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Morris throws two TD passes in Canes first scrimmage

The Miami Hurricanes held their first closed preseason scrimmage of the fall Sunday, a scripted 90-minute exhibition with referees and artificial crowd noise in mid-90 degree heat.

According to UM's sports information staff, Stephen Morris threw two TDs, a one-yarder to fullback Maurice Hagens and a 30-yarder in which receiver Phillip Dorsett made an over-the-shoulder catch to end the scrimmage. Redshirt freshman running back Danny Dillard posted a 3-yard TD and senior RB Eduardo Clements later found pay dirt from six yards out – all after initial contact to barrel into the end zone.

Defensively, the Hurricanes registered three sacks, four tackles for loss, three pass deflections and three pass break-ups.

Sophomore kicker Matt Goudis was a perfect 3-for-3 on field goal attempts, knocking home all three kicks from between 45-47 yards out.

Several players were held out of action. Junior DL David Perry, sophomore DB Deon Bush and sophomore RB Brandon Yosha were in red (non-contact) jerseys, while six other Canes were not in pads – junior DE Ufomba Kamalu, senior DT Justin Renfrow, senior DE David Gilbert, junior DE Anthony Naser, freshman OL Hunter Knighton and freshman DE Naim Mustafaa.

The scrimmage opened with goal line and short yardage situations as the offense showcased a number of different looks. The next set of plays flipped the field, with the ball being spotted inside the five-yard line.

The Hurricanes are off Monday and will return to practice Tuesday morning with their second two-a-days practice of camp.


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Posted by: Calvin | August 12, 2013 at 09:11 AM

The reason everyone thinks you're a Gators fan is that they can't believe that anyone would be such a loser in their personal life that they would live on this worthless cesspool of a blog 24/7 spending hours writing long posts that have absolutely no point.

That isn't by way of insult but an explanation. The only person anyone's ever seen who was as big a loser as you personally is that Gators fan who lives here spouting his nonsense all day every day.

It defies logic that anyone with as messed up opinions about UM football as you would spend this much time on this crappy blog, so the only explanation really is that you're a troll who gets a kick out of riling people up.

If that's not the case then you really need to get some help and find someone to talk to, because no normal person would do what you've been doing on this website for months.

Bingo, Gary. So obvious all can see it, even the moronic Sybil (Dumb Dumb D/Galloinda/Lady Calvina /etc.

She tries her best to blow enough smoke to cover the obvious but it is an a clear FAIL.

Why would a blogger be so obsessed with another that he would make the blogger's name part of his ID?
Then the same obsessed low life would steal the other's name and impersonate him.
Why are you ignoramuses so obsessed with Calvinand Gallo?
Why are you acussing others to be pretend fans or gator fans in disguise?
Why don't you post what you think and be prepared to back up what you say if challenged in a harmonious manner.
Enough name calling, just speak the truth.

No worse than " retard" spending hours responding to Calvin

I don't see a gaytor fan on here pretending.

Posted by: Calvin | August 12, 2013 at 10:43 AM


We have one that claims he is Don Soldinger.
Then he claims he is Art Kehoe.
Then he posts as delUsional cane, spewing overblown fake rhetoric that he then bashes in his gator persona.

Either you are blind to these facts, or you are involved in the activity and are just adding on with this innocent act.

We have been here alot longer than you and know his game alot better than you, so don't claim there are no gators posing as Canes fans when we have obsessed gatorloving/canehating ids like yours, gallo, and 'd', claiming they were kicked off other sites and so they HAVE to post here.

Posted by: Shannon AND golden suck

lol, this is the best ID of the year! and what he says is so true

Five Titles is correct. Particularly the blog Pig a/ka/ Soldy a/k/a Curse of Art Kehoe. He is a disgruntled near 50-year old loser who knows much Cane history but is bitter in his disgusting trailerpark Costco graveyard-shift life.

He will make idiotic predictions (See: game results and recruiting) then, when shown to be wrong, will disappear like the coward he is.

Ain't that right, Pig?

"Why would a blogger be so obsessed with another that he would make the blogger's name part of his ID?"

I dunno, ask Curse Piggy and his alias Soldy, who claim they were not on here all summer yet SOMEONE was posting as them with Gator recruiting news.

"Then the same obsessed low life would steal the other's name and impersonate him."

I dunno, ask Curse Piggy and his alias Soldy, who start fights among Canes fans by stealing one ID to insult another ID. then they post under that ID more than the original poster, causing the original to leave.

"Why are you ignoramuses so obsessed with Calvinand Gallo?"
Why are Calvin and Gallo so obsessed with this site, insulting every Cane fan on here until someone retaliates?

"Why are you acussing others to be pretend fans or gator fans in disguise?"

Because it is obvious that fans with IDs like "HarrietTubmanCane", "delUsionalcane", "the real don soldy", are not canes fans, and since they post pro-gator stuff as part of their diatribes, they are likely not Noles fans.

"Why don't you post what you think and be prepared to back up what you say if challenged in a harmonious manner."
Done so many times. Then had the ID stolen and the conversation is no longer harmonious.

"Enough name calling, just speak the truth."
Okay. The truth is that for the past five years, there has been an obsessed Gator fan that has haunted every Canes site they are not banned from. They change IDs (like Coach No D), post racist lies, hide behind their keyboard despite many offers to meet up in person, and insult and steal IDs, doing all they can to KEEP IT from being harmonious on here. The newspapers IP ban them, and they move on to the next workstation or the next waffle house Wifi.

That is the truth, and nothing in your weak attempt at claiming otherwise will change that. Funny how someone asks for no namecalling with an ID namecalling a Canes coach.

Posted by: Coach No D | August 12, 2013 at 12:43 PM

Funny indeed Five but besides the point.
My ID does not name any specific person, you presume it refers to a cane coach. It is your assumption.
Names like Come on Calvin, Gallo loves KAK, Calvina, Gallober etc are clear and leave no doubt.
You imply that I am one of these posters you complain about, not true.
You are full of speculation and insinuations with little proof.
The Soldys, Kehoe, and delUsionalcane posters are obviously gators and not in hiding, they are loud and clear, if you can't tell that is your problem.
Calvin, Gallo, Tallycane etc are just voicing their displeasure with the current regime and have the right to do so, they are insulted in the process while you claim they are the ones insulting others.
The amount of hate and name calling directed at them is not warranted.
That is the truth, can you handle it?

We are the canes..........
Our offense is a juggernaut every practice
Touchdowns by Morris, touchdowns by Duke, touchdowns on special teams, touchdowns by Sebastian.......
Get ready FAU and Savannah High School
Summer is so full of promise
Too bad for the Fall
Wish it would always be Spring and Summer
Don't even mention the Winter cold.........
You know bad things happen in the cold....
And in the rain......
And every Fall......
And so it goes for cane fandom.....
Did you see how big and strong our defenders got?
One can only hope, and dream..........
Jacory is long gone
Goodbye INT machine
Hello No D
Coach, is that a reference to you?

Posted by: Coach No D | August 12, 2013 at 01:52 PM

Please. Everyone who's followed this blog over the years knows that there are only a select handfull of people who troll each other back and forth using a bunch of different names.

Jim Gallo and Calvin showed up at exactly the same time, a time when coincidentally the capital U troll completely disappeared.

Both of them are so insanely negative with absolutely no point to make. EVERYONE knows Golden needs to win more games, EVERYONE hates D'Onofrio.

Yet there are only two "canes fans" here who spin that into every little detail that's written about UM being negative.

That's the definition of a troll.

It doesn't matter if they're "UM fans", none of you losers are college football fans, if that was the case UM fans wouldn't be talking about UF and vice versa. UM and UF aren't rivals, they only play once every five years in college football.

So whatever your "allegiance" you "Gators fans" and "Calvin/Jim Gallo" are just miserable trolls, the college football is just an excuse for you to spend all day on the internet trolling each other about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

That's not denial sh1thead, what I stated was reality. Less than a month away. The clocks a tickin

Posted by: championships is all that matters | August 12, 2013 at 01:40 AM


QUOTE... "There is nothing that I have denied about the defense from last year. Yes it was bad, but if you look at the defense which was extremely young, and actually watched the games you would see that the defense improved dramatically throughout the year."

"you would see that the defense improved dramatically throughout the year." ???


Disproven by givining up 57 First Downs - 96 Points - 1063 Total Yards in TWO of their final THREE Games to 2 of the WORST teams in the ACC and College Football... That's worse than their first 9-10 games giving up an average of 25 first downs - 33 points - 450 yards per game... That is DRAAAAAMATIC IMPROVEMENT ?

Not only are U in complete denial, U are a typical blind Homer that see's it how U want to wish and hope it would be and not for what it truly is. Which proves another thing, U haven't the Education nor Football Intelligence to admit when Ur wrong...

Ur the definition of being in denial and delusional and everyone here see's it. U speak in hoping what u say will become the truth and not what has been the truth for the facts to backup Ur BOLD, yet Stupid comments... But Ur a Cane Fan that has had Ur AZZZ kicked and Big Mouf zipped shut for going on over 8 years now, spouting off again in August hoping this is the year U just might get it right only to be shutup again come November/December...

When U say ... "There is nothing that I have denied about the defense from last year." And then the VERY NEXT Sentence is a blatent denial point and not factual but only to U... THAT'S DENIAL Candyland Cane.

BOTTOM LINE : That Cane 'efense DID NOT IMPROVE IN WEEK 10-12 from WEEK 1-9... Any Real Cane fan would agree... The Delusional one that is in total Denial, is ALWAYS the last to Realize it...

Tell'm Intelligent Cane Fans ... Guys like this blind homer gives U all a blackeye.





See what I mean? The Pig just woke from his nap after working the graveyard shift at Costco.

Sad sack Pig.

Say "Hello" to Aaaron Hernandez and Antonio Morrison will ya fellas!

Hi Boys!

Well, got to admit, he, Soldy the troll, has a point. I could not believe my eyes during that last game against Duke. It literally made me sick to my stomach knowing the season ended, albeit a win, but just such a mundane nonjoyous a win as I ever felt after a Cane Victory. The game before was good against S. Florida, but that was a beat up and really bad football team. The only thing worse than the Duke game was in fact the game at Virgina giving up nearly 600 yards before S. Florida. Obviously that game was worse because we lost, but I really felt no better after the Duke game.

Hoping with fingers crossed the Defense can step it up this year. But crossing my fingers, cheering for the Canes this year is not a position that I'm comfortable with. Coach Golden is talking the talk bigtime about the Defense this summer camp. But as a friend of mine from Missouri always says to me, "Show Me."

"See what I mean? The Pig just woke from his nap after working the graveyard shift at Costco."

Hard to see what you mean when you keep changing your name every other post. I replied to Five Titles and then "Retard" and "Agreed" answered.
Then you go on and call others "Sybil", why don't you pick a name and stick to it.

I can't believe my canes are only signing CabesFest posteers. What am I going to do with my new canes boxers that I wanted signed?

Go 'Canes!

namechanging troll says
"Why are you acussing others to be pretend fans or gator fans in disguise?"
So I show him three.

His response?
"The Soldys, Kehoe, and delUsionalcane posters are obviously gators and not in hiding, they are loud and clear, if you can't tell that is your problem."
You asked, I gave examples, how is that my problem? You got proven WRONG< and can't accept it. I figure you will change IDs again and claim you never siad that in the first place.

How many days have you been "Coach No D"? You are in no position to demand others stay with one name, when we have seen what you do to IDs that stay the same, troll.

And you are not the real Don Soldinger, he has a far higher IQ than the garbage you spew on here, sicko.

Really wish they would turn the comments section of this cesspool off.

THAT'S 1 - NEW S. F.L.A. GATOR ...

[]_[] Stay TuNED Later Tonight And Beyond ...


There's only one effeminate slunkmeat Pig that posts in all caps. We all know him as the blog Pig.

The Florida Gators appear poised to add three top recruits Monday, as wide receiver Ermon Lane and defensive backs Chris Lammons and Quincy Wilson announce their college choices. The highly-touted trio, all based out of the Sunshine State, have coordinated their announcements, and Florida is the odds-on favorite to land at least two of them.

Lane is arguably the nation's top high school wide receiver. The 6'3, 193-lb. wideout from Homestead received a five-star rating from 24/7 Sports and a consensus spot among the nation's top four receiver prospects. While Lane holds offers from Alabama, Miami, Ohio State, Florida State, and LSU, recruiting experts have speculated for some time that they were all chasing the Gators. It has been months since any recruiting analyst at 24/7 Sports has predicted a program othe than Florida as his eventual landing place.

Wilson is a defensive back caught between positions and rankings. While Rivals and ESPN project him as a four-star prospect, Scout and 24/7 are not as high. And while some analysts (including Rivals) believe the 6'2 Wilson can play cornerback at the next level, others are convinced he is destined to play safety. Wilson holds offers from 50 programs, including most of the SEC. However, much like Lane, the consensus has settled on Florida as the destination for the Ft. Lauderdale-based defensive back.

The biggest question mark headed into monday may be Chris Lammons, the 5'9, 170-lb. cornerback/athlete out of Ft. Lauderdale's Plantation High. Lammons is a consensus four-star recruit, and widely considered one of the top 35 cornerback prospects in the nation. Much like Lane and Wilson, he has been widely expected to choose Florida from a crowded offer sheet. However, just days before his scheduled announcement, consensus has turned against the Gators and toward South Carolina. The Gators already have commitments from 2014 cornerbacks J.C. Jackson and Duke Dawson, both players with similar build, speed, and skill sets to those of Lammons.

Florida has 13 commits in its 2014 class entering Monday. If everything goes as planned for the Gators, it could well be a class of 16 by the end of the day.


[]_[] enjoy HALF []_[]r 2014 Class that was offered by ZERO Top-20 Programs... The GATOR WILL have 15 commits after tonight and NOT ONE wans not offered by MULTIPLE Top-20 Teams... That's why []_[] are []_[] and the BEST are the BEST ... Just wait til Feb. when []_[]r better commits bolt, while the GATORS and TOP-Programs clean-up...

[]_[]r Tombstone should read... "HIGH n ALIVE In Spring n Summer... DEAD n B[]_[]RIED In Fall n Winter...

namechanging troll:
1. He hasn't signed with you yet, you are prematurely celebrating.
2. Will he be there on 9-7 to help you against the Canes? No? Then WE DON'T CARE.
3. how sad that even the slightest bit of good news gets to Florida after Aaron Hernandez and Riley Cooper, and you come HERE, FIRST, to announce it.
4. Funny that Coach No D (who changes names constantly himself) demands we pick a name and stick to it, and sicko shows up right afterward to show the hypocrisy of his request.

Hey Coach No D, I figure you won't give this guy any grief, since he is a gator fan just like you. Heck, he might BE you, since you both are on at the same time spewing the same nonsesne on a blog about a team you don't even follow.



Yeah man she and OGV's old lady "Annie" or specifically "Annie Body." Google it and watch Annie get her insides torn out by a big black snake. She like the dark guys and has ridiculously cheap bolt-on teets. SKANKORANA! Can't believe OGV hits that worn out hag

Dude...I think were set at DB for awhile now...receiver as well....haha....you guys need the help after looking at your recruit list so far.

1. He/They hasn't signed with you yet, you are prematurely celebrating.


That only applies to u Mr. WE GOTS 26 COMMITS IN SEPTEMBER !!! (and HALF SuCK) ... It was u that lost Multiple Recruit commits last year in December/Feb ... It was u that had multiple commits that didn't qualify this year. It was u that had to scramble to sign multiple transfers in SEPT. and AUG. that their original teams no longer want because they're DEAD WEIGHT ...


That's the difference between TOP-PROGRAMS , the rest ... and then u.


u enjoy the rest of ur night... we GATORS will, just like we have for soooo long and will continue to do so in the future...


MO MONEY $ ... MO MONEY $ ... MO MONEY $ ...

They add one recruit and go bananas....I GET IT....

Could UF have the #1 ranked class after tonight? Top 3 or 5 for sure. That sucks.

Posted by: SOUP | August 12, 2013 at 06:11 PM


Reality ... What a concept HuH cane cluck ? uR worst nightmare will only get worse ...

Just heard from a reliable source from Canespace, InsidetheU and CanesInsider that on WQAM at 9pm on the High School Football report tonight both Ermon Lane and Quincey Wilson will announce they'll be CANES BABY ! They'll start chanting, IT's ALL ABOUT THE U ! Then there will be a special phone call on the QAM hotline from Chris Lammons who will decommit from the gaytors and commit to the U too ! No BS, this is a set up as these kids want to be the beggining of bring back the CANE SWAG ! And what better way to do it by punking the gaytors and doing a GAYTOR FLOP live on radio ! I'm not kidding. There's a lot of former Canes at the U School in Davie that have learned these kids about the U tradition and how we need to dis the Gaytors. So tune in at 9 on WQAM and listen to history being made by the new leaders and captains of Dat Cane Swag Baby !!!

Settle in to LOSE cane fools. Nine O'clock is coming. When the NCAA hammers drops
Your class will disintegrate like Annie's uterus.

Cane Swag is Back ! U Will See !

wrong again cane loser, just like all your other baseless predictions and exaggerated claims, like you are set at DB, right
dUmb and delUsional losers

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