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Prayers for Miami Hurricanes dad Gary Bush (cancer surgery today); His son, starting safety Deon Bush, vows to stay strong.

If you believe in prayer, positive energy, uplifting thoughts, now is a good time to send some the way of Gary Bush, father of UM sophomore safety Deon Bush.

Gary spoke with me again last night. He was scheduled to have cancer-related surgery this morning.

I wrote a story http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/07/31/3531847/miami-hurricanes-safety-deon-bush.html about Gary and his plight last week. He is an outstanding person with a big heart, not to mention the husband of a former collegiate basketball player and father of three impressive athletes.

Son Gary Jr (they call him GJ) is a fifth-year senior wideout for Purdue, daughter Nya is a middle-school hoops star and wife and mom Michele is a former UM and North Carolina Central basketball player who is the assistant principal at Coconut Palms K-8 Academy in Homestead.

Gary, 51, an extremely fit and healthy man most of his life, discovered he had liver cancer in late April. A science teacher at Southridge High now on leave, he's gone through debilitating chemotherapy and many painful days, but he said his strong faith has carried him through.

Gary is known in the Miami-Dade community for helping youngsters in need, whether they be youngsters who can't afford to join youth sports programs or buy uniforms and equipment, or Southridge students who need lunch money. He's a very good soul.

The surgery this morning was to see if it was possible to cut out the cancerous part of his liver, and remove his gallbladder, he told me. The chemo seemingly had helped enough to at least try, he said.

"I would like people to keep supporting my family and continue to pray for me,'' Gary said last night. "I want to dedicate the rest of my life to do what I can to help people in need. I have trust that God is going to be with me through the surgery.''

Gary attended UM football practice Tuesday morning as his son, Deon, jogged around the field, played catch and rehabilitated on the sideline. Deon had three sports hernias repaired during outpatient surgery in June, but is expected to soon be integrated into practice. 

"I wanted to see him before the surgery,'' Gary, who played football with Hall of Famer Jerry Rice at Mississippi Valley State, said of Deon. "It was good to smell the odor of football. I'm hungry for it.''

One of Gary's goals: "to make it to that first game so I can see the Canes put a Whoopin' on the opponent.''

That would be FAU of Boca Raton.

Deon told me on Sunday that he and his siblings are keeping each other strong.

"We're just doing what we always do,'' said Deon, 6-1 and 203 pounds, "talking to each other, trying to make our parents proud, coming to practice and work everyday to get better. School is important. We're trying to keep our grades up. 

"I had to grow up a little bit more during this offseason and stay strong for my parents.''

Deon said he's able to stay focused "because I know that's why my father wants, that's what everybody wants. "I believe everything is going to be alright. I play with that peace of mind.''

He said his "personal goal is just to get better and work hard every day to make my team better. I'm an aggressive player but I'm trying to learn how to be smart and make better decisions.

"I could have known the playbook a little more and used better techniques to catch some interceptions. That's what I'm trying to work on this year.''

As it was, Bush finished his freshman season with 34 tackles in 10 games (six starts), three pass breakups and tied for second in the Atlantic Coast Conference with three forced fumbles.

 I asked UM defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio about Deon's tough situation.

"No doubt,'' D'Onofrio said, "but Deon is a great kid and he has a great family and we're all praying for those guys and wishing the best and here to support them. That's part of being a team and being around these guys. When you're around a place for a while and you get involved with the kids and their families during the recruiting process, you get a chance to know them well.

"We were all involved in recruiting Deon heavily. We were all there to see his mom and dad when we could. They're a great family.''

To send Gary Bush a get well message, go to his website http://www.teammiamibasketball.com/home.html

***  Quick notes from this morning's practice: quarterback Stephen Morris was given a chance to rest his arm, and backup Ryan Williams ran with the first team. Also resting and acting as an on-field coach was defensive end Shayon Green. Malcolm Lewis also was given an opportunity to rest in the morning. 

*** Deon (hernia surgery) is still in a red, no-contact jersey; Defensive end Anthony Chickillo (ankle) wore yellow (limited contact); OT Sunny Odogwo was back for the first time without a yellow, limited-contact jersey; Freshman cornerback Corn Elder (hamstring) was in red again.

***Olsen Pierre, who is listed as a starting defensive tackle, practiced at end Wednesday.

*** Outside linebacker Thurston Armbrister, a junior, wore a black first-team jersey Wednesday, while freshman Alex Figueroa, listed as a first-team OLB on the depth chart, was in green.





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I hope the surgery is painless and successful. That goes beyond sports teams.

Yes it does. Well said.

May God bless and watch over Gary Bush.

Make the Lord bless you and keep you. God can do exceeding above all of are thoughts and ways. Have faith in God my brother and be strong. My the Lord heal you and your live will be a living testimony of God's infinite power.

What a beautiful family inside and out. I hope/wish/pray the best for them.

If your god really wanted to bless him, he would have prevented the cancer in the first place. Strong enough to cure but not strong enough to prevent. What a conundrum for the god squad.

Prayer is fine but modern medicine is what will ultimately decide his fate. Nonetheless, I hope for the best outcome possible and that he is able to beat this and watch Deon play for years to come.

Our prayers are with you Mr. Bush, Deon and your entire family. God Bless you through your surgery, recovery and this entire ordeal.

God bless him....hopefully a FULL recovery.

Prayers go out to the Bush family, stay strng, stay positive and keep each others spirits up no matter what!

Gary Bush you should be proud of the family you are raising and you seem like a very good man.
My prayers are with you, hope the surgery is a success and that you can be around to watch your children graduate and thrive.
God bless.

I concur with everyone's sincere notions above!

First off, best wishes to the Bush family.

In regards to hurricanes football and what we’re becoming imo, the days of the undersized linebackers and d’ends appear to be gone. Will this transition be smooth? I doubt it, definitely hasn’t been so far. Is it best for the Canes? I hope so, with our clear omission of recruiting monster d-tackles, trying to change the philosophy again would carry us down the road of transition again, and me personally I’m tired of that. Would it be a lot simpler to play a base 4-3 attacking type of defense? Probably so. Would that translate to a better defense? If so, how much better? Can’t be any worst then #116 but we’ve played 4-3 base press man under for the last ten years and still haven’t won anything significant.

What I see is a coach trying to mimic a Pittsburg Steelers style of 3-4 zone blitzing scheme. The Steelers are a traditional off man team and against smart teams that use the short passing game usually have tremendous success against us. We are usually very stout against the run and don’t give up big plays but our cornerbacks rarely have a lot of interceptions (Rod Woodson the exception). It would blow my mind seeing us play against teams like the Patriots or Raiders (with Gannon) and see us give up completion after completion. It could be 3rd and 5 and our corner was 8 yards off the ball. Not until Mike Tomlin came in and altered the way our cornerbacks played when facing those teams did we have any success. With saying all of that we have finished in the top 10 in defense just about 10 of the last 13 years. So apparently the defense is successful. But being a Steelers fan I don’t like that idea here at Miami. Not saying it won’t work, (heaven knows I want it to) but I don’t think the coaches have enough time to implement all that goes into learning that defense. I understand there’s a difference with pro and college ball, however similar to in Pittsburg it will be rare for a first year guy to have success unless he’s just a specialist (one down pass rusher). Only two guys have come in as rookies and started for the Steelers over the last 25 or more years (Casey Hampton, Kendrell Bell). One a run stuffing nose and the other was a freakish inside backer with Ray Lewis like range. Who we recruit at d-tackle is really irrelevant, that position while important, not a glamorous spot in this defense. The ultimate success of this defense is having outside linebackers whom can really get to the passer and also drop in coverage. (It seems as if we’re recruiting one of those guys every day) It took guys like Greg Lloyd, Joey Porter, Jason Gildon, James Harrison a few years to get acclimated before they had any success. In college with only 20 hours a week I don’t think the coaches have enough time to really teach this complex system. Also, the years the Steelers didn’t have impactful pass rushing outside lb’ers the whole defense suffered. Yea the defense was good enough to finish with a low yards per game number but it was deceiving, a lot of that had to do with the ball control by our offensive and the fact that we kept the ball in front of us (didn’t give up the big play). Most recently we (Steelers) have given up big plays on more occasions then normal. The reason for that is no pass rush from the outside backers, when that happens players grow impatient and didn’t believe in the scheme, that’s when the freelancing begin, sounds familiar? It’s happen a whole lot to the Canes last year as well.

If there isn’t significant improvement with the defense the D-co has to go. One thing for sure we won’t fire him before the season starts. If he fails, whoever we bring in will have to have a similar concept of defense up front or we will be forced to trying to recruit to another system.

Occam lol! U thought that comment was intelligent didn't u?

The Creator said that whatever good we experience in this life is from him and whatever bad is from or a result of us/mankind. God didn't give Gary cancer, it is a result of or caused by some man-made circumstance or ill. God created the opportunity--whatever bad is produced is on us. Your comments and gall are the epitome of this opportunity. He allows you to even blaspheme him. You are the prime example of my point.

God knows best, is sufficient and the best disposer of affairs. U can't judge him against yourself because you are not alike him in the least. He didn't give us all knowledge just some, so who knows--maybe this cancer is a blessing for him, that we just can't see, but maybe he does. It could be preventing him from something even worst or bringing his family together where they were falling apart.

There's always a blessing in adversity and a test in prosperity (and vice versa), just because you can't comprehend that--doesn't mean it isn't there or isn't reality--you gotta understand although it hurts--that you are limited my friend and so is medicine.

Lets not turn this into a debate. Just support the family however you feel. Now. Sports. We can debate that!

"The Creator said..."

Really? Did he write this in an email to you? Or a letter? How do you know? Please don't go to the circular reasoning of, "it's in the bible so it must be true and it is true because it is in the bible." That would be too easy to dissect.

As for all the good, what CEO wouldn't love to be judged by only the asset-side of the ledger. All the good and none of the bad. Hooray. Only, that contradicts your belief that god created everything and knows everything so certainly he created cancer, HIV, famine, drought and human suffering and all the conditions that make those possible. Ad if he were truly omnipotent, wouldn't he be able to cure cancer? Then why do people die of it?

Too bad that doesn't fit with your little world view.

The only truthful phrase in your post? "..so who knows..." You certainly don't. To post otherwise is misleading and the epitome of arrogance and solipsism.

wow the all knowing atheist is here.

how about this, sage,






What a great family. We are all pulling for a successful surgery.

The reason for that is no pass rush from the outside backers, when that happens players grow impatient and didn’t believe in the scheme, that’s when the freelancing begin, sounds familiar? It’s happen a whole lot to the Canes last year as well.

If there isn’t significant improvement with the defense the D-co has to go. One thing for sure we won’t fire him before the season starts. If he fails, whoever we bring in will have to have a similar concept of defense up front or we will be forced to trying to recruit to another system.

Posted by: J'Ville Cane | August 07, 2013 at 03:22 PM

The man knows his football. Au contraire to what D'Onofrio APOLOGISTS have to say on the entire Cane matter.

By the way, in Goldie's most recent interview, he mentions about the defensive players having to TRUST the system and be discipline and what not.

In other words, Miami is STICKING with their defensive coordinator's SCHEME and PLOYS, and Hurricane players whom freelance are shown the door or held out a game or two.

Oh, even IF the Canes don't have a stellar defense this season. For instance, in the Top 55-60 team defense percentile.

Golden will NOT get rid of his defensive coordinator!! Absolute guarantee.

So Miami's offense will surely have to carry an ugly Cane defensive unit this season, and for seasons to come.

Because I doubt Miami will reach that Top 20 or Top 10 range with D'Onofrio in Coral Gables. But then again, I could be wrong.

An atheist, yes. All knowing? Hardly. Modest enough to know I don't know very much about the cosmos and why we are here. The god squad, however, claims to know it all based on the ramblings contained in a 2000 year old text.

Your cute little phrase explains nothing. No atheist claims there is no god. They do not believe there is evidence for one. And many people can disagree over a first cause, but to claim, as your god squad does, that there is evidence for a personal god that answers prayers and intervenes in the lives of men, is pure delusion. He can help you get that raise but will allow millions of children to suffer from malnutrition and disease.

Makes perfect sense. A god anyone would surely want to pray to.

Andre Dubose is done for the season with a knee injury!!!

Occam - I hate to turn this into a religious discussion, but an atheist DOES claim/believe that God does not exist. An agnostic believes there is no evidence either way and that the existence of God is unknown. So you are wrong about that.

But there is really no need to espouse your beliefs in response to this story. Just keep them to yourself and show some respect for a family who is going through a difficult time.

Tell 'em Occam's razor. Do you bible thumpers even know why his name is Occam's razor? I would also ask if you are familiar with the Flying Spaghetti Monster? These aren't rhetorical questions. Do yourself a favor and actually use that thing 3 feet above your ass. Investigate the world around you and use reason and logic. I know, I know, it's a crazy concept to bible thumpers.

PS: All the best to the Bush family. Hopefully science and medicine will pull him through it just as science and medicine have helped people in my immediate family dealing with cancer.

Hopefully science and medicine will pull him through it just as science and medicine have helped people in my immediate family dealing with cancer.

Posted by: Jacob | August 07, 2013 at 04:07 PM

And then, there were the THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS which medicine and science couldn't SAVE. No pun intended. hUh

Speaking of logic and reason. I'm speculating that BOTH Occam and Jacob are DEVOUT D'Onofrio apologists.

So much for reason and logic. Eh. What say.

It's got to be pretty bad @ turdville when your starting safety is 5-9 185lb......Never seen a safety that small before. Good luck trying to tackle our tight ends, it should be hilarious!!!

This Florida Atlantic outfit is one lame, sorry arse football team. Especially their offense unit. At least according to last season's numbers and what not. dUh

So, I-F Miami doesn't toss a bloody shutout or hold F.A.U. to TEN POINTS or less. Then, it's going to be a bery, bery, bery long season for the Canes defensive unit and their coordinator. Eh. What say.

Your limited because you believe that death can only be a bad thing. Because you covet and obsess over life. EXAMPLE: it would be a mercy and blessing for God to take your life now, than to allow you to continue your blasphemy for the years to come--your death would actually be "good looking out" at this miserable point. U love gray area because it justifies the calamity that we bring on ourselves. All ills stem from this deductive gray area that you love. Your ignorance and ignoring of revealed knowledge is the reason for our collective struggles on Earth. The answers have been revealed, but you and your minion would rather create your own test lol! Have at it, but don't come on here posing those questions as if the answers don't exist. u just want props and to appear intelligent, so now the ultimate intelligence is the dude who believes there is no God...f outta here with that. Is your existence that miserable? Last ditch ideology for an over thinker to mislead others.

What I said is not in the Bible which we all should know has been changed by men at the Council of Nicea. It is in the only book not to have been corrupted by men. There is no knowledge outside of what u can fathom lol! The ultimate master morality mentality--voluntary or involuntary follower of our only true enemy Shaitan. The CEO can't be judged--he isn't like u (I know its hard to fathom this lol!) He isn't in the realm or metaphysics of being judged as you are. At least not literally, u can run your mouth all you want, but it doesn't impact him in the least. He can and does cure cancer and change predestination thru prayer. Your medicine itself has been known to cause cancers, also our modifications of the food supply. We hang ourselves. Your world is the small one as you cannot even conceptualize the qualities of your own creator. U think his name is Todd and he has an MBA lol!

Adversity is a cure. Jesus (pbuh) used to walk and he oftentimes would pass people who were emaciated, pale, weathered, and afflicted. He would ask God to heal them, and every single time, God would reveal to him, " How can I heal them from that with which I am healing them?"

Sunny Dee, thank you for your response without all of the vitriol and poison spewed by the armies of god.

As to my point, the root "theism" is defined as a belief in a supernatural being, i.e. most commonly god. A-theism, therefore, is the disbelief that there is one. The distinction is subtle but important.

HarrietTubman, I cannot even begin to fathom the nonsense you wrote although it is part and parcel of what the religious leaders have been doing for centuries: confuse those less intelligent so that they are so ignorant they will believe anything you say. Worked for Jim Jones.

AS for this gem in your post:

"Your limited because you believe that death can only be a bad thing. Because you covet and obsess over life. EXAMPLE: it would be a mercy and blessing for God to take your life now, than to allow you to continue your blasphemy for the years to come--your death would actually be "good looking out" at this miserable point.."

I can only say that the suicide bombers, Al-Quaeda and their ilk would be proud of how you think. Those on the sane-side of humanity prefer to enjoy life and live it to the fullest as this is all we have. Take your life, if you wish, but leave the rest of us alone.

Where was the vitriol or poison in my 1st response to your oneupmanship? Other than saying that u thought your post was intelligent, I didn't spew anything insulting.

Its just insultingly ironic for an upholder of the cause of every ill on Earth (the insistence on creating and nurturing deductive knowledge while also ignoring any and all revealed knowledge that has been sent--as if the Creator left us here to figure all of this out ill-equipped), to come on here and ask why God made something happen or won't prevent something from happening. This deductive philosophy has led to all corruptions, inequalities, and calamities in history. All tyrants love deductive reasoning just as some have used purposely misconstrued exerts of revealed knowledge to justify their creation of morality.

You are the reason it happens smh lol.

This life is not all we have--this statement proves your small and limited thought process. Who is the minority? Those who are dead or those who are alive right now lol! Not even close. There are more people under the ground than above it. Death is a reality and you don't have to a suicide-bomber to accept the reality of death. (Btw, a former Seal/huge Cane fan told me himself, that Al-Quaeda doesn't even exist lol!) This is an an example of your arrogance, you don't want to die because there is an unknown associated with that experience...sad. You fear whatever u can't personally comprehend.

Who sustains u while you sleep? Do u remember to breath or make your heartbeat while you're unconscious every single night? How do you explain this nightly occurrence. And if sleep is the brother (not cousin as most say) of death, then why don't you believe that there will be a Day of Resurrection or Recompense. God has a small one for all of us every night into day. U don;t believe because you don't want to be held accountable, but you probably bought car and home insurance from Todd though lol!

Get your act together brotha--the signs are clear to those with sight.

"any and all revealed knowledge that has been sent."

Name one observable, repeatable, peer reviewable piece of revealed knowledge.

As for the illiterate D, no one ever said science and medicine can cure everything. On the contrary, we have constantly heard "pray, because prayer changes things," and, in a similar vein, "the sky fairy hears your prayers and will grant your wishes."

Of course, the millions of people who pray to a god, any god, yet die anyway of illness, starvation, famine, drought, disease is evidence that prayer works? Your god is great? You can believe as you wish but keep it to yourself. If my choice is between your sky fairy and modern medicine, I choose medicine every time.

There is a difference between accepting the reality of death and wanting death because the supposed after-life is so wonderful.

You are a twister person and in the latter category. I am in the former.

The signs are clear for those with sight? No one is so blind as the man who does not want to see. Wake up. The sky fairy doesn't exist. Your beliefs are based on the writings of bronze-age nomads. You choose to be a slave to those beliefs. I don't. Move along and spew the nonsense elsewhere.

Occam - I see your point as to the literal definition. I guess I would say that, as with many religious, there are different levels of atheism. Many atheists, including prominent ones, are adamant that there is no God. Others, as you put it, simply disbelieve that God exists.

Having said that, I think we should all be respectful of each others beliefs. When Gary Bush says that he trusts that God is going to be with him through the surgery, it is better to leave it alone. Even if you are correct that God will not actually help him, I don't think you can discount the comfort that his belief in God will provide for him during this scary time.

With Debose out, it completes the trifecta of the Sanford trio. By far the least production per unit of hype in college football history.

Debose/Dye/RayRay RIP

Razor has done the impossible.

Makes you wish you were reading a Calvin post.

May God bless an watch over the poster and his family who is using the screen name, Occam's razor.

Saying that i seek the afterlife because its so wonderful--is putting words in my mouth--I never said that. Here comes the spin folks! U don't want to acknowledge or believe in its existence because you don't want to be held to anything. U are a discipline of Thomas Hobbes--every man for himself, wild wild west, no rules-no accountability mentality--AND THATS the exact root of all this deductive "gray area" evil. Your belief really isn't the belief that there's no God, its truly a belief that you yourself is God. Cross your fingers--but you'll find out there is a God the night of your burial, when everyone walks away. An angel will ask you 3 very simple questions. and the answers aren't-- The Koch Brothers, Bill Gates, Atheism or Sartre (aka "I give up", aka (I'm smarter than you because I have the gaul to say my creator doesn't exist, aka, "i need a hug")..then you'll know that you used your reason wrong.

You're in denial. If you're in control then stop yourself from going to sleep tonight. Don't eat anymore food. You can't because your in need. You aren't sufficient.

Observable, repeatable, and peer reviewed--by who? Knowledge and truth doesn't have the burden of proof from you and your minion. U deny the truth on purpose to justify chaos. Thats the circular argument. Create mayhem and then complain about it while also blaming God--who doesn't exist??? The Quran in Arabic is the text, to answer your question (something you refuse to do for me).

U came on a Cane blog while we were sending well-wishes to Deon Bush's family and began to question our thoughts and prayers--you need to take that nonsense to St. Elsewhere lol.

Wish you the best to your family.....always part of the Cane family

"The Creator said"

Strength and understanding to the Bush family! ...great posts j-ville and harriet.

Good luck Gary. Thoughts go out to your entire family!

Deon, our prayers are with your dad n the Bush Family..........THE U FAMILY

SunnyDee, I agree with the latter part of your post although would disagree in the "what bD can belief in belief do." at best it is deceitful at worst can kill (see the fundamentalists and Christian scientists who would deny their children medical care).

As for the first part of your post I think you are confusing being adamant that their is no god with being adamant that there is no proof for the existence of . again, a subtle but important distinction .

errrr, Harriet, I man D, I mean Harriet, more unintelligible garbage from the he/she tha claims to know the mind of his god. You are truly delusional. keep this kook away from kids .

I did not question anyone's thoughts or prayers . I questioned the existence of a supernatural being and why you would invoke its name . You started the thread, not me . You are just to thin-skinned and ignorant to accept a critique .

by the way, I went to the bathroom and used your Quran to wipe .

A UM official who has been at closed practices said cornerbacks Antonio Crawford and Nate Dortch appear especially improved; freshman quarterback Kevin Olsen looks polished and is very coach-able; Seantrel Henderson seems more receptive to coaching; Eduardo Clements is not running tentatively as he comes back from his neck injury; and Coley is too good to keep off the field this season.

Gionni Paul, among five defensive players not invited to return to the team this season, enrolled at Utah. Linebacker Jimmy Gaines said the departed players’ talents are missed but added: “They’re distractions. That’s something we don’t need.”...

As for Gaines – who’s the front-runner over Raphael Kirby at middle linebacker -- Duke Johnson said: “He’s playing the best football I’ve ever seen him play.”

Stay strong Gary. ..my prayers are with you.

Razor...you're a shell of human being.

Sorry bro, but people can read so the sequence of events is unquestionable--in other words--your beloved gray area doesn't exist lol.

We critique the Miami Hurricanes, not each other's religious beliefs. It wasn't the right time, setting, or post (the post was labeled by the beat writer as "Prayers for...") and we followed suit. If you didn't have a prayer then cool, but you didn't have to question ours after we were prompted.

I acknowledged and accepted the critique/challenge, then I commenced to annihilating your weak argument.

Wiping your butt with the Quran harms you not me. Your tongue and hand are being leased, they're gonna testify against u.

Whatever though, I'm over it. Back to the Canes.

Occam's razor,

You started attacking people of faith because they were expressing their beliefs to a man who is very sick.

If you are so secure in what I will call your non-belief then just go about your business and stop with the effort to belittle people who see life differently than you.

Your confidence in your non-beliefs should be so strong the need to tell others they are wrong should be nonexistent, just like you claim God is.

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