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Golden on Duke's injury, struggling passing game and more after season-opening win over FAU

Hurricanes coach Al Golden addressed the health of star running back Duke Johnson, receiver Rashawn Scott and the struggles of Miami's passing game in it's opener.

Here is a transcript of his press conference.

> On team’s overall performance... “I thought we played really hard. I thought Florida Atlantic played incredibly tough. They were very physical, well-coached. I thought their punter was amazing - I thought he changed the field for them all night. As I just said to our guys, give them a lot of credit. Any time you play one of these rival games in the state, that’s what you’re going to get. Give Florida Atlantic a lot of credit – they played hard and they made us earn it. We were overzealous a little bit with some penalties early in the game. We dropped some passes that we hadn’t been dropping. Our timing wasn’t where it needed to be in some instances, but I thought our guys played hard. We didn’t play smart all the time, weren’t as good as we needed to be on third down on offense, but I thought our defense played really, really hard, played physical, and ran to the ball well.”

On the performance of Duke Johnson... “I don’t know what his overall numbers were...I’m guessing 20 touches. That’s kind of what we need him to be, somewhere around there. I thought he did a good job with that. He’s healthy. He cut two guys down on the [Herb Waters run] where we scored. He’s a very unselfish player.”

On his assessment of the team’s passing game... “I didn’t think it was as sharp as we have been, for sure. We were really humming coming into this week in the pass game, and obviously it wasn’t where it needed to be. We need to go back to work. We’ll go back tomorrow, watch it, and we’ll get back on the passing game. We certainly didn’t do a good enough job on third down.”

On managing an excited team playing in its season opener... “All of those things you think about, we don’t think about until it’s the eventuality. We don’t talk about any of that, because all of these first games – they’re hard. We have idea what they were going to do. We saw three different quarterbacks. Opening games are hard – you have no track record to go by, really. I thought they were well-coached, tough as can be, physical. I thought they were excellent on special teams, and I thought their punter gave us a long field all night. As well as Pat [O’Donnell] was hitting the ball, this kid changed the field for them. That was the big difference in the game.”

On nerves affecting the passing game... “That’s something that’s disappointing to me. Monday and Tuesday, I thought we were really sharp in the passing game. It’s a shame. It is. We didn’t look like we had our timing, so we have to get back to work on that. Obviously that was reflective in our third downs – not where we need to be. We need to be on more third and shorts too, we weren’t in enough of them.”

On the play of his team’s pass rush... “We have more depth and we have more guys that can rush the passer now. Certainly Quan [Muhammad] made a difference, I thought [David] Gilbert made a difference. I thought we had more power inside, so I think that helped. We need to get takeaways, but we were physical, we were running to the ball. We made some errors, but I thought we played hard. I really did. We didn’t put the defense in good situations too often, and they battled their way out of it. We need to do a better job on offense on third down - that would really help us in time of possession and help our defense.”

On rotating young players in... “Those guys, there were a lot of freshmen that were redshirting that we were not going to play. Those guys that played, we made the decision in camp that they’re going to help us at some time this year and help us significantly. That’s why we played them. We have to get Stacy [Coley] to forget about this one. He had a tough first quarter – he just has to forget about it and move on. He’s very talented, he just needs to relax and let it come to him. He has worked really hard, but I think he was pressing a little bit. Obviously he and Stan [Dobard] and Gus [Edwards] and Artie [Burns] and Corn Elder and [Jermaine] Grace, and all those guys, they’re all in the mix. They’re all going to be helping us this year.”

On Rashawn Scott’s catch and injury... “It was a great catch. I don’t know what his status is - hopefully not too bad.”

On the performance of Eduardo Clements... "I’m happy for him. We had the first scrimmage, then the second scrimmage, now it’s the first game - these are all baselines, and he’s moving up every time. He’s in better condition. He’s feeling more confident and we’re feeling more confident that he’s ready to go. He has had a great attitude. I’m happy for him that he got going on that.”

On Duke Johnson being issued a concussion test... “That’s our protocol. We follow a strict protocol for anybody that we think is woozy or got their bell rung. We have a great concussion institution, and we have great sideline protocol with Vinny Scavo and Dr. Kaplan. We just do that to make sure that we’re protecting any kids that have any kind of head trauma.”


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Calvin, I just want to let U know that what I'm reading from U is the truth and I appreciate U telling it, despite it not being popular (truth-telling), and it being so hard to except. Living lies is so comfortable for people now, seeing that their whole lives are based off of them and they've come to love them and find them so comfortable, that the truth elicits anger and hostility from them.

Gallo & CaneFan'72 its refreshing to know that other people still understand our essence and this smokescreen of mediocrity that we're being served up. We're like the people from The Walking Dead who haven't been bitten. We stay on the defense literally and figuratively (stressing its importance and being attacked for doing so). Keep defending this U! I pray that we're wrong and Golden wakes up.

After Golden referenced "freelancing", he goes on to mention offensive related matters.

“The biggest thing that jumps out to me is we had too many guys freelance, and I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense. You can’t abandon your technique and you have to bring your skills to the game, not just your talent. We had good effort. Guys were flying around. We were unselfish in terms of finishing plays and blocking and doing all the little things you need to do to make explosive runs.

“[But] we’ve got to get back to the techniques that we’re teaching — hitting our landmarks as running backs, using our techniques as corners, blocking the proper angles as offensive linemen.”

Whats the derogatory sense of "freelancing"? And how can an offensive player "freelance"? He only mentions corners on defense. But O-Line and RBs twice respectively. I'm sincerely confused.

The most important thing for the big game is how much "ICE" will be at the game.


I'm fighting tears, thanks Calvin.

I miss my team.

The Sybil group out in full force buffing on each fellow member's shoes. But aren't they just the same shoes?

Anyway, this is pretty simple for everyone else:

1. Golden is the HC and Dno is the DC and that isn't changing this year.
2. Dno isn't going to change his scheme this year.
3. We should put up a lot of points this year, so if the D moves up to average or so in points given up, we'll win a lot of games. Better than that and we could win 10 or 11 games.
4. If we perform poorly on defense, Golden will be forced to make a change.
5. There are no circumstances under which Golden would be fired.

Interesting note is that Ray Lewis wasn't even leading that chant, and there were bigger personalities and leaders them him. He was taught himself--he had OG's like Al Blades and Nate Webster. How could Ray Lewis not be THE leader? Only on a miami Hurricane team. He was THE unquestioned leader before the canes and ever since--even as a rookie for the Ravens.

F' sanctions
F' the schedule
F' "they're freshmen" (U hear what Butch said right?)

F' excuses--lets get it done.

Canes1971, This Game Was Just Dress Rehearsal So Nobody Needs Yo Panic! Just Like Nfl In The Preseason Sept. 7 The Season Will Begin!!!!! Go Canes

mountaincane, my posts from yesterday embodied all of those same sentiments except #5 because I believe he would be fired if he goes 7-5. Which I would change today, to 6-6.

I agree with 4.5 of your 5 points, so why do U have the daily need to categorize people by prefacing or concluding each and every post with a slight or insult. Why can't U just post your opinion and move on? No one insulted or personally attacked U today (or any day for that matter), but U come and start the same BS. Whats wrong with U? Do u like beef? I mean, its a fact that several blogs exist that would not make U feel this need to attack, they believe how U believe, so it must be that U really relish this opportunity to be an antagonist.

U need a "Sybil" group to post--U don't have an idea outside of this. Why don't U go where there isn't a "Sybil" group, if its so frustrating and bringing the worst out of U daily?

This is the truth

Miami should recruit more from st thomas aquinas and less from miami nw

Joseph yearby is the next frank gore.sony michel plays a real defense (not cardinal gibbons or ft laud baptist) and gets his a55 exposed! Golden recruiting at its best

Calvin is a doosh the miami 2008 receiver core? Lol T benjamin and hank aee the onlyones worth anything

Where streeter at? Flipping burgers in opa locka

Cane fan is a second doosh i mean you cant make ths sh$t up. Miami beats a respectable FAU teAm by 34, duke is THE leading rusher in colege football, and the turds put less points on a team that is no better than fau, and these imbeciles are blabbering negativity. Seriously

Miami will jump into the top 25 boise state lost and to demonstrate the idiocy of poll voters (coaches and reporters).... You all had k state and oregon state ahead of miami.. Morons!

wow who are these people commenting, seems like 75% of you have no football smarts, nor see through things. Relax.. We would never open up the playbook, passes were dropped, dorsett, coley will be perfectly fine.. Night game, first game jitters, lots of emotion, family and friends and old teamates. there are definite flaws but its game one!

Saw a list of NFL canes cuts from yesterday. Don't know if it was complete.

Baraka Atkins
Antonio Dixon

Harriet, you are also bi-polar. Glad handing one day and busting people the next. Get some meds.

These clueless "fans" who never played football.
One, FAU which played with a lot of heart, did not have the talent Miami has. So, aside from saying "good game, Owls" the game meant nothing and proved nothing.

UF comes to town ranked #10 in the country, and some moron says that if Miami wins, Miami will break into the top 25. Hellooooo, well excussssee me. But how about the Canes go to #10 if they beat UF?????

Oh wait, I forgot. Some morons want to explain a 3-4 is really a 3-4 or freelancing, or whatever.

Basically, a four man defensive line is an old fashioned 4-4 at least the Sabin's Ala. plays it. The DE is charged with the responsibility to TURN an end run back to the middle and the rest of the Cane pursuit. In the FAU game, golden and d'o were playing a 3 man def. front with LBs up on the line making it look like an old 5-4-2 except that outside LBs can not stop a hoard of blockers and a ball carrier coming around end the way a big defensive end can or at least the way a DE can, or should be able to, hold up the offensive procession until pursuit arrives.

You know, if I am going to have to educate morons here and on golden's little pond, I am going to have to charge you.

I've been a Canes fan since '83, so fanatical that I
even turn the TV off if things are going bad. I may have to do that next Sat. Nonetheless: The FAU game.
I think what bothered me most was our O-line, supposedly a strength of this years team. I didn't like
that FAU was stopping our RBs at the line of scrimmage. Coley made me crazy. I really am concerned
about UF. BUT I will say the FAU impressed me. They played till the gruesome end.

I don't know what "glad handing" is?? That must be that mountain vernacular. If I go back in forth and need meds, then what does a person who busts people everyday without end need?

It called being a person, if beef isn't necessary, then I have no need for it. Beef is a reaction for a sane person, not something U seek--as U do daily (its documented). The only people I bust (pause--by the way lol) are the coaches and U aren't them. And U just admitted that I don't even do that consistently. I have the ability to change my mind and admit it, and admit my faults--thats being a man. U should try it--it doesn't require meds.

Again why are U here starting beef (with those who have differing views then your own) when U don't have to be and already post other places that don't have your "Sybil" group? Please explain.

It takes zero intelligence to expose a liar. People lie because of a self-perceived lack of intelligence (low self-esteem). Its a coping mechanism and act of overcompensation. In life, U either gonna be smart or U cheat. Period.

Harriet, If you don't know what glad handing is, try google.

Who appointed you room monitor?

Mountain Cane,

You are right...it is one, maybe two Gator posters using a variety of aliases having conversations with one another, while posing as Miami fans (they only wish they were Canes). Of course all of the worthless attacks on the Canes have been disproved many times over, but since he has no life he posts lies day and night on this blog and a number of other Miami blogs.

The Calvin/Gallo alias has been caught in so many lies and just flat-out ignorant statements and predictions that he gets confused as to where he is at in his lie pattern and ends up taking the other side of his lie without realizing he has done so. Of course Harriet jumps in to lecture you not to name call while calling you names. If Miami beats the Gators by 30 points and holds them to 10 points they will still invent something to attack Coach Golden with or D'Onofrio and the defense or Morris or Duke or our wide receivers or (fill in the blank).

So, Yearby is nothing but a backup? Stupid Gator trolls and their lies, exposed yet again. Looks like Golden picked the right one, just like Duke.

Evade, evade, deny, insult, discredit the source--repeat!

Its not gonna hurt me in anyway to not know what 'glad handing' is so i'm cool. The people from my region and demographic don't say it so its not necessary. I know "busting" men is gay though.

Who is truly being the room monitor? Wouldn't it be someone who waits for others to post and then attacks them. U say whatever U want, but we all can just scroll back and read--its simple. Who would appoint me room monitor? Is that even possible?

Zook, this is where I "jumped in" (I was actually posting today before mountain ever did--but ok), where is the name-calling in my post? You're just another who has chosen to cheat and defend others who do.

Did golden pick the right one or did the right one pick UM? All three had offers, one damn near since his freshman year in high school. Golden would sign all three if they wanted to come. If Cook switches to us after hopefully a successful season and UF win, do U think he would turn him down? Yearby is the truth, but I want Cook too. Michel has been injured and seemingly used up during his high school career (sad). It seems his best days are behind him. He definitely aint no Todd Gurley or Duke Johnson.

Cane fan(not)... Obviously your ebonics diDnt allow you to learn to read

I posted that miami will be top 25 this week on account of oregon state, boise and tcu losing

If miami beats fu they will rise to top 15

Calvin and i quote, said, golden doesnt know what a real good team is

I guess your boy shannon does? Good defense against lsu. That makes randy shannon as an assistant 0-2 vs LSU.


I never said fau is a good team. I said theyre not as bad as you all think. They have mostly flodrida talent. Better than toledo. You watch.

Sec is 2-1 so far vs the acc

But with kentucky losing to wku, i wouldnt bag too much, sec.

mountaincane, my posts from yesterday embodied all of those same sentiments except #5 because I believe he would be fired if he goes 7-5. Which I would change today, to 6-6.

I agree with 4.5 of your 5 points, so why do U have the daily need to categorize people by prefacing or concluding each and every post with a slight or insult. Why can't U just post your opinion and move on? No one insulted or personally attacked U today (or any day for that matter), but U come and start the same BS. Whats wrong with U? Do u like beef? I mean, its a fact that several blogs exist that would not make U feel this need to attack, they believe how U believe, so it must be that U really relish this opportunity to be an antagonist.

U need a "Sybil" group to post--U don't have an idea outside of this. Why don't U go where there isn't a "Sybil" group, if its so frustrating and bringing the worst out of U daily?

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | September 01, 2013 at 12:51 PM

^^^Zook, where is the name-calling? ^^^

There's a lot of work to be done this week. I was disappointed in the O-line. To me, it looked like they thought they were going to a dance on Friday nite. They might be good-looking, but I didn't see an attitude. Don't show up at noon on Saturday without an attitude or the Gaturds will eat your lunch. The Defense did not allow a TD. Other than that, FAU is not Florida, so we'll find out Saturday how good that D can be. Coley, Waters, Scott, Burns and Clive did good. Duke was great. Canes will play a whole lot better on Saturday. This was a good start to the year (as long as Scott is not lost).

The U looked like it had first game jitters, big deal it's in the win column. I think the coaching staff will put it all together and we'll be fine, give the kids credit for what they did well, you sit on your butts and criticized them. I think there's room for improvement but panicking, get real it's a solid team that should play in the ACC Championship Game, are we in the National Picture not this year, but watch out the next few years. Go Cane's Beat the Gators

It is early in the season of course. Personally I am a little nervous about all the dropped passes. Not sure how the coaches correct that. Defense does look improved but I wish we would run our pro style offense and slow down with all these young players. That tempo would seem to help us if they were mostly Jr.s and Sr.s.
I hope we are battling to the very end against Florida if we don't blow them out. I don't think they are very good but who knows, it was just the 1st game.
As always Go Canes. Always and forever no matter how they play!!!!!

More education for d'o, golden, and the morons on this website about defense.

The DE over the outside shoulder of the TE or the tackle (if there is a split end) has two responsibilities:

One, blast across the LOS one or two yards, contain the end run, watch for a shovel pass or a screen pass, and then, rush the passer. Plus, the DE must not commit to a tackle unless the ball carrier is a yard or less in front of him. He must simply contain and have the correct pursuit angle at all times and wait for backup.

And Two, if the play goes away from him, the DE must trail the play two yards deep on the offensive side of the ball to stop a reverse or a back cutting back toward him.

The defensive line is the most important part of football because if the other team can not score, they can not win. And the DE is the most important player on the team other than his own team's QB because his responsibility is the whole half of the empty pastureland. If a back or QB gets free running wide or has a lot of time to pass, it will be for a big gain. The DE can not get caught cheating inside the TE or tackle and get blocked inside as some moron like d'o expects him to cover in a three down lineman NO defense front because he is leaving the end run as a gimmee for big yardage or a score in the red zone.

It is hard to believe that goldie and d'o have never been taught fundamentals nor have they taken the time to learn defense like all the idiots on here who shoot off their worthless opinion on worthless 3-4s and leaving gaps in the defensive line or "zones" in d'os NO pass coverage.

It looks like Galloxy is still looking for a hobby!

7 days goldie and d'o to learn about a 4 man defensive down lineman defense, interior LBs moved to within 3 yards of the LOS, switch to man to man pass coverage with free safeties.

Or watch the gators rip off huge chunks of real estate.

Fans should count the Canes on the defensive line with their hands on the ground. Four down defensive linemen correctly lined up, and the Canes have a chance to win. Three down defensive linemen, and you lose.

Zone NO pass coverage, and the gator QB takes Miami apart with passes to receivers in the gaps. Man to man plus safety backups, and the Canes have a chance to sack the QB and to win and a lot of three and outs.

A mixture of 4 down linemen and then three down linemen on third and long, Canes lose. Some zone NO pass coverage and some man to man coverage, Canes lose.

3 down def. linemen and zone NO pass coverages are stupid. If goldie and d'o do it again, Cane players should leave the program and go find a winning team cause all you will get with stupid defenses is a 50-50 win loss record.

how can an offensive player "freelance"? He only mentions corners on defense. But O-Line and RBs twice respectively. I'm sincerely confused.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | September 01, 2013 at 12:07 PM

Receivers breaking off routes or improvising. RBs not following blocks. c'mon man.

Get Ready For That Gator Beat Down People Lol Bet They Win By 17 Bet Y'all Don't Even Get 250 YardS. There D Will Smack The Canes Around

FL Gator Have A Real D This Is The Sec Get Real, Canes Qb Is Going To Be Running For His Life Lol And The Running Want Get 100 Yards Rushing. FL 28~ Canes 10

alot of you are blind. obviously we werent running our full offense. we ran like 10 different plays. but coley threw in the flea flicker and reverse. that's just a taste of whats to come. and Figueroa and Burns need alot more playing time. too many players from the old regime who just dont rate

It's apparent by some of these post that alot of you are commenting from a fans perspective and you don't really know football porter is a very good player it's week one save your judgement for later in the season the improvements will come.

There are a lot of great Cane players but all i hear the coaches do is whine, whine, whine that they are not doing enough when it is the coaches who call the crap formations.

chickillo is a great defensive linemen, but all the coaches and fans do is bad mouth him because he has the unfortunate lot to be in d'os moron, 3 down def. linemen front. Using d'os moron, three down linemen def. front and expecting miracles like stopping a run or putting pressure on a passer is like hitching a race horse to a covered wagon and expecting him to win the kentucky derby.

Wow, cane 72 thanks for the profound tip. If they can't score they can't win. Please pass that along.

Oh and cane '72, be sure to tell defensive geniuses like Dick LeBeuw that their 3-4 championship defense is garbage.

You trying to limbo under Calvina on the dumb scale? Hard to do, but you've got a shot.

Somebody needs to get Kosar another bottle, he must be low on funds.

mountain cane,
you have about as much to say as a fart in a whirlwind.
Just thought you should know. Pass it along.

A three down defensive linemen set is pure garbage. Sometimes, in some 3-4 sets, there is a fourth down lineman but the setup is with three interior linemen and one way outside the LOS box which again is crap just like having only 3 down linemen.

mc, trying to teach you or goldie or d'o anything is a waste of time. you and other cane morons enjoy your 50-50 seasons for a few more years, and you too will be calling for moron goldie to go. Or maybe not. maybe some of you mediocre minds like mediocre coaches with mediocre results so you can commiserate.

5 practice days left to go, goldie and d'o.

You had better put in your four down linemen defensive line and move LBs up closer to fill in the gaps instead of giving up 5 yards on running plays, go to man to man pass coverage.

Or lose to the gators with your moron 3-4 or 3 def. linemen and zone NO pass coverage. It is your choice, idiots.

Canes 27 Turds 24. You heard it first here! Gallo you are a F$&@&$ idiot!

Rangers Lead The Way!

Miami fans seem to think beating UF will be easy. They don't realize the Gator
O-line will be pushing the Cane D-line backwards all game, with big backs toting
the ball right behind 'em for consistent yardage. Don't see Miami
stopping that unless they load the box and give up easy passing yards.

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