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Good news: Curtis Porter (back) wearing black jersey at Tuesday morning practice

Hurricanes coach Al Golden put out a worry signal Monday during his press conference when he said starting senior defensive tackle Curtis Porter was dealing with back issues lately.

There might not be any reason to worry now.

Porter, who has missed more than a few games in his career with injuries, was wearing a black jersey (designated for starters) and looking healthy Tuesday morning during drills. The Hurricanes badly need Porter to be healthy. He makes a huge difference in the run defense when he's been in there. 

> The battle for the starting job at strong side linebacker appears to be sophomore Thurston Armbrister's to lose at this point. He was wearing a black jersey Tuesday morning. Freshman Alex Figueroa, listed as a co-starter at strong side linebacker, was wearing green.

> Junior Jonathan Feliciano continues to run with the first team at right tackle. Seantrel Henderson was sitting behind Feliciano in stretching exercises. 

> There were no players wearing yellow (non-contact) or red (out) jerseys. 


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this sounds good... READY FOR THE FREAKIN SEASON TO START!! here's hoping to an NC win over SC so when the U plays them it'll boost us up THAT much higher when we pound them!! LEGGOO CANES!! 3 days until mayhem!!

Good news about Porter. He is absolutely necessary for the Canes defense.

A Clemson win would be good, too. Then when we face them in the ACCCG, it will really help our ranking.

Thank god these comment pages did not exist in 1984.
The Hatefilled Negative Nancys of that era would have been whining BIGTIME:

1984, 8-5.
Jimmy Johnson took our team that won a national championship and proceeded to blow three big leads in a row, ruined Bernie Kosar's Heisman run with his terrible defense, and had an NCAA record choke against Maryland. MARYLAND fergodsakes. Who blows a 31-0 lead like that? Howard never did.

This Jimmy guy is all talk and promises and no action. And what kind of defense was that against Boston College? We made Doug Flutie look like a Heisman winner out there, the guy is what, 5-2? And then you at least have a bowl game to send the seniors out on a high, and you choke AGAIN versus a mediocre UCLA team. This team is going nowhere with this guy at the helm. You can praise his hair all you want, but it's over for the University of Miami. And it is all Jankovichs fault for not offering Howard more money. And then he grabs this Jimmy guy that never finished better than third in his conference and was only four games over .500 in five years of coaching. He went 4-5-2 just two years ago, I bet Oklahoma State was HAPPY to get rid of this guy that we are stuck with now.

And then in 1985? 10-2

Well, he did it again. Howards boys are getting the job done, but he puts his handpicked interception machine in Testaverde in there and singlehandedly ruins our title chances again. What is that two bowl losses in a row? The guy might as well have worn a Tennessee uniform he was throwing to them so often. We gotta fire this entire coaching staff. We should have taken Gary Stevens, he was the one the players wanted and they would have won it all under him.

And of course, 1986. 11-1.

Did you see how this guy ruined a perfect season? AGAIN he put the ball in the hands of that INT machine, and now people in Penn State are celebrating in the showers while our boys just saw their title chances ruined by Jimmy AGAIN. Jankovich needs to go, Jimmy needs to go, the guy has lost three straight bowl games. Howard never did that. What is this guys' claim to fame again? They beat Baylor in the Bluebonnet Bowl to get him this cushy job with the Canes? Cmon man. And those fatigues they were wearing? Canes never did THAT before, what kind of message is THAT sending to recruits. This guy is out of control.

Yep, it is a good thing that wasn't what Canes fans had to hear EVERY DAY for three years before we won it all in 1987, 1989, 1991, and 2001.

It's good to see Armbrister on the first unit. No matter how tough and talented Figueroa may be, he's never played a down of college football. I'm sure he has a bright future, but he will make a lot of mental errors early in his career, like most young players. You can't duplicate experience with anything else.

I calmly and politely asked a question of D and answered a question from True Cane. It got twisted into being that I was screaming about how the punter was going to save our defense and that I was accepting a mediocre result in hoping for a Top 50 defense and that I was being beat down. Nice job twisting the words I said.

AGAIN. I don't think our defense is good. Never said that.
AGAIN. I think our defense will rank better than last year, because the special teams and offense will do everything to protect that weak link, and because the teams we face are below mediocre on offense. I said that.

While you are in google mode, see if you can find a list of excuses from Jimmy. Also, let's see if Jimmy ever complained about the schedule. Also, if you think fans weren't bashing Jimmy at that time you are fooling yourself. I gurantee you fans didn't sit back and say maybe if we could just finsh ranked in the top 25 we'll accept that.

Btw, you are using a horrible comparison. You are helping me make my point.


That's why hardcore hurricane fans won't allow themselves to accept screaming " If we could win 9 games that would be a good season"

Five Titles,

While I don't completely agree that you can compare the current college football scene with that of 30+ years ago, you make an EXCELLENT point about patience and the lack thereof surrounding our program.

Good work!

The fact that people have no patience for losing means that the team spoiled them over the years , well the reality is every team in America goes thru hard times and we are no exception , we will be back but unfortunately it won't be right now . Our DC has no excuse now , it is put up or shutup time . If the D is not improved by a large margin it is time for a new DC . Extenuating circumstances over the last 3 years have dictated the speed with which we return to glory and I for one believe we are on the cusp and look forward to the rest of the climb . Go Canes

Five Titles - well said post...we are all hungry for a quality...put your foot on the opposition's throat when you are up mentality...but as fans we have to accept improvement - that left in the Coker era...and has not been around since....the old crawl before you walk analogy...this program has lost the "us against them" attitude that many other programs now possess...it starts with one play, series, etc...cliche' but we do need to see some progression especially on the DFENSE...and OFFENSIVELY we cannot have UVA, BC, NC, etc...putting 4 down lineman and crushing the pocket...that shizat should not be happening...when does Kehoe put his stamp on this line...geez they are monstrous...Morris should not get touched back there...oh well...Five Titles I liked the post...patience is a virtue..let's just win some games...and not lose @ SunLife...protect home field.

• Though news of redshirt freshman receiver Jontavious Carter being off the roster was reported Saturday, Golden said Monday that Carter was dismissed from the team. He would not elaborate.

Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/08/27/3587776/miami-hurricanes-erecting-great.html#storylink=cpy

Carter was dismissed...and no comment.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 27, 2013 at 06:30 AM

More importantly, another moment of silence from those imbeciles who kept trying to argue the point about whether carter left on his own or got the axe. Alot of these guys in here are slow, they haven't figured it out by now how coach goldie does things, he's being one of the greatest do-boys in the history of UM by following the mantra to the tee set by troll shalala when she said "We're recruiting a different kind of athlete to the University of Miami" so basically what's happening is, when they recruit you and they mis-read you in what they're looking for attitude wise, once they coach goldie see's somethign he doesn't like, and you don't conform to the way they think you should be on a personal level, they axe you.

This type of cowatry has got to go, coach goldie is trying to use ole plantation tatics, trying to prop up certain players over others as far as how others should be. This is why he makes it a point to keep pointing out well "so & so he comes from a good family" you don't say stupid shat like that at UM, because alot of kids here didn't come from the best of situations, so when you prop one player up over another, as if any of them had a choice in what they were born into, it's stupid and that's the wrong type of psychology to be using while here.

To much focusing in on personalities instead of just coaching and allowing guys to come into their own. Again, cutting an axing freshman and redshirt freshman is stupid and shows immaturity on the part of coach goldie and this ass-ministration!

Nofrio makes me nervous, Golden's faith in Nofrio makes me more nervous

Pop quiz Friday
Test September 7th

Blind faith does not equal results, but I'm hoping for the best which includes:

1) more turnovers
2) better tackling
3) a d-line that finally gets some push (cuz this is year three of "U-tough")
4) an attacking scheme that doesn't rely upon the offense making a mistake
5) getting off the field on 3rd down

Finally this aint the MAC, I don't want to hear about what they did at Temple (feel my laughter as I type the word "Temple"

I'll be the first to apologize if Nofrio actually shows me something this year...

I thought the offensive line was pretty good last year. They gave up 17 sacks, which is not bad. Duke averaged 6.8 yards a carry. I think the line will be even better this year.

I'll be the first to apologize if Nofrio actually shows me something this year...

Posted by: is it football season yet? | August 27, 2013 at 12:18 PM

No need to. Guy sucked in Year 1 and Year 2. If he does AVERAGE this year he survives, but doesn't deserve praise by any stretch. Unless he makes a Top 10 defense of this group. (Watch how that gets twisted to "Five Titles says Miami will have a Top 10 defense")

"something" means top 30 defense, no credit for a defense ranked 50 or below

Thanks Sidewinder and Mark.

Not even preaching patience at this point, because this is the longest the Donofrio leash should reach, but some folks expect perfection without seeing the whole picture. This team is not the 2001 team, in talent, training, or staff. But hopefully it is better than the 2012 talent, training, and staff.

Good to have porter back, we sure need all the D players we can get. With coach D moving up to the booth this year he will be able to see better and make all the adjustments needed to win
That is why I agree with Five Titles when he says we will have a top 10 defense this year.
Go canes!

Five Titles:

Great post about JJ, and pretty funny too, you are completely right. You could just change JJ's name for Golden and the similarities are striking.

Like you said nobody here saying our defense is good, only that we have good reason to expect great improvement and that there should make a big difference.

True Cane is not a good name for someone who expects a National Championship every year.

Fair enough, IIFSY. I will expect significant improvement, and then praise if he gives us more improvement than that. The suggested 50s is because that should be where they are at just from the easier teams and better talent even with the same scheme. Better scheme and 30s result, then he gets praise for learning lessons as a coach.

Finally this aint the MAC, I don't want to hear about what they did at Temple (feel my laughter as I type the word "Temple"

I'll be the first to apologize if Nofrio actually shows me something this year...

Posted by: is it football season yet? | August 27, 2013 at 12:18 PM

Well, you and like-minded Hurricane partisans should be conditioned to the MANTRA of ' Temple, ' and what not, by now.

Because that's all the vast majority of Canespace bUbba's chant... Look how Goldie and D'Onofrio rescued Temple from the bloody abyss of major college football. Huh.

By the way, you won't have to bloody apologize to the Cane zealots at the conclusion of the season!

Because Miami's D-coordinator will be singing the same ol' tune to y'all Cane fandom... it's the players responsibility to be accountable for their actions, and their conduct on the synthetic-turf. dUh

Unless he makes a Top 10 defense of this group. (Watch how that gets twisted to "Five Titles says Miami will have a Top 10 defense")

Posted by: Five Titles | August 27, 2013 at 12:25 PM


And you are seriously, DAFT just to utter Miami becoming a possible Top 10 team defense this season! Eh. What say.

Because in the history of the B.C.S. era ( circa 1996 ), NO defense from a major conference has IMPROVED from NO. 80-ish percentile to NO. 30, in the team defense category. Let alone from NO.116 to... fill-in-the-blank. hUh

Miami 48

F.A.U. 13

Miami's defense and the Over/Under total yards... 302 yards.

Let's see what the Canes defense is all about!

Unless he makes a Top 10 defense of this group. (Watch how that gets twisted to "Five Titles says Miami will have a Top 10 defense")
Posted by: Five Titles | August 27, 2013 at 12:25 PM

That is why I agree with Five Titles when he says we will have a top 10 defense this year.
Posted by: delUsionalcane | August 27, 2013 at 12:38 PM

Good gator troll, now roll over! Sit! Stay!

Fifteen minutes to get that response, including typing time and slow dialup trailer feed, he must have this page on an RSS feed or something.

Donofrio will be an nfl defensive coorrdinator in two years.

For one, I'm glad football is back in season.

I think we can say with a degree of frustration that we are all looking for closure on the NCAA probe and pending sanctions.

We acknowledge that the "D" has to be better or else.

That Miami's strength is the offense.

We anticipate or hope for good results on the field this season and specifically for Coley, Duke, Morris & Dorsett.

Who on defense will make the opposing team scheme against? Can't believe I'm typing it....but if we are going anywhere needs to happen.

All the best to this year's team for a successful and healthy season!

Five Titles, alot of things U are responding to weren't said by U, but that doesn't mean that they weren't said at all. U taking on every conflicting point presented helps U to be lumped in with the group of posters that do say crazy, untrue, and non-sensical things. U are putting a bullseye on yourself by defending and arguing other people's comments. On every Cane blog including this one, dudes are raving about our punter as if he is the fix. Anyone or thing, except Golden approved D'No.

GaCane, positive becomes moronic when U begin to believe that a fan is only allowed a positive thought or comment and can't critique or judge those paid to perform. True positivity does always promote positivity. But healthy negativity (thats a hash word to use of course) or tough love also is proven to produce positive results as well. I've been surrounded by examples of people turning a negatives into a positives my entire life. Even if as Calvin said, the negative is in their home and they were raised on that negativity.

This is where we definitely disagree. "Extenuating circumstances"--I believe that we've brought every ill and barrier to success onto ourselves the last 10 seasons internally. This is self-inflicted losing, mediocrity, lack of institutional continuity due to inadequate hiring on the administrative level. If this was just a bad time or growing pains for our team, then I would be cool with that, but it isn't. The ingredients for a winner have been available, but some would rather believe all the excuses the leadership feeds them to retain their $upport, but not guarantee a winner.

Just enough to give U hope and the annual preseason lip-service to get U hyped. While the product can't truly execute the binder.

We haven't just been unlucky, for 10 years in the middle of the most fertile recruiting region in the country. Where's the accountability piece? U can't call yourself a Cane fan and not believe and live accountability. We aren't about excuses and 10 years of mediocrity has NOT been happenstance.

That is why I agree with Five Titles when he says we will have a top 10 defense this year.
Go canes!

Posted by: delUsionalcane | August 27, 2013 at 12:38 PM


And, your bloody MONIKER is apt to the Nth degree!

And yes, with Miami's defensive coordinator still hanging around in Coral Gables. It's a bloody guarantee that the Canes defense will be STRANGERS, to what a TOP 50 team defense is all about. Eh. What say.

True Cane is not a good name for someone who expects a National Championship every year.

Posted by: Marios | August 27, 2013 at 12:39 PM

^^^Wow, our ranks have been breached. Marios U need to find another team bro. U just exposed yourself and lost any remaining credibility. SWAGGERLESS

Porter has been hampered by significant medical issues for 2 years. When he's healthy he's an impact player. This has got to be his time and his last chance. If he stays healthy he'll produce results. Best of luck to Porter and Go 'Canes!

HarrietTubmanCane, ever notice that you use the exact same buzzwords and phrases that the Gators troll who suddenly disappeared showed up?

Our players are hopefully being told to believe in a NC and expect the best to realize the best. Why wouldn't a fan do the same thing? Whats the point of not having the best expectations? Why even have any expectations then?

Then to discuss JJ as if, U understand anything about his philosophy. JJ definitely believed in setting the highest expectations every year--no matter what U do.

There's something about Goldie and the tackle from Minneapolis-St.Paul, Minnesota.

For instance, how does a former FIVE-STAR prep player, and ex-USATODAY H.S. Offensive Player of the Year, and Freshmen All-American at the major college football level; not start in his SENIOR season.

I don't know. Perhaps Goldie is PLAYING MIND GAMES with Henderson, and what not. dUh

Hurricane bubba has to understand and what not, that SKY HIGH, expectations were legitimate, and most certainly expected from the offensive tackle from Minnesota. Eh. What say.

But then again, Cane bubba said the same thing about the former USATODAY prep Offensive Player of the Year from California. Y'all know, the signal caller from the beaches.

Who knows. Maybe it's the CURSE of the USATODAY and what not. You know how it's a Commie rag and what not. Eh. What say.

No I never noticed that, but I find it ironic and confusing how U use multiple aliases every single day, never post an original idea other than insults, but U get to label people "trolls"

U are the personification of what a troll is, yet U sling this insult around daily. Thats the coincidence--U have no self-awareness. Do U have an opinion about anything other than how U feel about other posters personally?

Miami 48

F.A.U. 13

Over/Under - 58 1/2

News from Sin City has the Wise Guy's putting down BEACOUP BENJAMIN'S on the " overs!! "

And therefore, I expect a line-shift by Thursday!!

I guess the " punters " still have their doubts with Miami's beloved defensive coordinator. hUh

D STFU you stroke victim loser, no one cares what you have to say.

And D, Calvin, Jim Gallo, HarrietTubmanCane - you losers better not even DREAM of becoming UM fans again if Miami is successful this season.

You're done, your fan privileges are revoked.

Harriet you are damn right about swaggerless. Swagger is a sack of crap you young bucks are being fed so they can sell you T-Shirts.
I have been supporting Canes since Jim Kelly was our QB before the dynasty, from the days of Speedy Neal, Mark Rush, Juan Comendeiro, Julio Cortez, Tony Fitzpatrick, Larry Brodsky, Stanley Shakespear.
Don't need to find another team.
I am a True Cane through and through.
You got exposed defending your alias instead.
Swagger never smacked anyone in the face or scored a TD.
Whatever you "exposed" me for is in your pubic haired echoing head.
All you know about Canes glory days you learned from documentaries and you think we never lost or sucked before.

Sorry about the extra curricular words there, but why don't you just wait for the games to begin instead of reliving last year every freaking day on here.

Mario brothers,

Stop repeating my post. LOL. We know you learned your history from 30 from 30 documentary.

We know with internet access you can google old rosters and claim you've been watching since the 70's like another guy that mysteriously disappeared.

No "True Fan" would except anything other then a championship.

Do you think those guys you googled would have the mentality you do? LMAO

He was talking to your other alias Harriet.

I mean Calvin.

I mean True Cane.

Marios, save the energy. Twisting words and attacking those that did not attack him is his game, and nothing will change that. Just ignore him, and keep talking about the games and the teams instead.

These guys that think we have to google memories of Jim Kelly before he was an evil Buffalo Bill, Steve Walsh while his face was still breaking out, or suffering through having a baseball player be our QB during the depths of probation (Let THEM google his name) and that you can only be a fan in 1987, 1991, and 2001 and ignore them the other years don't understand that a TRUE fan stays through thick and thin, not just when the koolaid is flowing heavy.

I know gallo.,d , calvin, curse likes talking to themselves. That said Golden was left with a mess at miami to fix. Not anywhere near what jimmy took over. What al golden has had to deal with is more like what schnellenberger took over when he started to make miami into the machine it became. Golden is doing alot of the same things howard did. He is starting to win alot of the top battles in miami in recruiting. he has added top talent to a team that was lacking it. He has added depth and size to a team lacking it. oh and since he recruits florida miami will always have speed. Teh truth is the d will be better not just in statistics but in experiance. This team won't make all the little mistakes it made last year when 14 true or redshirt freshman started. Golden hasn't whined about the schedule he has said that his team was young and lacked size and depth and this team has now got some experiance and size and it now has depth things this team was lacking before golden took over. Proof is in the drafts of the last 4 yrs. How many canes did u see going in the first round?

Expect the typical SEC cheap shots when they lose. Cant wait to see that 2.0 character shine

"What al golden has had to deal with is more like what schnellenberger took over when he started to make miami into the machine it became."

Really, and what was that? hurry up and google. then once you get your results back please explain how this is anything close to what Howard faced. Stop listening to what people tell you and use your head. Al is dealing with what Howard had to deal with? Asinine statement at best.

I agree we will always have speed, but what's the purpose of having it when our scheme is back pedal back pedal back pedal.

"This team won't make all the little mistakes it made last year when 14 true or redshirt freshman started"

Oh please , the same thing was said before last season. And you make it sound like at any point last year we had 5-6 freshman on the field at the same time. We aren't the only team in America to play freshman.

"Golden hasn't whined about the schedule he has said that his team was young and lacked size and depth..."

Barry Jackson



The UM football and basketball programs have made and acted on significant and justified philosophical changes in non-conference scheduling.

The UM football coaches did not agree with playing as grueling a non-ACC slate as it did in 2012 (Notre Dame, Kansas State, USF, plus overmatched Bethune Cookman), and here’s the new preferred approach: one marquee game, two games in which Miami will typically be favored, and one versus a lower-division school.

For the 2014 season, UM will play at Nebraska and home against Florida A&M and is working to finalize home games against Southern Mississippi and Arkansas State, both part of a home-and-home series

What do you call this "new approach" bobbing and weaving?

Proof is in the drafts of the last 4 yrs. How many canes did u see going in the first round

Hold up I thought it was Shannon's fault when the Canes had no first rounders during his entire tenure?


Won't work if VT, UNC, and Clemson beat that SEC tail, too.

Posted by: True Cane | August 27, 2013 at 02:02 PM

STFU, no one cares how much you hate Miami.

Get a life already.

I am happy knowing I experienced the rise of the U and went to Tropical Park in 1985 to watch CornHuskers practice and yelled at them that we were gonna kick their a55, read the Tony Fitzpatrick columns before the game telling how they were gonna do what they did.

I'll never forget running into US-1 near the campus and stopping the traffic with about 100 celebrating Canes for the 1st time, drinking beers in fornt of cops laughing in the middle of the street, which we did again after we beat Oklahoma for our 2nd title in the OB after Bernard Tiger Clark stopped Jemelle Holloway and his wishbone.

This dude don't know.

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