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Miami Hurricanes release final depth chart of fall camp -- then close camp a day early

UM released its final fall camp depth chart late Monday night -- then abruptly announced that fall camp had ended, a day earlier than originally planned.

There will be no media access until Monday, four days before the opener against FAU.

UM coach Al Golden made it clear Monday morning that the depth chart could change before kickoff.

The newest depth-chart changes have freshman receiver Stacy Coley now backing up wideout Allen Hurns and backing up slot receiver Herb Waters.

Anthony Chickillo is back as a co-starter with Shayon Green at defensive end, with Green listed on the other side as well.

Newcomer Justin Renfrow is now the backup to D-tackle Curtis Porter, with David Gilbert the backup to D-end Green. Junior college transfer Ufomba Kamalu is the third-team D-end behind Chickillo/Green.

Alex Figueroa is now listed ahead of Thurston Armbrister at outside linebacker, with an "or'' between their names.

At cornerback, Tracy Howard is ahead of Antonio Crawford, with an "or'' between their names; and on the other side, Ladarius Gunter is the starter, with "Nate Dortch or Artie Burns'' behind him.

Kacy Rodgers and AJ Highsmith are the starting safeties, with Deon Bush behind Rodgers and Rayshawn Jenkins behind Highsmith.

Offensively, it's "Dallas Crawford or Eduardo Clements'' behind Duke Johnson at tailback.

And Clive Walford has overtaken Asante Cleveland as the top tight end. 

Freshman Walter Tucker has moved from linebacker to backup fullback -- presumably because redshirt freshman RB Danny Dillard is no longer on the roster and has left the team, as confirmed Tuesday morning by UM.



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Very worried about the safety position, hopefully by the FAU game Jenkins and Bush can claim those spots. If we have to depend on Highsmith and Rodgers II all season then we will have serious problems.

I Hope we are dominant. Big , strong, marathon runners great. I just want to see dominance. I got my ticket for the gaytor game. Will be there with Jacksonville Raines to play Miami Northwestern September 7th as well.

I hope we do not see much of Nate Dortch unless he learns how to cover recievers. He got burned multiple times in the spring game, even when he had help on defense.

Asante is another one that is a disappointment, but I am glad that Clive Walford has stepped up in his place.

I don't see how the removal of Dye would impact the sanctions since they decided them weeks ago (and are just holding them as torture by delaying, yet again), but it will hopefully reduce the impact on our roster size, allowing for any scholarship reductions to be minimized by counting one for this year.

Sorry to offend but was I wrong regarding the guy that weighs the most on defense being listed as the starter at every position but safety?

Yea I see the Co-starter stuff

Highsmith and Rodgers will play a lot this season whether they start or not. They have a lot of experience and must be relied upon this year quite a bit despite not being the most talented players. Both guys will be better this year and will help the younger more talented safeties get better. This will not be an elite defense, but better than last year.

Something tells me Danny Dillard may be on his way out.

Something tells me that with the abrupt cancellation of fall camp and the Dyron Dye news today that there will be some news tomorrow on the NCAA front

Asante is another one that is a disappointment, but I am glad that Clive Walford has stepped up in his place.

Posted by: Five Titles | August 19, 2013 at 10:54 PM

Actually FT, Coley likes Cleveland. I think He's gonna be one of those Seniors that steps up for us this year, ala Mike James.

Hello Susan, Since Miami released Dye today, the last link to the Nevin Shapiro Scandal and then abruptly announced that fall camp had ended, a day earlier than originally planned. Leaving the Media out until Monday. Do you think the NCAA has notified Miami that they will announce there decision this week and Miami is preparing for the worst...and if does not go Miami way, do you think Miami will take action in the courts? This smell fishy!!!!

Agreed. Looks like NCAA coming soon. My guess is its not the news UM expected. Why else close camp?

##As far as camp breaking early, it could be due to the weather. I saw a few thunderstorms on the radar.

With only Tuesday left of fall camp, the time is narrowing for players to win starting spots.

But there's still time, Golden said Monday, when his players moved to Mark Light Field at Alex Rodriguez Park (that's the baseball field) to practice while the turf at Greentree gets repaired.

He said that after Tuesday there's "another 10 day of preparation where a lot of those jobs are going to will be determined."

The players will have off Wednesday and then begin working on the FAU opener.

Golden said there’s a depth chart we’ll break camp with and then probably 50 percent of jobs “will be settled in those next six or seven practices.’’

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/umiami/2013/08/the-miami-hurricanes-already-hurting-with-injuries-to-backups-on-the-offensive-line-have-now-been-dealt-a-major-blow-to-w.html#storylink=cpy

I now have my own personal obsessed troll. that convo ended half a day ago and you're still trying to prove a point. No I'm not above responding to insults with insults and never said I was. Your reposts prove that i was called racist first and thats what probably set me off. Ur crying about me insulting you, but reposted that you called me a racist troll prior to me doing so??? What don't U understand about that. U tried to expose me but only exposed yourself and your still butt hurt about 10 hours later. You've never used your real name ever and won't because you're admittedly scared to. Reality mentioned Shannon and that post that you referenced was a response to him, not U...wow..you can't read. Go take a nap dude. This is beyond dumb and no one cares. Like why would I lie about being myself. Like how did I choose Zakkee, of all people? Get over yourself, there's a whole new blog up, try to talk Canes sports for once and you can begin by answering the questions from above...go ahead...shoot.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 19, 2013 at 11:04 PM

First of all...your post claims that you believe you are Harriet Tubman as in your mind that's your 'real' name.

Has it ever occurred to you that Dye's attorney may have lied or been misinformed when saying Miami's administration didn't attempt to notify him or his client?

All you do is insult the Miami program and anyone who dares to post something positive about Al Golden or anything related to Canes football.

You claimed you are black...that's another of your lies.


First, I wasn't even talking to you RZook, so whats up with the gang mentality, you hurt too huh?!

Where in my posts does it indicate that i really believe I'm Harriet Tubman herself lol. I said that I look up to her and that its my new moniker??? Reading comprehension is seriously lacking. How could that possibly be my real name, not to mention that I've said my real name, Cal has known me for years, and I hate to admit it but that 86 actually has a few pictures of me that I sent him from the Ohio State vs. UM game at the Horseshoe a few years ago. Why would someone lie about being black??? I mean how would that benefit them when surrounded by so many closet cane racists? I respect the Riley Cooper types more because at least they're out with it and overt. I'd rather know my enemy than not.

At least they're man enough to say how they feel instead of attempting to discredit people of differing viewpoints with "troll" labels and racist projections. The issue is that you guys aren't intelligent and wrongly assumed that your skin color would take care of that on its own lol. Just jealous.

Yeah that cross my mind, but it didn't occur to me because thats not what was reported lol. Did it occur to you? Occur- happen or take place. Thats a hypothetical, so no it didn't occur to me because its not a fact. Talk about whats in someone's head???

And all you do is misdirect in accountability or blame that should lobbied at those who have gotten by doing horrible jobs at UM, while Us fans wait, $upport (I go to games so don't start that argument) and hope for a winning team again. I prove yesterday that the formula for success is still present. the problem is that the people at the top are inadequate in their roles. I'm attacking the root of our issues as fans and you're attacking me for doing so. One is personal and the other isn't

BTW, this a response, so if anyone wants to repost it (becoming a trend), then please repost what proceeded it as well. Why don't you repost where I insulted someone who simply said something positive about our team and didn't insult me first? U won't be able, so quit the moaning and find a mirror.

I go at the elites and U protect them with everything U have and take your frustrations out on those closest (have access) to you. Golden and UM administration don't know and aint checking for U. Why can't I blame the UM Board ultimately (its not even Golden's fault really--they gave him the gig and he's doing his best). No one that I criticize, is on this board. Has there been issues of administrative oversight, crazy turnover, lack of continuity or institutional control (at times), defections of coaches, players, and ADs, scandals, sanctions, incompetent hires--in the last ten years? I believe issues begin with those in leadership capacities--thats all--and I see no one even remotely questioning those with the most money, power and influence to correct or dispel these issues. You'd rather yell at your own demographic, than utter a critique of those in charge. That's "Stephen" from Django status.

I hope Deon and Rayshawn get up to speed fast at safety. AJ and Kacy will play regardless as rboud said though.

The D-Linemen jumped right in to the line-up, makes me think of what we had there prior to their arrivals. Nonetheless, I happy they're aboard. What happened to Earl Moore, Tyrik McCord and Corey King? Ereck Flowers looks locked in and I love Feliciano's play. Also great to see Clements back, we needed another strong back and he's always been my favorite since high school at BTW.

Harriet, trying to reposition herself with a couple semi-positives to give an appearance of (faux) balance. You were better as a 100% jerk.

Harriet, trying to reposition herself with a couple semi-positives to give an appearance of (faux) balance. You were better as a 100% jerk.
Posted by: mountain cane | August 20, 2013 at 08:03 AM

I agree. He got caught in a lie and is now going to spam these pages with backtracking until folks forget he started this mess, while pretending to be a Cane fan that used to post on another site. I respect the Curse/Soldy types more because at least they're out with it and overt. I'd rather know my enemy than not.

Harriet is a Koran-thumping moron.

Cane secondary will be a national joke!

Nate Dortch??? Lmao

Good morning u silly cane clucks... I'm here to give u ur lesson and homework assignment for the day... Can u read ? Here we go...

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ok, are u at the 2014 recruiting rankings page yet ? Good for u, we're on our way...

Now, take a very good look at where the present "Top-Program" teams with only 14-18 commits and along with their AVERAGE per man *-rating are ranked in "August" like...


#2) Alabama - 18 -- 3.6 *

#4) miami -- 26 --- 3.1 *

#5) Ohio St.- 17 -- 3.4 *

#6) Notre Dame- 17 - 3.7 *

#9) Georgia -- 16 - 3.5 *

#11) T AnM -- 14 - 3.6 *

#12) Clemson - 15 - 3.4 *

#13) Michigan- 15 - 3.4 *

#14) FLORIDA -- 15 - 3.6 *

#16) LSU ------ 14 - 3.4 *

#22) Auburn --- 14 - 3.3

#26) S. Car. -- 13 - 3.5


u see that page now ? u see what ALL these alike Top-Ranked Programs have in common in August ? YES !!! Good answer cane cluck ! Right, their classes are 13-18 TOP commits that basically average 3.5* per player. The Coaches of the Top-Programs have a recruiting model that allows room during and at the end of the Season to ADD the TOP-TALENT that has yet to commit or WILL decomit (in ur case) in Dec.-Jan.-Feb. Make sense now cane clods ? No ? ok lets continue shall we. I'll try to put it into the very simplest of term just for u.

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Did anyone see how Rogers and Highsmith performed during Fall camp? Have they made improvements?

I cannot believe that the blog Pig, with his busy and successful life, took the time to type that page long garbage which no one will read anyway.


You can have the most talented players in the world. But they mean nothing if goldie and d'o intentionally place them in defenses out of position and leave huge gaps in their three man defensive line and in their zone, no pass coverage secondary.

A defense which allows more than 14 points in ANY game is a losing defense and d'o is a loser.

We got U and U ain't gonna like it... U have just U to blame...

U won't have a decent full recruiting class again until 2020...

50 schollies over 5 years and 10 years probation as a repeat multiple Habitual offender... u did it to urselves over 30 years.

Gross Lack of Institutional Control for many, many, many years past.

Be prepared and put on ur hardhats as the sledgehammer is about to fall.

if goldie is dropping practices when he should be adding practices, maybe he knows Miami is going to get the death penalty. Gee, thanks shalalalalalala. The good news is that goldie will probably leave and take d'o and maybe shalalalalala will get fired.

Yawn. Troll changes IDs, and tries to claim our #4 Rivals ranking isn un justified, with a 3.1 average, while skipping half the list.

Hey loser, Auburn at 3.3 is a Top program, but Miami with 3.1 is not? Suuuurrrreee...

How about this: The folks at Rivals know more about recruiting than you do. Accept it and move on to Gator Clause where you belong.

It must be a slow day again in Trailerville, cause the Gaytor trolls are out from under their mother's skirt and posting here again. Just how obsessed can one person be? I know it's tough being the little brother of the State for so many years, and getting your butts whipped for over a decade by the Canes, it leads to insecurity and envy. Now, take it easy Jethro, go back to Granny and have some possum Stew, while you wait to take your sister Ellie Mae to the back of the trailer for some good ol' country loving....please leave those farm animals alone and go visit your Gaytor team in jail, take them some cigarettes and K-Y jelly, and keep some for yourself cause you will need it up there in Gaynesville a/k/a Deliverance Country.

Harriet, trying to reposition herself with a couple semi-positives to give an appearance of (faux) balance. You were better as a 100% jerk.
Posted by: mountain cane | August 20, 2013 at 08:03 AM

Thanks mountain, this post validates my point! Your basically saying that U noticed some balance in my posts and would rather me be unbalanced to justify your comic book-esque Unity Council League vs. Sybil group internet rivalry illusion. U need a villain to have a purpose. Where are your balanced posts--free of slurping Golden and defending other elites U don't know, no matter what. Free of attacking other bloggers? U are limited and jealous my friend.

fan72 i agree that if coaches intentionally put players out of position it doesnt matter how talented they are. a defense that gives up more than 14pts in ANY game will lose if the offense scores <14pts. tough to speculate on why camp ended early but expecting the death penalty surely would not be one. not sure if it was one last effort to try to reduce ncaa penalties. ncaa are known to cut available practice time as part of sanctions. u want the staff out which is fine. could be the right choice, but doesnt mean the new ones would have any more success...see notre dame coaching roulette the last 20+ years.

My feeling about Dye is that the NCAA said he must go, not Miami.

At least notre damn went to the big dance last year.

And if it were not for a blown ref call in Jimmy's Mia - notre damn game, a bought off ref in the zero state game with all their academic violations, and testaverde throwing 7 passes to penn state, Miami would have 8 national championships with a bunch of different but great coaches starting with Howard bringing Don Shula's playbook to UM. I guess UM had to let other teams have a NC once in a while or other colleges would have dropped football like Miami is going to have to do soon with shalalala running the show.

The minute you see only three def. linemen on any team in the country, you can be reasonably sure that team is going to lose. d'o's defense would stop other teams with four down defensive linemen, then he would have them go to three defensive linemen and a no pass coverage zone, big gap defense on third and long. And the other teams easily converted for first down. I find it amazing that goldie and d'o are so stupid. But statistics on scores and yardages other teams run up on Miami do not lie.

Dis year da swag is back we got some young thundercats DAT wanna make some play's. Oh btw CAN WE start back wearing those black cleats

He closed camp because we are ready! Period!
NCAA has nothing to do with it. No need for camp now, time to rest a day or so , and get ready for game planning. Don't think the coaches aren't planning for Florida early. And also what they gone hold back on against fiu... so Florida dont have much film on us.

Don't feed the Ufraud Trolls...

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