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Georgia? Oklahoma State? Hawaii? How about Hurricanes? New player on football team -- and OG/T Malcolm Bunche in no-contact red jersey; more UM Canes notes...

   Seems like defensive end Naim Mustafaa finally knows where he wants to play football.
   At least for now, that is.
   The University of Miami announced this morning that the Canes have added Oklahoma State transfer defensive end Naim Mustafaa to the team.
    But per NCAA rules, he must sit out this season. He's a freshman.
   ESPN.com lists him as a four-star player and rivals.com lists him as a three-star. He's 6-3 230 pounds and from College Park, Ga. 



 has changed his choice of schools a few times along the way.  First he committed to Georgia as its initial 2013 outside linebacker prospect.

Then he flipped his commitment to Oklahoma State, telling reporters he'd be a D-end instead. According to The Oklahoman, he let Georgia coaches know of his decommittment on his way to the airport to go to Oklahoma State.

He participated in spring football at OSU, but after that, didn't return. He told the Honolul Star-Advertiser he was offered a scholarship at Hawaii, and wanted to go there. 

 OSU Coach Mike Gundy confirmed to reporters at the Big 12 Media Days that Mustafaa was not there anymore.

*** At Thursday's practice, 6-7, 327-pound offensive guard/tackle Malcolm Bunche was donning the dreaded red (no-contact) jersey during stretches. Couldn't visibly tell what was wrong. He seemed happy enough. Bunche is definitely a mainstay of this line, and they need him to be healthy.

*** In other O-line news, UM coach Al Golden confirmed that redshirt freshman guard Danny Isidora was scheduled to have surgery today. Golden hasn't said the exact injury, only talking about his "foot.'' We reported Sunday that Isidora broke his foot. I was told he did it on the practice field very early in the morning that day, but haven't gotten that confirmed. Golden told us that maybe he could return this season, but he'd have to defer to doctors on that. Unfortunately, I heard it was a bad break.

*** Good news for cornerback Corn Elder, the two-sport star (hoops and football) incoming freshman who wore a red jersey earlier in the week for a hamstring injury. He was in a regular, green jersey Thursday.

*** Defensive end Anthony Chickillo (ankle) is in his first-team black jersey and seemingly back to full go.

*** Safety Deon Bush (hernia surgery) is still in red, but getting closer to his return.

*** Also in a red jersey was defensive lineman David Perry.




*** Today is the first two-a-day session. We have no access this afternoon.





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When will Ufomba and DeRosier, the JUCO transfers bee allowed to practice? When will David Gilbert from Wisconsin graduate from Wisconsin and join Miami? All of them will have a big impact!

We'r doing a great job of acquiring players, so the talent infusion is their, come gameday though, is where it's all at. Me seeing a coach getting over-hyped about tip balls from d-linemen is irritating because it shows where the emphasis is at. In the old days, a coach would get pissed you had to get a tipped ball cause tht means you didn't get to the onewho threw=translation, you slacking off.

Canes have some serious problems. D'O, shalallalalaa moron. joe robbie stadium which is as boring as watching grass grow compared to the old OB. No real tail gating with bands, big screen TV and past games, stupid siren blaring when some jerk decides he needs attention.

The U needs a major house cleaning from shallalalaa down to D'O, build a new OB in Miami, get Jimmy Johnson to put together a committee with Butch, Howard, Ericson to pick a new head coach and defense coach.

I thought it was just me when it came to the warning siren being cranked up out of order these days, seeng blake james trying to urge stork to crank it up was irritating. To many things being fabricated instead of being real.

Calvin your just dumb....


It doesn't matter what Coach Golden says you criticize the man.

He talks about tipped balls, because that makes it difficult on our opponents passing game and has not occurred for years with any regularity, which also means our defensive line is getting penetration something else that hasn't been happening for years.

Now you've switched over to belittling the...wait for it...Stork, because you think his efforts are fabricated, along with Blake James showing enthusiasm.

You've got a boat load of serious issues and need help.

calvin.....you can never get caught up in any of these pre-season accolades...either NCAA or NFL.....meaningless. its when the season begins that you have a better idea where your teams stands....a ream that usually starts out with alot of injuries really never gets much better...those injuries nag all year.....

plus you have surprises....this team is nowhere ready to be crowned anything yet including a winning season....

dnofrio still risks it all.....golden right behind him.....the stats/data will tell all

You calling him a stork PROVES your not a Cane fan.

Second, the media was there for the tip drills. But they get kicked out about twenty minutes in to practice. So they only report that part of it. Is that too much for you to comprehend?

fsu is the sleeper.....they have 2 very good QB's and a very good defense (Alabama copy from kirby smart)

UM has dnofrio...see what I'm getting at....it doesn't work.....he is out of his league.....he is not sophisticated enough, its all "vanilla" ...those are his own words....

I really do not see UM playing for a national championship with these 2.....no way. the other top ncaa teams have way too much coaching talent.....

there are no miracles....Um needs to go on a real talent search for HC/DC....pay all the money, get a real coach in here...high profile guy that has exceptional success track record.....that's the only way UM is saved.

The u is becoming a magnet for talent, again. Based on the new d players and the bulking up of returning d players we will see a vast improvement this year. Bigger, stronger, more depth means a top 40 D this year and top 20 next year.

fsu is the sleeper.....they have 2 very good QB's

That have NEVER started a college game.....

fsu is the sleeper.....they have 2 very good QB's

That have NEVER started a college game.....

fsu is the sleeper.....they have 2 very good QB's

That have NEVER started a college game.....

Gallo. We have our coach. Deal with it or get lost. After standing by us and working his butt off during UM's worst stretch, he has earned several years to show what he can build. Any other coach would have jumped ship

guess you get the point.

Gallo, your an idiot. We have never done that before and we have more national championships than anyone in the state. We have been in more national championship gamewin or screwed that all other colleges in the state combined. We dont need big names, we need good coaches. We have one in golden and i am giving 1 more year before crying about a dc replacment. I think he will be fine this year. Your clock is ticking....Sept. 7th is coming.

Top 40 defense you say
Magnet for talent, is that right
Vast improvement with "bulked up" players, right
Goldie says the D looks sooooooo big
Practice is fun, everyone looks real good
In practice
In the summer
We have seen this movie before
Yet you forget how it all ends
But soon you will be reminded again
Cannot beat a single top 25 team
Shootouts with the weak sisters of the poor
It's who you are

D corch is a MAC, MEAC D corch and is not Miami material..

"Understand what an acceptable rate of improvement is"

"and that it is the level and not the rate of change that matters most. I often hear people say, “It’s getting better,” as though that is good enough when “it” is both below that bar and improving at an inadequate rate. That isn’t good enough. For example, if someone who has been getting 30s and 40s on tests raised his grade to the 50s, you could say he’s improving but the level is still woefully inadequate.

"Everything important you manage has to be on a trajectory to be “above the bar” and headed for “excellent” at an acceptable pace"

do you understand that concept? I know your an idiot kid class 2016....learn something....

1. 13-11 is not above the bar.....
2. Theres in no proof that the program is headed for excellence..oral commitments don't count for anything since there is no performance associated that can be measure....nobody has taken a snap in a real game?
3. #116 defense is rank is not acceptable.....that is dnofrios performance result...there are only 2 available options....move him within the system that he can be better at or fired immediately....

look at it this way......if you had a traders on the trading desk losing millions of dollars every quarter for the firm....and you were the floor supervisor, would you leave him there or take him out?

no successful company has performance 4th from the all time bottom and still has a job....it doesn't happen in the real world....

golden is a weak floor supervisor..his lack of judgement require he be replace also....he put his interest before the firms...

if i was the AD.....id say to golden, OK.....the guys has lost millions maybe billions for the firm last year....you want him to still stay with the hope he reverses his fortune...fine...but is he loses more money for the firm, you going with him..understand.....

so take time to think about what you want to do in 2014.....

that's how the real world works....

exactly gallo, and these clowns have reading comprehension problems, they say i'm insulting the stork, lol. They can't even talk about normal life let alone football. I never get caught in the preseason hype. Always funny to me when people feel like because there team went undefeated in preseason makes them think they're going to have a good year, lol. For us, I know the offensive philosophy coach coley is bringing in is going to be an upgrade over what jedd fisch brought here which is a good thing. jedd was aggressive in all games but it wasn't always smart aggression.

Going to an all passing formation in the redzone and 2nd & 3rd and shorts, by taking the threat of the run away, it made it that much easier for the linebackers to drop back even quicker in to the passing lanes and we didn't use mike james enuff last year, he should've been the featured back against k st. & notre shame, this would've opened up more of the passing game, he was to sporadic.

Defensively, until I see defense actually being played we don't have any. We got the players, but the scheme doesn't fit the aggressive nature of our guys and the systems they came out of in highschool and before. The back end of the defense is just being used as an umbrella, and in this defense the safety is the aggressor while the db's are actually playing safety techniques. Most coaches who run the 3-4 scheme by nature they're conservative type guys, only the coaches who run the 3-4 scheme with 4-3 principles on the back-end become the most successful.

If you were AD? Why, what self-respecting university with the drive to be the best wouldn't hire you as AD. You are clearly qualified. Well-read, presentable with a boundless knowledge of collegiate athletics and an ability to raise funds.

Instead, you post moronic lists here all day long. Hmmmmmm. Somehow, I don't see how it fits.

The AD is just thankful Golden stayed on. He wouldn't find another coach with the passion and commitment Golden has given us. Nobody wanted to coach Miami two years ago. If you don't see things improving then your dense.

A bulked up defense will be better, finally we won't look like high schoolers going up against grown men.

Calvin, it's always funny to us that an obvious Gator fan uses four different screennames to talk about Canes football and responds to himself.

There in lies the dilemma for goldie. I said he has the potential to be a real solid headcoach, but since he's average as a headcoach, he needs to have quality coordinators to go along with a lot of the good in everything else that he does and than that might put this team over the top but if anybody thinks we're going anywhere with this marshmallow defensive scheme, we shouldn't see guys running wide open or plays opening up against lesser teams like we have the last few years. No disrespect to BETHUNE COOKMAN, but when I see there oc consistently calling the correct plays against this scheme, that's not the players.

nope we didn't give the search enough time...when gruden passed on it was pulled the trigger way to soon....

"If someone is doing their job poorly, consider whether this is due to inadequate learning (i.e., training/experience) or inadequate ability. A weakness due to a lack of experience or training or due to inadequate time can be fixed. A lack of inherent ability cannot. Failing to distinguish between these causes is a common mistake among managers, because managers are often reluctant to appear unkind or judgmental by saying someone lacks ability"

dnofrio lacks ability.....golden has a lot to learn.....

green peas don't understand that....IT CAN NOT BE FIXED!

the only solution is replacement.....

What self-respecting university with the drive to be the best wouldn't hire GAllo the Pig as AD. He is clearly qualified. Well-read, presentable with a boundless knowledge of collegiate athletics and an ability to raise funds.

Instead, he chooses to post moronic lists here all day long. Hmmmmmm. Somehow, I don't see how it fits.

well, I used to enjoy the comments section, but just have to scroll through these days. Go Canes!

i say UF should hire Calvin as the new DC and GAllo the new AD at FSU



Ryan Williams charged into the 2012 football season with every intention of beating out quarterback Stephen Morris for the starting job at the University of Miami.

He heads into 2013 with every intention of being a stellar backup.

Behind Williams as the Hurricanes head into Day 6 of fall camp: 6-3, 224-pound redshirt freshman Gray Crow and 6-3, 200-pound, nationally heralded freshman Kevin Olsen.

“It feels like I’ve been here for a lifetime,’’ said Williams, 21, minutes before jogging onto the practice field earlier this week. “Memphis feels like it was high school.

“The football season is long, so we’re always working. But it’s fun and I love it. I prepare every day like I’m going to play. Whether or not the time comes, I’ll be ready.”

Williams, 6-6 and a sturdy 228 pounds, is a redshirt junior who sat out in 2011 after transferring from Memphis. His family lives in Pembroke Pines and he played for Miramar High his senior year after transferring from Plantation American Heritage. He led the Patriots to a state title in 2009, completing 18 of 21 passes for 254 yards and a state-record five touchdowns in the championship game.

As a freshman at Memphis, Williams replaced Cannon Smith (a former Hurricane), who sustained a concussion in the second game of the season. Williams came off the bench and completed 18 of 25 passes for 293 yards and three touchdowns against East Carolina. He started every game afterward but was sacked 30 times.

His numbers at Memphis: 165 of 290 for 2,075 yards and 13 touchdowns with 10 interceptions.

Williams has played sparingly at Miami, but with impressive accuracy. In five games last season, he completed 15 of 20 passes for 87 yards and a touchdown.

He said he has no regrets about transferring.

“I’ve improved so much,’’ Williams said. “You always want to play, but Stephen did a great job last season, so I can’t complain about that. We’re really good friends and there has never been envy toward him. I learn from him, and try to help the younger guys learn.’’

UM coach Al Golden said Wednesday that Williams, who took the first-team reps in practice to give Morris’ arm a rest, “is smart.’’

“What he’s doing now much better than he did last year is standing in the pocket and throwing with velocity,” the coach said. “He sees it well now and he’s distributing the football, letting the guys make plays for him.”

Williams is a huge fan of new offensive coordinator James Coley, who is equally enthusiastic about the backup.

“I love Coach Coley,” Williams said. “Just a great coach, really player oriented. He knows how to get us motivated, knows how to get his point across.

“He makes sure we don’t have any questions when we go on the field.”

Said Coley of Williams and Morris: “There’s a mutual respect. I don’t think there’s frustration. What I love about Ryan [is] he is finding out ways he can do things that are better than others. He can really get into the audibles and checks very fast. Stephen can as well, but [Ryan] is very headsy with that.”

When Morris sprained his ankle last October, Williams was slated to start against Florida State. Williams didn’t know for sure until game day that Morris would step in to start at the last moment.

“That’s our biggest game and I thought I’d play,” Williams said. “But I wasn’t mad or upset, just a little disappointed.”

Next year, he’ll be at it again, battling with other contenders and top recruit Olsen, whose status for this season has yet to be revealed. Olsen could redshirt – or play.

“It doesn’t change anything,” Williams said. “They bring in people every year. That’s why you play at Miami. You can’t be scared of anyone coming in.”

OK. The final line is defense. UM has the players, but that's one half of it.

"i say UF should hire Calvin as the new DC and GAllo the new AD at FSU"

That would be great, but since they are the same person they can't be in two places at once. Also, FSU just hired a new AD today.

OK. The final line is defense. UM has the players, but that's one half of it.
Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat

The man knows football!!!

Does this idiot really have 3/4 screen names? Really, Lmao!!

Who is using the term "Goldenization" and why?

Art Kehoe that's who!

And he's using the "Goldenization" description because his offensive linemen are bigger, faster, stronger, smarter and more dedicated.

We have Big Al Golden, the best college football coach in the country, leading our Canes back to championship football.

It is great to be a Miami Hurricane!!!

Miami is getting an infusion of either freshmen/transfer talent for next season and beyond.

Unfortunately for Cane zealots, their BELOVED d'Onofrio will still be in upscale Coral Gables in 2014.

Chit, what a bloody WASTE of all that defensive talent. Because I could blood imagine the Hurricanes returning from their college football doldrums.

If only their was a LEGITIMATE b.c.s. caliber defensive coordinator.


you incoherent clown.

We have Big Al Golden, the best college football coach in the country, leading our Canes back to championship football.
It is great to be a Miami Hurricane!!!
Posted by: Ron Zook | August 08, 2013 at 03:36 PM


Your entitled to your opinion, but Goldie IS NOT even the ' best ' head coach in the lame A.C.C. hUh

Moreover, Goldie's stubborn, REFUSAL to get rid of a " below-average " B.C.S. d-coordinator. Will come back to haunt him!

And I'll let major college football history be my judge. Eh. What say.

And yes Miami will win with Goldie and D'Onofrio, but IT WON'T be the type of winning seasons of bygone seasons and what not. SEE undefeated seasons or only ONE LOSS/TWO LOSS seasons.

you incoherent clown.
Posted by: Bite me | August 08, 2013 at 03:45 PM

Just another D'Onofrio LAP POODLE!! Nothing more and nothing less.

Now get back to canespace/eoth!! Where all the D'Onofrio apologists reside. hUh

The AD is just thankful Golden stayed on. He wouldn't find another coach with the passion and commitment Golden has given us. Nobody wanted to coach Miami two years ago. If you don't see things improving then your dense.

Posted by: JaxCane | August 08, 2013 at 01:00 PM

Goldie took the Miami position because he's an OPPORTUNIST, and has all the relative time in the universe, to get the Canes on their winning ways and what not.

Too bad those winning seasons won't be the undefeated or 1/2 loss variety of campaigns.

However, once some TRADITION-RICH Big 10 school, with a LOYAL FAN BASE, comes snooping around and offers Goldie a deal he can't refuse. Your boy will be out of Coral Gables quicker than a NYC minute. hUh

Heck, I could see Goldie going to an established PAC-12/Big-12 program.

It seems like the 'Canes are in good shape, quarterback-wise. Morris sounds good, at least in all the stories about him. So does Williams, and I hope he gets a chance to start next year. It'd be a shame to not give him the chance to see what he can do as the starter.

After Williams and Morris, Olsen will hopefully be primed to step in and--who knows?--maybe Crow will develop as well.

Some of the names you guys give yourselves when posting here are really funny.

'Canes rule, dude. I have thus ordained.

With D'Onofrio hanging around in Coral Gables.

Does any SANE-MINDED, objective, FREE THINKER believe Miami will win a A.C.C. championship. Let alone be a contender for a national championship. Seriously y'all Cane bUbba's.

Yes, Miami will win the ACC. If I told you twice, I told you two times.

Executive order #7654321-now getup-B1 Bomber-Alpha Romeo-Foxtrot Oscar X-ray-hut one-hut two:

'Canes rule, dude. I have thus decreed.

I'm in the driver's seat.
I'm in control.
I'm the freakin' President.

So there, MISTER big shot Pope.

Miami will win the ACC. They're reasonable men. I've made them an offer they can't refuse.


In the national championship?

Sure! Why not?

Stop comparing me to Bear Bryant.

Galvin (Sybil's new name for Calvin and Gallo---2 sides of one small brain)

The Canes were a not respectable 85 in points given up, the number 1 defensive metric to anyone with a brain.

Not sure why the following is too complicated for Galvin/D/etc

1. D'Onofrio will be the DC this year, at least to start the season
2. UM will win a NC again
3. If the defense doesn't get better it will get the NC without DOnofrio
4. If D doesn't improve significantly and Golden doesn't fire his friend, a different HC will take the Canes to the NC

Which piece can't you understand?

All these men keep dressing me up like a Miami Hurricanes cheerleader, and then they . . . and then they . . . and they don't even kiss me, first!

I want to be KISSED! I want to be LOVED! I want to be HELD! I want to be told I'm beautiful!

Nobody here appreciates me. Do these sneakers make me look fat?

Who put female hormones in my gruel? I want something DONE! I want something DONE!

Now, for some positively, refreshing news.

Duke Johnson has been named 2nd team All-American on S.I. college football preseason teams. That be kick return specialist, yet THE DUKE could be named RB on an All-American team after the season concludes.

"We have Big Al Golden, the best college football coach in the country, leading our Canes back to championship football."

This reads like a line from delUsionalcane, but I think this idiot believes this crap.

" If the defense doesn't get better it will get the NC without DOnofrio"

Who will get the NC? The defense that doesn't get better?
You complain about D, but you are the one who is incoherent.

D said Golden is not even the best coach in the ACC, that is a fact.
Golden is not the best coach in the State of Florida, another fact.
I define best by wins and losses, and player development. Maybe you have a different definition, if so what is it.
You fools are so busy with name calling that you post non sense like this. Try to be coherent and post something based on facts not wild speculation and make belief.

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