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CanesFest again limits autographs to one item, but this time the item must be a UM-distributed poster

Canes fans can still get their player and coach autographs Saturday evening at CanesFest.

They'll just have to do it on the official poster distributed by the University of Miami.

"As part of the University of Miami's commitment to NCAA compliance and in light of recent national news, student-athletes will only sign the official 2013 BankUnited #CanesFest poster that will be provided for free at the event,'' UM wrote Monday in a news release. "Please do not bring or ask student-athletes to sign other items. Your cooperation and support for the athletics department in complying with NCAA regulations is greatly appreciated.''

The "recent national news,'' of course, stems from the Johnny Manziel issue in which 2012 Heisman Trophy winner Manziel -- dubbed Johnny Football -- was recently accused of being paid to sign autographs and memorabilia in January. Manziel is now being investigated by the NCAA, and is in jeopardy of losing his amateur status and eligibility.

This policy is not much different from last year's. I found this line in last year's UM news release regarding CanesFest: "Due to time constraints and out of the respect for others in attendance, fans will be limited to one autographed item Saturday."

The difference is that last year folks could bring the one item of their choice.

"With a large crowd expected and a limited amount of time available,'' the UM release continued, it is highly unlikely that fans will be able to receive an autograph of every player in attendance. To accommodate as many people as possible, fans will only receive one poster (per person) for the autograph line. Fans will be allowed to take the official 2013 Miami Hurricanes football [schedule] posters as they exit the event."

The poster for autographing is different from the schedule one, so fans can walk out with two posters.

CanesFest runs from 4-7 p.m. at the BankUnited Center, with the football team expected to greet fans and sign autographs from 5-7 p.m.



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Just heard from a reliable source from Canespace, InsidetheU and CanesInsider that on WQAM at 9pm on the High School Football report tonight both Ermon Lane and Quincey Wilson will announce they'll be CANES BABY ! They'll start chanting, IT's ALL ABOUT THE U ! Then there will be a special phone call on the QAM hotline from Chris Lammons who will decommit from the gaytors and commit to the U too ! No BS, this is a set up as these kids want to be the beggining of bring back the CANE SWAG ! And what better way to do it by punking the gaytors and doing a GAYTOR FLOP live on radio ! I'm not kidding. There's a lot of former Canes at the U School in Davie that have learned these kids about the U tradition and how we need to dis the Gaytors. So tune in at 9 on WQAM and listen to history being made by the new leaders and captains of Dat Cane Swag Baby !!!

that's interesting since Quincy Wilson does not show as having an offer from UM

Only classless gators would pull an act like the one described above...that is why they have always been and will always be the most despised school ever...that's a gator thang baby-and we all understand!

Posted by: Cane Swag is Back ! U Will See ! | August 12, 2013 at 07:04 PM

Get a life

Guck the Fators !

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On Facebook, most people use their true identities and many of our readers already have existing accounts. Already, a quarter of our commenters use Facebook to log in. Readers who don’t have an account can create one for free.

Wilson is a silent offer/commit. He's all U. High School and College !

NCAA: National Colleges Against Athletes

OU All-American Linebacker Brian Bosworth at the 1985 Orange Bowl vs. Penn State

Isn't fla on record for having the most points(62) on them in a national NC game. Philips Frazier never stiopped scoring. Do you remeber how the cornhusker were celebrating doing fla chump dance.lol Nebraska and Louisville are still scoring.lol

Quincy Wilson and Ermon Lane pick the Gator


Thank you Johnny Football. Thank you.

Quincy Wilson and Ermon Lane pick the Gator...neither of which would have ever started for the Canes and they knew it, thus they picked the cowardly gators.

gnite u

u hiccup yet ?

Florida football had its biggest recruiting haul of the year Monday, landing the nation's No. 2 receiver and two of the top in-state cornerbacks.

Homestead wideout Ermon Lane and Fort Lauderdale corners Chris Lammons (Plantation) and Quincy Wilson (University School), who all play on the “South Florida Express” 7-on-7 team, decided to join forces in college at UF.

The trio visited Gainesville on March 29 and began talking about attending the same school in July.

The most important recruit of the group is Lane, an Under Armour All-American who chose Florida over Florida State, Miami, Ohio State and USC.

The 6-foot-2, 192-pounder is the Gators' first receiver pledge and gives them a much-needed playmaker at the position. According to ESPN, he is the second-highest rated prospect committed to UF behind Miami Central running back Dalvin Cook.

“When Quincy's dad took us up to Florida for the spring practice, I just felt (at) home when I stepped on campus,” said Lane, who announced his decision on WQAM-560 with Wilson. “I was looking at the wide receivers and I just felt like I could go in and compete and play as a true freshman.”

Lammons and Wilson join cornerback commits Duke Dawson (Dixie County) and J.C. Jackson (Immokalee) in Florida's class. These four ESPN300 members should help the Gators withstand the predicted losses of juniors Loucheiz Purifoy and Marcus Roberson to the NFL draft.

Wilson is close friends with Roberson and has a frame similar to the potential first-rounder. The 6-foot-1, 197-pounder picked UF over Notre Dame, Ohio State, South Carolina and USC.

“With Loucheiz and Marcus probably leaving, I felt like I could go in there and make an impact early being that it would only be Vernon Hargreaves and the three other commits,” Wilson said. “So I felt like that was going to be a good opportunity for me.”

Lammons, who was somewhat of a surprise commitment after naming Alabama, South Carolina and Tennessee his finalists Saturday, is a 5-foot-10, 171-pound athlete who will be used in the secondary and return game by the Florida coaches.

“I want to play corner, kick returner, punt returner,” Lammons said during his announcement on ESPNU. “They suggested the same thing, so it's really everything that I want to do.”

The Gators now have 10 ESPN300 members in their class with the additions of Lammons, Lane and Wilson. All three were recruited by UF assistant Travaris Robinson, who has been the primary recruiter on seven of Florida's 16 commits for 2014.

Coach muschamp doing work, right now, we don't mess with University school for some odd reason, they tried to at the last minute last year for some ridiculous reason they let skai moore get out of town and go to the ole ball coach in South Carolina. Instead of sweating matthew thomas had they offered skai moore, he would've been here as well, that man knows how to ball. SO quincy wilson not coming here is only dissappointing for the fact that his old boy chad played here.

It's going to be some fun times again, the way all three schools are building, it's getting back to where all 3 schools might be back in the top 10 on a regular basis again. In fact, Bama can hang it up this year, either Georgia, South Carolina or the gaytors are going to come out of there. lsu, to conservative on offense to be a real threat but they'll definitely be playing defense.

Who going to be the weakest team in Florida is the question. I'm telling you right now, will muschamp is changing the landscape 1 recruit at a time, in fact i think he's ahead of gumbo fisher right now, we'll get the first crack at them gaytors, but we can't have smo17 trying to do to much reading of defenses, that's not his strong point right now. Stay away from the crossing routes especially after smo17 comes from under center, he doesn't pick up the linebackers that well, maybe because he's 6'2 behind that big o-line, i can careless about an interception as long as it's not a pick 6 interception by linebackers.

Back to the muschamp and the gaytors, you not doing to bad when you can get ermon lane & dalvin cook in the same recruiting class.

THanks Calvin, for showing the world how much of a dumb a55 you are. Thegators changing the landscape?

What is you stoopid?

Hey fellas, Gators flat whipped us yesterday. DAre U say the gap is widening? Ive pretty much stopped trolling as "canesrule 21 'ships" but sure enough I will continue to self troll here as "92" like I have for years. Or catch me over at Canespace where I blabber and babble as Montreal Cane.

So, let's see:

Ermon Lane: says he wants to go to UFirstdegree murder because he can "play right away." Of course he can. The Canes are loaded at WR and the Gatr Trash has trash and is thin at WR.

He was dying to go to South Carolina but they said, "sorry." So, he goes to the UTrailer.

Quincy Wilson: Canes did not extend an offer. Nuff said.

Lammo0ns: Plenty of solid DBs for the Canes. He is this year's Tracy Howard. No biggie. Do the Canes need a 5-9, 165 lb. db? According to the moron Gallo, that is too small. Will be eaten up by larger WRs.

So, in all, no loss for the Canes. Gatr trash can thump its white-trash, Natty Light-soaked chest for a few days. Then back to the reality of the trailerpark dump.

FB logins only.... that's so last year. You'll need to do better.

Surprised Lammons picked uf. Thought he would go with USCe as he tried to verbal a month ago but they didn't have room and now do.
Wilson and Lane do not surprise me at all. Like i said before Wilson did not have a UM offer and Canes coaches are higher on Dixon at WR than Lane.
Dalvin Cook is who UM wants out of the current uf recruits. With his brother playing BB at UM and a long time before signing day there is a good chance Miami flips him.

I guess the blog pig will need multiple Facebook accounts now, I know that coward won't use his real name. Good try herald, but its easy to make bogus Facebook accounts.

Nice little stunt last night. Obviously an inside job. Bet those lights stayed on late into the night at the trailer park. For all those involved, sadly for you, you can only get what you give. Enjoy it while you can. Bad karma for you.

Look at these sour grape cane fools. Got smoked in recruiting last night and all these kids are bums today. Didn't need em, don't want em,blah blah
Blah. Do U know how pathetic U soUnd?

It's a new day in recruiting folks, we definitely have to start winning games and winning strong as well as getting guys to play at a high level. Right now when you start hearing guys say things like, purifoy and roberson might be leaving early because they'll go in the first round, doesn't take much to understand now why guys don't mind going to the gaytors now. Add in the fact that in 2 years the gaytors were one of the best defenses in college football. travaris robinson doing work with the gaytors, going to be hard matching p.w. against him unless we start having guys play at a top notch level.

In 2 years they got matt elam left for the 1st round, than they got 2 guys projected from the secondary as 1st rounders, so when kids see that, that's an easy look. dalvin cook staying with brent pease as the oc there who if i'm not mistaken helped to get doug martin from boise st. to the league as a first round pick starting for tampa bay.

Coach goldie and his minions got real work to do besides winning games it's 2 fold now, besides art kehoe and coach barrow, who else on this staff has the ability to help put out high draft picks. Quiet as kept, coach barrow's resume is starting to look real solid in regards to guys in the league at linebacker for the time he's been here. Anyway, it's going to be real interesting.

Those who understand, understand that muschamp being able to ocme in the heart of the city and get guys now, that use to never be the case.


Ahh, sounds like a bitter Pig coming to the realization that the take was not as great as you thought.

Didn't want/need him. Exactly in the case of Wilson you maggot. That is why there was no offer.

Lane, everybody wanted him, maggot, and he wanted South Carolina. He chose the program with the crappiest set of WRs so he could play. Let's see if 2 years down the line he is even there.

Lammons: Sure, great prospect. Everyone wanted him and he chose UFailure. Let's see where he is in 2 years at the skeeewwl best known for felonies and killing NFL dreams.

No one said they are bums, Pig. Only you are a bum. And a Pig, so I can see where your confusion comes from.

Look at these sour grape cane fools. Got smoked in recruiting last night and all these kids are bums today. Didn't need em, don't want em,blah blah
Blah. Do U know how pathetic U soUnd?

Posted by: Clean sweep last night | August 13, 2013 at 09:16 AM

The sad but True, that's how alot of these clowns are, they're the same way as soon as a player gets kicked off the team, these hypocrites do the same thing, but worst, if one of those guys flip to UM come signing day, these same hypocrites will start braggin about "we stole one from muschamp/the gaytors".

A whole lot of them need there arse's whooped for all that back & forth. Let the Truth be told, you gotta respect the decisions alot of these kids are making these days. Until coach goldie and his crew besides kehoe and barrow, that the rest of these position coaches can start putting out high draft picks, it's going to be some real strong recruiting battles from here on in. Winning the games on the field is going to go along way as well.

Fsu continues to put out 1st rounders and when you see the new recruiting pitch saban has over at Bama where they're sending recruits that 51,810,000 card with the pictures of the checks all their 1st rounders have received, lol, going to be interesting going forward, this is why not hiring don soldinger, doesn't mean coach hurlie brown can't get it done, but at this juncture, i would've went with the proven guy myself.

Their all good players no one is disputing that. Their just not players Miami had to get. Lane is the best of the bunch but Miami is STACKED at wideout. Lane wanted instant playing time and he can get that @ uf.
Lammons is good but he and Bethel are very similar players. Once Bethel pulled the trigger for UM Lammons ship sailed.

"We have used several different commenting systems over the years in an attempt to create a safe space for readers to engage. We also aggressively monitor the posts to weed out the spoilers. However, those intent on using that space like a blank wall for verbal graffiti continue to outpace our ability to clean up in their wake. They create another alias."

Not sure if this is real. It will REDUCE the trolling, but it won't end it. They need to use the block feature that ESPN uses, so you can IGNORE the moron trolls after they create another account.

Still, it is a step in the right direction, it worked for ESPN, and it will get this obsessed clown to jump more hoops to get to his precious obsessed trolling.

The gaytor trolls will disappear after game day!!

Censorship is never the answer children, and Facebook is over rated.
Just keep your posts civil, stop the name calling and agree to disagree on many things.
Stop the sour grapes regarding the 3 recruits that chose UF, no one will ever get all the good recruits.
Can't we all get along?

CanesFest again limits autographs to one item, but this time the item must be a UM-distributed poster | Eye on the U


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