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Preston Dewey has a locker at UM, but he isn't at Canes training camp. And Seantrel "turns his foot'' in opening day of practice.

At one time last season, Miami Hurricanes quarterback Preston Dewey was the No. 3 guy behind starter Stephen Morris and backup Ryan Williams.

Now he's pretty much at the end of the line, behind Morris, Williams, Gray Crow and incoming freshman Kevin Olsen.

Dewey, 6-2 and 208 pounds, hasn't been at the first two days of Canes training camp, confirmed UM coach Al Golden today. He's a redshirt freshman from Austin Texas. I was assured he still has a locker, and he is still on the current roster, but for months there has been on and off and now on again talk of his status.

"He's not with us right now in camp,'' Golden said. "He will be here at some point, but he's not here in camp. So right now, it's Gray Crow and Kevin Olsen competing for time.''

  Added Golden: It's a personal matter. I'm not going to get into that.''

Dewey was coached at St. andrews Episcopal High by Heisman Trophy winner Ty Detmer.

A few weeks ago at the ACC Football Kickoff, I asked Golden about Preston's progress.

"Anybody can make progress,'' Golden told me in a one-on-on interview. "The biggest thing is making a complete commitment to it on and off the field. That's the case with anybody, not just one student-athlete. Obviously, Gray beat out Preston in the spring, so by virtue of that he'll see the majority of reps in the third slot.''  


Other notes: Offensive tackle Seantrel Henderson "turned his ankle or his foot or something,'' Golden said this morning of yesterday's first practice. Reporters get to view the beginning of practice, but then are escorted out. "I don't think it's anything significant.''

Henderson, listed as 6-8 and 345 pounds and looking muscular and fit Sunday, wore a yellow jersey assigned to "limited'' players. But he lined up with all the others stretching and doing exercises.

Midway through the stretching session, a trainer ran up to Henderson, handed him a drink and taped the outside of his left foot, with his shoe still on.

Golden was asked if Henderson, who plays left tackle, could possible move to left tackle at some point. The depth chart lists Ereck Flowers or Malcolm Bunche at left tackle, with Bunche the starter at left guard ahead of Jon Feliciano.

"To be that player at the next level you have to be a dominant player and you have to be a consistent player because you're protecting the money man,'' Golden said, "and we don't project him there yet. But are we seeing a guy that could ultimately end up being that? We're seeing seeds of that right now, and hopefully he'll continue to stay focused and have a great camp.'' 

*** Still no definitive word on former Wisconsin defensive end David Gilbert. No one from UM has positively confirmed that he was standing on the sideline watching practice Sunday, though the player standing next to that very large unidentified player was confirmed by several people as defensive end Ufomba Kamalu. Gilbert is expected to join the Canes, regardless, if he officially graduates and is academically cleared by UM. Kamalu is expected to be cleared to practice.

   Former Virginia backup defensive tackle Justin Renfro, as our Barry Jackson reported, also could join the Canes and would be eligible to immediately play if he's cleared. Barry also reported that Ernest Settles (who had 12.5 sacks last season for a Tampa high school but was thrown off the Nebraska team in June, before enrolling, for allegedly hitting a teammate in the head with a bottle at a party) could be joining the team as well. 

  Ouch on the allegedly "hitting a teammate in the head with a bottle at a party.'' However, I do not know the back story on that one.

  Junior College transfer Julio Derosier, another D-lineman who was expected to be ready for the first day of practice, has not been cleared yet. 




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here we goooooooooo, TMZ has just begun.

Wooo hoooo, look at my gatahs we gots 12 commits have Friday Night Lights a week ago, here we come!

Ah, little brother woke up bright and early to troll UM blogs. Shouldn't you all be somewhere making sure your sister isn't cheating on you with your brother again?

I wonder if these UFraud fans will still be here after we beat them.

Bu please, tell me again how you awesome you all were last year. I mean, you all won your BCS bowl, right? No? At least you won your conference... right? No? No big deal, at least you won your division... wait... nvm.

See you girls in Sept.

ESPN four star recruit Brandon Powell commits to the Miami Hurricanes!!! He was recruited by Florida State, North Carolina, Florida, LSU, Tennessee, Wisconsin, amongst many others.

Another South Florida player joining the Canes.

Congratulations to Al Golden and his staff...let the good times roll baby!

ESPN four star recruit Brandon Powell commits to the Miami Hurricanes!!! He was recruited by Florida State, North Carolina, Florida, LSU, Tennessee, Wisconsin, amongst many others.

Another South Florida player joining the Canes.

Posted by: Ron Zook | August 04, 2013 at 02:04 PM

Once again, another canespace MINION be spreading MISINFORMATION and or FALSIFICATIONS. hUh

Because Miami's latest ORAL commitment is a THREE-STAR prep player. Eh. What say.

Matter of FACT, Rivals and Scout and 247 prep services, ALL list B. Powell as a LEGITIMTATE 3-Star H.S. player.

Yeah so ESPN has him one star higher, and MANY times Rivals and Scout have the recruits higher stars, SO WHAT??? A legit 3 star??? That is about the dumbest statement, lol. 'He's a legit 3 star, so it must be true'

Hey does D stand for Dumba$$ ? Positively .Go Canes

A legit 3 star??? That is about the dumbest statement, lol. 'He's a legit 3 star, so it must be true'

Posted by: ColaCane | August 04, 2013 at 02:51 PM

Nah. The DUMBEST statement is your good ol' boy LAMELY attempting to MISLEAD Miami fan, with all this B.S., bout' the Cane's latest oral commitment being a FOUR-STAR player.

Now, that's what I call not only STUPID, but a total FALSIFICATION!!

And the kid is a LEGITIMATE 3-Star prep player. Especially when THREE of the Top 4 MAIN, high school recruiting services list B.P. as a THREE-STAR prep player.

Now get back to canespace/eoth with the rest of your Cane HENCHMEN!!!

Hey does D stand for Dumba$$ ? Positively .Go Canes

Posted by: Ga Cane | August 04, 2013 at 02:55 PM

I figure ALL the rest of the Cane GOONS would come out of the Good Ol' Boy outhouse. Especially when that colacane bUbba starts yapping away and what not.

Now, it's only a matter of time when that mountain cane LOUT joins the bloody RAT PACK. hUh Albeit a TWO-LEGGED rat pack. dUh

D stands for dump in gainesville. Also stands for dimwit .

I dig how your BELOVED Marky Mark is RELYING on the Hurricane offense, to BAIL OUT his suspect defensive ploys and what not. Eh. What say.

ENTER D' Onofrio's latest interview, which has been posted at other Miami football venues. hUh

Damyum, first Marky Mark puts the BLAME on his players and whines bout' having too many young players.

Now, he's relying on Miami to OUT SCORE future opponents. dUh

Too bad for y'all Cane brUtes, that it's IMPOSSIBLE for one unit to CARRY a WEAK LINK unit, the ENTIRE season. What.

And it don't matter if the offense is the strong unit, or the defense is the strong unit. Either unit simply CAN'T carry the other unit the ENTIRE season!! It's an IMPOSSIBILITY!!

Yeah, yeah I understand Cane rUffian be singing the " Impossible Dream " and what not.

That is about the dumbest statement, lol. 'He's a legit 3 star, so it must be true'

Posted by: ColaCane | August 04, 2013 at 02:51 PM

Nah... the dumbest statement is YOUR " boys " at canespace/eoth bloviating about how Miami is going to have a legitimate TOP 40 defensive unit in 2013.

Now, that's what I call stupid and soph-MORONIC. hUh

There's a reason why DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. Be it at the prep level or junior college level or major college football level, and most certainly the N.F.L. level. hUh

Too bad your BELOVED D'Onofrio is still in Coral Gables. And will be in upscale Coral Gables, as long as Goldie is hanging around.

Shannon did a good job for which he was hired for. Cleanup the program. Become better student athletes. I believe team GPA was a lot better under his leadership. Unfortunately there were a lot of Judas coaches on his staff. Who had their on agenda.

Posted by: canesallnight | August 04, 2013 at 02:16 PM


One of the FEW intelligent, TRUTHFUL opinions I've come across in ANY Miami football blog. That includes that canespace/eoth, also.

Because colacane, mountain cane LOUT, ron zook and their Cane MINIONS fall back on AD HOMINUMS, ad nauseam, ad nauseam.

By the way, both the SoFla Hurricane media-nexus and the Miami Hurricane HIGH-ROLLER boosters had a bloody AX TO GRIND with Mr. Shannon. Get outta' here's, outsider.

curse how many diffrent names do u have. Gees stop drooling over your mothers naked body and go troll the gator forum.

We need that help at DT position but will D corch be able to coach them during the game??


Yo stupid...have someone in your tribe read and 'TRY' to explain to you the difference between ESPN and the "other recruiting services".

Either way, our guy, Brandon Powell, another player that will become a superstar while a Cane dumped you begging cowardly gators in the dirt and told you clowns he wanted to attend "THE U"...5 Time National Champions!"

By the way Riley Cooper thanks you and all other cowardly gators for supporting his views and description of African Americans.

Hey gator recruits...Riley Cooper daylighted what the gator clan really thinks of you.

Welcome aboard 4 star Miami commit Brandon Powell (who will be 5 a star by the end of the season).

So I guess we got rid of EJ,finnie and Paul to free up schollies for a dude who allegedly hit a teammate across the head with a bottle. Tmz? I know about EJ and finnie but I still never heard the reason for Paul? Can anyone enlighten me on that?

I don't understand why Gator fans read and write in these blogs??? I have never in miy life read a FSU or Gator blog... he thought of doing is a waste of time in itself. Muschump will slowly bring that program to its knees!! They talk about thugs at UM - they graduated Aaron Hernandez???
Atleast I respect the Seminoles - they just aren't better than us

D (Dumb and Dumber in 1) refuses to predict Miami's defense ranking in 2013 but criticizes the picks of others. Plunk down a # or STFU.

Calvina obsessed with player weights. D obsessed with stars. Gallo obsessed with his long lists and short...

Canes fans obsessed with recruitment of the right guys, development and winning.

D's comments on being one-sided couldn't be more true hence why the Gayturds finished as they did last year. For him to go after our DC when he should be focused on their crappy arse OF and their OC just shows me that they all know the U is back and they're trying their damn hardest to try and smack us down. Instead of focusing on their hoodlums in Grassville. How many pot heads you still have playing? Murderers? Racists? Yeah you always cranked that crap up on Miami back in the day. Now that your team are thugs why aren't you out on your sites and blogs suggesting ways to clean up your program? Get lost D-iatch and go roll a blunt with your team mates!

He is a legit 3*....wow....

Bottom line if you want to "break down stars"....a 3* in South Florida is a 4* in ANY other state expect...perhaps....Cali & Texas.

Either way....keep slurping us "D" head...

Morris was LEGIT 3* as well!!

ESPN has Powell listed as a 4 Star....it really doesn't matter, if the coaching staff likes them, they sign them. Russell Maryland was also a 3 Star...I guess the Canes should of passed on him...what a bunch of dumb Axxes

Gator fans have had a bad few weeks. First one gets charged with murder and another is a racist. And they call us thugs? I guess it's OK for a Gator to do it? So Gator fans, before you start talking smack about how the Gators are so great,go look at some track history. Either way UF will not win a damn thing this year or next year or the year after that. As far as recruiting, you just never know how a kid is going to turn out. Was'nt Ed Reed rated as a 2 star coming out of Louisiana and he's headed for the HOF? Go figure huh?

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