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The Hurricanes choose their Unity Council: 16-player council is led by quarterback Stephen Morris


This just in from UM's sports information folks:


CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Sixteen Miami Hurricanes football student-athletes have been selected to the program’s Unity Council by the coaching staff.

 The purpose of the Unity Council is to act as a liaison group between the football team and staff. This group of players is selecting by the coaching staff and consists of multiple players from each classification. The council holds a weekly meeting and can convey whether certain situations need immediate attention.

 The 16-player group is led by seniors Stephen Morris, Shayon Green, Jimmy Gaines, Allen Hurns and Brandon Linder. The junior class is represented by Anthony Chickillo, Ladarius Gunter, Shane McDermott and Denzel Perryman, while the sophomores are represented by Tracy Howard, Raphael Kirby and Herb Waters. Freshmen Alex Figueroa, Jermaine Grace, Sunny Odogwu and Kevin Olsen round out the council.

 With the formation of the Unity Council, the team is able to attack potential problematic situations with open communications, which allows the program to function smoothly as a team in all areas.

 Under the direction of third-year head coach Al Golden, the Hurricanes open preseason practice – #CanesCamp – at 8:20 a.m. Saturday on the Greentree Practice Fields.




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a unity council....what a bunch of BS....concentrate on winning....that's the priority

golden is 40-45, 1 bowl appearance, no bowl wins...he is a losing coach
urban meyer is 70-16 with 5 bowl appearances and 4 bowl wins...he is a winning coach...

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can you say mark dnofrio?

golden is clueless about what is right for UM.....it has nothing to do with a "unity counsel".....the issues are within the staff...not the kids

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We must all come together and fight reverse racism. Starting with Calvin who is the worst offender of all and is no better than that swine gator Riley Cooper.

Telling the truth!


We must all come together and fight reverse r.a.c.i.s.m. Starting with Calvin who is the worst offender of all and is no better than that swine gator Riley Cooper.


Nice copy and paste...Google and Wikipedia allows morons like you the ability to ALMOST appear to have a shred of intelligence, which of course you don't!

Harriet Tubman had courage and integrity--neither of which applies to you. Had you truly understood and respected what Ms. Tubman stood for you would have never used her name to post your vile garbage.

Nice post, but can u prove anything u said?

Please do, we'll wait. Post the googled article or wiki page I pasted.

good luck. Where I got my true comments is not the point. The point is that I told the truth. Why use a name like truthful observer when u don't really stand for the truth?

Tell us what part of my post did I lie in?

Why debate race with a person whose race created the black struggle? Why intellectualize a struggle with someone who condones the creation of it, benefits from it, and/or doesn't even acknowledge the existence of it?

These are questions I must ask myself. U are *incapable* of giving me a good conversation about this lol!

dzp needs to lose at least 10lbs, he looks like he can't walk let alone run, 243, man, i'll be glad when practice starts making them drop lbs, to much weight on his joints if you ask me, he's only a junior too, 3g looks strong but i can tell he's going to be even slower, he doesn't need weight he needs strength, he doesn't need to be over 270lbs i know that much.

WG, you are making a false assumption in your book recommendation to Calvin. He can't read.


Woke up with your weight obsession in full force. Must have had sweet dreams, I guess.

Wow... I'm not sure what's more surprising, the Herald having some many new entries to their blog or how ignorant cAlvin and his side kick Tubman are..

cAlvin really should stick to posting about UM football (maybe something different than the long winded rants about our 116th ranked defense though). You are never going go far in life with all that hatred in your heart.

Tubman... Here's a newsflash for you.. I'm a white male of Italian descent and I have no control or power over anybody of any race except for my own kids. All I can I do is raise them to the best of my ability and teach them right from wrong and hold them accountable to show them that there are consequences when they don't do the right things.

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