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Defensive lineman Jalen Grimble no longer with Miami Hurricanes

Defensive lineman Jalen Grimble, tabbed as a four-star recruit out of Las Vegas in Al Golden's first signing class at Miami, has left the Hurricanes football program a University of Miami spokesman confirmed late Tuesday.

Jalen GrimbleGrimble (6-2, 292) played in 15 games in his brief career at Miami and notched only six career tackles -- all of them last season.

Miami recently announced the additions of two transfers on the defensive line: former Wisconsin standout David Gilbert and former Virginia backup lineman Justin Renfrow

Grimble had last appeared on Miami's depth chart before the USF game on Nov. 17.

UM's sports information staff tweeted birthday wishes to Jalen on Aug. 10. The picture is to the right. 


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He was trash anyways!!!!

He is/was a Cane and no member of the Cane family is trash. Show some respect!

That's too bad. I wish Jalen Grimble the best. What I see as a pattern with Golden is he allows the kids to walk away and give up--while sticking with his lame DC D'Onofrio. Why not allow D'Onofrio to pack it in.

What is he gonna do say no jalen u have to stay im not letting u go even though u dont play. Coach d isn't all to blame for the bad d, There was a lack of size, lack of experiance and lack of depth. the other guys that have left the team let go due to off the feild issues. Like breaking the law.

Trash??? Not a fan...simple...I bet ur the type that boos at the games...shame.

He wants to play. Sometimes we forget some kids just want to play football cause it's a blast for them.
Hopefully, he'll find a D2 (subdivision) team, so he can get an education and have a great time.
I wish him the best.

the upgrade continues.......

You have no way but up after last year's horrendous showing on defense

Best of luck to Grimble.

If you aren't on the 2 man chart before a bunch of folks arrive, probably time to move on, if playing is your top priority.

It is very interesting to look back at the list of recruits and their ranking. I might be wrong but too many of these 4 & 5 star guys don't play like it. Remember this word,"GRIT"!! Some kids have it and others don't. Maybe some of these 4 & 5 star guys just don't have "GRIT"!!

Where's my gun?

Thug Life . UF Fo Lyfe

Boom, I run the yard in gville.

ain't goin nowhere till they rid of D onofrio

u delusional candy canes are at it yet again like groundhog day. All puffed up and poppin off with the same old bs u've been spewing for years. We're gonna do this, we're gonna do that. We're back, 12-0 or 11-1 at worse. Our players are all-americans, favorite for the Heisman, the 'efense will be so much better... Same old tired wouldas, couldas, shouldas, maybes, might haves, could have, what ifs and buts blah blah blah...

Since 2006, this is u ...

Overall 48-40 record and 20 of those wins were over non-conference scrubs and the Dukes and Wakes of the acc ... so ur actually 28-40 over just halfway decent competion...


NOT 1 ACC Title game in forever...

The last time u beat a ranked team was week 1 of the 2009 Season. That's 36 games and 3 seasons ago...

Unranked 4 straight seasons ...

ur last 1st. rounder draft pick ? who knows, but it's been years and will remain that way...

Disgraced the old lady OB in her finale in the epic fail of all cane thang times ...

Best offense talent in the country but got shut down COMPLETELY 3 times by the only 3 ranked teams u played last year.

u delusional tools are the Kardashians of all football fans...


HOLA ARTY !!! Rise n Shine Bro ... 17 days until the # 9 RANKED MIGHTY GATORS open the 2013 in the SWAMP against a better team, program and higher ranked Toledo squad than duh u... Open practices this Thurs-Sat-Mon-Tues. HOLLA BRUTHER !!!

Miami recently announced the additions of two transfers on the defensive line: former Wisconsin standout David Gilbert and former Virginia backup lineman Justin Renfrow.


Manny, why do u do this to these pinheaded cane clucks? u used the word "standout" ? An all-conference honorable mention is "standout" ? Why didn't he enter the NFL draft is he was such a "standout" ? Go ahead and tell'm Manny... It's because 1.) he wasn't even considered for the NFL combine... 2.) He doesn't just have a foot injury, it's been an over 2 years chronic foot injury that has required multiple surgery. .3 Not ONE NFL team, after physicals, invited him to ANY camp. So now, he decides to get a year of free Grad school and u are the only weak sister to offer him. So he's ur dead weight now that will surely be a "standout" in the classroom and training room getting weekly treatment... Now this "career backup" from Virgina ? wow, no words, but I'm sure he's a smart, hard working kid that has a never ending motor, kinda like a 1960's Evinrude 9.9 horsepower handheld outboard that's ssslllllloooowwww and never gets anywhere on time. Just more added dead weight, garbage, no football talent that Goldie loves to develope. Good luck with that. They'll both be non-contributors, 1 year n done ghosts. But u fools will somehow manage to convince ur stupid selves that these two d-line duds will contribute and help u finally win the 8th. best conference in college football, the acc championship...

For those of u that will be axing all season long, "hey, where's that awesome d-line transfer from Whisky?" He'll be the one week after week "standing out" on the sideline in shorts, flip flops and clean jersey just watching ...

Congrats Jalen Grimble, the pain has mercifully ended for u...

See you on the 7th Gator

GAytor fans are the Justin Bieber fans of the new milennium- previously Sean Cassidy fans in the 70s. Thats how gaaay thaye are- wistfully wishing for Tebow to come back to college football (insert deep sighhh!!!!)

Watch Toldeo scare you little overrated fa66s deep into the 4th quarter.

It will soften you pu55ies up (if that is possible)- for us.

UM 44-F-U 17

Miami goes 10-2 this season. Wins their bowl, wins trhe ACC finishes 12-2 and ranked in the top 10.The start of something big.

Gaytors--- another 100 years of putrid mediocrity

JR, absolutely right, can't stand these people that have zero knowledge and perspective.

### UM's Clements said one problem last season was “people crying about” how many reps they got in practice. Those players are gone “and no one here thinks it’s all about me,” he said. “[Golden] said, ‘If you are going to cry about reps, you might as well leave.’”

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/sports-buzz/2013/08/struggling-stanton-facing-decision-fins-wallace-speaks-out-canes-heat-chatter.html#storylink=cpy

Cant fault him for wanting to play.

100 years of mediocrity, then came Urban and teebow. 2ships in 4 years. Back to reality gator fans, urban and teebow are gone. Time for 100 more years of mediocrity. 3rd best team in the history of the this state.

Posted by: OG Cane | August 14, 2013 at 12:34 AM

ESPN.com has named the 1995 Nebraska Cornhusker team the greatest team of all time.[12] Fan voting has consistently pegged the 1995 Cornhuskers or the 2001 Miami Hurricanes (who would later cap their perfect season against Nebraska in the Rose Bowl) as the greatest college football team in history.

Posted by: OG Cane | August 14, 2013 at 12:42 AM

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Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/08/um-will-celebrate-30th-anniversary-of-1983-national-title-team-at-opener-meanwhile-two-members-of-01.html#storylink=cpy

January 1, 1988 Florida State 31 Nebraska 28 1988 Fiesta Bowl
January 2, 1989 Miami 23 Nebraska 3 1989 Orange Bowl
January 1, 1990 Florida State 41 Nebraska 17 1990 Fiesta Bowl
January 1, 1991 Georgia Tech 45 Nebraska 21 1991 Citrus Bowl
January 1, 1992 Miami 22 Nebraska 0 1992 Orange Bowl
January 1, 1993 Florida State 27 Nebraska 14 1993 Orange Bowl
January 1, 1994 Florida State 18 Nebraska 16 1994 Orange Bowl
January 1, 1995 Nebraska 24 Miami 17 1995 Orange Bowl*
January 2, 1996 Nebraska 62 Florida 24 1996 Fiesta Bowl*
December 31, 1996 Nebraska 41 Virginia Tech 21 1996 Orange Bowl
January 2, 1998 Nebraska 42 Tennessee 17 1998 Orange Bowl*
December 30, 1998 Arizona 23 Nebraska 20 1998 Holiday Bowl
January 2, 2000 Nebraska 31 Tennessee 21 2000 Fiesta Bowl
December 30, 2000 Nebraska 66 Northwestern 17 2000 Alamo Bowl
January 3, 2002 Miami 37 Nebraska 14 2002 Rose Bowl
Posted by: OG Cane | August 14, 2013 at 12:47 AM

Tommy Frazier scores again!!!! 62 points given up another gaytor record.

Posted by: OG Cane | August 14, 2013 at 01:01 AM

Research what Harriet scrubman.? That you are Calvin by another name. I don't care about what you donkeys think. Not sticking up for our coach or dc. I'm just sick of reading yours and Calvin's long winded, cry baby rants. You post 100 times a story, using 5 different names. Get a job welfare baby.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/08/um-will-celebrate-30th-anniversary-of-1983-national-title-team-at-opener-meanwhile-two-members-of-01/comments/page/2/#comments#storylink=cpy

DaVonte Lambert punked the Gatr TRash.

What is that Gatr maggots? He didn't want to compete? You didn't really want him? or the best lie yet: you are loaded anyway (although didn't have enough guys to have a spring scrimmage).

The gatr trash is so stupid.

Best of luck to Jalen in his future endeavors. I hope your time and experience at Miami was a great one (obviously outside of the lack of playing time). That being said... coach Onofrio needs to go... he is going to be Golden's downfall if he keeps sticking with him and the defense doesn't take an enormous leap this year.

Why are all of these defensive guys leaving? Jalen wasn't much of a player but he still has a couple years to develop and provide some depth. If they are being outlandish trouble makers I understand but enough with sending these guys away.

As of now no word on why he's leaving but I definitely hope it's a situation where he wants to play and don't see his future here oppose to him being run off.

And who cares if he's not a stud, this defensive scheme don't require stud d-tackles just strong guys to engage the o-line. Better to have a guy with a couple years in the system opposed to bringing in another freshmen that will need a year or two to get acclimated to the system. The transfer guys only have 1 year of eligibillity so we will have a depth problem again next year at this rate.

"The last time u beat a ranked team was week 1 of the 2009 Season. That's 36 games and 3 seasons ago..."

REAL DON SOLDY - Just a minor correction. The last time the Canes beat a ranked team was in 2011 (not 2009) when they beat GA Tech (then ranked #22) 24-7. They also beat Ohio State (then ranked #17) in 2011 24-6.

I agree the Canes have been mediocre as of late, but your arguments would be more effective if you got the facts right.

It has hard for Gator fans living in their locked Mom's basement to conceive of moving on in life.

Obviously, Grimble wasn't going to play. Some hang around to see if their situation improves. Some hang on because school was always more important. Some move on.

He obviously wants to play and it wasn't happening here. Even turds should be able to grasp this one.

The last time Gatr Trash won anything was in 2007. Getting a little long in the tooth there, maggots.

What's that you tell Cane fans? Stop living in the past? Yep.

NO decent coach would have taken the HC position here in the last 2 years.

Posted by: NJshoreCane | August 14, 2013 at 12:31 A

Not True, mike leach wanted the job no matter what, he understands the type of athletes he would've had his hands on and would've got Miami back to playing football the way we play it, no matter who liked it and it would've given him the platform he wanted to dominate college football and come back in a major way, sanctions or no sanctions he would had a way bigger impact than what coach goldie has done thus far. In order for coach goldie to win, everything has to be perfect according to that 300 page binder, when he says "be the same guy everyday" that's why he was hurt when thomas finnie made the move he did cause he didn't understand that side of Miami Life.

But "be the same guy everyday" talk, do people face the same challenges everyday, can you be the same player every game or in some games you're going to have to go to another level. This is slogan coach goldie has of "be the same guy everyday" goes hand in hand with "i'm not changing nothing about the defense" so be the same defense everyday".

Just because you become a more physical defense don't mean you're a better defense. it's like a guy who can punch hard, doesn't mean he's going to be the best boxer, it's the team that puts it's best and the most athletes in the best position to make plays each game that are going to win the majority of the time.

When people think about the 1986 team that played penn disgrace, nobody feels like they beat us, it seems to me like coach goldie is looking for a national championship like that instead of pressing ahead and going and taking one like we always did. So when you look at goldie's lineage in the coaching industry, he's had nothing but a long line of conservative coaches as his mentors. joe pa, george welsh, tom o'brien and than al groh, all guys who were steady coaches but nothing special and never over achieved.

So like players going into their 3rd year where it's said they that big jump, although coach goldie is going into his 8th year as a headcoach, will the light com on for coach goldie in his 3rd year at UM i the question.

I said it when back than, "who's idea was it to go all the way out to nevada to get a player" people complained back than when i said it that. I also said "so we recruiting nevada now, this guy won't fit in down here". I saw his highschool footage and knew he wasn't a good football player for us, maybe somewhere else but since coach jethro was comfortable recruiting out there i understood that. Coach jethro has a lot to learn to as well.

Good luck to Gimble. Bringing in 2 SR DEs and a JUCO transfer at DT was a clear signal he was not going to get on the field. I hope he goes to a school where he can get playing time, graduate, and hone is skills.

The kid was "not trash"...you are. God bless ANY kid who try's his best to succeed.

Don't bring that god nonsense on here. your fake god needs to bless the starving children or those with birth defects or, worse, those suffering at the hands of your religious kooks.

Not a kid who just didn't "make it for a football team" but is otherwise healthy and fortunate.

Best of luck to Jalen.

You can't blame the kid because he wants to play. With the new transfers and not a lot of playing time he feels he must leave and take his chances elsewhere.

Calvina is a moron who can't spell but thinks he has some great psychological insights into coaching.

But deep down inside, he's just obsessed with men's weights.

Last year it was our team was out of shape and weak, but now Lady Calvina declares:

"a more physical defense don't mean you're a better defense"

In addition to the improper English (no wonder he gushes over Randy), what a contradictory idiot.

God bless the Razor. Go Canes

DC NEEDS TO GO, YOU HAVE TO COACH THESE KIDS UP NOT GIVE UP ON THEM! Come on Goldie, this is not the way you build a CANE TEAM!

Another experienced player with some starts under his belt moves on. But we are told all the other kids that left before him were trouble, selfish or some other non sense. And we will be replacing these 6 defensive players that left with either freshmen or transfers, all unknown but supposedly better. Show me.

If Bowling Green didn't do enough to beat UF Last year, I am willing to bet this "decent" Toledo team will put up more of a fight and probably bet you yellow bellies.

as for the CANE GANG peace out Grimble, Next man up

If you played Toledo they would be the 3rd best team on your pathetic schedule after UF and FSU, and would probably beat you silly.
With the new Golden Schedule you fools have no business attempting to trash talk anyone else. You should easily go 11 - 2 by default but you probably won't. The yearly ACC doormat loss is a given for Goldie/Onofrio, why should this year be any different?
Get a winning record by virtue of playing no one good on purpose. Not gonna work for you in a playoff system.
But you can't get over 7 wins any other way. Pathetic.

Gayturds have not played an out of state non-conference game in 25 years.

Weakest of the weak schedulers --- have nothing to comment on anyone else's schedule

Im PRAYING FOR RAZOR, I was born with a birth defect, I can sense LOSERS. My radar us going off!!!!! LOSER!!!!

"have not played an out of state non-conference game in 25 years'

yyou have no point, moron

Weakest of the weak schedulers --- have nothing to comment on anyone else's schedule

you must be talking about the canes and I agree

Posted by: Sunny Dee | August 14, 2013 at 09:38 AM

And BOTH Ga.Tech and Ohio St. finished UNRANKED at the end of 2011...

It's been over 3 years since u beat a Ranked team... It's documented on Miami's official website. Look it up.

Where's my gun?

"Trash??? Not a fan...simple...I bet ur the type that boos at the games...shame."

Posted by: Mike | August 13, 2013 at 11:39 PM

Umm...you give him too much credit Mike. He doesn't go to games.

Canes schedule ok, osu,nd and the like

Gayturds have to play FSU because it is FLorida law.

No out of state non-conference regular season games in 25 years. WIMPS. Probably why Sybil likes them.

See you September 7, Gayturds. . .

Calvin..welfare bady..Lmao
.or 10er/9er...

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