen can not move their feet and are not strong enough or tough enough or in shape enough to block. You gals go rah, rah. Knowledgeable fans will be watching the offensive line and the Cane defense to see if they can hold the other teams to 14 points or less per game.

I don't need d-linemen getting picks I need them getting to the qb and runningbacks in the backfield.

Posted by: Calvin | August 06, 2013 at 07:19 PM


Matt Walters intercepts Boston College to help Miami win their 2001 title. Yeah, we don't need D-Linemen getting picks.....

Well, well, well. Seems that Jimbo Fisher also has a unity council. Know where he learned that? Il' Nick Saban.

Therefore, all the criticism from Gallo the Pig and the dumb-as-rocks D applies to Saban.

Go ahead, maggot twins, tell Saban what an awful coach he is. You two morons should really be earning millions as coaches rather than wasting your daddy's sperm on posting here.

Gatr Trash suuuuuuuccccccckkkkkkkssssss.

I don't know why it surprises you that having players who are mature means they can focus more on recruiting. I don't care what field of work your in, when you have unity and less people being distractions you are a lot more successful! Common knowledge there. Yeah, we didn't have a lot of south Florida guys last year. But WE DO right now. Proof that you'll never be happy. If you don't think the NCAA mess was effecting our recruiting, then your a step slow. But seriously. I'm not convinced Gallo and Calvin, or the rest of the trolls aren't the same people. Get a life. You comment more than anybody here and you ruin these blogs for the real fans.

Calvin, let me make it s-i-m-p-l-e for you.

Your boy Finnie was a crook. WE don't want him or his kind here. Got it?

I can try to find even smaller words for you if you need them.


The sun coming up each day surprises Lady calvina. You can't have expectations she can't limbo under.

Mountain, you should know that no player should ever get in trouble for committing crimes and should never get any bigger than he was in high school because it automatically makes him slower...

You should also know that Gallo loves the KAK. Mostly his boy-toy's but really any one will do.

Which one of these guys can anthony chickillo out run now since he's gotten bigger, faster & stronger!

LB (small DE), FB, TE, K
T Armbrister 4.64
D Perryman 4.67
R Kirby 4.68
T Cornileus 4.68
P O'Donnell 4.69
A Figueroa 4.7
M Goudis 4.71
T McCord 4.74

Let's just wait until the d-line & o-lines 40 times come out!

Since when are DE's supposed to run under 4.5?

Cane 72, has always been an independent thinker, that man knows football. The funny thing is 72, our outside linebackers, i guess we can really say they're outside linebackers, since they're lined up way outside in this sissy scheme.

I haven't seen the advantage of us dropping a linebacker down next to the d-linemen yet, i can see if that opens up an alley or a 1 on 1 situation for the defense on the otherside, but all it does is get another linebacker engaged with an o-lineman, and when it's play action, that same linebacker is basically stuck in no man's land doing nothing.

Also, they plan on having tyriq mccord playing out in space more this year, @4.74 in the forty, chasing after a qb, that's in the upper echelon of times, at 4.74 playing out in space in the secondary, that's in the upper echelon of getting beat regularly and often.

Lord...please not another day of Calvin and his dumb logic. If these recruits parents knew we had a fan like him with the way he thinks.....no one would commit to us.....ughhhhhhh.....he makes the ENTIRE CANE NATION LOOK TERRIBLE STUPID.....please get him to stop!!!!!!

exactly Calvin......we want a winner is all.....been around too long as a cane fan and alumni....unity counsel? really, for what? it is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of.....either you are a leader or your not.....everything comes from the top....

pressure is a funny thing.....some guys co
college, others channel it and rise to the occasion and come thru with performance results....

207) Understand what an acceptable rate of improvement is.....bridgewater capital

"and that it is the level and not the rate of change that matters most. I often hear people say, “It’s getting better,” as though that is good enough when “it” is both below that bar and improving at an inadequate rate. That isn’t good enough. For example, if someone who has been getting 30s and 40s on tests raised his grade to the 50s, you could say he’s improving but the level is still woefully inadequate. Everything important you manage has to be on a trajectory to be “above the bar” and headed for “excellent” at an acceptable pace

a "dnofrio" performance would be acceptable on a trading floor...UBS would take him off the desk immediately......same holds true for football coaches.....its the same model.....

the issue is not the kids.....the talent was ALWAYS here both pre/post shannon......

the AD needs to be accountable as well.....everyone's interest pointed in the same direction...which should ne a national championship...NOW (thats the immediate goal..the goal should not be "to get better" and I see that is what this staff is looking for....ALL WRONG

typo....."some guys collapse" "not an acceptable level"

donfrio should have been fired since he cant be placed anywhere else on the staff......no exceptions

golden is responsible and brings in his judgement.....its not good...making a basic mistake in leadership....

The talent was always here? What team have you been watching? So it's Golden's fault the defense struggles with freshmen but it's not Shannon's fault that Kirby Freemen can go 1-14 vs NC State and the team lose 48-0 vs Virginia. Love the logic.

Last years team, based on talent was predicted to win four games. They won seven.

Since when are DE's supposed to run under 4.5?

Posted by: JaxCabe | August 07, 2013 at 11:03 AM

Ask yourself this question, if none of those guys running 4.74 are d-linemen, the question now becomes, which/how many d-linemen are going to run a sub 5.00 time in the 40! I'm not going to count the freshman d-linemen in this equation because Alquadin at under 240lbs for now might be able to do, but where this staff envisions him, he definitely won't be a 4.5 guy!

the unity counsel serves no purpose since the issue is ALL ABOUT the STAFF.....that is where all the answers are.

From this week's cliché department, we have Gallo the PIG. His entry:

"pressure is a funny thing.....some guys co
college, others channel it and rise to the occasion and come thru with performance results...."

Did you YouTube a Lombardi speech you maggot? And to think, you are missing out on the millions you could make coaching and instead are here posting all day long.

Gallo, you suck. Hopefully, you die a painful death today.

I don't think we need a defensive line capable of outrunning receivers. We need linemen who can control the run and get after the quarterback. They can't do that while being pushed around by a much stronger offensive line.

all this talent was available or all golden:

gionni paul
eddie johnson


QB Jacory Harris
QB Stephen Morris
RB Duke Johnson
RB Mike James
FB Maurice Hagens
WR Phillip Dorsett
WR Allen Hurns
LT Malcolm Bunche
LG Jonathan Feliciano
C Shane McDermott
RG Brandon Linder
RT Seantrel Henderson
TE Clive Walford
DE Shayon Green
DE Anthony Chickillo
LB Jimmy Gaines
CB Brandon McGee
S Kacy Rodgers
K Jake Wieclaw
RB Eduardo Clements
WR Davon Johnson
WR Kendall Thompkins
TE Dyron Dye
TE Asante Cleveland
C Jared Wheeler
LG Jeremy Lewis
LB Tyrone Cornelius
S AJ Highsmith
S Vaughn Telemaque
TE David Perry
TE Cory White
DT Curtis Porter
DT Luther Robinson
LB Ramon Buchanan
OT Ben Jones
S Ray-Ray Armstrong
OL Jermaine Barton
LB Kelvin Cain
RB Darion Hall
RB Storm Johnson
DT Jeffery Brown
DB Devont'a Davis
LB Travis Williams
DB Jamal Reid
LB Kevin Nelson
DB Keion Payne
TE Andrew Tallman
TE Billy Sanders
FB CJ Holton
WR Aldarius Johnson
DB Thomas Finnie
WR Travis Benjamin
DB Alonzo Highsmith
RB Lamar Miller
DL Micanor Regis
DL Marcus Robinson
LB Sean Spence
WR Tommy Streeter
DL Oliver Vernon
DB JoJo Nicolas

Funny you include guys like Tommy Streeter, who was in the doghouse with Shannon. Shined under Golden for one year then got the big head and left early. We can play this game with several guys on that list.

Jacory Harris was terrible under Shannon.
He actually looked like a quarterback under Golden.

So on and so on...

Duke never played under Shannon. He also shouldn't be credited to Shannon. Plenty of guys on your list also are not very talented. Highsmith? The QB, now DB? He's a great talent?

The talent was always here? What team have you been watching? So it's Golden's fault the defense struggles with freshmen but it's not Shannon's fault that Kirby Freemen can go 1-14 vs NC State and the team lose 48-0 vs Virginia. Love the logic.

Last years team, based on talent was predicted to win four games. They won seven.

Posted by: JaxCane | August 07, 2013 at 11:10 AM

This is what we keep telling you and people like you, who cares about predictions from alot of nerds ranking recruiting classes or prediciting wins, if they were that reliable, it would be no need to play the games. The sad part is, people act as tho coch goldie exceeded expectations by winning 7 games although some nerds had us winning only 4 games. Nope, winning 7 games in your 2nd season is what coach shannon did with freshmen qb's with less over-all older talent and a alot of young guns. In the meantime, coach goldie has inherited alot of those same guys shannon won 9 games with, has the luxury of being left with 2 seasonsed qb's and yet all he could muster up was 7 wins.

Where is the goldie coaching excellence that yall kare seeing that we're not seeing!

For some reason I picture Calvin as some optimist football coach (or high school) who got shafted or said "no too" by Golden perhaps.

"Mr. Calvin, we appreciate your application, however, your not qualified at this time to coach here."

Calvin fails to understand that college football is a BIG BOY SPORT....you actually need to be BIG in some areas in order to compete.

Problem with him is he is still living in the 80's listening to Two Live Crew....go figure.

Wait.. You say that Golden had seven wins with guys that Shannon won nine games with. Then why did Shannon only win 7 in his last year?

Most common word used by trolls, "we"

Calvin, who is this "we" you keep speaking of? You and your other 4 screen names?

Need to update your dictionary:

Per Calvina an independent thinker is someone inside his head posting under a different screen name. Alternatively, just another form of idiot.

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