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Deon Bush's status remains up in the air before FAU opener

Although the Hurricanes didn't list any players beyond offensive linemen Hunter Wells (out for the season) and Danny Isidora (expected to miss at least six more weeks) on their latest injury report Wednesday, UM coach Al Golden said during his ACC Teleconference with reporters it remains up in the air if safety Deon Bush will play in Friday night's opener against FAU.

Bush had sports hernia surgery back in June and has been slowly working his way back onto the field.

"He's cleared to play so it's just a function of how comfortable he feels," Golden said.

"If he feels comfortable and he wants to move forward then we'll move forward with him. Deon's smart -- it's not going to be a function of him knowing the defense or anything like that. He's taken reps. It's going to be a comfort level with him. We'll just monitor his progress and see how it is."

With Florida around the corner, there is no need to rush Bush into this game. So I personally don't expect to see a lot of Deon if at all in this game. 

> In terms of the Hurricanes' scholarship numbers, Golden still wasn't ready to provide an answer Wednesday as to which walk-ons have now earned scholarships. He said Monday a couple had, but want to say exactly who because the paperwork hadn't been finished yet. At last check, the Hurricanes were at 76 scholarships.

> Golden reiterated Wednesday the team will increase the touches for running back Duke Johnson compared to last year. "He's significantly stronger than a year ago, more comfortable in the system having gone through it," Golden said. "He's a better pass protector, pass receiver."

> Although he's listed as a third team receiver Golden said Rashawn Scott has had his best practices of the fall over the last three or four days. "Hopefully he can carry the momentum into the games, play at the level we know he can play at," Golden said. "He has to continue to be consistent, improve, get out of his own way sometimes."

> In case you missed it in the video interview from Monday, defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio is moving up to the press box to call plays this season. He's been on the field the last two years.

"I'll have an opportunity to see the information quicker, see it better with my own eyes as opposed to relying on the information coming in and out," D'Onofrio said. "I had done that most of my career prior to being a coordinator the last eight years. There's a lot of people that are down, a lot of people that are up. This is something we decided to take a look at in the spring and liked it."

> Asked about Miami's 1983 national championship team on Wednesday (they're being honored before Friday's game), Golden said the reason he watched the title game against Nebraska back then was because his brother was actually a walk-on on the 1981 Hurricanes team. Golden said his brother left before the championship season though.

"When your big brother goes to Miami you become a Miami fan," Golden said. "We were following it at that time and certainly remember it like it was yesterday. It will be great to see a lot of those guys. Back then you used to tape the games on VHS, the VCR and keep them. That was one of the games we'd watch every now and again."


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u shall see

2013 Predictions

(W) 48-20 Florida Atlantic
(W) 20-17 Florida Gators
(W) 63-10 Savannah State Tigers
(W) 31-21 USF Bulls
(W) 38-13 Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
(W) 24-21 North Carolina Tarheels
(W) 51-17 Wake Forest Demon Deacons
(L) 24-27 Florida State Seminoles
(W) 17-10 Virginia Tech Hokies
(W) 41-17 Duke Blue Devils
(W) 53-3 Virginia Cavaliers
(W) 48-14 Pittsburgh Panthers

ACC Championship
(W) 34-27 (OT) Florida State Seminoles

Tonycane on Lamespace


This is exactly why the entire Country laughs and shakes the heads at u.

14-1 ... The one loss by a field goal ... acc chumps... Robbed of a National Championship Game... 33 points given up a game in 2012 to just 15 in 2013 ?

And u axe why everyone outside ur lil 30K Cane Bubble calls u Delusional ?

2013 Predictions

(W) 48-20 Florida Atlantic
(W) 20-17 Florida Gators
(W) 63-10 Savannah State
(W) 31-21 USF
(W) 38-13 Georgia Tech
(W) 24-21 North Carolina
(W) 51-17 Wake Forest
(L) 24-27 Florida State
(W) 17-10 Virginia
(W) 41-17 Duke Blue
(W) 53-3 Virginia
(W) 48-14 Pittsburgh

ACC Championship

(W) 34-27 (OT) Florida State

Some Lamespace Looney


This is exactly why the entire Country laughs and shakes their heads at u.

14-1 ... The one loss by a field goal ... acc chumps... Robbed of a National Championship Game... 33 points given up a game in 2012 to just 15 in 2013 ?

And u ask why everyone outside ur lil 30K Cane Bubble calls u Delusional ?

2- more Bowl bans ... 50 schollies over 5 years... 10 years Probation.

buh bye ALL recruits and a anything resembling a Football team til 2020.

2- more Bowl bans ... 50 schollies over 5 years... 10 years Probation.

buh bye ALL recruits and a anything resembling a Football team til 2020.

"Driskel is Teblow without the passing ability. And by passing ability I mean not being able to hit water throwing the ball into the ocean."

Driskel suuuuuuuuukkkksssssss.

Really? You think a team that loses their top two offensive players will lose more games? Shocking information.

Just for fun, lets figure out the Gators record if they lose Driskell, with no backup, and.... and.... do they even have a second offensive player to worry about? LOL!

Yep, that 8-4 Gator team would drop to oh, 5-7 or even 4-8 depending on when Driskell gets his Kerwin Bell rung.

Did a 3rd. grade Art student give Stephen Morris that hideous crooked u/17 thing tattoo on his puny right bicep ?

Should have had it stamped to his melon forehead, there's more room.

Troll thinks he is Nevin Shapiro, where if he says it twice with two different IDs that we won't know it is the same lie.

Good thing he has no CLUE, since only a week ago he was claiming the death penalty. If even his wettest dream is dropping by the day, the reality must be getting better and better for UM.

And U.....you are brilliant. It's guys like you that make life fun.

Anyone know where Jacory Harris is a short order cook nowdays in Hialeah ? After winning the Super Bowl with the Patriots this year, I want to try some of his food, pay him with a $100 n tell him to keep the change.

God Bless U wonderful Cane fans for any info possible.

Yawn. Tim Tebow is now posting here? How low he has fallen....

Can we get a quality control guy to make sure Coach No'D has no communication down to the sidelines from the booth? Maybe the guys can play some championship defense without having him call the plays. The talent is on the sidelines, just the wrong general leading the troops!!!

Calvin you say no more then 225 yards, I'm not looking at a yard amount, I want to see some plays being made out there. Strip sack fumbles, knock out blows in the secondary, db's jumping routes, 3 and outs, defending a short field after a turnover. I'll give them 3 fg's.

I'll sell you six bibles and throw in a crucifix and picture of me circumcising little boys in the Phillipines if you'll just sign up for the monthly jesus newsletter.


Timmy "best bible salesman in the Alachua County Dump district" Teblow

Over the last 6 or 7 years when our kids would be interviewed they would make outlandish comments and predictions that almost invariably turned out to be just the opposite (the interviews with our players prior to the final game in the Orangs Bowl with Virginia were so awful and ridiculous they would make up a great blooper reel). Most everything they said was..."me"..."me'...and..."me".

Now, under the great coaching and leadership of Coach Al Golden our players are mature, all about team, believing and following the process and have been taught there is a plan, and that plan will lead to winning.

Feliciano was asked about Seantrel being demoted and was he down, to which he responded that no he wasn't down and only working his balls off. Had the same thing happened several years ago the player being demoted would have quit on the team versus working harder.

In spite of the most damaging NCAA investigation since SMU was handed down the death penalty the University of Miami football program under the best coach in college football, Al Golden, is on the path to capture its former greatness and will soon be playing for championships.

So D'Onofrio is moving to the press box? Now there's a guy who really connects with and motivates his players. The sooner he leaves UM, the better chance we will have for a strong defense.

Tebow could make millions just by selling pictures of him circumcising boys to Gators fans. He will be fine.


I hear he's getting ready for his 2014 job, high school football analyst.

TC, full credit, that top line was very funny. I can picture Donofrio talking into his headset shouting Cover 2, cover 2, and we sack the QB on a blitz.

Better than Nix turing red on the sideline, that would be.

Most coordinators in the nfl operate from press box. Its a common thing. It allows them to better make adjustments on the fly. The head coach is the most important motivator on a team not the coordinator. Its his job to call plays and make adjustments. it is coach goldens job to send in subs and manage his players. the truth is this d will be much better this year and even better next year. As coach golden starst to get the bodies he needs and the type of players he wants coach d will start to look much better to u idiots who keep ripping him. Coach d had alot of freshman starters and even playing good amount of minutes last year. that leads to mistakes in coverage and positioning and to the dumbing down of the playbook. thats fact jack.

Ok, so which is it, we were young last year but we will be better when AL "starts to get the bodies he needs and players he want?" Are we going to trade some other college for veteran players? Are we waiting to get a couple more seniors from Virginia and Wisconsin? If Al gets guys in next year that mean they will be new to the system again. Oh ok I got you we will allow another learning curve with the young players and maybe this time finish 118th.

We have enough talent on defense to win. No excuses. Coach has to coach them up. I want to see the game day two deep, if these new guys just brought in TWO weeks ago ahead of the guys that has been in UTough for 3 years then we need new defensive coaches. Something is wrong. Renfrow barely played at Virginia!!

Very accurate and funny line 'Five Titles':

"Yep, that 8-4 Gator team would drop to oh, 5-7 or even 4-8 depending on when Driskell gets his Kerwin Bell rung."

"if these new guys just brought in TWO weeks ago ahead of the guys that has been in UTough for 3 years then we need new defensive coaches. Something is wrong. Renfrow barely played at Virginia!!"

Exactly why Golden's best friend makes me nervous

Wow, I can't remember a DC or OC or HC not being on the field at UM. Seems odd. But, hey, if DunnoToday, DunnoTomorrow, JustPlainDunno can get the job done from afar, then more power to him.

But it doesn't bode well as far as connecting with the D. When is 'Goldy going to se right through this smoke screen? If not anything else, it'll give the DC a chance to grab some hot dogs and a cold one.

If the DC can get the job done alongside Miller Lite or a Corona, hey, go ahead, man....

Shannon was in the booth as a DC

Chud called plays from the booth

Cool Cat,

You have a short memory or no memory. Your boy RS was in the booth as DC.

true cane,

To fully join the Sybil group you can't be concerned about anything on defense but yards, because that's the cane's worst stat and you need to be as negative as possible.

Little things like points don't matter. It is all yards. Yards. Yards. Got it?

Morris small bicep?the guy can throw the ball 70 yards in the air with no problem.

I'M JONESING !!!!!!!!!
fast forward to Friday evening

But even Tebow couldn’t save him from himself once Hernandez got a few beers in his system. The pair went out that April to a bar near campus, where the underage Hernandez had an argument with a waiter and punched him in the head as he walked away. Michael Taphorn suffered a ruptured eardrum, but didn’t press charges on Hernandez, telling the cops he was "talking to Florida coaches", according to a police report. The matter seems to have been settled quietly out of court.

“We didn’t hear that story till much, much later – the police didn’t file a report,” says a local reporter who was covering the team. As a sophomore, Hernandez was benched for the season opener, meaning he’d likely failed drug tests over the summer. But Meyer denied it, saying he “wasn’t ready to play,” again giving cover for bad behavior. “Meyer kept us at such a distance,” says the reporter, “or flat-out lied, that we couldn’t verify a pot suspension.”

Hernandez would fail other drug tests, according to reports, and should have faced bans for up to half a season, per school regulations. Instead, he didn’t miss a single snap, though he was seen hanging out with a crew of thugs at a local bar. One of them was Bristol pal Ernest Wallace, who came down to Florida, says a friend, to be “Aaron’s muscle.”

Some fans let their alligator mouth overload their hummingbird butt, however these people usually dont have a life except in the pea brain.

So, predictions for Friday night?
I'm in at 27-17 Canes.
Some turnovers, penalty killing drives.
Superior special teams, and Duke win it for us.
Or, we crush them 52-10.

Ron Zook go back to your gator blog with your gator info. This is cane football, we don't care about Hernandez or former gator coaches. All I care about is how our D is going to do against the gator O and vise versa.
We need to limit the Owls to no more than 17 points
and don't show much on offense to give the gators study film.
I like 52 - 10 much better Writer.

Man UF is gonna get hammered at Sun Life Stadium....Jeff Driskell is inaccurate after 10 yards

Golden said he watched the 1983 game between UM and Nebraska.

"My brother actually walked on in '81, left before the championship," Golden said. "When your big brother goes to Miami you become a Miami fan. We were following it at that time and certainly remember it like it was yesterday."

Question to Coach Golden Tongue:

Did you see a bunch of body builders running around for the Hurricanes?

Posted by: True Cane | August 28, 2013 at 12:55 PM

ROFL, great question, i'm starting to think coach goldie needs to look into being a strength & conditioning coach. Everybody who hasn't figured it out yet, whenever coach goldie or clown 117th says after practice, so & so "looks good" they're not referring to their skill set/play, all they're doing is looking to see who's passed the eyeball test the majority of the time. That's there mindset and i said it from the beginning when they first came in and started talking about how they start the first depth chart off based on the corn-ball title "U-tough" program. I never liked the sound of that shat from day 1, was just another ploy/page taken from the binder 300 guideline under section: The art of using buzzwords & catch phrases.

So instead of talent shining thru and being the real litmus test and standard for forming the depth chart, these clowns are going by the work-out warriors association!

For those who might have a hard time comprehending that concept, had these clowns been the coaches at let's say Fsu: deion sanders would not have seen the football field. Or a guy like fred smoot from mississippi st. would not have been a 1st round draft pick, this guy couldn't bench 225lbs until around his 3rd year as a pro.

This philosophy is flawed and will hold back True talent!


Thats Us on Page 3.

mountaincane, U lie in every post. Once again, post where anyone posted yards given up numbers, instead of total defense numbers. Our worst stat is total defense, not opponent's total yards, as u say. Go to the link, its all there. Who do U think you're convincing with these lies? Go back to Good Ole Boy Space with that.

Cal, don't forget the importance of acronyms: ME's and BEE's --Mental Errors and Be Early Everywhere

Dudes have been swooped off of their feet by Golden. Who said chivalry was dead?

His binder is a manual to creating a lasting man-crush.

Yeah Calvin you are the expert alright , that's why you spend all your time on here . Don't you get tired of speculation , lying , guessing ,and just plain making $hit up ? I thought this was a football forum not a comedy show . What a joke every time you open your mouth with this garbage . Go Canes

Cal we'll shonuff know how far the Mac staff has come if Fau is running the read/spread option...

Anything close to the 200/200 yd rushing/passing fly the banner on d'umbnofio.

I see he took your advise and moved upto the booth lol

Posted by: Nashvilecane | August 28, 2013 at 12:54 PM

What up nash, lol, they've been listening, it's been high time for clown 117th to go up in the booth, cause from the sidelines he can't see nothing, he's just over there making blind calls. Only a few d-co's are good at being on the sidelines, bud foster is one of them, but there is a reason bud foster kneels down alot during the game before calling the defense, gives him a different view/angle so he knows real quick what's working and what's not working. The days of a clown 117th embarrassing us by trying to get the attention of the players hollering "look at me, look at me" so he can make the call should be done.

I couldn't believe it when i saw it, this guy was that desparate that he was trying to send the defensive signals in at the last minute to the defense after the offense was lined up, that's an atrocity. A defense is supposed to be lined up first, make there checks and be set before the offense is ready, this alone made us a step behind opposing offenses and this was part of the recipe that gets a team to 117th in the nation.

Going in the booth is his only hope at proving he can actually call a game, otherwise again, defensive recruits are not going to come in on idea of "hoping" they'll be able to play defense when Fsu and the gaytors are already playing defense. This year's defensive performance will go along way on whether we get defensive linemen in the future for sure. It doesn't look good when other schools can say to a recruit "look, you can go their and have them tell you, you can come in and help the defense get turned around, but than once you get their, they'll tell you you're to small to contribute properly, and than by your 3rd year they'll go and bring in guys from other places and put them ahead of you on the depth chart because the veteran guys being brought in are better than the guys they've actually coached for 3 years".

I won't to hear everyones opinion on Luther Robinson today because im sure dad will be going off if they play renfrow in front of him this season.
I already know what their opinion will be after dad call up Joe Rose again.

He's done all coach golden tongue has asked. Remember he "crushed" the conditioning test and is in the best shape of his life. Only thing left is for the coach to teach him what he needs to know. Luther has done his part, it's on the coaches now.

Man, 34 of the 89 players recruited in 2010-12 are no longer on the roster.

True cane do me a favor since you wasted your time looking up 34 of 89 are gone. Do it for all the schools in the top 25. Then meet me at Sun life Friday. True canes don't whine they do something. Which I doubt the negative Nancy on here will do.

I haven't seen D on here, did he stroke out this time?
Calvin I'll have some 3D chalk for you to snack on while you tailgate Friday. HTC you taken the Hershey Highway to Sun Life?

Ok, point taken. I still like those TV shots of the DC lining up his guys and firing them up on the sidelines...especially in the college game. Shannon and now D'Onofrio strike me as remote personalities and not rah-rah guys. Give me some of that UM rah!

Can someone please confirm or deny D's latest stoke?

D corch will be 500 ft away? Good, next year he will be 500 miles away somewhere else..LOL..

We can only hope that he's 500 miles away next year...

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