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Bad injury news: talented redshirt freshman UM Canes OL (guard) Danny Isidora on crutches, wearing leg brace

News that Canes fans would rather not hear: Miami Hurricanes offensive lineman Danny Isidora, a 6-4, 308-pound redshirt freshman guard from Weston and Cypress Bay High School, was seen (by me) walking by on crutches and wearing a leg brace.

A source close to the program told me he has a broken foot and is undergoing surgery later this week. 

Isidora is the backup to right guard Brandon Linder on the most recent UM depth chart distributed just before fall camp began.

Miami's offensive line is a major strength this season, and should allow for what seems to be a great offense to take flight. Coaches were feeling very good about Isidora and his progress. According to UM's profile of him, he was a four-star recruit by rivals.com and scout.com, the No. 13 offensive guard prospect and No. 39 overall prospect in Florida according to ESPN. 

The next three paragraphs are from Manny Navarro's Miami Herald story when Isidora committed to UM in late November 2011:

In high school, Isidora served as the Lightning's starting left tackle for three years. [His high school coach Mark] Guandolo said Isidora benches 350 pounds, squats 450 pounds and power cleans 350 pounds. Guandolo said Isidora is a bright kid (3.9 grade-point average) who has always excelled picking up the diverse blocking schemes his team has used in its Wing-T offense.

 "He's a hard worker, really dedicated young man with a great attitude. He's a quiet kid and not boastful, a great demeanor kid you like to be around, " Guandolo said. "He got bigger and stronger as time went on here. He's very explosive and is a heck of an athlete. Great, great feet for a big guy. I think he's going to be physical in that running offense, be a pulling-type guy for them."

He chose UM over Wisconsin and Florida State. 

 In the spring, Seantrel Henderson mentioned Isidora as one of several linemen doing "a wonderful job'' to compensate for some other players who were injured. 

Coach Al Golden mentioned Sunday that Henderson, if you didn't already know, turned his foot/ankle during practice Saturday. He wore a yellow, non-contact jersey during practice. 

We'll hopefully find out more about Isidora tomorrow.



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Bummer. Heal quickly, big guy.

Get well Danny! Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family as you go for surgery this week. We wish you great luck and a speedy recovery!

Damn...Hopes he get a medical shirt, that way we can have this monster kid for 3-4 years playing football..

Thank God were deep....

Warren Sapp NFL Hall of Fame induction speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLHW5kJTp9Q

You Gators should watch this speech as it will help you better understand why you will NEVER, EVER reach the dizzying heights of the great Miami Hurricanes..."It's a Cane thang baby--you wouldn't understand!

Congratulations Warren...job well done!

Ron Zook..You are right ...wouldn't understand and don't care too!
Like we care what Sapp has to say!
'Hey, it was only a few failed drug tests I threw away'
said Dennis Erickson.


You're simply too stupid to understand...a cowardly gator mainstay!

By the way...say hello to Riley Cooper and Aaron Hernandez--gator hall of famers--LMAO @ you!

clown 117th needs to be silenced, here's his lastest words of wisdom:

From oach OH-NO:
" I'm not s much concerned with total defense or total yardage, I want to give up less point, that's the key."

1st off, we can tell! And of course you're going to say you'e not worried i'm sure he knows the numbers and since his scheme can't do nothing about it, of course he's saying this. Gentlemen and the ones who act like ladies, it's clear this guy doesn't understand the emphasis of and putting the onus on 3 & outs, total defense/yardage counts, if you're not shutting teams down and letting them drive up and down the field and relying on being in the redzone and giving up only fieldgoals because the back of the endzone is like having a 12th man, it's clear this guy is not UM material.

notre shame points per game defensive numbers were low to, until they ran up on pittsburgh and Bama. So to sum it all up, this guy doesn't care about trying to give as many offensive possesions back to our offense, just keep the points low. So in his mind, giving up only fieldgoals is his goal.

By the way allen hurns with the new haircut looks like darryk strawberry's son or nephew!

Calvina moving on from weight obsession to studying guys' haircuts. Probably really likes both.

Only a fixated moron would think that yardage given up is more important than points given up. Obviously there is some correlation between the 2, but Calvina prefers the fixation of the metric in which the Canes did worse. It helps his ongoing rant and stokes his fondness for his boy Randy.

The 12th man end zone argument is especially humorous -- as if that only keeps scoring against the Canes down.

Calvin, enough already, you love Randy Shannon and therefore you hate Al Golden for replacing him. D'Onofrio is just your focal point, but you're just using him to crap on Golden, NO ONE likes D'Onofrio, EVERYONE knows this is his last shot, NO ONE ever argues with you about him.

Oh yeah, I meant to say shouts out to my boy Hurriphin making a cameo appearance dawg, what up man. You already know what it is man these people got all this blind faith in coach goldie and him nominating his boy clown 117th as one of the best in the nation. If coach goldie is going to co-sign for his boy, than that means he'a going to get blasted too. A lot of these clowns that call themselves UM fans are just like charlie brown every year for halloween thiking lucy is going to actually let him kick the ball.

Dont worry , defense will be much improved this year. Unfortunately even if we go undefeated and win the nc, calvin will be here crying about a 38th or 56 th ranked defense . Oh well, people without jobs have to do something whipe they wait on thier monthly check and food stamps. See yall aug 31st. CANE TIL I DIE!

"He is a three-star prospect and listed as an "athlete'' by rivals.com, which has him as the 24th-ranked "athlete" in the nation. He is expected to play running back for the Canes.
ESPN.com has him as a four-star athlete and the 34th at his position."
Hey CurseD, I thought you said nobody had him as a 4 star. And bfore you badmouth the person that wrote that, it is a quote from Susan's blog that was written BEFORE your hatefilled rants.

Now, tell Susan how she is just a Canespace or EOTH writer, as you do to everyone else on here. What happened, did you write one incoherent post, and it never got printed, so now you write incoherent posts here instead?

Why are you so worried about what is posted on another blog, anyway? Gator fans sure get obsessed. I can't even NAME a Gator fan blog, but you seem to know every nickle and dime blog about the Canes. How sad for you.

Quick, someone make a free wordpress blog about the Canes, and see how long it take before you et one of these rambling diatribes on that blog. Consider it a science experiment, with CurseD as the test rat.

Course, the bumbling redneck "SEC" fan conveniently ignores that he was recruited hard by Tennessee, Auburn and LSU.

So which one is it, Gatr Trash? Is he no good? Or is he "duh, SEC! SEC!" material?

Gatr Trash can't get their inbred story straight.

Florida sophomore linebacker Antonio Morrison was arrested early Sunday morning following an altercation outside a Gainesville nightclub.

Morrison was charged with simple battery after allegedly punching a bouncer in the head. According to Gainesville Police Department spokesman, Officer Ben Tobias, Morrison became angry after being told by the bouncer he'd have to pay full price to get into the club.

According to the arrest report, Morrison responded by saying, "Don't you know who I am? I'm a football player. I'm Antonio." Morrison then allegedly punched the bouncer.

Multiple witnesses confirmed the account to responding officers. Morrison and his friends ran across the street and fled in a car.

Morrison was arrested at his on-campus residence. The 19-year old admitted to being downtown and drinking.

Morrison has drawn raves from Florida coach Will Muschamp since his arrival on campus. He recorded 34 tackles with a sack and forced fumble as a true freshman last season.

Morrison was responsible for one of UF's biggest plays of the season when he drilled FSU quarterback EJ Manuel causing a fumble the Gators recovered in their 37-26 comeback win in Tallahassee.

Muschamp said in the spring he expects Morrison to be an All-Southeastern Conference caliber player for UF this coming season.

Morrison played in 13 games and started against Tennessee, Kentucky and Vanderbilt last season.

Hey D and Calvin - go worry about yournthugsnin tha clubs!!!

why in the hell would someone post warren Sapp's speech when we all saw it?

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