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Golden on Duke's injury, struggling passing game and more after season-opening win over FAU

Hurricanes coach Al Golden addressed the health of star running back Duke Johnson, receiver Rashawn Scott and the struggles of Miami's passing game in it's opener.

Here is a transcript of his press conference.

> On team’s overall performance... “I thought we played really hard. I thought Florida Atlantic played incredibly tough. They were very physical, well-coached. I thought their punter was amazing - I thought he changed the field for them all night. As I just said to our guys, give them a lot of credit. Any time you play one of these rival games in the state, that’s what you’re going to get. Give Florida Atlantic a lot of credit – they played hard and they made us earn it. We were overzealous a little bit with some penalties early in the game. We dropped some passes that we hadn’t been dropping. Our timing wasn’t where it needed to be in some instances, but I thought our guys played hard. We didn’t play smart all the time, weren’t as good as we needed to be on third down on offense, but I thought our defense played really, really hard, played physical, and ran to the ball well.”

On the performance of Duke Johnson... “I don’t know what his overall numbers were...I’m guessing 20 touches. That’s kind of what we need him to be, somewhere around there. I thought he did a good job with that. He’s healthy. He cut two guys down on the [Herb Waters run] where we scored. He’s a very unselfish player.”

On his assessment of the team’s passing game... “I didn’t think it was as sharp as we have been, for sure. We were really humming coming into this week in the pass game, and obviously it wasn’t where it needed to be. We need to go back to work. We’ll go back tomorrow, watch it, and we’ll get back on the passing game. We certainly didn’t do a good enough job on third down.”

On managing an excited team playing in its season opener... “All of those things you think about, we don’t think about until it’s the eventuality. We don’t talk about any of that, because all of these first games – they’re hard. We have idea what they were going to do. We saw three different quarterbacks. Opening games are hard – you have no track record to go by, really. I thought they were well-coached, tough as can be, physical. I thought they were excellent on special teams, and I thought their punter gave us a long field all night. As well as Pat [O’Donnell] was hitting the ball, this kid changed the field for them. That was the big difference in the game.”

On nerves affecting the passing game... “That’s something that’s disappointing to me. Monday and Tuesday, I thought we were really sharp in the passing game. It’s a shame. It is. We didn’t look like we had our timing, so we have to get back to work on that. Obviously that was reflective in our third downs – not where we need to be. We need to be on more third and shorts too, we weren’t in enough of them.”

On the play of his team’s pass rush... “We have more depth and we have more guys that can rush the passer now. Certainly Quan [Muhammad] made a difference, I thought [David] Gilbert made a difference. I thought we had more power inside, so I think that helped. We need to get takeaways, but we were physical, we were running to the ball. We made some errors, but I thought we played hard. I really did. We didn’t put the defense in good situations too often, and they battled their way out of it. We need to do a better job on offense on third down - that would really help us in time of possession and help our defense.”

On rotating young players in... “Those guys, there were a lot of freshmen that were redshirting that we were not going to play. Those guys that played, we made the decision in camp that they’re going to help us at some time this year and help us significantly. That’s why we played them. We have to get Stacy [Coley] to forget about this one. He had a tough first quarter – he just has to forget about it and move on. He’s very talented, he just needs to relax and let it come to him. He has worked really hard, but I think he was pressing a little bit. Obviously he and Stan [Dobard] and Gus [Edwards] and Artie [Burns] and Corn Elder and [Jermaine] Grace, and all those guys, they’re all in the mix. They’re all going to be helping us this year.”

On Rashawn Scott’s catch and injury... “It was a great catch. I don’t know what his status is - hopefully not too bad.”

On the performance of Eduardo Clements... "I’m happy for him. We had the first scrimmage, then the second scrimmage, now it’s the first game - these are all baselines, and he’s moving up every time. He’s in better condition. He’s feeling more confident and we’re feeling more confident that he’s ready to go. He has had a great attitude. I’m happy for him that he got going on that.”

On Duke Johnson being issued a concussion test... “That’s our protocol. We follow a strict protocol for anybody that we think is woozy or got their bell rung. We have a great concussion institution, and we have great sideline protocol with Vinny Scavo and Dr. Kaplan. We just do that to make sure that we’re protecting any kids that have any kind of head trauma.”


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3 years in and I've yet to see Orson Pieere or Curtis Porter make a play in the backfield?? Chicklo to tell you the truth shouldn't be starting. I wonder if Pierre or Porter tries to disengage from there block at the LOS.

FAU had a total of 250 yards of total offense and 70 of those yards came in the last 2 minutes when we were playing all of our freshmen and 2nd, 3rd and 4th stringers.

So that's only 180 total yards of offense against our starters and only 6 points...

We had 5 sacks last night versus 13 sacks all last year.

The Canes might be ranked in the top 10 of all defense's across the country after week one...Go Canes and Go Coach D'Onofrio!!!

I think last years defense gives up about 400 yards to FAU...

Not that FAU was a test of our D, the first team looked like it mostly knew what it was doing...

The reality is The U blew 4 sure fire TDs... 52 ropped a TD...3 dropped 2... and 7 would have been in on replay...28 more possible point... should have been the beating FAU was afraid of...

Do now we have a team that has some mistakes to correct and build on for next weeks true test...

I rather have a win like this where you get torn up for mistakes and have something to prove than acake walk 60 something to 6 win with nothing to get better at...

Bleeding Orange Green & White!

Got 8 days to get better!

Not impressed at all by our team. We had no energy tonight. I'm concerned about what a better team would've done tonight.

A good win tonight. I liked our defense, but the secondary play was off at times in terms of open receivers. Thought the offense did not have the intense focus that it needs, and an intermediate passing or long passing attack. O line should be more dominant against a FAU. By the way, why does Phillip Dorsett return kicks and punts? The guy is terrible and a liability. So, tomorrow, much room for improvement. Hope Rashawn Scott is OK as he is a really talented player(hated to see Jontavious Carter go, by the way). Got a ways to go on efficiency, intensity and focus for the offense. Florida will be a huge test and the Canes must step it up. And how about Duke? What a fun player to watch and a quality person! GO CANES!

3 years in and I've yet to see Orson Pieere or Curtis Porter make a play in the backfield?? Chicklo to tell you the truth shouldn't be starting. I wonder if Pierre or Porter tries to disengage from there block at the LOS.

Posted by: Clue

Agreed bro. Porter with the injuries couldn't lift like Interior lineman need to. If We could atleast get one guy to push blockers backwards consisntently a lot would change. And its a good thing UFelons don't run the hurry up

Fau plays very similar to uf. Read option, etc.

Stacycoley is an example od what espn and media hype does with all the "stars" and such. Boy looks like stone hands.

The D won it for us. Calvin should now stfu, bc FAU is not too bad. That punter of theirs is a stud.

Duke is a stud.

Morris was nervous.

Seantrel Henderson will go down in history as the most overrated number 1 overall player in cfb history. Shoulda let osu keep him

Overall a B.

Imo, fau has a real team now. They would beat toledo.

Herb waters. Stud
Clive walford. Brick hands
We still cant get a good tight end to save our lives

Linebackers are better

The 2 defensive penalties were 100 % garbage calls.

Not really impressed last night. I wonder how much of that was because they have been preparing for the Gators? I saw some good things too. Duke was awesome, Steven Morris was so-so. Morris could be brilliant at times but inconsistent at others. D line didn't impress me much. Nice to see some blitzing and pretty good tackling. Kickoff team looked good. Pinned them inside the 20 several times. That pass from Ryan Williams to Scott was excellent. I think he throws that touch pass better than Steven. It was disappointing that we could not score from there even though everybody knew we would run the ball 4 times.

My issue and hopefully just a product of not wanting to show UF much, was all the quick screen / hitch passes. Reminded me of the Nix days. Very few times did Morris throw the intermediate passes (15 - 20 yds).

you football morons are amazing. It is the Same Old Sht on d'os NO defense. Three down def. linemen bunched up in the middle allowing end runs, LBs five yards off the LOS, zone NO pass coverage.

Miami did not win that game. FAU lost it with four of its best players suspended, johnson and other Canes ripping off big runs with no FAU defense. Do you honestly really believe that FAU is representative of the other teams on the schedule like UF and FSU, VT, etc???? Would you like to buy my deed to the Brooklyn Bridge, too?

FAU was straight up Garbage.

The D won it for us. Calvin should now stfu, bc FAU is not too bad. That punter of theirs is a stud.


no words except, stunning... simply stunning

Agreed. It was just like Nix. I can't believe that is the offense they will be running all year. Defense was much improved. Better pass rush and they stopped the run. Burns and Fg made some great plays. They need to be on the field more. I agree that this is a better result than a huge blowout. They need to work hard this week to sharpen up.

Calvin. Henderson at USC. Waldorf seemed to make a very tough catch. Perryman deserved both penalties. He should have been benched. If he does that next game we could loose.

you cant take anything from last night...FAU is not a real team....were talking about a 3-9 team just like savannah state at 1-10......

morris passing was weak......fau is not florida.

well see next week about all this great conditioning and mature team......UM loses to florida, golen/dnofrio might as well follow florida back to gainsville

I have yet to see any defensive player worth anything. I have never seen players like this at the U. There are 6 guys on defense that don't belong at the U and cannot play at this level.

Well, at least we dont have criminals hopped up on pcp and angeldust. Defense played much better tban last year. 5 sacks plus they were getting pressure. Dorsett? Should have caught those balls. Lewis will be a beast next week. They are gonna open it up a little more next week. Cant wait to see what we do with a middle of the pack sec d next week. More anxious to see what our D does to that 110 th offense.

Some of you guys are amazing...it's the first Fxxking game. Did any of you watch some of the other good teams? They all struggled with first game jitters. All in all, the canes defense looked much better than last year. 250 yards on defense is very good. Bet you the Gators give up much more than 250 to a garbage Toledo team..

Relax guys, it's early

Calvin as far as Morris passing, did you see the game or is it your usual diarrhea of the keyboard.
So tell me how did your gayturds do against Troy last year??

I will check into it but i think fau has a higher ranked offense than uf. Plus we have an extraday to to study film

First of all! Morris passing would have been a lot better if it weren\t for all those drops. If so it would have been 28 zip before 2q.
The defense held them to under 50yards in first half and only 6pts. Remember 14-14 at ga last year.
When we got stopped on 4 down in first Q that was coaching fault. It was second and 2 on that series and we wanted to get cute, instead of just pounding for the first down.
If duke goes down we in trouble we should put corn elder back at running back, he has that same break away ability as duke.
That what golden talked about with the freshman :stacy coley: hope his confidence isn't shot.
Artie burns looks like that real deal, him and bush should be at corner.

I thought overall, the defense looked much better. We have to find a way to get Figueroa in the starting lineup-the guy is intense and brings it. Little disappointed in the offense-passing game. The didn't seem on the same page. And what happened to the quick slant or TE to the middle of the field. Everything to the outside. Have to be better to beat UF.

First Day morons...short of the mistakes which I agree will get fixed, my issue was the play calling. All the hitch passes were annoying and just won't work against better teams. Was this just a game plan in order to not show much to UF? I certainly hope so.

Phillip Dorrset needs to read play book, he doesnt run his routes correctly, still thinks its sandlot football, get in the game, you make team and QB look bad. Oh dont run on of end zone if iys deep and you need better judgement, you are not a freshman.

Look at morris completion rate and QBR. that is why i said that

Some good posts here

To the ididot fa66ot who criticized my post that FAU ISNT THAT bad i saythis

Examine the facts, moron

FAU was 14-14 vs the same UGA team that is currently rankd in the top 10, with the same QB and rb

FAUs punter pinned miami inside the 20 every single series.

Miami moved the ball well, but killed drives by bad play calling and drops

I agree somewhat vanilla, likely not to show much. Well see

Duke already has 186 yds people. How can you disguise that?

By the way for you idiots who think FAU doesnt have athletes... Tell that to kansas state, and the other upsets. This was the first game, and yes, morris was nervous.

I did wish um put 45 or more, but many geniuses here predicted at least 14 points by FAU...guess what, no TDs including one series from the 10!

Lets see how many pts toledo puts on UF

You guys have to realize that our playbook vs FAU was about 10 plays and the one for the Florida Gators will be about 100 plays. Every Gator player and coach was watching the game. We were going to win the game even if some of you guys would have played some downs during the game. Did we look bad at times? Yes. Did we drop some touchdowns passes? Yep. But think about this, if you're Golden you're happy that we showed the gators nothing and we looked bad. That way they come in on Saturday overconfident and unprepared like they did against Louisville. And we all know how that turned out.

CaneFan'72, you again. Someone who has no clue about how football is played, it's called a 3-4 defense, it run by Pittsburgh, Houston, New Orleans, Denver. The defensive strategy is for the down linemen to engage the offensive linemen to a standstill and have the LBer's make the plays. Didn't I teach you anything last season.

CaneFan'72, FAU had 240 yards of offense most of which was generated on their last drive against U second team. The U also had 5 sacks did you watch the game, right didn't think so.

Glad the defense played hard. I liked that they only gave up two field goals. I guess the offense wasn't showing much because I saw almost nothing to the middle of the field. The game could have been way out of hand in the first quarter, but I'm glad it wasn't... they will work harder this week as a result and they will need it all. As much as I hate on Florida they are no joke. A win next Saturday will be huge. Go Clemson tonight... good luck VT, keep it within 20 pts please.

Looked exactly like last year's team, with a marginal improvement on the def front.
Fig was great.
Artie Burns looks promising.
Clive walford - not bad!
Waters - great
Elder - promising, despite stuffage at line.

Dorsett - bustidy bust.
Seantrel - bust
Pass rush - maybe a bit better, but really, ????? vs. FAU?
Run def wasn't too bad
pass defense in the shorts and deep balls - same as last year....bad.

I miss Jedd Fisch already. Morris was garbage. last night.

Hate to say it, we are going to get crushed next week. UF will be this year's KSU and ND.

Gallo...if UM wins next week will U follow the gators back to gainesville? Is calvin still posting? Toledo scores 30 today. Better hope those shortlegged gators can keep up.

fau is nothing more than a high school team......first game means nothing pro/con.....all it was was a tuneup....however morris seems to be failing a little.....he was mediocre at the end of camp and seems to be continuing this so called "slump"

his longest was only 38 yards.....I thought coley was going to go vertical this year....if you cant do it against fau then forget doing it against florida and risk turnovers, which will cost UM the game....

if you keep it short...florida will shut that down easily and force UM to run which is what florida wants us to do.....keep it out of morris hands.

UM has problems......

the down field play has to be perfect.....I don't think coley/morris have it down.....

hurns and walford were weak.....they each should have put up over 100 yards against fau.....

where is the big play down field receiver?

Coach goldie:
On his assessment of the team’s passing game... “I didn’t think it was as sharp as we have been, for sure. We were really humming coming into this week in the pass game, and obviously it wasn’t where it needed to be. We need to go back to work. We’ll go back tomorrow, watch it, and we’ll get back on the passing game. We certainly didn’t do a good enough job on third down.”

You'll never be as sharpe in a real game as you are in practice because not to many teams are going to have their db's lined up as far back as we do and than have them take off running back even further pre-snap. That's the probably with running this defense, i can guarantee you the majority of the teams we face do not run a 3-4 defense, in fact i don't look at the schedule, but we probably won't play 1 team that plays a 3-4 defense all year, so what's the point.

The scout teams runs the 4-3 defense but not our own real defense, pathetic for sure. I couldn't tell if the defense improved or if FAU was that bad, i do know FAu left several plays out there on that field that the better teams are going to hit on.

Would've been fun to see dzp house that one, so that could've been 2 years in a row for the opening game, this time on the right side. But it's all good, as long as he's out there.

Now to the qb play, people think morris is some elite qb for some reason, there is a reason he couldn't beat out j70. For one, he's not a good intermediate passer. The reason james coley started throwing all of those hitches is because of him trying to figure out what to do with morris. The difference between coley and jedd, jedd took out the plays that didn't work for smo17, who basically almost threw 3 picks. smo17 is not good under pressure either, instead of throwing the ball away, he's to busy doing weird stuff. Anyway, smo17 played like i thought he would, has an elite arm but just doesn't see the game like j70 did, the reads and throws he makes alot of times on 3rd down are the reads and throws he's suppose to make on 2nd down.

smo17 is what he is, a big play or stalled offense kind of qb. We can win with him, but if we're going to ask him to lead the team to victory and make plays, that's not his strong point. Our running game is going to be real interesting against the gaytors.

I'll go back to this again, the defensive scheme we're running and you guys keep trying to pretend Cane72 doesn't know football or yall continue to not know football, but the o-line didn't look good/strong last night and the reason being goes right back to the b.s. defense we're running, our o-linemen were not prepared mentally for that attacking style the d-line uses in a 4-3 because they're use to going up against our b.s. d-line techniques which is also stunting the growth of our o-linemen. Our o-line would be way better had it been practicing against what we're use to practicing against.

We run the cotton candy version of the 3-4 defense. If FAU ran for 133 yards, i'm curious to see what happens come next week. This scheme is to easy to get exploited, on 3rd downs, come next week all brent pease is going to do when he see tyriq & Alquadin Muhammad come out is call for a screen pass or draw and we're going to get punished, can't be that obvious. Alquadin Muhammad is the real deal though, that's for sure.

calvin...morris had a lot of incomplete short passes....forget the defensive schemes.....the offensive passing game is weak.....

the biggest game of the whole season is next week.....tremendous pressure.....its all on the line albeit recruiting, state championship etc.....

will morris fold? he looks like he has a confidence problem.....

For the naysayers, they will never shut up unless we go 12 and 0. 11 - 1 and they will talk about the stupid loss and how the coaches & team were terrible. This D showed GREAT improvement over last year and the O big potential upside. We beat UF next week--guaranteed!

Interesting, Gallo and Calvin show up at the same time. The troll has awaken.

What happens if the recievers cath those passes gallo and calvin. Then U have nothing to complain aboutlooked good enough to beat your gators to me. Alp year you guys have been harping on theD and now you switch to harping on O? Like to see you guys post under the fake names on your gator blog this afternoon.

The passing game will be fine. Morris just threw his first pick in five games. It looked like they didn't open the passing offense last night. Most likely that was on purpose. They do have to get it sharper this week though. I was a little disappointed we didn't see Sandland but I was quite impressed with Clive. Shake off the rust Canes

calvin...morris had a lot of incomplete short passes....forget the defensive schemes.....the offensive passing game is weak.....

the biggest game of the whole season is next week.....tremendous pressure.....its all on the line albeit recruiting, state championship etc.....

will morris fold? he looks like he has a confidence problem.....

Posted by: Jim Gallo | August 31, 2013 at 10:32 AM

morris is not that accurate and doesn't anticpate well, which are the 2 things jacory was good at which is why our offense always moved under jacory. Alot of guys with strong arms don't anticpate well because they know they can get the ball there quick which is good and bad. Also, we don't have george mcdonald to coach our widereceivers this year, brennan carrol is a big drop off from george mcdonald. Last year we went from having hurns as the only proven starter to rashawn scott and dorsett and even herb do their things from time to time.

dorsett and scott did a way better job last year at getting separation than what i saw last night, ryan williams can actually probably move this offense alot better than smo17 just because he'd bring a different dimension to the game, so wwe'd probably be more consistent with him running the show than morris let the Truth be told. smo17 just gives you that ability to force a defense to understand they have to cover the whole field.

But not having a strong defense to force our offense to have to become tougher is going to hurt this team, this philosophy will not bring a national championship to Miami what coach goldie is bringing, plain and simple.

Your comparing Jinterception to Morris? Ridiculous. Morris put up better number than EJ Manual last year and will improve this year. He's not that accurate? Dominated every skills competition at the Manning camp. But you know better than the NFL scouts who are all about Morris. Was he as sharp as he should have been? Not even close. But it's the first game and he will be fine.

Some of you posting are straight up DUMB!!! When Miami wins next week, keep your mouths shut, dont post on here about how good we were. You clearly have never played the sport. Watch the NFL in the first preseason game. I guess Tom Brady is horrible as well and the Patriots will have a losing season because he looked horrible in week 2. Miami played offense with 4 formations, rotated in 7 OLineman, threw 5 passes further than 10 yards, and ran Duke in simple lead dives. Obviously showing UF nothing. Defense looked great, considering for years we've had issues with athletic qbs. The positives???? No fumbles, no huge defensive mistakes, no huge injuries. Rashawn Scott is great, probably our most talented wr, but were loaded at that position. Cant wait to see our real team next week, real Canes Fans Show up on Saturday to support!!!!!

The Canes might be ranked in the top 10 of all defense's across the country after week one...Go Canes and Go Coach D'Onofrio!!!

Posted by: Ron Zook | August 31, 2013 at 01:41 AM

TYPICAL canespace chatter and what not. hUh

Do you understand and or know, that mighty F.A.U. had an ATROCIOUS offense returning this season.

Chit, last season's Owls offense was so terrible, that their returning starting QB from a year ago was EXCOMMUNICATED to wide-receiver.

By the way, I posted a TOTAL YARDS total of 302 yards, and tossed out the notion if Miami would hold F.A.U. under the total. Or if the Owls would go over the 302 yard total.

Nevertheless, I was IMPRESSED with the Hurricanes defense last season even against an atrocious offense.

The depth on the front seven will pay dividends for Miami down the turnpike. Eh. What say.

OK so your gonna open up the passing game against Florida with a sold out crowd and Florida playing 6 in the secondary? So lets practice the vertical passing game against floridas strength.....ya that's gonna work...really?, lol

were talking fau here.....be real

BTW why has Allen Hurns been moved down the depth chart, eveytime he was in there last year he caught everything thrown to him, I mean if were waiting on Hands of Stones Coley to come around that might take forever

It was disappointing that we could not score from there even though everybody knew we would run the ball 4 times.

Posted by: WG Cane | August 31, 2013 at 06:13 AM


Miami couldn't run the pigskin across the endzone line, because they DON'T have a BRUISER-type of running back.

That true freshmen from Long Island is SKINNY AS A telephone pole, and it was evident he needs more muscle.

I mentioned previously that the Canes would have trouble against stout defenses in SHORT-YARDAGE situations, and THE DUKE was stopped on 4th down, and RB Edwards was stopped on fourth down.

Again, Miami doesn't have a rugged, BRUISER running back for short-yardage scenarios.

Dont worry canes fans stand up....they will be harping on how bad floriduh played when they lose and what no eh uh er what say .

Look at the bright side D , walmart is always hiring.

florida is gonna challenge morris to go long and look for the turnover......make morris go short and look for stops...duke will be in the crosshairs......

there is no way UM beats florida with the fau game plan last night.....you heard it here first.

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