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Canes defense is bigger for sure, but are they going to be better?

Moments after concluding his pre-practice press conference Saturday morning, Hurricanes football coach Al Golden jogged past his defense, shook his head and smiled.

Anthony Chickillo"Man, look at you guys," Golden shouted as he stared particularly at his collection of linemen and linebackers. "Wooh! We got some size baby!"

In case you hadn't heard Golden say it the first time, he said it again Saturday. His team is bigger, more mature. And in college football that matters quite a bit. Aside from that four letter word Golden doesn't want to use (the NCAA), size and maturity have been Miami's biggest obstacles on the field the last two years (specifically on defense).

While the offense hummed with Stephen Morris and Duke Johnson behind the wheel last season, Miami's defense played most Saturdays like they were listening to Miley Cyrus' new song We Can't Stop (as in anybody).

Opponents averaged 30.5 points per game (ranked 82nd out of 120 FBS programs). Quarterbacks had all day to throw (UM's 13 sacks ranked 113th) and the run defense was historically bad (ranked 112th, giving up 217 yards per game). The secondary? Sure, they forced more turnovers (11 INTs, 11 fumbles) but even the worst quarterbacks in the country often looked like Heisman candidates (UM's pass defense ranked 102nd overall and gave up 268.5 yards per game).

Youth, inexperience, lack of depth -- particularly up front -- were the excuses put forth. Most of it valid of course. But those excuses are officially old now.

Especially when Golden says things like this Saturday: "We didn't have anybody not pass the [conditioning] test for the first time since I've been here... They demolished it, absolutely crushed it."

Two years ago -- Golden points out -- half the team couldn't pass the conditioning test. He had everyone out on the field at 5:30 a.m. to do extra conditioning so they could try to be physically ready to go. It took away focus. Saturday the team began fall camp without schedules, Golden said. "We're having the leaders run it," he said.

Junior defensive end Anthony Chickillo, once thrown into the fire as a baby-faced freshman at 6-4, 248 pounds, sat down and spoke to reporters at 6-4, 275 pounds. Remember what it was like that first game at Maryland two years ago, Chickillo was asked?

"I was ready to play mentally, but from a physical standpoint my body wasn't where it needed to be," said Chickillo, who now benches more than 400 pounds, squats around 500, power cleans 350 and recently benched the NFL-testing standard of 225 pounds 29 times (up from 27 last year).

"That's what we've been working on," he continues of getting bigger and stronger. "I want to hold the point [of attack], be more durable, whatever I can to help the team win. I've actually gotten faster with my weight. I'd say I'm more explosive. I feel good.

"We feel like as a defense we got big this off-season. We're proud of that."

The growth in size can be seen everywhere. Sophomore defensive end Jelani Hamilton has gained 14 pounds since last season. He's 6-5, 285 pounds now. Redshirt sophomore David Perry has gained 12 pounds and is now listed at 6-7, 277 pounds.

Defensive tackle Olsen Pierre, once 6-4, 265 as a freshman, is now 6-4, 305 pounds as a junior. Luther Robinson (6-3, 303) has gained 13 pounds since last season. Often-injured Curtis Porter is up eight pounds (6-1, 316).

The linebackers? Denzel Perryman (6-0, 240) and Tyrone Cornelius (6-2, 225) are both 10 pounds heavier than they were last season. Middle linebacker candidate Jimmy Gaines (6-3, 240) has gained eight pounds. Sophomore Raphael Kirby (6-0, 235) has gained a dozen. Former defensive back Thurston Armbrister (6-3, 233) has gained 11 pounds since his first year at linebacker in 2012.

"I thank [conditioning coach] Andrew Swasey everyday," said Perryman, who came to UM weighing 205 pounds and played at 217 as a freshman.

So bigger has been established. Maturity too (bad seeds Gionni Paul, Eddie Johnson, Thomas Finnie are gone). Proving they are better is what they have to do next.

UM defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio didn't make it out to practice early enough to address the media Saturday. But the truth is you don't need to hear anything from D'Onofrio until after his unit hits the field on game day. That's when they'll start answering the real questions. If this team is going to be better, defense is where it starts.

Lack of size is no longer an excuse. At least it wasn't Saturday. In fact, for the first time Golden was hooting and hollering about how big his guys looked.


> Chickillo, who led the team last season with four sacks, spent the off-season working on his flexibility and refining his technique. He also studied film of NFL stars Chris Long, JJ Watt, Kyle Vanden Bosch and Mario Williams. "I really wanted to see how they get after it," Chickillo said.

> Sophomore cornerback Tracy Howard, who finished his freshman season strong said his goal this season is to produce 10 interceptions. "It's possible," he said. "It hasn't been done before, but with the system we run we're going to have a chance to make a lot of plays."

> Of the criticism of UM's defense, Perryman said he takes it personal. "What's bothered me the most is when I know as a defense it's one of those woulda, shoulda, coulda deals. That one mistake would cost us everything."

Said Howard: "We hear about it day in and day out. We got to prove ourselves, prove it to the coaches. We have to prove we can be a top defense in the country. Even prove it to the fans. They pay their money to come watch us. We owe it to the fans [to be better]."

> UM coach Al Golden said the reason quarterback Stephen Morris and defensive end Shayon Green were chosen as captains is because they've "distinguished themselves .... not just as guys who do their job everyday, but who people will follow."

> UM plans to be careful with the reps of receiver Malcolm Lewis initially, but Golden expects him to be full-go by the time the season starts. Golden is still impressed Lewis is ready to go after his horrific injury last year. "He made the conditioning test," Golden said. "What a marvel of medicine."

> Golden said safety Deon Bush, coming off sports hernia surgery, should be fully integrated into practice in a week. Running back Eduardo Clements (neck) is full-go at practice already.

> Golden said the first 72 hours of camp will be pivotal to seeing which freshmen "can make a run at a position or help the squad." Asked which freshmen he's most excited to see the first names out of Golden's mouth were receiver Stacy Coley, running back Gus Edwards and defensive back Artie Burns.


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please never write about Miami football again. Every word you write about the U has a negative intension

"At least now lack of size is no longer an excuse"

seriously? move to Trailerhassee already

D corch was late! Did AG punish him or just said: "attaboy"...SMFH...

Hey Manny - Don't expect the defense to be big-time this year or you will be disappointed. They still have a ways to go because Golden, hampered by the NCAA, was unable to sign top flight defensive linemen, especially tackles, the last couple years. When you come up against better players who are coached well, you have problems. This defense will be better, but UM fans need to accept the fact that the defense still has some problems not related to coaching.

"At least now lack of size is no longer an excuse" seriously? move to Trailerhassee already Posted by: LocalCane | August 03, 2013 at 11:20 AM

A: FYI, Golden is pumped about this team. All we heard the last two years when it came to the defense was how they needed help up front, guys were too small. Today was the first time I saw Golden excited about the size they have. This team has grown leaps and bounds. Bad seeds are gone now.

Is this defense ready to win a national championship? Hardly. But they should be ready physically for that battle up front. I don't think we will see them getting whipped off the ball. And I expect the defense to be able to create more pressure.

And by the way, I'm not going to sit here and cheerlead the Canes. Call it like I see it.

This entry is gonna piss Cal off, sumthin FIERCE...



"Proving they are better is what they have to do next.'
There you have it.

Are they going to be much better? I think it's a valid question.

No need to guess or claim I know the answer when we'll have all the answers shortly.

Thanks manny for keeping it real and raw. I'm pumped about this season. 10-2 even 11-1 is possible if we beat UF in week 2. Go Canes!

Cane rUffians be yapping bout' Miami gonna' bring home the A.C.C. crown this season and what not.

Heck, at least THIRTY PERCENT of Hurricane brUtes even be yapping about N.C. contender and what not. Get outta' here's, outsider!

Chit, there's even talk from Miami partisan, that their beloved defense is going to be a Top 40 unit, or HIGHER. What!

Well, this defense still has a chit-load of returning players, whom contributed to the WORST overall team defense in Hurricane football history. Eh. What say.

And yes it's an ABSOLUTE Miami will improve on defense. But to what bloody degree. Especially with Marky Mark calling the defensive ploys and what not.

And I-F Marky Mark's unit does end up ranked in the No. 59 - No. 65 percentile, in team defense. Then that will be a 21st Century college football MIRACLE. hUh

Because NO b.c.s. major college football team has IMPROVED that drastically from one season to the following season. SEE a jump from NO. 117 to NO. 59.

Manny, or Anybody,
Where is David Gilbert from Wisconsin? Is he coming or not!?

Thanks manny for keeping it real and raw. I'm pumped about this season. 10-2 even 11-1 is possible if we beat UF in week 2. Go Canes!

Posted by: ATL Kane | August 03, 2013 at 12:04 PM


I admire your passion and beliefs for Hurricane football.

However, you and like-minded Canes need to get a REALITY CHECK!! Bloody seriously dUde!

Because even though Miami is playing the SOFTEST non-conference in DECADES, and even though the LAME a.c.c. is still W-E-A-K. D'Onofrio is still hanging around in Coral Gables. dUh

This defense will be better, but UM fans need to accept the fact that the defense still has some problems not related to coaching.

Posted by: rboud | August 03, 2013 at 11:28 AM

So Cane br U te is putting ALL the blame and faults the Hurricane defensive players. Go bloody figure's.

Heck, this just another TYPICAL canespace notion and what not. Simply because Cane rUffians have to " cover the backside " of their BELOVED d'Onofrio. dUh

Poor Calvin/Gallo, "The Numbnuts Brothers", one article by Manny destroys all of their redundant lies.

Very funny indeed!

Hey D.....shut your stinky little girl mouth up...this is not just "another school".....this is The U. And what you Turd scum fail to realize is that we will ALWAYS be able to build a National Championship caliber team because of our location. It's happening right in front of your little girly eyes. Like AG SAID:

Get your licks in now....

It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE for this defense to not to be WAAAAYYYYYYYYY better then last year. We will see Sept 7th for sure.

Excuse me....got to get the popcorn ready....I heard ANOTHER Cane is going into the Hall of Fame tomorrow!!!!

Calvina, care to explain how Chickillo got bigger and faster, which you claim is impossible in your weight obsessed rants?

Doent matter if the D is now HUGE or lightning fast...ITS DNO DNO DNO the problem..lining up 10 yards from scrimmage on 3rd and short DUUHHH. Players out of position constantly. etc etc... With DNO running things
even if he had RAY,Sapp,Morgan,Reed etc comming back!! He has to GO!!!!

So, D, since you're so knowledgeable on what is possible why don't you predict here and now what place UMs defense will finish this year? Put your number down or STFU.

What's the number D?

Doent matter if the D is now HUGE or lightning fast...ITS DNO DNO DNO the problem..lining up 10 yards from scrimmage on 3rd and short DUUHHH. Players out of position constantly. etc etc... With DNO running things
even if he had RAY,Sapp,Morgan,Reed etc comming back!! He has to GO!!!!

Posted by: jerry | August 03, 2013 at 12:40 PM


And the CLASSIC case of a few Hurricanes out of position.

The LAST MINUTE lost to Va. Tech. When Miami had the game won, and all Marky Mark's unit had to do was hold the line. Eh. What say.

Put your number down or STFU.

What's the number D?

Posted by: Mountain Cane | August 03, 2013 at 12:41 PM

Again, mountain cane LOUT will " fit in " quite nicely over at the canespace. Eh. What say.

D corch was late! Did AG punish him or just said: "attaboy"...SMFH...

Posted by: playthefreshmen | August 03, 2013 at 11:26 AM

ROFL, he came out late cause he was nauseous/stomach turning knowing full well, like many said perfectly, "lack if size is no longer an excuse". He knows as well as coach goldie, the excuses have run out, you either can coach defense or you can't. All this talk about in 1 guy makes a istake the whole defense goes to crap, if that's the case, than that's a scheme that's more riskier than playing press-man all game long. The other team is going to have players that can make plays too, going into year 3, defense needs to be played.

Here are the guys to key in on since they're going into year 3 of this system, 3g, dzp, corey king(who i think is going to be decent), pierre, grimble, armbrister,!

But i'm tired of coach goldie and his minions talking about us needing to get bigger in order to have to play defense. How did rohan marley do playing defense here. We have never been the biggest defense just the fastest and smartest. This big 10 approach to defense with the type of athletes we have, it's going to be sickening to our defense get out quicked from side-line to side-line now. All we did was get bigger so offenses can't run inside.

We're not running some defense that teams can't adjust to real quick, strength i don't have a problem with but all this weight gain has never translated to being a faster defense.

You have to simply understand mountain cane LOUT, that I was EXCOMMUNICATED from that canespace.

Simply because I " CALLED OUT " several of the cane MINIONS, for their collective SINS of malice of forethought. hUh

That's WHY I know mountain cane WHELP has been WELCOMED with open arms and what not. Seeing that mountain cane HENCMEN is just another typical FOLLOWER and what not. Get outta' here's, outsider.



Poor Calvin/Gallo/"D", "The Numbnuts Brothers", one article by Manny destroys all of their redundant lies.

Very funny indeed!

Opponents averaged 30.5 points per game (ranked 82nd out of 120 FBS programs). Quarterbacks had all day to throw (UM's 13 sacks ranked 113th) and the run defense was historically bad (ranked 112th, giving up 217 yards per game). The secondary? Sure, they forced more turnovers (11 INTs, 11 fumbles) but even the worst quarterbacks in the country often looked like Heisman candidates (UM's pass defense ranked 102nd overall and gave up 268.5 yards per game).

82nd in ppg
113th in sacks
112th against the run
102nd against the pass

Like i said, this defense needs t be in the top 30 in all categories to justify clown 117th being here. With how soft the schedule is according to many cause i loo kat it from week to week, top 30 in all these categories, otherwise, if getting rid of coach goldie is the only reason we'll be able to get rid of oach OH-NO, i'm all in. Or as cool cat likes to say, "dunno today, dunno tomorrow, just dunno know".

d said it perfectly, basically, coach goldie and his minion 117th are already putting the onus of the failure of the defense on the players. It's not the players, it's the scheme, these guys came here already knowing full well how to play defense. Coach goldie getting all excited just because of how a guy looks tells me, he, doesn't know defense and still gets excited more over how a guy looks instead of how they play. You could hear it in his voice last year when he kept gawkin at the Georgia tech roster defensively.

Coach goldie is to ignorant when it comes to defense even his own offense blasted that same defense he was gawkin at so common sense should kick in at some point.

Also, to the idiots that keep trying to act like it's coach goldie having an impact in recruiting all of a sudden in Miami, this one is for you clowns:
"As james coley jr. the University of Miami's new offensive coordinator is tearing up the state---and nation----with his already acclaimed recruiting prowess"

Coach barrow and coach coley are still allowed to go into BOOKER T. and the likes, not coach goldie with that stunt he pulled last year. For a man who talks about integrity and core values as much as he does, "NO EXCUSE" for him getting into that situation he got into with BOOKER T. and everybody else who was in involved. How stupid an you be to pull a kids schalorship while after a parade for him and his teammates celebrating the national championship they just brought home but was still stupid enuff to still try and recruit his teammate in matthew Thomas.

Nobody can respect that, but than to add insult to injury you go head and lie about having "a hard number" but than we see after signing day you signing not 1, not 2, not 3 but at least 4 more guys, come on, dyou can't lie round here and not get exposed!

Now the imbecile Calvin is claiming that "Coach Golden is not allowed on the Booker T campus".

Calvin, you are simply running out of lies, because that fraudulently idiotic lie isn't even believed by your cowardly, hillbilly gator brothers.

Calvin....your just dumb....dumber then dumb...you take dumb to a whole new level. It will be a great day once these blogs go to a "sigh in" format through Facebook.....can't wait!!!!!

So it took Golden Boy 3 years to realize that his players needed physical conditioning? It took him 3 seasons to have them play at ideal weight? Last year it was all U Strong B.S. and the defense set a record for futulity. Now everybody is big and strong?
All other coaches already knew the players must be big, strong and well conditioned. Why did it take Golden so long to fnd out what every body else already knew? U Strong, Unity Council, what a buch of crapola, just win some darn games.

Hey dumblogic....your the only dumbas* here....it didn't take him three years to realize anything. He said two years ago...."we need to get bigger". Two years later....they are. The plan was implemented two years ago....he now acknowledges that we are in a much better situation conditioning and strength wise.

"Teams want to keep us down....they are afraid of what's on the other side of that mountain".


golden has done a great job. The reasons guys like calvin and curse or whatever he calls himself now are alwasy putting him down is they are scared. Scared of what golden is building despite ncaa hoavering over him from the start.Coach d can coach d. He put guys who were 2 stars into nfl for temple and h is defense's there were usually ranked pretty high for temple. They know how to rebuild a school. Look experiance on d matters. Freshman and redshirt freshman alot of times get out of position at inopertune times. That happened to miami alot last year. its not the scheme but inexperiance and they will be better this year how much better who knows but they will be better on d.

At 13 & 11, saying coach golden has done a great job is ridiculous. If he was the athletic director maybe you could use that term, or some other title, but as far as him being given the praise of "Great job" while he has the title of headcoach is absurd.

What exactly has he been great at, passing the blame on the defensive side of the ball off to the players, but taking shots at coaches on the offensive side of the ball who carried em. Great at saying "this team, we need to get bigger and stronger" with the emphasis only being on the defensive side of the ball but on the offensive side of the ball they didn't need all that to be able to be productive.

You are what your record says you are, if 13 & 11 is great to yall, if he wins 9 games like Shannon did in his 3rd yea, yall will be screaming for a contract extension. We're not scared of anything, if coach goldie was an above average coach I would say so, but when you're an average headcoach, with a sub-par coordinator, that's a recipe for disaster. james coley is not going to be challenged by clown 117th. He has to wait for real games which puts this team with or behind the pack but definitely not ahead of the pack.

Stay tuned for the Unity Council vs thee Avengers, coming soon near U! Creating snitches one Council member at a time".

Anyone who post a statemnt negating the fact that size and strength matters never played a sport a day in thier life. Size and Strength is very important, it can negate talent.

Coach Golden has done a great job...and it's only going to get much better.

Based on the shambles that Randy Shannon the program in and the massive destruction the NCAA has caused the man, Coach Golden has a winning record, which is nothing short of miraculous.

Due to the fantastic "U" Tough program started by Coach Golden our players, who were considerably smaller than opposing teams, not even close to being in the physical and mental tough shape needed are now going to be big, physical and wrecking machines.

The Unity Council concept reflects what the "U" is all about...family!


You are still all mouth. where's your prediction?

Put your number down for canes 2013 defense ranking or STFU.

What's the number D?

Calvin what is your OBSESSION with Shannon? The dudes been gone over 3 yrs now ok, give it a rest. Hell why not long for the days of Butch, or JJ, you have a man-crush on RS?? You're a weirdo to be sure. We're LUCKY ANYONE wants to come to the U because of the NCAA, and AG is doing a heckofa job getting them to, why can't you see that?

wrecking machines

Wow, a thesaurus really does a brutha good.

It seems that the Um administration has even hired publicists, and slant artists to monitor our temperment towards Golden.

Keep blowing smoke.

Watch--with the slightest improvement in defensive rank, the pageantry Canes fans will be singing the praises of Golden and No'D. From 117th to 80th still isn't acceptable at The University of Miami.

Utough, kung-fu grips, Unity Councils, "processes" --just smoke from two con artists. This is the oldest game in the history of the world. I'm embarrassed of my fellow can fans. We should definitely be able to sniff this hoax out.

So Harriet,

What's the defense going to be ranked this year, old wise one?

A sad clown!



Nice copy and paste...Google and Wikipedia allows morons like you the ability to ALMOST appear to have a shred of intelligence, which of course you don't!

Harriet Tubman had courage and integrity--neither of which applies to you. Had you truly understood and respected what Ms. Tubman stood for you would have never used her name to post your vile garbage.

Canes defense is bigger for sure, but are they going to be better?







NO !

If they become even a top 50 defense this year, things will improve greatly for the team.

Canes defense is bigger for sure, but are they going to be better?







If improving to #115 in the Country ... Then yes.

HarrietTubmanCane said: "We should definitely be able to sniff this hoax out."

Yo...I got something for you to sniff out, just let me bend over!

the defense got bigger, older, and better. ive seen it in practices. calvin can wish the U ill all he wants, but he is going to wet his panties when he sees the differences. cant get much worse...

if the U goes from 116 to 60, with the offense, that will translate to 10-2 at worse. Miami had the 2nd worse D in cfb, and still went 7-5.

you watch.

calvin and his hateful rants that make absolutely no sense will eat crow.

calvin if you are a man, will you be man enough to admit your dumba55 is wrong and apologize to donofrio when the U destroys everyone?????

i doubt it.

calvin is probably curse. And yes golden has done a great job. When u consider all the off feild stuff he has had to deal with the recruiting classes he has brought in despite coming in to a barren class adn ncaa investigation. Not many men can do what golden has done under the ncaa cloud. I agree the fact this team has a winning record his first 2 years with what shannon left all the young kids playing and the ncaa cloud is amazing. Ever football analyst out there can see that when this cloud is gone a storm is coming why cant u calvin?



Check the pictures: this is the typical carbon copy characteristics of your master

New UM coach with UTough grip--see 2nd link.

Golden is an actor starring in a leading role as our head coach.

Pageantry Cane fans love appearances, pseudo-gallantry and no substance. they want a show--not results and championships--our expectations are super low as fans.

Just need a stern facial expression with raised eyebrow, a tie, a great head of hair, a thesaurus and many gimmicks like Utough, Unity Councils and the over usage of the word, "process" lol!

Then any man can acquire undying and unyielding allegiance from the Canes pageantry fandom without doing one thing.

The defense will be ranked in the 80's Golden PR guy without pay.

"truthful observer": I responded to u already

Nice post, but can u prove anything u said?

Please do, we'll wait. Post the googled article or wiki page I pasted.

good luck. Where I got my true comments is not the point. The point is that I told the truth. Why use a name like truthful observer when u don't really stand for the truth?

Tell us what part of my post did I lie in? Exactly what part of my post was vile?

Why debate race with a person whose race created the black struggle? Why intellectualize a struggle with someone who condones the creation of it, benefits from it, and/or doesn't even acknowledge the existence of it?

These are questions I must ask myself. U are *incapable* of giving me a good conversation about this lol!

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 03, 2013 at 11:34 AM

How can u ask Calvin why is so obsessed with Shannon when the majority of the post we read is golden is doing such a great job with the mess that Shannon left. Hypocrites. The very reason the offense looks so good is because of Shannon's players. Is easier to live with the cancer that you are unaware of or the cancer that you are being treated for. You think Shannon could do an effective job while people in high places were doing the best they could to undermine him. Yeah Shannon had his own problems but what coach doesn't. Golden has a myriad of the same problems but he is doing a great job under the circumstances. Again what does that have to do with green covering one of the fastest back is in the country in the flats. I would like someone to explain that. Since so called fans want to know where the defense will be ranked next year. I can guess where our de ends will be. In the flats while the rest of the defense is in prevent. As long as u try and keep Shannon as a scapegoat for all these tall tales of excuses, youth and inexperience this is what will be posted.

^^^ post of the year from Tally^^^

These pageantry posts amount to a big smoke screen--if U swing your arms from side to side--you can get right thru it tho.

Coker left Shannon with less than Shannon left Golden, plus in Golden's first year the defense was upperclass laden and effective.

Stephen Morris, Duke Johnson, the o-line, Curtis Porter and all the other reason Golden has won games are Shannon's disciples.

Stop it please.

Yes they were from Shannon....however....Shannon was not good at "coaching up" his players.

Golden is....

We needa head coach that can do it all....not just one dimensional.

HarrietTubmanCane - Not another idiot at the party....ughhh....I'm sure it's Gallo or Calvina or "D" head....haha....keep slurping us fools....it's only a matter of time.

3 years into the gig and Golden Boy keeps on with the excuses. U Tough, how has that worked out so far?
7 - 6 with the #117 defense, that's how.
Unity Choir Council, cookouts and campfires what an amateur. Thinks this is Temple. Can't beat a single top 25 team in 2 years here. We are young, we play all these freshmen. For 2 years in a row. But of course we won't change anything we are where we are suppoded to be. Mediocre. What a farce.

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