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Golden on Duke's injury, struggling passing game and more after season-opening win over FAU

Hurricanes coach Al Golden addressed the health of star running back Duke Johnson, receiver Rashawn Scott and the struggles of Miami's passing game in it's opener.

Here is a transcript of his press conference.

> On team’s overall performance... “I thought we played really hard. I thought Florida Atlantic played incredibly tough. They were very physical, well-coached. I thought their punter was amazing - I thought he changed the field for them all night. As I just said to our guys, give them a lot of credit. Any time you play one of these rival games in the state, that’s what you’re going to get. Give Florida Atlantic a lot of credit – they played hard and they made us earn it. We were overzealous a little bit with some penalties early in the game. We dropped some passes that we hadn’t been dropping. Our timing wasn’t where it needed to be in some instances, but I thought our guys played hard. We didn’t play smart all the time, weren’t as good as we needed to be on third down on offense, but I thought our defense played really, really hard, played physical, and ran to the ball well.”

On the performance of Duke Johnson... “I don’t know what his overall numbers were...I’m guessing 20 touches. That’s kind of what we need him to be, somewhere around there. I thought he did a good job with that. He’s healthy. He cut two guys down on the [Herb Waters run] where we scored. He’s a very unselfish player.”

On his assessment of the team’s passing game... “I didn’t think it was as sharp as we have been, for sure. We were really humming coming into this week in the pass game, and obviously it wasn’t where it needed to be. We need to go back to work. We’ll go back tomorrow, watch it, and we’ll get back on the passing game. We certainly didn’t do a good enough job on third down.”

On managing an excited team playing in its season opener... “All of those things you think about, we don’t think about until it’s the eventuality. We don’t talk about any of that, because all of these first games – they’re hard. We have idea what they were going to do. We saw three different quarterbacks. Opening games are hard – you have no track record to go by, really. I thought they were well-coached, tough as can be, physical. I thought they were excellent on special teams, and I thought their punter gave us a long field all night. As well as Pat [O’Donnell] was hitting the ball, this kid changed the field for them. That was the big difference in the game.”

On nerves affecting the passing game... “That’s something that’s disappointing to me. Monday and Tuesday, I thought we were really sharp in the passing game. It’s a shame. It is. We didn’t look like we had our timing, so we have to get back to work on that. Obviously that was reflective in our third downs – not where we need to be. We need to be on more third and shorts too, we weren’t in enough of them.”

On the play of his team’s pass rush... “We have more depth and we have more guys that can rush the passer now. Certainly Quan [Muhammad] made a difference, I thought [David] Gilbert made a difference. I thought we had more power inside, so I think that helped. We need to get takeaways, but we were physical, we were running to the ball. We made some errors, but I thought we played hard. I really did. We didn’t put the defense in good situations too often, and they battled their way out of it. We need to do a better job on offense on third down - that would really help us in time of possession and help our defense.”

On rotating young players in... “Those guys, there were a lot of freshmen that were redshirting that we were not going to play. Those guys that played, we made the decision in camp that they’re going to help us at some time this year and help us significantly. That’s why we played them. We have to get Stacy [Coley] to forget about this one. He had a tough first quarter – he just has to forget about it and move on. He’s very talented, he just needs to relax and let it come to him. He has worked really hard, but I think he was pressing a little bit. Obviously he and Stan [Dobard] and Gus [Edwards] and Artie [Burns] and Corn Elder and [Jermaine] Grace, and all those guys, they’re all in the mix. They’re all going to be helping us this year.”

On Rashawn Scott’s catch and injury... “It was a great catch. I don’t know what his status is - hopefully not too bad.”

On the performance of Eduardo Clements... "I’m happy for him. We had the first scrimmage, then the second scrimmage, now it’s the first game - these are all baselines, and he’s moving up every time. He’s in better condition. He’s feeling more confident and we’re feeling more confident that he’s ready to go. He has had a great attitude. I’m happy for him that he got going on that.”

On Duke Johnson being issued a concussion test... “That’s our protocol. We follow a strict protocol for anybody that we think is woozy or got their bell rung. We have a great concussion institution, and we have great sideline protocol with Vinny Scavo and Dr. Kaplan. We just do that to make sure that we’re protecting any kids that have any kind of head trauma.”


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Clemson is the typical offensive dominant college team. Overrated, I don't care if they win this game they have garbage defense. I hope this isn't our directions. Offense create excitement but defense win championships!

We got to win the acc hands down.

Dzp I don't mind your flags stay aggressive brah!

Also, Stacey Coley's TD drop in the endzone was more of a strip by the defender caused by SteMo throwing the ball late, which gave the defender time to close and make the play on the ball. Coley had been open for awhile before Morris noticed him.

I've never understood how when certain teams play aso called "lesser opponent" and struggles like Ohio ST did today and like the Gators did people(media) makes excuses for the big boy teams and all of a sudden the "lesser opponent is a pretty good team.. In Reality if you don't play well and execute and then turn the ball over you will get beat.. ask K State. Next week I have no doubt that if the Canes play good defense they will win. They do not have to play "great defense" but they do have to stop the Gator running Attack.. I'm sorry Calvin but the Gator's WR are not better than the Canes. Driskel is not a better Qb than Morris and if the Canes go up by 14 pts it will take away the Gator running attack.. Morris had a bad game and still should have had 3 tds..I agree that Morris is not good with intermediate throws and that's what concerns me but thinking as a coach the Gators will be geared up to stop Duke first and dare Morris to beat them!! if he is not patient this strategy may work.. On defense I would make Driskel beat us and put all sort of pressure on him with blitzes after blitzes..But for that to work the running game must be contained.. Last night I saw pressure and I saw sacks that should have led to two ints that were both dropped.. Both the young DE are going to be great and if they perform this week Driskel is in trouble. Bottom line it doesn't matter who played who and what the score was this week it's Florida vs Miami in our backyard and I think this is Goldens time to make a statement on this program.. If Miami loses does it hurt them as bad as it will crush the Gators if they lost. Miami will win and it will be by at least 14 pts.. go Canes!! Last year is over either U ride with the Canes or U die by the Canes.!!

The Almost Competitive Conference lives up to its name on opening weekend again! Shocker. ACC Formula holds: Flop on opening weekend, lose to conference opponents that a team shouldn't, then wrap it all by stinking up bowl games...but C'mon Clemson...

UF 35; UM 17

Special Teams miscues, poor game management, and stupid penalties continue unabated.

UF keys on Duke, holds him to 65-85 rushing on 23-27 carries. He has 135 on AP yds. Pray no Mc Gahee injury.

As in all big games in the AG era, offense won't "execute." I Pray the close vesters are right - Coley doesn't Nix it up like last night. There really isn't any reason we shouldn't have gone 52-6, without any x factors, just pure, WELL COACHED execution.

Our Vaunted Oline didn't look that good against an undersized and objectively poor Defense.

Morris 12' was a product of Fisch - last night showed such badly. Have seen plenty of returning QB starters picking up right where they left off BMiller, AJ Mc, Boyd, A Murray.

Dorsett is a full-on BUST. Hurns, Waters, SC are great, but streaky WRs that will roller coaster and UF's secondary will be effective. 2 picks, minimum.

Defense will be better on the run, but will give up at least 220 on the ground, including at least one open bust. PASSING GAME: UM will get chewed up over the middle and on the outside, per usual, bc our revamped pass rush will be negated by UF's nasty looking front; Driskell will have time; oh and he will make us pay with some scrambling too. Defense will hold up through middle of third, then we get ground the rest of the way down through the fourth.

We will go in to comeback mode and fall short.
Gus Edwards [LOL Gallo!] has a bright future this season once Duke gets injured. Dillard will have moments too. EC? meh.

UF - L
SAv St. - w
USF - w - too close
GT - L - surprise!
WF - w - way too close
FSU - L - not a chance
VT - L - LT gets his revenge, VT Def eats us up.
Duke - w
UVA - W - finally
Pitt - W - too close
throw a wildcard win to UNC, GT; loss or 2 to UVA, WF, duke , pitt, usf...

6-6; 5-7 - at BEST 8-4 - LOSS IN BOWL Guaranteed!, if we're allowed to go.

NCAA Sanctions; 1 more bowl ban, 10-15 Scholly redux over 3 years.

We look almost exactly like we did last year and the year before and the year before...Yet, I still give AG and D'no another 2 years - no question.
Sorry fellow Canes fans - I am not a calvina, Gallo, etc. or a concern troll, but just callin it like I see it. I really hope I am way off, but I don't think I am. Bottom line: we just aren't THAT talented and our coaching is mediocre thus far - NOTHING I SAW LAST NIGHT INDICATES OTHERWISE. Hang on...

The ACC will not do anything meaningful for at least the next 5 years, AT LEAST. As a conference, we just don't have the elite talent across the board, nor are there ANY elite level coaches for today's landscape, save Louisville's Strong. They are our only hope.

Best I can hope for as a college football fan is that the SEC does not go to the NC game this year; that OSU or Stanford, or ANYONE outside the SEC wins it all.

^What's wrong with this guy? Wishing an injury on Duke. Didn't even bother to read the rest of his crap.

Awwww, REALLY!? Where did I wish an injury on Duke? Just going on history and the type of running back he is, it is well within the realm of probability that he will have a season ender. I godam@#d hope he doesn't!


No, you're not a troll, just like Calvin and his 50 aliases do not meet the troll standard.

If in fact your post is how you truly see it then you are as blind as a bat and as clueless as Calvin, et al.

One question for you Mr. honesty...you seem to know EVERYTHING that has been posted on this board, yet your screen name is brand new--why are you hiding behind a phony alias?

I think we all know why, eh Bunkie?

"Gus will have a great season ONCE Duke gets injured" What kind of fan talks like that about their best player? That's ridiculous.

Um, I have been on and off this board since 02', when I attended UM 00-03, so, there's that...I've seen it change formats, seen characters come and go, and used to post much more often. Nowadays, I don't post often. I skim through the ridiculousness of the internecine fighting and think every voice has some merit, including yours. The discourse has been a lot of hot garbage this off season, but,I've been here, as this I.D., since RM Cane was running things and a great voice of reason. I remember crazy downer lady from 05ish. I've been here through Soldy and have quite enjoyed the pig. Please, spare me the attack on credentials. If you'd care to rebut my analysis, fine. I hope I am wrong. I really, really do.

Dorsett is gonna make some of yall eat those words--"bust" is premature talk for him (what have U done for me lately like a mofo).

Driskell aint better than SteMo IMO. No UF running back is better than Duke, but as a collective of course they are.

Morris relishes comeback mode, he wants that stage for the dramatic. His Attention Deficit Disorder subsides when its crunch time. He wants that Brock moment badly and if we have the ball last with a chance to win (as long as we need a TD and not a FG--which would send Golden into complacent mode and we'll miss the kick) Morris is gonna make it happen. We win if its close and we need a TD.

Good post beedhar, if we go 7-5 Golden stays but he'll be forced to axe D'No.

I agree on Dorsett. I think he will rebound for a good season.

internecine--great word, I'm using it--thanks brotha!


You don't have to hope...trust me...you are really, really, really wrong. So rest easy.

By the way, you are a winner in one category if you are a Miami fan...you are officially anointed the most depressing and negative Miami fan ever (Calvin and his aliases don't count, because he's a Gator in drag).

As for your laughable predictions concerning the ACC and the Canes...last year Clemson beat LSU and tonight they are giving Georgia all they can handle. With the spectacular leadership of Al Golden the Canes will soon be playing for National Championships. Sorry to have interrupted your clueless negative rant amigo.

I find it mystifying how wrapped up the two current tribes get about this forum on a personal identity level.

Tell you what, ZOOK, I promise I will never call anyone names or insult one's intelligence out of hand. I can live with disagreement, even the vehement kind.

Moreover, I'll go the other way on this season for us;

UF 28- UM 35
Coley is a Sneaky Pierre; the Gameplan is solid and creative.
SMO17 was just a little off because of the hype, but gets back in a groove. SColey settles in, the others I mention, esp. Hurns and Waters step the F-up. Dorsett at least gets back to having great moments on his roller coaster, maybe develops some semblance of consistency later in the season - perhaps lifetime performances against VT and FSU!

All because our vaunted Oline does start to really gel - Felliciano hasn't had a false start in how many games now? anyone? SH flashes at points...Linder and the rest just plug n chug...

Allowing a healthy duke to shine, with a few games of sub stellar, normal RB performances bc teams key on him and the extra workload takes its toll round game 6-7...But he still rises to the moments that matter because I really don't doubt that he absolutely has the heart and makings of f-ing historic proportions. GEdwards looks like he wants to compete with Duke in earnest! - I did see that and am pumped about it.
Walford is showing signs of freakin life when SMO17 is on. Hagens is still the unsung hero that he always has been.

The stopgap additions, depth and strength training does pay off - big. We realistically improve to a top 50 Defense by mid season.
D'No in the booth pays off HUGE - please please please, let it have been a simple tweak like that to get the adjustments massively improved!
Our run defense averages 110-160 per game against good teams, the pass rush gets us 24-32 sacks, disrupts the recent history of making all comers look heismanesque - Hell, we stymie Logan and squash FSU's new toy. Driskell has a mediocre game with the inevitable moments of production that a good team has, but he doesn't inspire awe or fear - we compete and contain him like we did vs. VT in 2001 - okay, giving UF too much credit? Oh, Our offensive game plan and game management finally gives the Defense time to recover for chrissakes.

Our Special teams don't set the world on fire, but we don't have sammy watkins drops on fair catches - we catch a few breaks. Our punter does make a difference - by VT and FSU he has the sh^& DOWN to flipping the field consistently.

We handle UF, don't get tripped up by UNC, build on our success against VT last year, win vs. FSU, because mighty MO is actually building and the AG system is taking REAL hold. The bad postmodern opera ebbs to a grumbling about DNO....we face Clemson in the ACCCG...

NCAA - October 17, because, justice, lolol..
No more bowl bans, minor scholly redux - say, 6 over 3, because...justice, lolol. The punditocracy actually gives it only two days' worth of cycles and a few mentions as we win, merely highlighting it as the relief valve it should be...

10-2, 9-3

Bowl Game - we draw a decent late December, Early January, maybe not quite BCS bowl, because the rest of the CFB world is interesting too, let's not get crazy train.. vs. a team from the big 11?, pac-26, or even 3rd or 4th in sec - for a well traveling school...We have an overtime thriller that we eek out, signaling the return of legitimacy as a program...2014 recruiting gets us top 5.

I hope I am right, I hope I am right...but I won't be crushed as person if I am not.

Cheers, amen.

I'll definitely give you the nod on this Clemson game - Classic! C'mon Clemson! Finally a great representation for the ACC.

My middle name is ICE.


I think I love you!

lolol. backatcha, Zook. Corny as it sounds, I love you all, despite yourselves; even you Gallo....at least we're talking Miami football.

And HTC, I've been saving that 50 cent word for months..I stole it off reddit in a political discussion. I remember some dark days when this forum became a political nightmare - when the sub groups bled all over each other and football was never discussed at all.

Anyways, I am just sick of the last decade of decline. I was spoiled in our heyday of the early aughts.

I gave RS a fair shake and respect him as a true cane, who, unfortunately was not the right fit, was not HC material. AG passes the smell test, but as the haters have aptly pointed out, is playing in a different league, and CFB is progressing...WE SHALL SEE. THIS YEAR TELLS US MOST OF WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW.

Holy Clemson.

Central versus American Heritage

Yearby, a University of Miami commitment, ran for 238 yards on 25 carries and scored two touchdowns.

Cook, a University of Florida commitment, finished with 142 yards on 13 carries.

And Michel, a University of Georgia commitment, was held to 55 yards on 11 carries and no touchdowns.

tk swann, i didn't say the gaytors had better widereceivers than us, i just they have a better receiving crew this year meaning compared to what they had last year. The reason iwas pointing that out is because people here keep trying to harp on the gaytors offensive ranking, it's a mute point when you're one game from playing for it all. driskell makes better decisions than more in the crunch. morris is playing like a victim of 4 oc's right now.

brent veneables is overrated and when you have the highest paid coaching staff in college football, you should be winning the national championship like right now! This conference is to much for him.

Morris had one average game. Let's not go overboard here.

Just chastised myself for wasting time reading all this crap. Wondering how many of these nay-sayers ever played a down and even if they did, why do they think they're smarter than coaches, who have been doing their jobs for 20 years? Do you really think you possess the expertise to coach or assess an opponent or to understand Golden's strategy?
I can't believe I let myself get sucked into even reading this crap.
Go Canes .........and haters go root for someone else. We don't need fair-weather fans OR armchair quarterbacks.

Especially this guy Gallo

With 3 top 25 teams losing, canes may sneak into it going into turds game?

Clemson has knocked off two top 10 SEC teams in a row and Calvin/Gallo decides that Clemson's defensive coordinator is not qualified to coach in the ACC or against SEC teams...what a piece of work!

Dumb Calvin,

Man are you one sorry dude.

A mute point. Really. Try moot, moron.

The only qbs out there on your level of dumb are fumble Driskell and braindead Logan thomas.

After watching Thomas today, it is obvious he has not learned anything over his career.

Blogs about football are for armchair QBs, whether someone is fair-weather for forming an opinion of someone who has performed a job for two years, been fully supported financially, been extended and has been given a raise after one year is your opinion. Why are U in bounds to give your opinion but others aren't? They're judging football and you're judging people. Don't punish yourself too much though--its ok---just goo here and you'll love everything u read: canespace.com (no need to thank me--go to the promised land my friend---journey well).

25 games in and a Canes fan still isn't being fair or are being called "haters" for forming opinions about a product they've seen over two years.

Just because someone has a job, doesn't mean that they are good at their job duties. Do any of Us really need to be experts to recognize a defensive set, where people are consistently lining up, that a QB is missing intermediate routes but hitting long ones??? Since fans aren't usually experts, where should we go to express our layman opinions? maybe u should go to that "experts" Cane blog.

Ron Z,

Only thing surprising about Lady Calvina is when you think she can't possibly say something dumber than usual, she finds a way to surprise. Ever downward and dumber and dumber.

Believing you're smarter than coaches is not a prerequisite for expressing your opinion on a sports blog. Complain about something and then in the next breath, embody it yourself (arrogance). Nothing like good ole boy self-reflection.


'Ol Cane,
the collection of names who post ongoing negative nonsense here are mostly a couple of people using different names. They are gator fans.

They generally think they have some great insight into football, but they don't. They rant repeatedly about playing a 3-4 defense, when in fact it is the most common defense employed in the nfl today. Facts won't alter their views though.

Gators seem to be more ball-control, which could hurt Miami if we run an up-tempo offense that doesn't score. Hopefully our depth will be protection if the defense is on the field a long time.

Overall, I liked the defense a lot, especially when the transfer players were mixed in on DL and they were able to disrupt the pocket. The LBs look good, especially the true freshman Figueroa and I also like what I saw in the secondary minus that poor PI play by #21.

On offense, Duke was what we've come to expect and I like that he rested in the 4th. Dallas Crawford was a pleasant surprise, and, although he didn't keep his center of gravity low Gus Edwards is very intriguing. The receiving corps is official but I want to see Morris use the TE better in check-down situations or on first down passes.

I think the key to the UF game is the line of scrimmage. I want to see Miami put 8 in the box for the run and make Driskel read the zone blitz. The Gators will try to run the ball at us and make Driskel a game manager by throwing in not-so-obvious passing situations.

If we execute and get off early (basically just play our game), I don't think the Gators have the offensive fire-power to shoot it out. However, if we play like we did yesterday, we're gonna be in for a long painful night; like ND and KSU last season.

The Cane defensive players should just mutiny during the UF game and run four down def. linemen, move LBs up, have a disguised blitzer, play man to man pass coverage. They would look like the Canes that won the 5 NCs.

The players should tell d'o to go screw himself like the players told ericson when he came to Miami that he was not to touch their defense. And they won another NC with ericson.

The Cane defensive players need to stop being d'o's abortion of a lousy "defense" and setting them up to lose with d'o'd 3 down linemen, zone NOOOO pass coverage. What will d'o and goldie do, take the starters off the field and cut off their noses to spite their faces?

Go Canes!!! Show some unity and mental toughness and set up your own good defense. Don't be patsies. Call up Howard Schnell and get the old Shula dolphin defensive playbook and run it every down instead of looking as confused as an old Florida drunk stumbling all over yourselves with no clue that d'o has set you up for.

Uh oh, we have our first "freelancing" sighting. Didn't take coach goldie long to get that one out after the first game. But what's amazing to me is, why would a coach like coach goldie or oach OH-NO accuse guys of "freelancing" when that's all a zone defense is, a bunch of guys hanging out in certain zones trying to out guess where the qb is going to try and go with the ball.

To those who always try and make the stupid argument "if so & so was so smart, they'd be coaching somewhere" is like saying since don soldinger wasn't coaching nowhere for a lil bit it must of meant he couldn't coach, stupid rationale. You don't have to be a coach to know football and some coaches don't know football they're just learning themselves. With that same rationale, coach when coach nix was coaching somewhere i guess that meant he could coach offenses at the time since he was coaching.

I've come to realize something, the problem is the majority of the people who post in here do not have a real Hurricane mindset, so they get frustrated easily because they just don't understand alot, and that's normal, because only a few people will ever understand what it takes, TO BE, A MIAMI HURRI-CANE, and you don't start jumping around saying that after you beat mediocre teams, you do that only after you know you're actually playing championship football. By coach goldie doing that, he's being the lead cheerleader for mediocrity.

You either know football or you don't, coach goldie is one of the softest former tight-end headcoaches i know. I like how all the other coaches keep telling coach goldie how well coached our team is, and keep up the great work after they beat him, more psychology on the psychologist.

If a headcoach is a real headcoach, he doesn't have to try and prove how long he won't s to be at a certain, why, because he knows all he has to do is get his team playing to a consistent championship level and after that, he'd be the shot caller.

When you here coach goldie talking about "chasing the bar" that means right now he only has potential and what does potential means-most of you already know! Right now, coach goldie has the same potential as one of the Fsu players who kept fuzzin up, coach mickey andrews told em one time in practice "Hey, you made me lie to your Momma, i told her you could play" rofl.

Anyway, i'm definitely going to be hype this week for sure, why, because "The Truth" is about to be revealed, either coach goldie is transforming into a championship coach, or he's plain and simple a coach that's still trying to go off of a script. Right now, him nor his boy have been able to coach outside of that script.

The funny thing about the d-line is, they only ask 3g and shayon to be in there for the run only, they don't actually want them pass rushing, lol, so with all that weight, they've made them 2 play/down linemen.

What's going to happen when the gaytors don't substitute on offense come 3rd downs so tyriq nor Alquadin Muhammad can't get in, lol. Than if oach OH-NO tries to put them in on earlier downs, if it's 3rd and short they're going to check to the run to test and see if they can actually play run defense and sense tyriq has been practicing primarily in space this spring, tsk tsk.

Anyway, i'm trying to give coach goldie a heads-up about that, if Alquadin Muhammad & tyriq actually can get pressure on driskel, this is what's going to happen.

BS.....I was the first to use as an example that when clemson got blown out in bowl the DC got fired immediately the next day (steele)....now look at clemsons defense......only UM tolerates failuure and mediocrity......

dnofrio/golden dont have it......plain and simple.....we are NOT gator fans......but morris should have been razor sharp against a BS team like FAU.....both sides of the ball seem to be a little undisciplined and how can that be after all the golden (mature) statements we have been getting all summer?

dirskel was sharp right out of the gate......UF has tremendous dept at RB.....brown/jones/taylor will go right at dnofrio....

“The biggest thing that jumps out to me is we had too many guys freelance, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense"...what does this mean?

this is the same statement like last year...how could this be? why are they freelancing? is it because they dont understand the formations or is it just bad coaching?.......a statement like that right before the gators is VERY troublesome.

freshman - TMZ - NCAA - players going the wrong way - left with empty cupboard.....sooner or later the "rubber meets the road"

its here now.....next week defines it all.....you will all see that these 2 are just mediocre coaches from a weak MAC conference....they are not UM material.....unfortunately more pain has to be endured before the light goes on with the fan base....

playing teams with 3-9 or 1-11 records just moves UM further back.....clemson plays georgia....those are the type of games UM needs to play every year so the bar gets raises....thats how you approach a national championship.....

Jimmy...."I cant wait till we play Nebraska...I cant wait till Oklahoma comes to town".....those 2 teams were the the best back then....

ol cane...your an idiot...I played safety with don solinger at coral park in the 70's before I transfered to miami high.....

tommy tuberville - sonny lubick - greg schiano and randy shannon all played either 4-3 with deep cover guys or 5-2....just because Alabama and nfl play 3-4 doesn't mean its for UM.....

the point is dnofrio is an idiot and golden is an idiot for keeping him....and so are you

you have Tajh Boyd looking like a real Heisman contender against a #5 ranked team and then you have our Morris against 3-9 BS team looking weak......

this is what I'm talking about.....how could this be? golden su...ks...that's the answer.

both sides of the ball seem to be a little undisciplined and how can that be after all the golden (mature) statements we have been getting all summer?
Posted by: Jim Gallo | September 01, 2013 at 08:41 AM

Because it goes back to the True "eyeball test" i've been saying this for a while an =d it still rings True more & more, coach goldie doesn't actually know what a good team is, i don't trust his eye myself, remember last year he tried to tell everybody how good boston college(what he say "don't let anyone fool you, that's a real good team over there") was after we beat them and they ended up 2 & 10. He tried to tell us how good Virginia was before & after we beat them and they ended up 4 & 8 with us as one of their wins, tsk tsk. Than he said the same thing about NC St. & Georgia tech at the time, so his ability to identify wit hwhat an actuall good football team is, is not there.

This is why he can get up at a press conference right before the 1st game of his 3rd season and not realize how ridiculous he sounded by saying "i hope we can play defense" or "they have to decide what brand of football they're going to play" they this & they that, when i heard him saying that, i knew than he's still clueless and doesn't know what it takes for it all to actually come together, i don't like butch davis myself, but it would be a real good move, once coach goldie gets the axe to bring butch on back into the fold.

I'm not sure when it became popular to start referencing the president at UM but the most successful headcoaches don't do that to much or only do it when they hoisting up that trophy. troll shalala has no clue what it takes to run a national champiionship football team and will continue to hurt and hinder the team, she's like the jerry jones of college football.

^^^tell that to georgia you moron. Their nat ch dreams, which were hyped up by espn are done. Just like the possum on our bbq grill.

In the top 25 other teams that lost: oregon state... To an fcs team.
Number 19 tcu lost

I say good chance that miami moves up. Maybe top 25

No dicussion about the fact that toledo was no good and fla could only put 24 on them

Someone here said usf could beat us... Lol. They were destroyed by an fcs team mcneese state!

Sec team kentucky loses to western kentucky. Sec sec sec sec!

Bama vs va tech... Not an even matchup. Va tech was 7-6 last yr and logan thomas is horrible!

Boise st also lost

Calvin and cool cat.. You all are some dumb a55 .......... Fill in the blank

immy...."I cant wait till we play Nebraska...I cant wait till Oklahoma comes to town".....those 2 teams were the the best back then....
Posted by: Jim Gallo | September 01, 2013 at 08:53 AM

True Cane

And than there's coach golde talking after the boston college game last year:

“There’s a lot of people that played an easier game than us so that those mistakes don’t cost you,” said Golden pointing to the cupcakes that many FBS teams played in week one.
“The time to complain about the schedule is when it’s being made,” Golden said at his mid-week press conference on Tuesday of last week.

So let me get this straight, u/we playing 2 & 10 boston college and right after than game somebody is started complaining about the schedule, lol, this guy has no UM in em. The reality is, he's not UM material, i definitely know his boy oach OH-NO is not UM material, they come off to me as the punk type meaning, they use their position of authority to their advantage and only get respect because of it but take their position away and who would talk to them, coach goldie would garner a certain amount of respect without his title for sure, but that still doesn't mean he's UM material, kicking young men like laptop finnie, bath salts johnson, gp, gabe terry still hanging in the balance, these are the type of young men that UM was built off of and that gave most of you clowns that don't realize it the pride you have in UM.

stacy coley, that's my boy, but to hear a UM player actually say they were nervous going into the game, i'm not surprised, sounds right under an al goldie coached team because he's not confident his damyum self.

When shannon was the headcoach, that 2008 receiving crew couldn't wait to get out on that field and do 3 things i'll let this video tell you at from the 9:00min mark, this was and is True Hurricane football the 9:00min mark is where it gets the realest:


The guy leaving once AL BLADES started talking, he understood his role, coach goldie or oach OH-NO would've gotten their arse's whooped had they been coaching this team.

Like you said gallo, just like that team told erickson, whatever you do, don't F with the defense, erickson, gotta give him a whole lot of credit for understanding one, these guys are serious and 2, he wasn't insecure enuff to try and fight it and say "it's my way or the highway" 2 championships later til this day, the only True brotherhood he knows is UM, why, because he crossed those national championship sands riding along side those players that helped and helped to become national champions, not by coming in attacking players personally saying silly stuff like "we got to change the culture around here"

change it to what, so far it looks just like coach goldie look, this is year 3, where the team defintiely takes on alot of the personality of the headcoach which is why it looks like a bunch of insecurity going on out there. Again zone coverage is free-lancing, if you play press-man, won't be to much time to free-lance because you know who you got.

The team is bigger, stronger, faster, and has more depth than in a very long time. All the discussion being generated is for a reason. Miami is relevant. ACC division champs and back for more.

Give Morris a break. Drops and new DC. Let them get on the same page. I expect more crisp execution next week because we as canes fans will admit we didn't play very well; left at least 21 points on the field but still won handily.

Miami will be better next week. Can't wait to see if UF can run the ball. Duke is a threat when he's on the field; expect heavy play action and some creative offense.

U can scream n beat Ur chests now for the next 6 days...

but have Ur excUses ready for Sept. 8th.

Morris is at least as great a QB as any other one in the whole country, and far better than most.

The whole rest of the Cane team have a bunch of really great players although I would get them all in much better conditioning with no bellies hanging over any belt.

But what the Canes can NOT overcome is the stupidity of golden and d'o who refuse to use ONLY a four down defensive linemen line with two DGs over the offensive guards and the DEs over the outside TE or tackle. (and watch out for the unbalanced line when the two DGs need to be over the center and one guard)

goldie and d'o can both take their god damned three down defensive linemen and zone NO pass coverage and stick them up their azzes, and stop being the coaches who are in effect, helping the other teams that the Canes have to play. With the players Miami has and the soft schedule, Miami should go undefeated except for the stupidity of golden and d'o who refuse to copy Sabin's Alabama defense or listen to reason from my blogs, Calvin's and Gallo's.

The only reason golden and d'o want to keep running their insanely stupid NO defenses is because you can not fix stupid when someone has a closed mind and refuses to study like studying the Ala v. VT game film and using Ala's defense against Florida and FSU.

Cane fan,

So you are both opposed to the 3-4 defense and love alabama's, uh, right, 3-4 defense. You're a moron.

Oh, btw egomaniac Can fan '72,

Golden doesn't read your blog or give a crap what you think.

All questions will be answered Saturday.

Canefan, we don't know what defense they will run next week. Let's wait and see. I'm looking forward to the 8th. No excuses here, man. We lost to a few teams with running QBs over the last several years and we were small. I'm expecting a different outcome this season and it really has nothing to do with who we play as much as it does how we play.

I could care less if we beat UF by 1 or 30, I just want to see improvement on the team. I want to see good execution and catching interceptions/TDs we're supposed to. Just play a clean game and the rest will take care of itself. The cupboard is being replenished. 2 stud true freshers that could start on any team in the country.

Lastly, leave the coaching out of it. I'm used to having superior football teams despite coaching. I want to see these kids take ownership of their game and make the plays they are supposed to make. Beat the guy in front of them. Hit-stick, talk-s&!t, bust-d!@k. Ufootball.

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