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Stacy Coley continues to light it up in practice, catching three TDs from Stephen Morris on Sunday

   We don't see much of practice, and Sunday we saw barely anything, but it's quite obvious by talking to Hurricanes players and coaches that freshman wide receiver Stacy Coley has had an excellent camp.

I'm sure coaches don't want to heap too much praise on him, but he keeps delivering, according to fellow Canes.

UM reported in its Friday scrimmage recap (the scrimmage was closed to most of the public and media) that the 6-1, 180-pound Coley, a four-star player out of Oakland Park Northeast High, caught two touchdowns from backup quarterback Ryan Williams.

Williams told us Sunday that one of the scrimmage TDs was "30 or 40 yards'' and the other was 10 yards.

"It's just good that he's finally picking up the offense and knowing where he's supposed to be and not having to rely on the quarterback to tell him what he has every play,'' Williams said. "He's been studying so hard that he can go out there and play as fast as he can and just make plays.''

On Sunday, UM reported that Coley caught three touchdowns from Stephen Morris.

"On the third touchdown, freshman linebacker Alex Figueroa tipped Morris' pass, but Coley caught the deflection in stride for the score,'' the UM report stated.

It will be interesting to see if Coley's practice success translates to the field. I remember covering Sam Shields his freshman camp, and he was equally impressive. But he struggled and dropped passes when the season came around.

 *** Ryan Williams is always so serious speaking to the media, but Sunday he made us laugh. When asked if he knows any players from FAU and if he liked opening against a local team, Williams said, "It's good. We had that rivalry a couple years ago that didn't end very well in that game. I mean, er... FIU. But FAU... same thing. Close enough.

    "Just a local team. We need our bragging rights. We play a lot of in-state teams and I guess we're going to try to win them all.''

*** Defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio said UM made "significant improvement'' during Friday's scrimmage in tackling, finishing -- "how hard and how physical we play'' and improved on run defense, red zone and on third down.





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Where's my gun corch Meyer

Nice 3 wr set of Dorset, Waters, and Coley. Stephen Morris and the offense will be exciting to watch all year!

- Of Renfrow's play in the scrimmage, D'Onofrio said, "He was in good shape, finished really well. He's probably about 310 pounds right now, was in the neighborhood of 330 at one point. He's playing at a weight that's comfortable for him. I was very impressed with his stamina out there."

D'Onofrio also said that Kamalu "looks great. He's really a strong guy, long guy. He's got all the requisite skills you want. He's almost 6-5, 275 or 280 pounds, has got length and he can run. It's a matter of him getting comfortable with what we're asking him to do right now."

Can we get something other then this? Were they collapsing the pocket? were they strong at the point of attack? Did they get penetration? Who cares what they weigh? Jeez

I may be wrong. I may be way off base. If I am I hope some other poster politely responds and corrects me BHUST... I have been watching Canes since 1956- don Bossler's senior- Had seasons for 30 yrs or so. Never, in that time have I seen such a poor defense as UM fielded last year. You con't tell me that UM had the 166th best athletes on defense- Just a second string from Dade County couldda done better, They stunk the place up If something isn't done to get rid of that blithering idiot coach, expect 4- 5 losses- DUKE 585 yrds- gimme a break

Defense wins games and championships. Please pardon me if my heart is not all a flutter over the offense as long as no defense golden balls still has his worthless DC around.

Look D'o, let me make it simple for you.
Rush 4 down def. linemen. The DEs line up one inch on the outside of the helmet of the Off tackle or TE. The DEs first job to to contain the end run... Am I going to fast???? I will type more slowly. The D Guards have to fire straight up, no stunts, no getting blocked. They have to stop the run. Move the LBs up closer to the LOS. Do not give up five yards of air. DBs have to play receivers one on one, up close. They have to be the shadows of the receivers. You need a fast blitzer. Try Duke Johnson. D'O, I promise you that if you follow my advice, you will have a good defense. This is NOT rocket science.

Three defensive linemen can not stop a run nor get to a passer. LBs five yards off the line can not stop a run. Zone no pass coverage can not stop a pass. These mistakes have been YOUR lack of defense. I am so ashamed of such piss poor performance of shalalahaha and goldie and d'o and how you all have dragged down the school and the team. You simply must do better or have the ethics to resign or commit ritual suicide.

Please don't start that crap again '72. It's bad enough with the other 3(really the same guy) ranting their garbage, Get behind the team, it's a new year. let's see how it goes before beating them up, I like the 4-3 also. but I am just hopeful for a 9-10 win season. Just having some consistency would be a huge step. GO CANES

LOL, Harriet,

Saying your not a moron really doesn't buy you much. Is their room for you in the Sybil head anyway?

You guys are all missing the point. How can Miami EVER win without a coach that has a nickname in quotes whenever he is mentioned! Everyone knows that is "cool".

Fire D'No. Pleeeeeease!

I may be wrong. I may be way off base. If I am I hope some other poster politely responds and corrects me BHUST... I have been watching Canes since 1956- don Bossler's senior- Had seasons for 30 yrs or so. Never, in that time have I seen such a poor defense as UM fielded last year. You con't tell me that UM had the 166th best athletes on defense- Just a second string from Dade County couldda done better, They stunk the place up If something isn't done to get rid of that blithering idiot coach, expect 4- 5 losses- DUKE 585 yrds- gimme a break

Posted by: stpetecane | August 18, 2013 at 09:19 PM

Coach goldie and his boy set our defense back over 70 years but some on here would have you believe they need more time to get their type of players, lol, just goes to show, any coach who cant' coach the players under him to be better than who are we waiting on to come in. That's like when the old o-line coach/jeff stoutland was in here talking about how he looked at the last 5 national champions and all of their o-lines had combined over 100 starts, pathetic research for a coach to be doing, by his calculations than if that was what it took, we won't be winning a national championship no time soon than, couldn't wait for him to roll out with that mindset. See ereck flowers do his thing this year as a True sophmore at left tackle, that man is for real out their.

Posted by: MovingZen | August 18, 2013 at 07:54 PM

Good post back in the last title, but you may have me confused, i don't like the 6'4 250lb linebackers myself, they can't catch nobody. Those are the type of guys coach goldie and his boy clown 117th are infatuated with, the 1st or second thing out there mouF's is, so & so looks good, and proceed to let everybody know their size & weight, as if we're the only team in college football with guys those sizes they keep harping on. I bet the looked down on sean spence and couldn't understand how that man made all those plays at that size.

In their mind they probably kept think, if only we could add some more weight to em he'd be a 1st rounder. I'm glad these bozo's weren't here when SEAN TAYLOR was here, they'd have moved that man to linebacker and had him at 255lbs or more. These guys don't get it, when you bringing in highschool guys that were linebackers in highschool and when you get them in college and you keep them at linebacker, speed wise 230lb highschool linebackers are not going to be able to keep up with runningbacks at the college level,

Harriet Tubman

All the same clown who is fixated on the past.

Look doosh bags, its a new season. A real cane fan (which u all are not, including the liar who claims he or she has been a season ticket holder for 30 yrs) woul never bash a coach or D who is entering their 3rd year together... 2 weeks before kick off.

A real fan at least has the decency to give the coaches and players a chance. Support the U. Not criticize them with the same lame garbage which youall post over and over. Its gotten to the point that, Nobody reads your crap. We know what you all say- coach D, dunno that, 3 down linemen, blah blah blah, I mean, you cant make the sht up you all are pathetic.

UM will win 10 games this season. I guarantee it. And Calvin and his other multiple personalities and retarded twins will eat sh&t because it will be proof that they have no clue what they are talking about!

This site is the only site where fans criticize the team and coaches to the point of stupidy. Realism is good but this is plain bs negativism. You AHs can wait to midsession to trash the D IF warranted. I believe the D will be decent if not good this year! Gators O is looking terrible but do you them trashing their players or coaches. NO

And Michel cited this: “What concerned me was Miami’s facilities,” Michel said, adding Georgia’s are nicer. “They should be more up to par. And the fan base is not too big, not what I would expect.”


u think ?

The fans are here Michel. We tore it up at the tailgate before CANES FEST - #canesfam was representing and the Padron and Captain were flowin'. We got autographs from all the players and I will be selling them on ebay as lil J needs some new shoes.


I am really looking forward to this season. I know there are still some unanswered questions, however I believe this is going to be the year where everything comes together. Usually, in successful programs year three is the turning point. I am with you all the way Coach Golden.

Hi Manny and Susan! Have you given any thought to turning off the comment section of this blog or requiring a log in? It's pretty brutal for fans of UM sports to have to sift through the horrible nonsense that gets posted here. Thanks!

"In print, we have carefully articulated viewpoints, signed by the author. Online, anonymous posts often devolve into a volley of name-calling.
These caustic comments would never be printed in The Miami Herald. We believe they shouldn’t appear on our website.

Beginning Monday, readers who want to comment on stories posted on MiamiHerald.com will be required to log in using a Facebook account. We believe that anyone who has something to say should be willing to put their name to it.
For years, we have wrestled with this dilemma. Tens of thousands of users comment on our online stories each year, a virtual town hall that at its best creates robust community conversations on important issues. Too often, however, the rational voices are scared off. It is one of the complaints we most often hear about our website.

We have used several different commenting systems over the years in an attempt to create a safe space for readers to engage. We also aggressively monitor the posts to weed out the spoilers. However, those intent on using that space like a blank wall for verbal graffiti continue to outpace our ability to clean up in their wake. They create another alias.

On Facebook, most people use their true identities and many of our readers already have existing accounts. Already, a quarter of our commenters use Facebook to log in. Readers who don’t have an account can create one for free."

golden has all the tools for motivation/seminar speeches.....he is excellent at public speaking.....where do you think the 300 page binder came from?.......

al golden does not have a TRUE INNOVATIVE FOOTBALL MIND.....dnofrio is just a plain freak.....al golden brings nothing to the table like dennis erickson did with the 1 back offense.....or a kirby smart defense.....

al golden is just a football CEO......who is good at it.

Alain Dubois ( real name), why do you lack the balls to use your given name? Posting as
9 > 5 > 2 only shows what a CANADIAN COWARD you are. Guaranteeing 10 wins? Hiding behind the 952 name to make guarntees just shows what a gutless punk you are. If the canes can't win 10 behind the softest schedule they have ever played, they should just go down to D-2. Ten wins will mean nothing. It will only earn them a bowl berth where they get destroyed like they have late in every season.

with this ridicules scheduled for 2013......UM should not lose 1 game....12-0. if golden/dnofrio are as good as they say they are (or bloggers) with this team/experience/size....there can not be ANY reason for less.....

after florida/fsu this is what is left.....

fla atlantic / 3-9
savanah state / 1-10
usf / 3-9
gt / 7-7
nc / 8-4
wake / 5-7
vt / 7-6
duke / 6-7
virginia / 4-8
pitt / 6-7

a freshman lighting up the field against a seasoned 1 team defense......

there's your answer right there....

Career comparison:

Jeff Stoutland--OL coach Michigan ST
OL coach Miami
OL coach alabama
OL coach Philadelphia Eagles

Lady Calvina-- Unemployed Mom basement dweller
No chnge

Best line of the day:

Lady Calvina :

The first thing out of there (sic) mouf (sic) is ....players size and weight.

This from a guy absolutely obsessed with men's weights.

Hey, wait a minute. Me and my boy toy SOLDY also love men's weights. Especially young, lithe sweaty mans.

Isn't that right, Soldy, you silly little f#ck Pig?

Troll Pre-Season Power Rankings:

(1) CanesFan'72 - Consistently funny. Preseason salvo regarding using Duke Johnson to blitz earns him the top ranking.

(2) HarrietTubman Cane - Although new to the message board, his wisdom and insight cannot be overlooked. Expect big things from him this year.

(3) Jim Gallo - Although not very creative, he seems to get under people's skin the most. For that, he earns a top ranking.

(4) Calvin - The most reasonable troll personality. If you actually read his posts, you can tell he understands the game very well.

(5) CaneTrash - Should be another long season for CaneTrash. His schtick is getting old fast.

(6) Real Don Soldy - Confusing to say the least. The most pathetic of all the personalities. Or is that his genius?

As always, these rankings will fluctuate as the season progresses. Let the debate begin.

I forgot one:

(7) D - Stroke act is just plain not funny.

old school cane defenses shut down team offenses in scrimmages all the time. they were told to go light on the 1st team.....this defense cant even get 1 3 and out / QB sack or from getting beat.

last 2 scrimmages:

1. (2) 50 yard TD's back to back
2. (3) TD's - 30/40/10

were talking TD's here.....not completions with a stop. This is our first team offense that cant even stop a freshman with beef stew still in his pants....not 1 college game under his belt....

snap out of it....UM is in trouble

typo...first team defense.

Florida is gonna kill us.....you'll see

Sunny Dee,

Actually all those "people" tied for same position, since all are part of the Sybil group.

This site is the only site where fans criticize the team and coaches to the point of stupidy. Realism is good but this is plain bs negativism. You AHs can wait to midsession to trash the D IF warranted. I believe the D will be decent if not good this year! Gators O is looking terrible but do you them trashing their players or coaches. NO
Posted by: Sl | August 19, 2013 at 08:08 AM

It would be foolish to trash the gaytors offense when they were one game away from playing for it all. Also, they were one of the best rushing teams, so should we trash them. Also, let's see how bad their offense looks when they play Us, many people on here keep saying their offense is this and that, last time i checked, they put more points up against Fsu than we did, so i wouldn't use their offensive ranking as the litmus test of whether or not they can play offense.

Also, they went up against some of the best defenses in the country as well, unlike us, where our offensive ranking is higher than it should be.

Florida only being a two and a half point favorite is a huge sucker bet by Vegas. There is always a lot of action on Miami and the bookies are setting u up like bowling pins.

You can just go ahead and admit you're not a UM fan Calvin, we already know.

Obviously the term "troll" has morphed into meaning "someone that I disagree with" or "someone outside of the prevailing groupthink."

I mean who are you to tell another fan when it will be appropriate to discuss ("...wait to midseason...") our defense when they've played an entire season of bad defense already culminating in a total defense ranking of 116th and there hasn't been any new football played for Us to post about or discuss? Those other sites have gotten rid of any objectivity by banning posters that have critiques of the coaching. Why don't you go back to those other sites, so you can read exactly what you believe 24/7/365. Groupthink is so comfy. When are we gonna get sick of losing is my question, yall do this to yourselves every single year. I stopped drinking kool-aid midseason last year.

Considering what troll means to you couple of dudes, thanks Sunny Dee! I can't believe I've surpassed the great Gallo and Calvin that fast, its an honor to be mentioned with names like theirs.

No, "troll" implies that the only reason for your posts is to agitate people, to rile them up.

Like in fishing, you throw out nonsense, "trolling" to get people to talk to you.

Calvin's a perfect example, spouts multiple paragraphs of negative bullish*t about Miami on every single blog post. Every detail of the post, he puts a negative spin on, he has never said anything positive about University of Miami football.

Now on the flip side, he gives the Florida Gators all the credit in the world. Praises everything about the Gators, praises everything about Jimbo Fisher.

It's just blatantly obvious that his only purpose here is to make UM fans mad so that they'll talk to him.

It's just sad.

And no, nobody's "just mad" at you three (?) for "telling the truth".

Everyone agrees that D'Onofrio's terrible, everyone agrees that Golden needs to win more games.

So throw that line out the window, nobody cares that you don't like Golden or D'Onofrio.

People hate you and believe you're not actually UM fans because you are miserable, negative people who take the negativity so far beyond reason that it's infuriating to read.

How full of yourself are you, CaneFan72?!?!? There's a reason why you are an internet board warrior/troll instead of a D1 defensive coord, right? A lot of us know the intricacies of football, there's also a reason the vast majority of us aren't coaching at the D1 level. And more importantly, YOU HAVENT EVEN SEEN THIS YEAR'S DEFENSE!! Yet you sit and already spew nothing but negativity about it??? Yeah, that's a great way to build morale and support for this year's team... I wish our program didn't have cynical succubus 'fans' like you.

And what I'm saying is that, that is not true. I've been posting about Cane football for about 9 years and when I began Cal had already been posting on the Omar Kelly ran Sun-Sentinel Cane blog. I've never posted once in my life with intentions to piss someone else off and I know for sure that Cal is not cut from that antagonist cloth either. If you go to Canespace's Vault (if that lame still has that vault section up) you'll see posted comments from Cal and myself that are utterly embarrassing in hindsight because they wreak of kool-aid. I was defending UM on Dennis Dodd's ran CBSSportsline blog (2004) even before Sun-Sent, all by myself, going hard for the Canes. You guys are going at some of the strongest Cane fans and supporters there are (its documented). So dudes need to get over themselves believing that anyone is thinking about them and their emotions before they post. Thats yall issue, not ours. I can't deal with that issue for you, you have to own that yourself.

You sound like a kid with those observations, like a person couldn't possibly not believe the same things you do without being crazy, dumb or a troll. Some of yall have a need to feel superior to others and a inferiority complex at the same damn time.

U need to accept that what you feel is blatantly obvious--is just not true. Do you have the ability to be wrong? If so, then you are this time my friend. No one is considering you when they post.

What I'm saying is that there's no need to think about what our intentions are when we post. There is unquestionable, documented proof and precedent that we used to be just like yall (which proves that we are objective and have the ability to grow and change--which also proves that our intentions have never been premeditated to any one idea). Outside of Curse, who else is truly a troll?

This is like the debate between old school rap or my era 90's hip-hop vs. modern day rap. We think the modern day corporate/pageantry Canes are a watered down version. We understand that our team had an essence--in word and especially in action. And the biggest point is that it CAN be re-established with sincerity. Thats like these kids saying that classic old rap music can't be created anymore, its done, old and the past. People don't understand the difference between living in the past and learning from the past. One of them is impossible to do (live in the past), so when a person references the past--they aren't saying that they want to live in it because of course they can't--they are attempting to learn from it and we all know there's good in that practice.

There's a formula for championships at UM and the ingredients to the formula are still around and still exist. We just want the school to go that route to get it. Which they continue to refuse or are ignorant of. Thats all.


You're not smarter than anyone, everyone hates D'Onofrio, everyone thinks Golden needs to win more games this year.

So throw that out the window, it's bullish*t.

The reason everyone hates you chosen few is that you are the definition of trolls. Spout negativity, spin every single thing written about UM to make it negative while praising everything UF and FSU do.

Your only purpose is to rile up UM fans, everyone agrees that D'Onofrio is terrible, everyone agrees that Golden needs to win more.

Sorry Zakkee, that formula that worked so long at the U no longer works. ( whatever it is?) please don't embarrass yourself and try to tell me that they wanted it more than other programs. The dominance was a result of many combined factors. None exist any longer. And what might still exist no longer beats programs that spend millions on coaches, recruiting, and facilities. So for you to say that the ingredients still are there sounds plain foolish to me. Just what are the ingredients Zakkee???

Ps I admire your mostly correct observations about the blind support that these guys offer. Everyone pulls hard for their team but that doesn't mean wearing blinders.

The definition of troll definitely includes those who flame on their own site. Way too much of that here. Name changers who attack everyone.
See: Reality, blog pig

So Ron Zook agrees with me? LOL, I didn't think so. U agree (speak for yourself, because you aren't everyone and their posts don't read that way), but have chosen to label us trolls because we actually post what you won't, but believe as well lol.

The stuff they say about UF and FSU is reality, right Reality? You can't name yourself Reality and hate it being said at the same time. Is what they post about them false or do you just not want to hear it. Its not about giving them props, its moreso to say that if their sorry a%$es can do it--we definitely can or should be able to. Remove the emotions, self-evaluate, and you'll be fine my friend.

Not to mention if this D-line doesn't start getting better, I don't care how many great recruiters we have, kids will simply stop coming to the "U" and our reputation and mystique, if there's any left, will be completely shot. Our biggest rival will become FIU. Last night I watched A Football Life about Jimmy Johnson on the NFL channel. Ya know what he'd do with these players?

I agree Pi (I hope that doesn't mean private investigator), it doesn't always mean that, but when a person gets so upset that they begin to insult you, then thats a clear indicator of blinders--and that occurs too often.

How can say that something doesn't work, when you are admittedly ignorant of the very idea in question??? So it doesn't matter what the formula is, you've already disqualified it. Then you follow that by asking me what it is lol. Thats backwards.

The best athletes of Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties with other handpicked athletes especially QB's from outside that area. Maybe 85%/15% demographic


A coaching staff that believes in accepting and cultivating the survival mentality of our players that is bore out of the struggle most have been involuntarily faced with and redirecting that energy positively (but still aggressively) to the playing field (keep that chip on their shoulders--don't attempt to change or destroy it, but provide an outlet for it). This coaching staff must provide aggressive schemes because this is the average recruits culture, nurture (not nature--no one is born aggressive outside of the impact of drug abuse to the womb)--there neighborhoods support tough love and a against all odds mentality, and thus their disposition. The kids must believe in the schemes, so they must be smart and geared to their strengths. This causes the State of Miami athlete to play at incomparable speed, intelligence and swagger. Swagger is a result of speed combined with intelligence. The smart game plan (intelligence) develops the speed and the speed kills. These are ALL responsibilities of the coaches.

So swagger begins with acceptance and sincerity. They lend to intelligence and ownership of the ideal and concepts by the players. And when the players become intelligent, their already amazing athletic ability is unleashed and they play fast. When they play fast they destroy their opponents. When they begin to destroy their opponents then the develop swagger--and go on auto-pilot--leading to championship contention every single season.

This formula encompasses emotional + mental + physical necessities that are the responsibility of the coaches to satisfy. The south Florida athlete is not extinct, so the formula is still doable. Look how Urban Liar has OSU playing. Who are they playing like? U guessed it, they play like the old miami on defense. They are no longer being told to engage the blockers, his d-line is using swim techniques and getting up field with players that are inferior to our own (my opinion). I don't think our players have sucked half as bad as our results or rankings.

So what doesn't exist anymore? The players? or coaches that understand the players and devise schemes/strategies that compliment their skills and lends to their emotional and mental development, focus and confidence?

The point is the comparison - everything you write about UF and FSU is positive, everything you write about UM is negative.

Everyone on this site thinks D'Onofrio sucks and Golden needs to win more this year. Zook, everyone.

That is just an obvious reality.

You spinning EVERYTHING about UM to be negative and EVERYTHING about UF and FSU to be positive is not reality.

UM is not far at all from those programs right now.

Our team's slow play, is a clear sign of deficiency in intelligence ala coaching. They haven't "bought in" because the coaching strategy is the antithesis of their very nurture. Wait and React--gets you killed where they're from. Our recruiting region and demographic produces proactive people. we aren't the Midwest. And even Midwest kids aren't being coached this way anymore--so who's really outdated???

We have fans saying our essence can't ever be recaptured while watching Saban, Chip Kelly and Brian Kelly, Meyer etc recreate it with success every season lol.

You can't tell me it doesn't exist when I watched the formula in fruition after every Cane game ended last season. All you have to do is turn the channel to another game to see it.

I don't post anything about FSU and UF, so that doesn't involve me. Zook doesn't believe that--he has said it himself.

Its called self-reflection and tough love judgement that you can't stomach..sorry. Skip their posts "Reality".

Your last sentence is the main feeder/motivation of the posts you can't stand.

U believe that we aren't far from them, and you are correct. Our problem is that, thats good enough for U. "Almost" isn't good enough for me, especially when we could and should easily be better than those programs in all facets.

If you were as negative about UM as your posts indicate then you would have to have very deep psychological issues to come to a UM blog every day and spout the same nonsense over and over and over again.

Undeniable truth is, you get enjoyment out of making other people feel bad.

Not that he would have seen the field, but Dye will not play. Don't know if medical or NCAA.

The sanford 3 never did much in college.

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