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Miami Hurricanes Video: Golden, D'Onofrio, Coley, Kehoe, Green and McCord talk FAU, season opener on Monday

The Hurricanes are only a few days away from opening the season Friday night against FAU.

Here are some video clips from this morning's press conference with Coach Al Golden, defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio, offensive coordinator James Coley, offensive line coach Art Kehoe, defensive end Shayon Green and linebacker Tyriq McCord.


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Funny how I get lumped in with Gallo and Calvin on one post, and then with Ron Zook and 9>5>2 in another. They are on polar opposites and I am independent of both groups.

nevermind, ur very capable of beating urself... carry on typing with one hand, eyes half shut, mouf drooling wide open while dreaming of a cane resurgence going on 8 straight years.

Hey OVERBLOWN, how about we see one beatdown before you claim I have been beaten down.

Posted by: Five Titles | August 27, 2013 at 09:40 AM


here u go ... start with these 12 examples ...

ur much improved 2013 'efense with the loss of 4 key starters will be top-30 this year huh ...

BC--- 32 points - 29 first downs - 550 yards ...

KSU-- 52 points - 27 first downs - 500 yards ...

GT--- 36 points - 20 first downs - 420 yards ...

NCSt. 37 points - 30 first downs - 664 yards ...

ND -- 41 points - 28 first downs - 550 yards ...

UNC-- 14 points - 30 first downs - 486 yards ... (UNC-5 T.O.'s)

FSU-- 33 points - 23 first downs - 450 yards ...

Vir.- 41 points - 27 first downs - 520 yards ...

Duke- 45 points - 30 first downs - 600 yards ...

ur dynamic O. against the only 3 decent teams u played ?

KSU -- 13 points - 13 first downs - 262 yards ...

ND ---- 3 points - 12 first downs - 285 yards ...

FSU--- 20 points - 14 first downs - 258 yards ...

best in the Country riiieet ? Well, if u just play unranked teams maybe.

August 14, 2013
"With injuries mounting, UM coach Al Golden says he doesn't feel good about offensive line depth."
Note that this was in regards to a couple of MINOR injuries to BACKUPS.

Gator troll reaction:
Ur lack of QUALITY Depth will doom U
Posted by: THE REAL DON SOLDY | August 14, 2013 at 03:39 PM

August 26, 2013
"Last week, offensive coordinator Brent Pease reluctantly admitted he was a tad concerned UF’s projected starting o-line hadn’t practiced together (much, if any) during camp."
Note that this was BEFORE they lost their MEDIOCRE starter Chaz Green.

My reaction:
So much for that Gator Quality Depth we keep hearing you rant about, OVERBLOWN EGO.

Another KARMA load just dumped on the namechanging Gator troll, LMAO at the obsessed loser. On 9/8 this troll will become a lifelong Noles fan, because his days of clinging to Gator glory from 2008 will be ovah!

Umm, that was our defense from last year, and the post was not in response to me. How is that a beatdown of me personally, fool.

Meanwhile, I saw no response to my destruction of your Gallo ID's fake casualty list.
See, when you get beat down, you just change IDs, like the dunk tank clown that you are. You get dunked, get soaked, then climb up and try to pretend it never happened.

The difference is, at least a dunk tank clown gets a cut of the two bucks paid in at the booth, yu are taking these beatings and dunkings and humiliations for FREE, fool.

Nothing will change on 9/8, you internet nerds don't care about college football, you losers only care about your fake internet rivalry.

Since when is bieng positive moronic , I did not say we were the only young team in the country , I do think it contributed to the problems on defense ,I did not say lifting weights was the "end all be all' in football , and we lost 1 starter on defense so no other 21 year olds with 2 years "U" tough program matters . I am not on the Mark Ds bandwagon , still don't trust him or his coaching but I guarantee we will improve significantly . That is my belief and I am entitled to it as you are your opinion . Negativity breeds negativity so as a Cane fan I dont get it . You want Canes to be better do your part and stop putting out negative crap for recruits and fans to read . Go Canes

How old are you 15? Do you think a recruit will decides what college he will attend by some bloggers opinion on a website?

The only thing that will help recruits come is when No'D leaves.

You nor Coach Golden tongue can convince me finishing four spots from the very bottom on defense is okay. How can there be anything positive to say about that?

July 21st:

“I’m extremely disappointed in Antonio Morrison’s decision making,” Muschamp said on Twitter.

Last week, Muschamp said he was disappointed in Morrison's behavior and in the process of disciplining him. At the time, the third-year coach pointed to his history of handling off-the-field issues with a firm hand.

“I think my track record speaks for itself,” Muschamp said. “We have consequences if a guy makes a poor decision. When a young man makes a poor decision there’s a litany of things that I make them (do to) work themselves back.

August 5th:
“As a coach or a parent, you have to find out what is important and what are the consequences that can alter and change behavior, along with educating the young man,” Muschamp said.

August 27th:
“I just don’t feel like his actions warranted a two-game suspension,” Muschamp said. Punching an innocent human being that was doing his JOB, and then taunting an innocent animal that is doing it's JOB, and he just needs to miss out on a Toledo warmup game? Suuuuurrreee.

What was it Muschamp said again? “I think my track record speaks for itself,” Muschamp said.

Ahh, yes it does, Muschamp, it certainly does. It says that the August Muschamp cannot even agree with the July Muschamp.

See, this guy gets it. The arrest is not the reason for the suspension, the DECISION MAKING (Muschamp's July words, not mine) was the reason. Being out partying at 3am and going near a cop car to taunt their dog, bad decision making.


So yeah, Muschamp, your track record speaks for itself, you don't get your team to the finish line, without backing off on your word a few times first.

• Though news of redshirt freshman receiver Jontavious Carter being off the roster was reported Saturday, Golden said Monday that Carter was dismissed from the team. He would not elaborate.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/27/3587776/miami-hurricanes-erecting-great.html#storylink=cpy

Carter was dismissed...and no comment.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 27, 2013 at 06:30 AM

More importantly, another moment of silence from those imbeciles who kept trying to argue the point about whether carter left on his own or got the axe. Alot of these guys in here are slow, they haven't figured it out by now how coach goldie does things, he's being one of the greatest do-boys in the history of UM by following the mantra to the tee set by troll shalala when she said "We're recruiting a different kind of athlete to the University of Miami" so basically what's happening is, when they recruit you and they mis-read you in what they're looking for attitude wise, once they coach goldie see's somethign he doesn't like, and you don't conform to the way they think you should be on a personal level, they axe you.

This type of cowatry has got to go, coach goldie is trying to use ole plantation tatics, trying to prop up certain players over others as far as how others should be. This is why he makes it a point to keep pointing out well "so & so he comes from a good family" you don't say stupid shat like that at UM, because alot of kids here didn't come from the best of situations, so when you prop one player up over another, as if any of them had a choice in what they were born into, it's stupid and that's the wrong type of psychology to be using while here.

To much focusing in on personalities instead of just coaching and allowing guys to come into their own. Again, cutting an axing freshman and redshirt freshman is stupid and shows immaturity on the part of coach goldie and this ass-ministration!

You nor Coach Golden tongue can convince me finishing four spots from the very bottom on defense is okay.
Posted by: True Cane | August 27, 2013 at 10:34 AM
PLEASE show where ANYONE said that finishing four spots from the bottom is okay.

Straw man arguing at it's worst. Debate a claim nobody made, then beat up the claim, and then declare victory.

AGAIN. Nobody likes our defensive performance last year, and we hold the coaches accountable for it. How is that still up for argument?

Saying we will be better this year is hopeful, logical, and something that happens on EVERY sports board as the season begins. Why is that so terrible?

I'm admittedly tired of beating a dead horse, when the proof is often above in print, in words, in body language, in stats, in video etc. The point was never to berate another Cane fan to death or to be right, for me. The truth is apparent to anyone who has read here of late and the beat down argument-wise has definitely now gone into the unnecessary/"overdoing it" stomping phases. This is border-line bullying and I'm gonna stop.

Its at the point where, even if the person now agrees, they won't even feel comfortable admitting as much because their pride as been invoked and ego challenged. Its like trying to convince your brother that his new honey is a gold digger, he doesn't want to believe that because she has made him feel so good, says the right things and looks the part. He doesn't believe he can do any better, but U KNOW for sure, he can!

True Cane, was right when he said that this undying love, hope fandom, and acceptance of mediocrity which some believe is "support", is actually doing more harm than good. And with the jewelry (knowledge given), I'm gonna apply the same concept to myself and acknowledge that at this point, I may be doing more harm than good, by pointing out every inconsistency of this staff.

When someone is in love, opposition does nothing but push them further together, making their eventual break-up even worst. I've drank kool-aid and I like to feel good, so I understand. Sober Canes have seen this movie before, have purchased a lemon, and bought fake jerseys and Jordan's off the internet lol! Kidding.

Why is it so terrible for me to voice my opinion that the reason we struggled on defense is not because the kids were young and too small?

The fact that we as fans have to "hope" to finish in the top 50 on defense is disgusting. When did that crap begin?

Five Titles, alot of things U are responding to weren't said by U, but that doesn't mean that they weren't said at all. U taking on every conflicting point presented helps U to be lumped in with the group of posters that do say crazy, untrue, and non-sensical things.

GaCane, positive becomes moronic when U begin to believe that a fan is only allowed a positive thought or comment and can't critique or judge those paid to perform. True positivity does always promote positivity. But healthy negativity (thats a hash word to use of course) or tough love also is proven to produce positive results as well. I've been surrounded by examples of people turning a negatives into a positives my entire life. Even if as Calvin said, the negative is in their home and they were raised on that negativity.

True cane I recall in my last post that you have a right to your opinion as does everyone else . It's not terrible for you to say that but to insist that it has nothing to do with it does not make sense . How can players that are bigger , stronger and more experienced not improve ? By your way of thinking lets do away with all the weightlifting and gaining experience and devote all our time changing the scheme because thats the whole problem , If we have the right scheme , we have smaller , weaker and less experienced players and we will be a better defense . And you would be surprised what kind of things a kid lets dictate where he goes to school at . I know if I were in that situation and lived in Miami I would certainly read about a team I was considering . Go Canes


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