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Receiver Jontavious Carter latest to leave Hurricanes

The exodus of seldom used players at the University of Miami continued Saturday morning when it was learned receiver Jontavious Carter was no longer with the program.

A three-star recruit out of Crisp County, Ga., the 6-2, 230-pound redshirt freshman wasn't listed among the six receivers on the Hurricanes' most recent depth chart at the conclusion of fall camp. He was even behind new arrival Stacy Coley.

The Hurricanes, who have seven scholarship receivers on the roster (Coley, Phillip Dorsett, Allen Hurns, D'Mauri Jones, Malcolm Lewis, Rashawn Scott and Herb Waters), have lost four players to departures in the past two weeks. The others: redshirt freshman running back Danny Dillard, senior defensive end Dyron Dye (the last link to the NCAA investigation), and redshirt sophomore defensive lineman Jalen Grimble (Oregon State).

Of the 14 players who have left the team since the end of last season, a dozen were recruited by coach Al Golden’s staff including seven from the 2012 recruiting class.

UM closed training camp a day early this week and coach Al Golden hasn't been made available to the media since Monday.


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The resident Corporate and Pageantry Cane fans all checking in to uphold the status quo and the importance of appearances. The same status quo, contradictory, hypocritical and appearances based movement that the NCAA belongs to. Uphold the status quo until it bites U and then u become the victim. The irony is thick.

Mark Emmert and the UM administration/Board, are all cut from the same inept and in adequate cloth. No skills outside of interview notes, power points, Pantene Pro-V, a sharp Bic or Gillete and a great Windsor knot.

Break an agreement (that u pursued) to cultivate a kid's talent and then fall back on a business type approach as the justification, while also preaching Core Values and Unity. Its the Lebron James effect--james and his apologist used to complain about the high expectations placed upon him, without recognizing and accepting the fact that his own words, Decision special, and introduction to the Heat interviews and concert set those expectation where they are.

Same thing with Golden, he's been voluntarily talking since our ND bowl loss (2009) before he even coached a game for Us. He initiated and asked for these expectations, so cut the " awww poor guy" routine.

Herbstreit just predicted UM to be the team that goes from unranked to top 10 this season. Some team does it every season--it might as well be Us.

Gallo never even played sports or he'd know what it means to be cut. It doesn't apply to a guy leaving because he knew he wasn't going to play.

This is the most incredibly stupid list by Gallo. How many of these so called "Golden casualties" would have brought Miami back to greatness? Probably none. Why is Cristobal a casualty? He failed at FIU and was probably vastly overrated as a recruiter. Let him go to Bama, whose players manhandled him back in the '93 embarrassment in New Orleans. What great player from south Florida did he bring in for Bama? Frankly, and I hate to say it about anybody who's run onto and bled on the Greentree practice field at Miami, some of these guys were just not going anywhere as players.

I think Golden has a plan, and is very focused, and he is rebuilding the program with quality and the kind of mentality that will bring the program back to greatness. He turned around a dump of a program at Temple and took it to a bowl.

Some of these players, like Carter, might have seen the handwriting on the wall, some might have been encouraged to look elsewhere for playing time, or a likely combination. Carter might be a talented kid who would ride the pine for the rest of his career at UM. That's how deep the WR talent is. If we didn't get Lane, we already got Coley. Is there a significant difference between the two? I don't know. I'm happy to have Coley. Who knows how much Lane would have played his first couple of years. He might have recognized that.

I have been following UM football since the mid-50's, seen and observed every coach since Andy Gustafson, and I believe Al Golden is closest to Jimmy Johnson in terms of smarts, focus, and ability to motivate. I have great hopes for Al. In particular, I am very impressed at how his staff recruits based on careful internal evaluations, not going after the highly-coveted marquee players who make the national recruiting lists. By and large, they were never UM players during the years of greatness. The Russ Marylands, Gino Torrettas, Steve Walsh's, were never highly recruited, and did not make the national lists. Believe me, Brad Kaaya is as good a QB prospect as I've ever seen. Joseph Yearby is the most unearthly ankle-breaking back I've seen in a long time. Humans are not supposed to be able to make the moves I saw him make in some recent videos. This recruiting approach was the particular and unique ability of JJ and Butch Davis, and I think Al has reintroduced that. If the divas like Lane, Collins, Cook and others don't want to stay home--that's life. The talent in the program now, and that coming in, is national championship quality. The divas can go to FSU, go to UF, we'll beat them.

Good post BethesdaDog. I respect your beliefs and hope U are right. U are right, Golden does have a plan--the question is can he execute it. His plan seems to be solely predicated upon the players side of the equation, and not the coaching aspect (intelligence and game day strategy). He needs the team to take care of everything. He will get the team to talent level superior enough to win the ACC one day. But I believe that he doesn't have the coaching acumen to out-scheme the best coaches on the national championship or BCS level of competition. Parity is too strong now--if we are to ever win another NC, our coach will need to be to able execute a smart scheme and adjust if need be. I haven't witnesses any examples (in 2 seasons) to lead me to realizing this ability in Golden and D'no.

Get real, Harriet, this is the nature of big-time college football. It happens everywhere. Kids come in believing they're going to be great, but they must understand, in the backs of their minds, that they might not make it at that schoool and will have to seek greener (and more realistic) pastures elsewhere. No recruiter is going to tell a kid he might have to leave after one or two years, but everybody knows that these are not secure positions. It happens at every school. It is a cold business, but UM and Golden are no different than any other school. I think Al is probably more caring about his players than a lot of other ruthless head coaches. And it is a very ruthless business. Face the facts. We promote by supporting it as fans, so our hands are not totally clean, either.

great posts Bethesda.
Plus let me point out to the nim wits who post here- Gallo being the number 2 nimwit behind Calvin- That this article says that Carter is leaving the program. No where in the article is there any specific mention on how and why he left. Did he quitt? did he get into disciplinary trouble? Did he ask the coaches to release him? Was he cut? Did he get frustrtated by his lack of progress (even though he is only a RS freshman)?

What I see is a lot of kids who come in with a culture of entitlement. I was good in hs- a stud, so Im going to be the next Reggie wayne at the U and wont even have to compete- yeah right. HS kids come in thinking theyre all that yet they realize., come their first game that there are 120 other D-1 schools with 105 kids on each of those teams that are just ass fast, just as strong and just as big as you. Question is- Are they just as hungry?

AG said he was worried about the depth at WR and now gets rid of Carter??

Hey"D", here's one for ya, the train is coming for brother. Gaytor or stinkin Nole, your lumps are coming. Both phony weak stick programs that will never, ever match to the U's legacy. Jealousy will consume you brother.

Who said AG got rid of Carter you idiot. The kid asked for his release knowing he won't play. Very humane gesture on Al's part!

What I see is a lot of kids who come in with a culture of entitlement.
Posted by: Calvin come on man! | August 24, 2013 at 04:13 PM

Why or how do U see it that way when that wasn't reported either? No where does it state, indicate or say how U feel, so U would need to practice what U preach correct?

Bethesda tells me to get real, then proceeds to discuss why kids leave and the nature of the business, when my response to him was about Golden's coaching and plan for success. Ok??

Amazing how arrogant Gator fans are. They walk around like their crap don't stink. Not too unlike the NCAA that stands for "No Class At All". Golden is doing a GREAT job considering that every college coach in America is talking the same crap that Gallo and D are saying. The only thing you need to know about the "U" is this:
1. 5 National Championships. The same amount Florida & Florida State has combined .
2. More NFL Hall of Famers than those schools combined.
3. More players in the NFL making an impact than those afformentioned schools.
4. The best graduation rate of all the football programs in the State of Florida.
5. The strictest requirements for enrollment in the state.
6. We have no alumni or current players sitting in jail being charged with Murder!
7. Enough Said!
So what is so great about being a Florida Gator?
Absolutely Nothing!


He probably has that Ron zook disease, he's been following the canes since the 50's but can't follow a sequence of post on a blog.

Remember that guy first attended a canes game in the 50's as well.

13-11 is the new standard for "great" ?

Yup, probably. Its a shame to be a Canes fan that long and still not understand our mystique and essence. He has sadly missed the point for over 60 years.

They'd rather have a crystallized version of Golden's binder, then a NC trophy.

HTC can you back that up?

I mean at 13-11 with no wins over a ranked team and multiple losses to unranked teams, u might want to start out with doing a "good" job first.

Now Sumlin at Texas AnM did "great" in his first year...

So did Coker

For the record its A & M. Fact Coker won a National Championship.

D which hand do you type with?

Gallo, you're a pathetic loser. Can you just go away???

they ain't going anywhere til D'onofrio is gone gone gone. They played mediocre teams last year and gave up 450-500 yrds/game Duke 45 points in the last game shows what ( lack of ) coaching can do just opinion

Players are not welling to fight to play anymore. If they don't start right away or play right away, they leave. The bottom line is if you are playing Div. 1 football look for players to be as good as u or better!!!

What is wrong with the Water in Miami?

Why do people believe the Miami Hurricanes Media Machine.
Miami hypes it up every year since Butch Davis left. By the way, Butch was the last real coach at the U.

1. I'll be surprised if we blow out UCF.
2. We are losing to Florida!
3. WE should beat Savanna State
4. We will squeak by USF
5. We will lose BIG to GT.
6. We will lose again to UNC
7. We may need overtime for Wake Forest
8. FSU - Lose!
9. VT - Lose!
10. Duke - a win!
11. We will lose again to Virginia.
12. We should beat Pitt.

Where does that leave the U in 2013? 6-6 and another mediocre bowl.

If you have haters, you must be doing something right. Go Canes!

Gallos comments are so funny there is not a school in the country that does not have the same attrition just check it out Ohio state has massive casualties

September 07th will be the last day there will be noise on these local blogs....cherry picking makes for poor recruiting; there is always fall off in GREAT programs. Anyone who says differently are just ignorant and uninformed. Places of heartened are seldom forgotten.

Guys leave every program, it's not unique to um. Good luck to the kid. Is that really all there is to report? How is the defemse doing?

It is obvious from reading these incessant ramblings from D and Jim Gallo they are either one and the same or sleeping in the same bed. They speak nothing about football just bash with no content. He or they are probably 5'4" 250 lb dweebs who couldn't catch a football if their life was on the line. We are so fortunate that we have a good man for a coach who has weathered an unbelievable storm. I will be marking my 50 year anniversary of attending Canes games this year and have seen much much worse.

MiamiJoe I agree with your comment on ramblings from D and Gallo.

I go to the games and in every instance the 'Cane fans are loud and proud, so we will be fine.

Wish we could find another 3 or 4 Randy Johnsons at other positions and we would be on the National Scene.
Wait for it, we are getting there!!.

Coach G and his group have brought fresh air into a program that needed airing out.

Players leave in ALL football programs so why should everyone be questioning these departures?. We have players that came from other schools on our roster.
Not failures, but players who can contribute, and who for whatever reasons left their original schools .

The fact is the train has left the station. No one is entitled. It is work or go.

If you are at the bottom of the charts and don't like it. Move on to make that scholy available for incoming players.

Easy as that.

Not very complicated.

Tell Gallo to keep his list going and add his OWN name to it as he digs himself deeper in his own mire.
What an A******. He will be a casualty.

Beat Florida. The 'U' 38-14.
Go 'Canes

2 WRs leave the team in,, and I just dont get it,,how do you participate in all the off-seanson activities and routine,,and then get this close to a new season,,,and just say,,hey i want to leave...where is the desire to part of a team and wait for your shot which is either an injury or a suspension to occur..both are likely during every season..

Guys that are gone came from the 1st year Golden came and this program was a mess. No one wanted to come here. He just filled spots and hopped. Now its time to move on. They could have stayed and received a college degree but they left----STUPID... This will be a very good year for our CANES..FRIDAY NIGHT

Son, Fat, Drunk, and Stupid is no way to go thru life.

Miami 35 UFelons 7 AND WONT EVEN B THAT CLOSE like that o2 game in Gainesville U 41 UF 16

Back to the subject: players leaving... Happens a lot especially at big programs. Lets see how next few seasons go.

Gallo your mom is looking for you, she didn't give you permission to play on the computer and wants you to get up off the couch, come upstairs from the basement and do the one and only thing you are good at...take out the garbage!

golden is just a good car salesman.....once they get here the rose comes off.....

Posted by: Jim Gallo | August 24, 2013 at 12:20 PM
Another butchered cliche from a truly ignorant being.
Gallo, or whatever you are, it's "the blush is off the rose."
The stupidity perpetrated by trolls on this forum is truly mind blowing.
As another ignorant non person repeatedly says, "eh. What say."

It's time these, and all Herald blogs be made Facebook log in only.
I hide from no one, especially from morons with the IQ of a tomato.

Good Morning Canes! Wasn't this our problem in the past...not getting rid of or excusing players who were not in the system or couldn't fit in the program. We are not the only program to dismiss players or have players to leave for no without explanation. He keeps players...people are mad...he gets rid of players...people are mad. Wait a Friday and a couple of Saturdays to make a judgement.

No reason without explanation...typo

I predict at worst an 7-5 record...9-3 at best...hoping 10-2, 11-1, 12-0...but I am a realist...

To D , Gallo! O yes Omar Kelly , Manny Navarro. Such idiots. Randy Shannon was a TERRIBLE recruiter. So was Larry Coker. The cupboard was left with looming sanctions, no high school programs feeling good about us, bad attitudes from under producing players and that's Golden's fault? Gallo take your blow up doll to keep your typing hands busy and the magnifying glass you need. Manny head back to FIU where you belong. D your demoted to C.

I'm sick of the mass exodus. Guys who played under Schnells, JJ, Erickson and Butch didn't leave just because they had to wait their turn to get some game time. They worked harder and eventually got their chance to shine. It's up to the coach to motivate, communicate and run the ship so players just don't feel abandoned and leave. I know there are those on here who will say if he they don't have the stones to compete good riddance. I would buy that is it was one or two players a year but the list of goners under Golden grows and on and on. Seems like it happens once a week. Very disturbing pattern.

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