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Deon Bush's status remains up in the air before FAU opener

Although the Hurricanes didn't list any players beyond offensive linemen Hunter Wells (out for the season) and Danny Isidora (expected to miss at least six more weeks) on their latest injury report Wednesday, UM coach Al Golden said during his ACC Teleconference with reporters it remains up in the air if safety Deon Bush will play in Friday night's opener against FAU.

Bush had sports hernia surgery back in June and has been slowly working his way back onto the field.

"He's cleared to play so it's just a function of how comfortable he feels," Golden said.

"If he feels comfortable and he wants to move forward then we'll move forward with him. Deon's smart -- it's not going to be a function of him knowing the defense or anything like that. He's taken reps. It's going to be a comfort level with him. We'll just monitor his progress and see how it is."

With Florida around the corner, there is no need to rush Bush into this game. So I personally don't expect to see a lot of Deon if at all in this game. 

> In terms of the Hurricanes' scholarship numbers, Golden still wasn't ready to provide an answer Wednesday as to which walk-ons have now earned scholarships. He said Monday a couple had, but want to say exactly who because the paperwork hadn't been finished yet. At last check, the Hurricanes were at 76 scholarships.

> Golden reiterated Wednesday the team will increase the touches for running back Duke Johnson compared to last year. "He's significantly stronger than a year ago, more comfortable in the system having gone through it," Golden said. "He's a better pass protector, pass receiver."

> Although he's listed as a third team receiver Golden said Rashawn Scott has had his best practices of the fall over the last three or four days. "Hopefully he can carry the momentum into the games, play at the level we know he can play at," Golden said. "He has to continue to be consistent, improve, get out of his own way sometimes."

> In case you missed it in the video interview from Monday, defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio is moving up to the press box to call plays this season. He's been on the field the last two years.

"I'll have an opportunity to see the information quicker, see it better with my own eyes as opposed to relying on the information coming in and out," D'Onofrio said. "I had done that most of my career prior to being a coordinator the last eight years. There's a lot of people that are down, a lot of people that are up. This is something we decided to take a look at in the spring and liked it."

> Asked about Miami's 1983 national championship team on Wednesday (they're being honored before Friday's game), Golden said the reason he watched the title game against Nebraska back then was because his brother was actually a walk-on on the 1981 Hurricanes team. Golden said his brother left before the championship season though.

"When your big brother goes to Miami you become a Miami fan," Golden said. "We were following it at that time and certainly remember it like it was yesterday. It will be great to see a lot of those guys. Back then you used to tape the games on VHS, the VCR and keep them. That was one of the games we'd watch every now and again."


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cool cat- Shannon was in the boof calling the D back in the day. When Coker was OC under Butch he was up in the boof. So stfu

Calvin- its really sad to see your dumb a55 answer your own posts under a different name ( True cane or Harriet Tubman)- Its really pathetic.

Canes are going to mercilessly destroy FAU. One simple reason- They have amajor chip on their shoulder. The entire D has been lambasted by their performance lastyear that thay have alot to prove and word is they are angry. Look for lots of defensivepenalties but overall the D will hold FAU to no more than 17 points.

Why are we talking gators here? Because they are a bunch of slimey skanky soft a55 overrated pu55ies.Just like all of their fans

Miley Cyrus twerking> Calvin's posts

Calvin, Nash, tubman or woman, or whoever you are:
You wrote; "Coach G is an outsider".

That shows:
You are a dumb cluck
You have no idea what you are talking about
You are on drugs
You are posting and killing time instead of flipping burgers
And you sure as hell never went to the 'U', because you would be tuned in to reality. We do that in order to graduate.
You are totally in shannonland, and until your attitude and comments (which are biased to the extreme) take some semblance of being a real, you are a joke.
How do you know that Miami was studying Bethune-C film?. Another statement showing your ignorance.

You are considered along with your nom-de plumes

Coach G is as "in" as you can get. He is the CEO. He runs the SHOW. HELLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Go flip a burger!!.

The 'Canes will do fine. You not much . See above.
Go 'Canes.
The 'U' 48 FAU 3

hey d'o, you do NOT call in plays for defense.

You SET a defense that can stop any offense in the country. The SET is four down defensive linemen, two guards over the interior shoulders of the offensive guards and two DEs over the outside shoulders of the TE or tackles. Man to man pass defense with a free safety. LBs within 3 yards of the LOS. Duhhhh. The only variation is where a Cane speed burner blitzer is coming from. Someone needs to give d'o a seat in the mens' room with all the crap he dumps on the Canes.

Everything will be vanilla tomorrow night...why give the next opponent film to study. Just get a win, don't care about tbe score. We will find out about this team next week.

ain't going nowhere with D'onofrio as DC they stunk last year - gave up a lot of points and a lot of yards against mediocre teams like Virginia, DUKE???-35 points in the last half of football they played last year 35- points to DUKE- he didn't teadch them anything all last year- why expect this to be different???

As far as strength and conditioning goes, the last time I looked Alabama was bigger and stronger across the board than anybody. Seems to be the formula for success today. Granted, it's not the only formula for success but it certainly helps. This isn't basketball, it's football. Canes needed to get bigger and stronger. Especially on defense where they got shoved around all the time. And the offensive line, which has been gigantic, has been weak in the past. How many times did we see the Canes need one yard and they could not get it?

bigger and stronger seems to be the moronic mantra of coaches. I have news for you. The strong beat the weak, but the smart beat the strong.

The coaching staff at Miami are morons and allow d'o who knows NOTHING about defense to be the DC. Same with making one yard when you need it by using cross blocking or trap plays or draws or shovel passes instead of trying to plow for one yard.

The reason so many coaches are morons today at many schools is that they are too lazy to study the game like coaches decades ago like Lombardi and Shula and the Pitts Steelers during their many superbowl trips.

Football is more of a chess game than a macho game. Look at the class exhibited by Stanford, the team and their coach, in fact, all the sharp teams, Ohio State, Ala, Oregon, the Pats.

The lousy blocking and tackling is due to "coaches" thinking it is size and macho crap. In fact, good blocking and tackling comes from agility, mobility, and hostility and being in fantastic shape instead of being fat and unable to move your feet.

Listen my fellow Cane lovers; please temper your expectations for the 2013 season. Until we get a legit Head Coach and staff, we will continue to be marginal at best. Hopefully this will be the last year of the Golden experiment.

Coker + Shannon + Golden = a decade of misery!!

Some of you will proudly pump your chest, and proclaim that the U is back if they beat Florida Atlantic tonight!! Its Fla Atlantic guys :)

I have watched Golden for 2 years decline a bowl invitations, and for what. The NCAA investigation is still there. So he has punished players for 2 years that had nothing to do with the alleged NCAA infractions. What a true Bozo the clown in a tie!!

Just saying:)

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