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Dyron Dye -- last current link to NCAA case -- has been dismissed from the Miami Hurricanes football team

Sad story.

Late this afternoon, UM defensive end Dyron Dye was told by his lawyer that he has been kicked off the football team.

Dye was the lone current Hurricanes player still connected to Miami's NCAA investigation. He was previously suspended for four games in 2011 and had to repay $738 in benefits given to him by former booster Nevin Shapiro during the recruiting process. 

The NCAA interviewed Dye three times because it believed an affidavit signed by Dye that supported former UM receivers coach Aubrey Hill, contradicted statements made in at least one of his previous interviews. 

Dye and attorney Darren Heitner of Wolfe Law Miami wanted a ruling or clarification from the NCAA on his eligibility, and the governing body of college athletics never gave it to him. Miami apparently found it too risky to keep him on the roster.

Sadly, Dye had a physical Monday, and told Heitner he passed the physical and was just waiting to be cleared from UM to practice and play. He has been recovering from surgery to repair his Achilles' tendon.

 Here's UM's prepared statement:

"The University of Miami has informed football player Dyron Dye that he will no longer be a member of the Miami football program. Given the totality of the circumstances and unresolved issues regarding the NCAA investigation, the University has decided to move ahead.''

Heitner said he was the one to first inform Dye of the news.

"He had to find out from me,'' Heitner said. "They didn't even tell him.

"The action they took today basically ties our hands. It was a shock. He was not expecting that. All of us had the idea he would be ruled ineligible, but we didn't think the university that spent so much time recruiting him, the university he provided his services for and played any position for, that he dedicated his collegiate career to, would basically say, 'No thanks. We don't want you anymore.'''

Dye, who would have begun his fifth-year senior season, is still being provided financial aid to complete his schooling toward a master's degree. He already earned his bachelor's degree, and could still choose to transfer and attempt to play his final season somewhere else without sitting out a year.

UM coach Al Golden on Monday declined to comment on Dye's status, other than to say he was a defensive end. Coaches asked him to switch positions from tight end to D-end in the spring.

 The 6-5, 261-pound Dye, from Sanford, Fla., played in all 12 games last season, with eight starts at tight end. He caught four passes for 48 yards, which ended up being the only four catches of his career.





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Add him to the list Gallo, cause we all know it was completely Al Golden's doing that Dye is off the team right?


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Dye was not going to be cleared by the NCAA and they didn't mind leaving UM in limbo. The action may seem harsh, but the end result was the same now or many weeks later. UM would not have played him while they waited for the NCAA's decision because they would have had to forfeit any victories while he was an active player on the squad. Dye and his attorney should reserve their anger for the NCAA, not UM. It's inexcusable how the NCAA operates and leaves teams, coaches and players hanging by a thread at their whim. Tell the kid he's ineligible so he can get on with his life.

Nothing personal, UM wasn't trying to forfeit games this year by having an ineligible player on the roster.

Real shame, feel bad for Dye, hope he can resolve his NCAA situation sooner than later so he can move forward.

Guess we'll add this one to Jim Gallo's "Golden Casualities" along with Jedd Fisch and Mario Cristobal, huh?!

He can't even transfer if the NCAA keeps on dragging it's feet. Their arrogance is only surpassed by their incompetence.

Excellent post rboud.

Dye was kicked off of team because of the horrible decision that Donna let him run the show,She let him do a 3rd interview and it was reported from a Indy radio sports show that Dye's all 3 interviews were different......I LIVE IN OHIO I GET THE STATION....FACT

Donna did not "let" Dye do anything...had he refused the interview with the NCAA he would have been suspended indefinitely or until he sat for the interview. Donna had no say so in the matter.

i gaurentee you he was not going to be permitted to play. i would bet the ncaa itself had something to do with this. would like to know what was said by him to warrent a third questioning. likley he lied through his teeth and that was the reason for dismissal. was good of UM to allow him to stay under his scholarship. UM does this for alot of players that dont play by the rules. most other schools just dismiss them without allowing them to finish thier degrees. UM is a stand up institution for allowing him to finish college.

Something tells me we will recieve our santions within 48 hrs of this announcment.

let the NCCA use my white sheets while they set Miami's sanctions!

He lied to the ncaa after UM told everyone to be truthful and "DO NOT LIE". take your medicine. The ncaa told UM he was not truthful in the third interview.

btw, watching sports center tonight and seeing the skins/steelers made me wonder about Sean Spence and his knee injury. If you are interested ...


He may not play this year but it's good to see he's doing work. Also, take a look at the comments section, Steelers fans really like the kid. Go Sean Spence!

Time to leave this behind and get back to the true UM mission and vision.
Jeff D. UM'66. Dunwoody,GA

Good Luck Dyron, earn your degree dude, and walk out the door smiling. Regardless of what you think about the U or the NCAA, the degree in your hand may be the best thing that could happen to you. Keep the faith.

Good post rboud, but I wish I knew when his last interview was and when UM was informed that he supposedly lied in them.

Also, if its all the NCAA fault (which I agree), then why didn't the coaches or administrators inform him of his dismissal themselves? Is there an infraction for letting a kid who is family, no that the university is being forced to cut ties with him. This would ensure that there would be no bad feelings or miscommunications.

I mean as Canes fans, why do yall believe the investigators findings that Dye lied, despite the fact that he filed a police report on them for coercive behavior and they have since been fired?

It seems like we're still giving in, hurting each other (Dye) and catering to them to get in their good graces when they have nothing but gossip and conjectures against Us.

Three players from Miami’s 2014 class are ranked in the Rivals 100, the highest being offensive lineman Kc McDermott.

The 4-star McDermott is ranks No. 45 and Rivals has him listed as the No. 5 offensive lineman in the nation and No. 4 in the state of Florida. The 6-6, 301-pound younger brother of current Hurricanes’ center Shane McDermott holds 16 offers and chose the Hurricanes over Alabama, Auburn, Michigan, Ohio State and Notre Dame.

Miami Central running back Joseph Yearby comes in at No. 48. The one-time Florida State commit flipped to UM and is ranked the No. 7 running back in the nation and the No. 5 prospect in the state of Florida. A consensus 4-star, Yearby holds offers from Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State and West Virginia.

Booker T. Washington defensive end Chad Thomas is the last of the 2014 Hurricanes’ commits to crack the Rivals 100. The 6-5, 229-pound end pledged to UM in July and holds 12 offers as of now. A consensus 4-star prospect, Thomas is ranked the No. 11 defensive end in the nation and the No. 29 prospect in the state of Florida.

Perhaps Miami should blame itself for looking the other way over the last 12 years while its program was out of control.

HarrietTubmanCane, you wonder?

Maybe pay attention to the freaking team instead of spouting negative bullish*t all day?

Everyone has known for months that Dye lied, we've just been waiting for the NCAA to decide one way or the other if he's going to be eligible to play.

Now we're 10 days away from our opening game and it's clear that the NCAA will not be making a ruling before then.

Dye can't just sit on the roster until he hears from the NCAA, UM could be forced to forfeit games if he's on the team, doesn't matter if he's on the active roster.

Its not negative, U just don't know to disagree because U have superiority and inferiority complex all at once. Don't study me, look in the mirror and attempt to self-reflect.

Ok back to what I was saying, I don 't believe Dye lied and I don't care what "everyone knows." If Dye lied and everyone knew, then has it taken Us so long to dismiss him from team? He wasn't truthful in the third interview because his words were purposely misconstrued, tainted, and taken out of context probably. I believe Dyron, not the NCAA. I wonder why yall do?

FWIW they should have let Dyron practice with the team and just held him out of the games until the NCAA publicly ruled on his eligibility. That way, we don't risk forfeiting any games (which we shouldn't have to if the NCAA hasn't ruled him ineligible before any of the games that he may have played in). The NCAA is dragging their feet with Dye just like they did and are still doing to the University. There is no way that it should have taken this long to simply rule on his eligibility. They are abusing their power to hold Dye and the University in a holding pattern and that uncertainity benefits no one.

FoxSports article:

There was some buzz created when West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade quarterback Brad Kaaya attended a USC practice over the weekend but the signal caller said he’s still rock solid on his Miami commitment.

Brad Kaaya had a big spring/summer and is currently a four-star prospect and the No. 259 player nationally in the recently released Scout 300. He’s a big, strong quarterback who can get the ball down the field and has a smooth, easy delivery as well.

Kaaya committed early to Miami but took in a USC practice over the weekend. Sounds like there is not much if anything to read in to the visit.“I gave my friend (and teammate) Donovan Lee a ride to practice because USC is recruiting him,” Kaaya said. “I decided to stay and watch the practice rather than battle L.A traffic on the way home. I talked with the coaches a little but we only really talked about Donovan.“They know I’m solid with Miami so they’re not even recruiting me right now. I’ve gotten a few letters from UCLA but I’m not hearing much from either school and that’s fine because I really like Miami a lot. Right now, I’m just excited for our season to start, I’m ready to play some football.”

Chaminade should be one of the top teams to watch in the Southern Section this year. They open the season August 30 against a very solid Los Angeles (Calif.) Venice team

feel bad for dyron. that has to hurt really bad this close to the season. go get that master's!!!


Dyron Dye will no longer be part of the Miami football program, a decision Monday that ends the Hurricane career for the last member of the program with any real ties to the Nevin Shapiro scandal.

The university made the announcement Monday, the same day that Dye was hoping to receive clearance from doctors to resume playing. He injured his Achilles' and needed surgery after Miami's spring practice season, and it was never clear if he would be physically able to play at any point this year anyway.That point is moot now, and Dye's days as a Hurricane are over."

The University of Miami has informed football player Dyron Dye that he will no longer be a member of the Miami football program," the school said in a statement. "Given the totality of the circumstances and unresolved issues regarding the NCAA investigation, the University has decided to move ahead."

The decision on Dye comes with Miami still waiting for the Committee on Infractions — the group that heard the Hurricanes' case against the allegations made by the NCAA — to issue its decision on any possible additional sanctions the school may face. That decision could come at any time, especially since Miami urged the NCAA to act before this year's football season opens on Aug. 30.

"The team decided that it doesn't want Dyron to be a member because they determined he would be too much of a distraction," said Darren Heitner, Dye's attorney. "The one nice thing is that it won't affect his aid. But as far as his future playing for the University of Miami, that door's closed."

Dye met with investigators three times during the NCAA's probe of the Hurricanes, most recently in May when college sports' governing body had questions why the player said certain things during one interview with them and changed his story in a statement he gave on behalf of Aubrey Hill, a former Miami assistant coach. Hill is among the former Miami staffers who faced charges in the notice of allegations brought against the school in February.

In that statement, Dye said that in an Aug. 16, 2011 interview with the NCAA he "felt compelled to testify in a manner that would be consistent with the manner in which ... (now-retired NCAA investigator Rich) Johanningmeier was directing me in order to keep my eligibility." Dye also said that Hill did not provide travel for one of his unofficial recruiting visits to Miami, or allow him to stay at his home or eat meals there on that trip.Part of the allegations the NCAA brought against Miami said Hill and another former assistant, Clint Hurtt, allowed Dye and two other recruits — eventual Miami player Ray-Ray Armstrong (who was dismissed from the team in 2012 over eligibility questions) and Florida player Andre Dubose - allowed the recruits to stay for at least two nights at each of their homes, and were provided at least two meals in both cases without cost.

Those allegations were strongly denied, and Dye said the NCAA "twisted his testimony to use it negatively against" Hill.In the notice of allegations against Miami, as reviewed by The Associated Press, Dye is one of 38 Miami players and recruits who was alleged to have gotten the improper benefit of partying at the home of Shapiro, the former booster and convicted Ponzi scheme architect whose claims of wrongdoing sparked the investigation.The NCAA also alleged that Dye received nightclub access, a strip-club trip, bowling trips and meals, all provided by Shapiro during the recruiting process.

Dye came to Miami as a defensive lineman, then switched to tight end before trying to return to the defensive line this year. He caught four passes for 48 yards and appeared in 24 games with the Hurricanes.

Guess the NCAA about to come with their ruling...let's get it and move on.

They hate us

Dye obviously lied since he told three different stories. I tend to believe him in that I think his early statements were coerced by the NCAA. You'd think he robbed a frickin bank the way they handled his case.

When it came time to defend Aubrey Hill I think he finally said and did the right thing. I think the school was probably right to let him go, but the fact that he had to hear it from his lawyer is a low blow.

The fact that Dye made so many waves with the NCAA has me wondering whether the school had an indication from the NCAA that getting rid of Dye would play to the schools favor. That's complete speculation on my part but nothing about the NCAA and member school admins would surprise me anymore. It's a sleazy business off the field!!

Go 'canes!!

The NCAA ruled Monday that freshman Steven Rhodes can "play immediately" after serving five years in the Marines.

It's a reversal from the NCAA's earlier decision to rule Rhodes ineligible because he played in a recreational league during his military service.

By NCAA standards, Rhodes' play at the Marine base counted as "organized competition" because there were game officials, team uniforms and the score was kept.

But the 6-foot-3, 240-pound Marine sergeant said the recreational league was nothing close to organized.

"Man, it was like intramurals for us," the 24-year-old told The Daily News Journal. "There were guys out there anywhere from 18 to 40-something years old. The games were spread out. We once went six weeks between games."

"As a part of the ongoing review of NCAA rules, our members will examine the organized competition rules, especially as it impacts those returning from military service," Lennon said.

Seems as though everyone on this team gives coch Golden everything they have. I hope Golden at least sat him down- thanked him and explained why this is taking place. Sad Stuff

We listened to what Dye said - he admitted he lied about coach Hill, he said he was intimidated by the NCAA into giving that testimony but he admitted that he lied.

We listened to what Dye said - he admitted he lied about coach Hill, he said he was intimidated by the NCAA into giving that testimony but he admitted that he lied.

Doesn't really matter whether he told the truth or not the outcome would have been the same. The NCAA carried out their threat. Tell us what we want you to say or else. Dye took the else. Which is no more college football at the U.. Thank you Pres. Shalala for allowing this young man to stay on scholarship and earn a degree. This is what the U family is all about.

Ok, so they release Dye and now they've closed fall camp early and no media access until Monday of next week?!?!?!? Yep, the long awaited verdict seems to be upon us.

"Where are my bunch of insults?"

Hmm, this post has your "bunch of insults", troll.
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My name is Zakkee on there--dumb ass--dedicated a whole post to me and didn't know what the hell you were talking about lol. U went and did the research like a b&t#h. I called 86/SOUP more than lame many times over the years and finally got banned after the VTech game last season. Idiot googled Harriet Tubman Cane lol!
I've explained what my new name means and why u should care or not. Yall spin masters at it again.
racist dudes calling someone racist huh??? I'm black and look up to Harriet Tubman because she freed the slaves of men--like you. So thats what I'm trying to do as a Canes fan. U saw that name and thought anti-cane racist troll immediately because thats whats in your mirror everyday.
Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 19, 2013 at 01:51 PM
1. --dumb ass--
2. like a b&t#h.
3. Idiot
4. spin masters
5. slaves of men--like you.
6. thought anti-cane racist troll immediately because thats whats in your mirror everyday.

That is a cluster and clump of insults just in one post. BTW, those posts were in CHONOLOGICAL ORDER, liar, with supporting facts pulled from previous posts. But you mentioned Shannon first, then gave me a hard time for saying I don't care about Shannon.

You were insulting, antagonistic, and in the end in place of an apology, you claimed it was all my fault for actually reading your words.

Well, I am sure you will change names again, sicko troll, but I won't be reading anymore of your lies as HarrietTubmanCane, the supposed Canespace poster with zero posts.

Liars said he told three different stories. How do we determine which lies of liars that we believe and which we don't?

I don't understand how we could ever still believe that cowering to this biased and hypocritical body and alienating one of our own would ever show any fruit with the NCAA in the long run??

When and/or where did ye admit he lied? I don't understand, did he lie or was he intimidated into lying?

I now have my own personal obsessed troll. that convo ended half a day ago and you're still trying to prove a point. No I'm not above responding to insults with insults and never said I was. Your reposts prove that i was called racist first and thats what probably set me off. Ur crying about me insulting you, but reposted that you called me a racist troll prior to me doing so??? What don't U understand about that. U tried to expose me but only exposed yourself and your still butt hurt about 10 hours later. You've never used your real name ever and won't because you're admittedly scared to. Reality mentioned Shannon and that post that you referenced was a response to him, not U...wow..you can't read. Go take a nap dude. This is beyond dumb and no one cares. Like why would I lie about being myself. Like how did I choose Zakkee, of all people? Get over yourself, there's a whole new blog up, try to talk Canes sports for once and you can begin by answering the questions from above...go ahead...shoot.

I doesn't matter what anyone here thinks, the NCAA says that they believe Dye's testimony was inconsistent.

Dye asked for a ruling from the NCAA on his eligibility. They did not give him one. Apparently, the NCAA just decided to let him (and the U) swing in the wind some more. It would make no sense for Miami to risk playing the guy, when his status is unknown. Dye was not likely to meaningfully see the field in any event.

School continues to be paid for, so get that degree.

The issue is, having him in the ACTIVE roster can eventually lead to the SEC/NCAA saying that Miami had an ineligible player on its roster and take away victories..

Miami dd the right thing, plus Dye is still on scholarship to study for free...

It apparently doesn't matter what UM or Dyron Dye thinks either, not just Us.

Can you agree that UM should have notified Dyron themselves? U seem to be sweeping him under the rug as if he was never a Cane for the last 5 years. But U support Unity Council's--I'm confused. Maybe we should've let him practice, but not play until his eligibility was determined, while giving him the option to leave if he didn't like the circumstances we are being forced into by the NCAA. I think he might have wanted to play his last season as a Cane and get that master's degree.

Dyron just set the U free.The NCAA threaten him to give up the goods or never play again.He's not playing. Give them 3 different stories. Brilliant Smartest man on the planet. If they can believe Shapiro. Surely they can believe Dyron. I think Dyron more credible.


1. Dye himself said he lied, not just the NCAA.

2. No one's garnering favor with the NCAA, Miami's trying to not have wins vacated in case we're bowl eligible this year.

3. Dye claims he was "intimidated" into "lying". The investigator in the first interview threatened his eligibility if he didn't admit to BS "benefits" from Aubrey Hill, like rides and staying at Hill's house during recruiting.

Later he signed some kind of letter of support for Hill (with a bunch of other teammates) saying they never had any of those kinds of benefits.

A shame because he was just trying to help his former recruiter out but he shouldn't have signed that document or else shouldn't have allowed himself to be "intimidated" into "lying" in the first place.

He's dedicated his entire college career to the team? Well I'm pretty sure he illegally accepted money and gifts from a booster and was one of the guys who put the university in this situation. He had the choice to say no and not put this university in a bad spot. Instead he chose to serve himself and now he is paying for his indiscretions. Don't try and rip the university for something that he did to himself.

I'm sure there's more to this story than what has been reported so far, but it may never get told if the NCAA decides tomorrow that enough is enough. Sorry about how it ended for Dye.

At the very least, he should have been on the team and practicing until the NCAA ruled publicly on his eligibility. UM could have held him out of games until the NCAA ruled on his eligibility if they are worried about having wins vacated. It shouldn't have even taken this long for the NCAA to make a ruling... ridiculous...

A lot of good comments here, guys.

1. I don't think it would have been an NCAA issue to allow him to stay with the team during the time the NCAA was deciding Dyron's fate.
2. I do hope Golden sat down with this kid.
3. Someone up top suggested Miami was, in part, to blame. You have to be accountable for your actions. Yes, maybe he wasn't aware at the time of the seriousness of his actions, but he had more than a few chances to come clean in the last two years.

Be There

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