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Former Hurricane hoops star Dequan Jones takes shot at NCAA after Manziel ruling

Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel got a half's worth of a suspension handed down to him Wednesday, an agreement Texas A&M and the NCAA reached because the star quarterback violated NCAA bylaw by signing autographs.

Manziel will sit out the first half of the Aggies' opener against Rice Saturday, a mere slap on the wrist even though Manziel is accused of actually selling his signature to memorabilia dealers.

Not everyone seemed happy for Manziel -- including former Hurricanes basketball star Dequan Jones.

Jones was forced to sit out 11 games his senior year as part of the Nevin Shapiro booster investigation. Shapiro claimed that former UM assistant Jake Morton asked Shapiro for $10,000 to secure Jones, then a recruit. Jones was allowed to return to action after the NCAA couldn’t find evidence against him.

Jones, now in his second year with the Orlando Magic, took to Twitter to express his thoughts on how how quickly the Manziel mess was worked out.


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Gators - 44

Canes --- 9

44- points ... 30- first downs ... 580 total yards...

Morris and Dookie both carted off b4 halftime...

Over at half.....suck it dbag

D-Corch pitches self off Press Box for best cane hit of the day ...

Facking NCAA is the protectors of the SEC..Manziel and Trent Richardson violate the NCAA's ruling hundreds of times by signing hundreds of items and they get 1/2 a facking game suspension and the Miami kids had to be suspended until the NCAA made a decision?

BTw, Manziel and Trent took thousands of dollars..Miami kids got a meal, a "supposed" bar tab and a boat ride all worth $5,000 for 17 students and they get from 1-8 games suspension....


Thats Us on Page 3.

mountaincane, U lie in every post. Once again, post where anyone posted yards given up numbers, instead of total defense numbers. Our worst stat is total defense, not opponent's total yards, as u say. Go to the link, its all there. Who do U think you're convincing with these lies? Go back to Good Ole Boy Space with that.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 28, 2013 at 06:31 PM

Cal, don't forget the importance of acronyms: ME's and BEE's --Mental Errors and Be Early Everywhere

After the game the very few Hot Cane Chicks, not all those fat-hairy-Slob Cubanita LeChon Pigs, can stay in the parking lot and wait for us Victorious Gators with real College Degrees, not FIU-Dade-North/South or High School or UPS Diplomas, and we'll teach u what it's like to be fans of a real winning Football program for years upon years ... But []_[] better have our food hot on the grill and Beer iced down.

This is why people, myself included, despise the NCAA. The loss of Manziel for part or all of the season represents lost revenue for the NCAA. How could they make a decision this quick? They could and they did because they are completely corrupted by money. This is disgusting. if you are looking for justice, you won't get it from this group of misfits. Big money teams in the SEC have been and will continue to be protected.

This is a JM texas AandM article. Why is there a Dbag gator fan even talking about the Miami v UF game? Oh never mind, it actually shows how scared the UF fan is because all he can talk about it Miami football.

There has always been two sets of rules in this society, what's new?

Also, brother don't talk about good looking chicks, I've seen the girls that go to UF and live in Trailer Town Gainesville. Your talking about Miami beach girls. Some of the hottest girls in the world. Again, opeing ur mouth only shows how stupid you truly are...

Now back to the article, this again shows how the NCAA needs to be disbanded. They slam anyone who isn't in the $EC. If Texas A&M was still in the Big12, Jonny wouldn't be pkayong this whole year. He would have been suspended just like Dez Bryant was...

Please Gator fans stick around the stadium after the game please! Pretty please?!!

DeQuan knows what he speaks about, especially when it comes to the prestigious N.C.A.A.

Chit, this former Hurricane basketball player was bloody GUILTY before PROVEN innocent! Go figures'.

Exactly IIFSY? The problem is that some people still believe that they belong to elite set of rules demographic, but never truly did or will.

People are shocked??? Manziel's parents, their boosters and TXA&M paid their money. When UM decides to do the same, this will be put behind Us as well. Money needs to exchange hands, thats all. Its just Corporate extortion, not about morals or ethics. Dudes talking about socialists!!!!! What? Whether socialist, communist, capitalist, etc.. its all about controlling resources (people needs)--thus monopolizing their time and energy (labor), so our very existence and presence, makes them rich.

U aren't better than anyone else because U chose one group over the other--they all have the same goal--make U a monetized human being.

And dig this y'all YOUNG BLOOD Hurricane rUffians.

The University of Miami, Florida Hurricane has been a PARIAH program, in the eyes of the morally righteous, N.C.A.A. since the Canes first national championship. hUh

Whereas Johnny M. is a POSTER CHILD of the prestigious N.C.A.A. Eh. What say.

By the way, the VAST MAJORITY of employee's of the N.C.A.A. are ' upper-middle class ' folks ( Born and raised, for instance. ). Johnny M's KIND OF PEOPLE. If U know what I mean. hUh

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 28, 2013 at 07:16 PM

Yea, that's Miami's problem, they didn't "bribe" the NCAA enough.

F*cking moron.

Yea, that's Miami's problem, they didn't "bribe" the NCAA enough.

F*cking moron

Dude don't get it twisted, you don't think the fact that A&M is a member of the NCAA's biggest cash cow didn't factor into this swift and light decision. I don't think Manziel should be punished for making $$ off of his own name, and I'm of the belief that there is nothing amateur about major college football but the NCAA is "inconsistent" on their best day

Can you prove that A&M bribed the NCAA but I think the point of that post was to say that this is a $$ driven decision

They slam anyone who isn't in the $EC. If Texas A&M was still in the Big12, Jonny wouldn't be pkayong this whole year. He would have been suspended just like Dez Bryant was...

Posted by: DMac09 | August 28, 2013 at 07:09 PM


Perhaps the ethically-minded N.C.A.A. suits cover their ' OWN ' and what not.

However, programs such as Nebraska have been part of the Good Ol' Boy network for bloody DECADES. Just like the S.E.C. Huh

For instance, that Herbie Cornhusker football program has had players, previously involved in mucho NEFARIOUS ACTIVITIES. And these Go Big Red players were given similar ' HANDS OFF ' treatment akin to Johnny M. Eh. What say.

Case in point. During the mid-eighties, over 15 Nebraska players were caught Red-handed ( No pun intended. ) selling game tickets, and the prestigious N.C.A.A. gave said Herbie Cornhusker players a " LIGHT slap on the wrist. " Go figure.

Again, Miami has been a PROGRAM NON GRATA in the eyes of the N.C.A.A. since the conclusion of the 1983 football season. Get outta' here with that conspiracy yap, Bozo!

If I'm Shalala, I tell the NCAA that whatever penalties, we'll appeal. Then go on about their business. No matter the result, anything the NCAA does will mean nothing, as they will no longer exist next year. So, no forfeits, which would be overturned anyhow down the road.
Too bad Tim Brando is such a shill for the SEC. He's a guy who seems toi get folks to listen. It's partially due to him there will be a playoff next year.

Yea, that's Miami's problem, they didn't "bribe" the NCAA enough.

F*cking moron.

Posted by: Idiot | August 28, 2013 at 07:23 PM


Perhaps your MONIKER should be bloody GULLIBLE!! dUh

Because you appear to be a bloody Ostrich with it's head in the ground. If you know what I mean. Eh. What say.

Black kids with lesser violations get 6-11 game suspensions. White boy gets half a game for taking much more. NCAA NAZIS rule again. Though 80% of the SEC student athletes are black, they are exploited by the SEC and NCAA good old boy network who run the show and profit at the athlete's expense. Plantation mentality still exists my friends!
NCAA kisses the a-- that feeds them.

Ncaa is a joke. Like all uf fans. go canes! Big year bet that

So, UM is in year 3 of this NCAA investigation thing. A ruling was expected in about 6 weeks meaning the end of July. Here we are a month later with no end in sight after another "delay". I wouldn't put it past the NCAA to issue their ruling 24 hours before the kickoff of the UM-UF game but that, of course, would only be a coincidence...

I'm calling Al Sharpton..

This latest slap in the face by the NCAA to UM has to have the Miami administration livid.

Miami has suspended 8 players, not played in two bowl games they earned and an ACC Championship game, not to mention the brutal damage this 3 year investigation has done to Miami recruiting, yet the NCAA insists on carrying on this program designed to destroy Miami football.

Donna Shalala will in fact sue the NCAA should they do what I think most believe and level even more heinous sanctions against the Canes.

Ya'll just keep WANTING! to give power, to a powerLESS! entity...WHY?!

Driskel continues to blossom, yet an already pedestrian offense (No. 104 nationally) struggled with continuity during training camp because of many injuries. Starting tailback Matt Jones, a potential breakout player, may miss games because of a serious viral infection, and the rebuilt starting offensive line has played a total of zero scrimmage snaps together.

CAN U SAY TROUBLE....That boy is gonna be running for his life all day!

I must say that a half game suspension is a slap on the wrist. And for the NCAA to act so quickly here is a complete joke. The entire process the U has gone through the past two years has been punishment in itself. Al Golden and crew have done everything and more to correct the situation, yet the NCAA drags their feet. Then Manziel violates NCAA policy and yet is cleared in two weeks by the NCAA. Something stinks here, hope the U sees the same leniency that A & M and Manziel just received. Changes need to be made.

Cal, don't forget the importance of acronyms: ME's and BEE's --Mental Errors and Be Early Everywhere

Dudes have been swooped off of their feet by Golden. Who said chivalry was dead?

His binder is a manual to creating a lasting man-crush.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 28, 2013 at 06:45 PM

LOL, the intellectual gangsta!



Cal we'll shonuff know how far the Mac staff has come if Fau is running the read/spread option...

Anything close to the 200/200 yd rushing/passing fly the banner on d'umbnofio.

I see he took your advise and moved upto the booth lol

Posted by: Nashvilecane | August 28, 2013 at 12:54 PM

What up nash, lol, they've been listening, it's been high time for clown 117th to go up in the booth, cause from the sidelines he can't see nothing, he's just over there making blind calls. Only a few d-co's are good at being on the sidelines, bud foster is one of them, but there is a reason bud foster kneels down alot during the game before calling the defense, gives him a different view/angle so he knows real quick what's working and what's not working. The days of a clown 117th embarrassing us by trying to get the attention of the players hollering "look at me, look at me" so he can make the call should be done.

I couldn't believe it when i saw it, this guy was that desparate that he was trying to send the defensive signals in at the last minute to the defense after the offense was lined up, that's an atrocity. A defense is supposed to be lined up first, make there checks and be set before the offense is ready, this alone made us a step behind opposing offenses and this was part of the recipe that gets a team to 117th in the nation.

Going in the booth is his only hope at proving he can actually call a game, otherwise again, defensive recruits are not going to come in on idea of "hoping" they'll be able to play defense when Fsu and the gaytors are already playing defense. This year's defensive performance will go along way on whether we get defensive linemen in the future for sure. It doesn't look good when other schools can say to a recruit "look, you can go their and have them tell you, you can come in and help the defense get turned around, but than once you get their, they'll tell you you're to small to contribute properly, and than by your 3rd year they'll go and bring in guys from other places and put them ahead of you on the depth chart because the veteran guys being brought in are better than the guys they've actually coached for 3 years".

This goldie guy is talking about there are not alot of team rules, but there are alot of players that seem to have gotten kicked off. When i here coach goldie talking about "we're trying to prepare young men" it's hypocritcal to keep kicking young men off the team, if they're juniors & seniors cutting up, ok, if that's how you run your program ok, but the justification for all the young guns being sliced shows more cowatry.

I have nothing against guys like shayon green or smo17, but when the mediocre players are the leaders of your team, you not going to far, why, because guys naturally gravitate towards the guys that are actually getting it done. I would pay almost anything to see how coach goldie would've reacted had he become the headcoach back in 99, these are our team captains, al meet AL BLADES & nate webster, he would've probably had peed in his pants and clown 117th would not have had a clue what to do, plus nobody would talk to him.

Between those like me they would've been told coach goldie what he can do with those passive mind games, as soon as AL BLADES or nate would've been downgraded to a green jersey they would told goldie and his minions, F a black jersey, my whole body Black!

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 28, 2013 at 07:16 PM

Yea, that's Miami's problem, they didn't "bribe" the NCAA enough.
F*cking moron.
Posted by: Idiot | August 28, 2013 at 07:23 PM

Dude this whole country and its economic system is a bribe. the United States of America is a corporation USA Inc. Do some research before U sling insults because you're upset that someone had the audacity to learn more than U.

The United States used to be for the people. but the people have given up their rights voluntarily to control our government. the corporation run this joint. We live in the courtyards of the world's largest mall (USA). Commerce everywhere U look just as the Queen demanded when she sent her surveyors here to case this joint. A city is an incorporated market-place for commercial and financial commerce.

UM trustees and Board officials = NCAA officials. They're all cut from the same cloth, pals, and old grad school buddies. We fans, players, and coaches are the true victims. UM's administration couldn't care less, this is a business transaction gone long, not wrong. Shalala and her cronies just need to pay their club dues. When U consort with snakes...sometimes U get bit.

Al Sharpton is a sell-out bum. He's on the pay roll too. All talk, walk (marches), and no lasting substance. Reactionary, Pageantry, appearances-based leadership.

They're not going to let the heisman trophy winner sit on the shelf and lose all of that money he'll bring in just because of the way they'll be able to market him. As has been stated before, they're in the sec, they're protected by the shield of the hoods.

They don't want Miami back on top, when shannon was the headcoach the refs wouldn't make calls and allow the other teams to get away with a whole lot, but against us, phantom calls, one of the best & obvious ones was the touchdown by marcus robinson against UNC that was called back after the allen bailey sack, lol.

First off it wasn't just the UM administration against shannon, it was the nc2a as well, because had shannon become the 1st Black headcoach to win a national championship, that magnitude of that meant more opportunities for those who they say with lip service are in a equal society.

troll shalala will continue to try and keep alot of real Miami players off this team. They're targeting the dreaded players now and are trying to tell them stupid stuff like, "when it's time for you to get a job, you don't want something like hair to cost you not to get the job" well right now they playing football F a job and if a company is discriminating like that, no need in working with idiots like that anyway.

I feel yall on Manziel, but we don't have to go at his situation in comparison or anyone else's to validate our points about UM's "investigation". The NCAA is wrong in our situation and Manziel's.

They have zero proof that he took any money. With that fact in mind, we shouldn't have any ill-will towards him. We don't need to throw him under the bus to exonerate or vindicate ourselves. F' the NCAA on all accounts. A wrong is a wrong in every instance and they have nothing but sour grapes and jailhouse gossip on Us.

Canerock is right, we gave all of these unethical entities their power. We can take it away too.

Calvin reminds me of terry Porter. Now he remembers Dno calling defense late.

What a moron. And just for grins every once in a great while, try to use the correct their/there/they're. Not too often. Man are you dumb.

Uh calvin couldnt help but see your last sentence when i checked your screenname to skip your comment. Golden has only coached 2 years and is just beginning the third year but like most gators your facts are skewed.

That was Maryland cal. Unc scored on a forward lateral. People use to talk about Shannon not going off. They had to got to commercial break because he cussed so much. He cussed out whipple to against Clemson the game when spiller went crazy.

Calvin has been doin PCP with Aaron Hernandez....quote me on that

Ft. Lauderdale's Matt den Dekker called up to the Bigs... THE MIGHTY GATORS have more MLB players, NBA players and after final cuts next week, MORE NFL players than u !!!

ur mini run in all sports are done ... IT'S OVA fo u

Wow... a half game suspension? I guess the NCAA couldn't even come up with mystical "receipts"? I'm literally flabbergasted that the NCAA moved so quickly for Texas A&M and yet spent almost 3 years and tens of thousands of dollars trying to hammer UM to the wall. I wonder if any investigative journalists are looking into Texas A&M's so called agreement with the NCAA..

I guess the moral of the story is keep it to cash and don't deposit it in your bank account. Any credit card receipt for dinners or clubs and pictures is automatically guilty. I'm not mad at Manziel for getting off so easy because if they couldn't prove that he took money to sign those autographs than fine.. but it pisses me off that the NCAA can open an investigation, close said investigation, and issue the discipline so quickly while they still haven't even ruled on Dyron Dye's eligibility or UM's sanctions.

This might be a good thing for UM, because I doubt that the NCAA can throw the book at UM now that they basically gave an SEC school a pass. Too many people will be calling into sports talk radio and too many sports media members will be lambasting the NCAA for their hypocrisy. Social media and the court of public opinion is a powerful tool... just ask George Zimmerman.

Its all about bias. Bet in the UM vs UF game between play comments all about our sanctions looming, and Might bring up Morrisons arrests if he makes a play.
Wont speak a word about 40 something arrests in last few years.

So, UM is in year 3 of this NCAA investigation thing. A ruling was expected in about 6 weeks meaning the end of July. Here we are a month later with no end in sight after another "delay". I wouldn't put it past the NCAA to issue their ruling 24 hours before the kickoff of the UM-UF game but that, of course, would only be a coincidence...

Posted by: RichmondVaCane | August 28, 2013 at 09:10 PM
If it happened and I would not be shocked. I could see one more Bowl loss to take our steam away. If so and I was Golden, My Team speech before UF game would be this is the Bowl game and GO GET THAT S!^%$!!!!
They cant take away the Victory.

This is why the SEC stays on top. Caneries don't sing unlike the ACC.. I respect Pres.Shalala but if the administration truly cared about football, basketball and baseball the true money makers. The time is now to sue the NCAA. Be proactive not reactive

You and others should sue the NCAA for discrimination or something. Get Dez Bryant and some others and go after the NCAA. It's criminal how long they have dealt with the U. 3 years, go sue the NCAA.

I guess receipts from a convicted ponzi schemer, with no names on them, are worth more than actual video. The NCAA is truly a joke. A Cane can't get a ruling on eligibility when the entire case against Miami has already gone to the jury, but JF can go from revelation to investigation and then to penalty in a couple months...man, if that's not see through!

oh yeah, Calvin, your angst with AG is becoming pretty obvious also.. he's white and wears a tie right?

As a 50 year University of Miami Hurricane fan, here is an "objective view" of this whole Johnny Football, NCAA and Miami complete and utter mess... Again, just my opinion so please bear with me.

First, Johnny Manziel was just one guy investigated for what he did or didn't do over a 1 month period. I'm actually glad he showed up the NCAA... The Miami situation is "said" to be over 150 kids, over multiple years within the years going back to when Miami WAS still on probation in the early 2000's. Big difference when one is an isolated case incident and the other is portrayed as a gross disregard, breaking a multitude of rules over multiple years while the institution turned a blind eye time and time again. Again, "accused."

Do yourself a favor and sit in any court room for a day as cases are brought before the Judge. You will see that most if not all misdemeanor first time offenders will get off with a slap of the wrist with little or no probation while paying a small fine and court costs. In contrast, offenders that are in front of the Judge for the second, third and multiple times will be dealt with much harsher consequences . With many times strike three being a Felony and serving series time as a result of multiple/habitual offenders. And it's well documented that in the late 90's Miami's Football program was nailed for some serious offenses and subsequently put on a lengthy probation. The NCAA says they have absolute proof, with Miami admitting so, that although near the end of that probation, violated that probation. THAT is why the NCAA is on a witch hunt and dragging this entire situation out. And there is nothing Miami can do about it but wait it out. And of course the defense is that the multiple violations Miami committed were petty and small as other school did and have done much worse. But many of those schools weren't already on probation during their indiscretions thusly minor penalties were handed down with mere probation. The real sticking factor here is the fact that Miami Baseball program was also on probation just a few years back. And the Basketball team recently was found guilty of infractions, although what Miami fans consider minor, are not minor to the NCAA. That's all the Big-3 Sports that have been found to be running not so clean ships within a short period of time...

So where does that leave the Miami Sports Programs now ? They have certainly have done all they could, albeit lately in terms of the overall timeline starting back in the early 2000's, to abide with the NCAA. But the NCAA doesn't really care. All they see is someone that got caught that's now being remorseful because they got caught and doing everything they can to save their butts from doing hard time. And if there is one thing that will get ANY Program in deep boiling water with the NCAA it's plain and simple, " Lack Of Institutional Control." And it's that violation that the ENTIRE NCAA's case is made. To be very honest, 30 Miami-Dade High School teacher and coach and as a Cane fan, they do have a case. I have been around and deep within the entire Sports Program at the University of Miami since the Curci-Elliot-Saban days having closely many former Dade coaches become Miami coaches. There are always, every year by every program going to be infractions and violations. It's simply the nature of the beast in College Athletics. But like I stated before, when it comes to the "Institution" not being open and forthright before an open investigation by the NCAA by self-reporting, that institution will be stuck in deep mud and the NCAA isn't sending a tow-truck anytime soon. They don't like us and it's obviously quite evident. But make no mistake, it's their sandbox and all College Programs just play in it. They can and will do as they please no matter how much any fan base of any program protests.

In closing, it's very clear that the NCAA wants to make an example out of Miami. There is much speculation as to when and what will happen as the NCAA finally declares the penalties for Miami. Because I assure all of you, they have made their decision. I believe they are dragging it longer just to twist the knife to make it hurt just a little bit more. It's just my opinion that they are going to hit us hard. Not hard enough kill the program, but certainly hard enough to cripple it for nearly 2-recruiting cycles or 7-8 years. If that were to happen, do we appeal and string it out ? Do we sue and exactly on what grounds ? The NCAA doesn't abide by Federal Court Laws of innocent until proven guilty. They are the Judge n Jury because we/Miami as all other College programs signed on with them agreeing to abide by their rules n laws... And I for one truly believe the NCAA wants us the Sue them. Because the minute any lawsuit is filed, and I mean the very minute, the NCAA will have process servers with Briefcases of Subpoenas on their way out to hundreds of former, current players, coaches and administrators...

So ask yourselves this. If the hammer does fall worse than we thought (say 1-2 more Bowls-30-40 scholarships over 4-5 years and a long 8-10 year probationary period, hoping we falter again so they can try to nail us again) , do we grit our teeth, take it and move on or take on the NCAA in Federal Court in a long drawn out trial with hundreds of Miami witnesses called by the NCAA taking the stand under oath after deposition to see if all the stories match up... And oh yeah, some Jackwagon snitch named Nevin will probably be the NCAA's final witness.

Let's hope for the best and move on. Go Canes !

Wgt...ncaa is a business. They can sue for unfair business practices.Florida has a law for this and they technically are doing business in Florida.pretty much an open and shut case.

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