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UM Hurricanes running back Danny Dillard no longer on team. Confirmed.

Yesterday it was Dyron Dye.

Now it's Danny Dillard.

UM confirmed this morning that 6-2, 210-pound running back Danny Dillard, a redshirt freshman from Bradenton and graduate of Venice High, is no longer on the team.

On Monday, when UM was practicing on Mark Light Field (baseball field), my colleague from CanesInsider, Brandon Odoi, noticed that freshman linebacker (and track speedster) Walter Tucker -- listed in the UM media almanac as 6-0 and 205 pounds and on the depth chart as 6-0 and 226 -- was practicing as a running back. He is now listed as a fullback behind starter Maurice Hagens.

According to his UM bio, Dillard was a three-star recruit with rivals.com and scout.com, the No. 35 running back prospect according to rivals and No. 62 according to scout. He finished his junior season at Venice High with 1,300 yards and 25 touchdowns.



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Culling the herd for the improvement of the team.

Soldy, however, is still a blog Pig and should be the first culled from this blog. I will make the blog stronger to have that maggot excised like the boil on his anus.

Good morning u silly cane clucks... I'm here to give u ur lesson and homework assignment for the day... Can u read ? Here we go...

Research the Rivals.com 2014 Recruiting rankings where u currently sit ranked at #4 with the ridiculous number of 26 commits (with nearly half that number being commits that still haven't been offered by ANY Top-20 team, but more on that at the end of ur lesson) in August....

ok, are u at the 2014 recruiting rankings page yet ? Good for u, we're on our way...

Now, take a very good look at where the present "Top-Program" teams with only 14-18 commits and along with their AVERAGE per man *-rating are ranked in "August" like...


#2) Alabama - 18 -- 3.6 *

#4) miami -- 26 --- 3.1 *

#5) Ohio St.- 17 -- 3.4 *

#6) Notre Dame- 17 - 3.7 *

#9) Georgia -- 16 - 3.5 *

#11) T AnM -- 14 - 3.6 *

#12) Clemson - 15 - 3.4 *

#13) Michigan- 15 - 3.4 *

#14) FLORIDA -- 15 - 3.6 *

#16) LSU ------ 14 - 3.4 *

#22) Auburn --- 14 - 3.3

#26) S. Car. -- 13 - 3.5


u see that page now ? u see what ALL these alike Top-Ranked Programs have in common in August ? YES !!! Good answer cane cluck ! Right, their classes are 13-18 TOP commits that basically average 3.5* per player. The Coaches of the Top-Programs have a recruiting model that allows room during and at the end of the Season to ADD the TOP-TALENT that has yet to commit or WILL decomit (in ur case) in Dec.-Jan.-Feb. Make sense now cane clods ? No ? ok lets continue shall we. I'll try to put it into the very simplest of terms just for u.

Simple Math... There are 50 of the Top-100 High School Players that have Committed to a Program as of now... There are another 50-60 of the Top-300 High School players that still haven't committed... Then there will be another 30-40 of those committed players that will decommit and go elsewhere... u following ? OK good... So that roughly leaves 120 or so of the Top Kids that are still up for grabs. The above mentioned teams, excluding u of course, and maybe a few others like USC-Oregon-Texas-Oklahoma will ALL FEAST on these 4-5 Star (and solid 3-star projects that can play football, unlike a dozen of ur present unranked and 2-star duds) Stud uncommitted kids, hauling in average of up to 8-10 each raising their Class to 25-28 kids as their average * ratings per kids will sky-rocket to the 3.7 * -3.9 * and Top-10 Rankings. u ... u axe ? Well u will get none of these remaining Top kids because ur Class is FULL (half-full of unranked, 2 and low low 3 stars) and u will looose a few of ur better commits and drop in the rankings and average * per player like a stone in Biscayne Bay... And when Feb. rolls around and u still have 4-5 spots to fill after decommits, do u have any idea just who u will fill them with? Nope ? Neither does Goldie, because they'll be some ham n egger hacks that sends in tape from a plane hanger or unranked 6-6 280 with Frankenstein feet that Al will sweet talk u as having," great potential and great character but has NEVER played football... Oh then of course the proverbial next June/July transfers that couldn't hack it where they initially committed that u dopes will pencil in as potential starters and future stars... What u don't realize is that the above mention TOP-PROGRAMS don't even sniff these kinds of bums... They toss them off their teams as ur all to happy to pick up their table scraps from the floor in hopes u have more diamonds in the rough. News flash, Al has the deed to a Coral Gables defunked diamond mine ... Silly, silly cane fan. That's no model for success, but it seems to be a main chapter in Goldie's 300 page binder.

Now Finally... Time for ur homework clucks ... Take the above 2014 present Class rankings listed above and on the Rivals.com web page. u back there yet? ... Now notice where they are ranked. Not great right but good. Now go to the top of the Rankings page and find the drop down box labeled "More Rankings" and click on 2013 and compare where the above mention teams "FINISHED" in 2013. Impressive huh ? That's what TOP-PROGRAM Coaches do. The FINISH ! ... Heck keep on clicking 2012-2011(where were u?)-2010-2009...

So in closing cane st[]_[]pidents, don't u forget to comprehend the importance of just not the ranking and size of the Classes... But the all important * QUALITY of the RECRUITS. It's Quality u dumb nocomprende clucks not QUANTITY.

That why u are STILL UNRANKED going on 5 years... HAVEN'T BEAT a RANKED TEAM in 4 years. And Continually, EVERY YEAR to LOOOSE To UNRANKED TEAMS MULTIPLE TIMES YEARLY since 2006... Now tell me I'm lying clucks.

Now go do ur homework and try to learn something that real College Football Aficionados comprehend.


HOLA ARTY !!! See you soon Bro !

it's getting closer to game day Arty and the Spring n Summer Champs are already dropping like flies ... Injuries, combine with their glaring lack of depths will doom them all year as by October they will once again become forever young...

The NCAA will put the final nail in ur dumpster coffin any day now. And it's gonna hurt.

Arty and I continually tell u... But u never listen nor learn.

6-2/225 Danny Dillard ...

Was he supposed to be the next Edgerrin James or Willis McGahee ?

I don't know but he's about the size of your mother, when she was in teh 3rd grade Soldy

Getting Lean and Mean.

The train is out of the station. It has left 'bro.

If you are not on board you will be left waving bye.

There is no space for the guys who do not buy in to the process.

It is more than athletics.
Take care of business with grades, and carry yourself as a 'Cane as Randy Johnson says and everyone will respect you.

If not hit the road.
Go 'Canes

Real Soldy, you sure spend an inordinate amount of time on this blog for a guy who is so convinced that UM is so pathetic.

Something tells me Danny Dillard may be on his way out.

Posted by: J'Ville Cane | August 19, 2013 at 10:59 PM

I knew it

he may have left because he was buried down the depth chart

Hi Manny and Susan! Have you given any thought to turning off the comment section of this blog or requiring a log in? It's pretty brutal for fans of UM sports to have to sift through the horrible nonsense that gets posted here. Thanks!

"In print, we have carefully articulated viewpoints, signed by the author. Online, anonymous posts often devolve into a volley of name-calling.
These caustic comments would never be printed in The Miami Herald. We believe they shouldn’t appear on our website.

Beginning Monday, readers who want to comment on stories posted on MiamiHerald.com will be required to log in using a Facebook account. We believe that anyone who has something to say should be willing to put their name to it.
For years, we have wrestled with this dilemma. Tens of thousands of users comment on our online stories each year, a virtual town hall that at its best creates robust community conversations on important issues. Too often, however, the rational voices are scared off. It is one of the complaints we most often hear about our website.

We have used several different commenting systems over the years in an attempt to create a safe space for readers to engage. We also aggressively monitor the posts to weed out the spoilers. However, those intent on using that space like a blank wall for verbal graffiti continue to outpace our ability to clean up in their wake. They create another alias.

On Facebook, most people use their true identities and many of our readers already have existing accounts. Already, a quarter of our commenters use Facebook to log in. Readers who don’t have an account can create one for free."


Do you even know what the star ratings mean? You make such a big deal about what star each player is. And another thing, the star ratings are such an exact science that each rating group has players drastically different. Seeing that star ratings don't mean much, your ramblings are tired and useless. Get a life. Coach hand picks his players by working them out, not because some loser wannabe claims he is a 4 star player.

How much time did that imbecile spend writing about a team he hates?

How pathetic is your life if that's what you spend half an hour doing something so dumb?

Wow Soldy that was a beautiful short story ..I love your imagination and witt ..caneclucks - what a knee slaper

We got U and U ain't gonna like it... U have just U to blame...

U won't have a decent full recruiting class again until 2020...

50 schollies over 5 years and 10 years probation as a repeat multiple Habitual offender... u did it to urselves over 30 years.

Gross Lack of Institutional Control for many, many, many years past.

Be prepared and put on ur hardhats as the sledgehammer is about to fall.

Soldy, you fruity Pig, I will show you just how much I enjoy your stores when you come over tonight for some rub and tug.

Silly Pig.

I would much rather have a stellar, South Florida raised, three star that excelled in the Al Golden camps, than some outside, fake four star against weak competition, that has never been seen up close by any coaching staff.

Like this former three star, who in his senior year was able to move up to five stars.


Go ahead and badmouth the top runner in the ACC, gator trolls, because you offered him and he PUNKED you on TV, the radio, and in the print media.

Gallo, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Not surprised about Dillard, who is seeking softer pastures. There was such an opportunity to be the bigger back in this offense and he couldn't do it.

I've been a bit worried about the number of players on scholarship and the # of commits for next year, so inevitable that the herd would have to be culled, if some didn't leave on their own.

Publishing the depth chart clearly gives so guys a nudge out the door.

No need for your fake god's mercy. Give it to the children born with terminal diseases. You are such a sheep.

^He's too young to know Billy Madison hahahaha

Culled literally means (when referring to a noun), the selective slaughter of inferior or surplus livestock.

Yall keep talking about Gaytors this and that, but kind of fans are y'all yourselves?

Yall believe the NCAA over Dyron Dye, now U refer to Dillard as a soft dude that couldn't compete, got bad grades and wouldn't buy in???? A loyal fan wouldn't turn on a Cane that fast and especially without any proof of any of those assertions. Its the same sentiments every time a kid leaves the program. Yall don't notice these patterns of behavior in yourselves? I knows its an analogy, but it rings of good ole boy talk.

Dudes only have venom for other fans and the players. They NEVER question those in power and with influence. Stephen from Django status. Yessa yessa Boss mans is always right!

Harriet... It sucks about Dyron, but he got himself in this situation by hanging out with scum like Shapiro. They didn't kick anybody off the team who honestly testified and took their suspension. You are reading an article based off journalism. I'm sure the university knows more about the situation than we do so they had the information needed to make this decision. You or I do not have that information. Sucks, but sometimes this happens. I can't wait until this whole situation is behind us so it happens less often.

That true Jax, but Shalala hung out with Shapiro more intimately than Dye ever did and she walked.


Here she is taking money from him and gushing like the "lil precious" dude from The Lord of the Rings movies.

The powerful, influential, and rich always walk, but the kids and fans always pay.

Some more positive attention for Morris and the Canes, this time from ESPN.


With Morris at #6 and Duke not listed yet, it looks like Miami has a couple of the top skill position players in the ACC.

The NCAA refused to give Dye an approval, so the only logical thing to do with a 4th stringer, is to move on. Anyone sane wouldn't take on an organization that is prosecutor and judge.

"The powerful, influential, and rich always walk, but the kids and fans always pay."

Awww, cry me a river you bleeding heart. The same logic would apply for you to cry about the big schools like tOSU, Texas, Alabama, Georgia having deep pockets and being able to funnel millions to their schools at the expense of the smaller ones.

It's called reality. Get your head out of your Koran.

It's not against the rules for her to take money from him for the school. In fact, that's her job. Yeah, she was deceived by him but so were all the millionaires who Shapiro Ponzi schemed. Unfortunately, it is against the rules for Dyron to take gifts from him. But if Dyron wouldn't have told a different story three times, then made so much of a fuss publicly, maybe his part of this would have been over two years ago like it was with Jacory and the other players. His is the only case that has dragged out. That should tell you something that maybe there's more to the story than we know. The school recently was trying to get him cleared by the NCAA so maybe something was revealed that made it evident they had to cut ties with him. Either way, it sucks. But lets not play anybody up as the poor innocent victim and just move on.

Schools can take $ from boosters, even scummy ones. Athlete's can't. Pretty simple.

Since its reality, I guess that makes it right huh? Since inequality and unethical practices are rampant, we should just be quiet and let them continue. Thats a weak philosophy from someone who may need to thump and get his head in the Quran himself. You are of the Shaiteen lol.

It's funny watching Harriet and Gallo argue like they are different people.

This is the best cane team in at least 10 years. The tandem of Morris and Duke has to be the best in the NCAA. The Wr are 6 deep. We will score at will. Who needs a good defense.
Al Golden has to be the best coach in America. And what a nice tie!

How is having a lot of boosters with a lot of money who want to donate to their school "unethical?" Would like to see you explain that. Maybe your koran, that silly little fairy tale, will provide some ludicrous answers.

You reek of a liberal "what's yours is ours" mentality.

Its even funnier watching you toe the line between overt good ole boy and covert good ole boy lol.

Gallo is trying very hard to be a good troll today. Unsuccessful but trying hard. Troll better.

good luck to dillard. hope he finds success unless playing us.

harriet u are close on the meaning of culling in relation to livestock/wildlife. i assume people are using it in more of the general sense which is simply to seperate into 2 groups. 1 to keep and 1 to release.

So the trolls are trying to turn the self-removal of Grimble, the NCAA-forced removal of Dye (whose transgressions were done under that other coach), and the cleanup of a wasted scholarship in Dillard, into some indictment of the powers that be in Coral Gables?

And if we had kept all three, their cries would be:
"Why didn't Golden let Grimble leave? He's mean!"
"Why didn't Golden get rid of that cancer Dye? He led the NCAA into making the sanctions hard on "us", he's incompetent!"
"Why didn't Golden get rid of that dead weight at the bottom of the depth chart? He thinks he is running a day care center instead of a football team!"

In each case, Golden and the school did the right thing for the team and the player. Grimble was able to land on his feet with the early release, Dye can go to any school without a year off once he clears the NCAA hurdle that has nothing to do with the school, and Dillard can get a chance to compete at a school with no depth at running back, like for example the Florida Gators.

The three players we added late will help the team, the three we removed would not.

harriet, in his quest for harmony and equality (of course, according to his own criteria) finds bigotry and inequality everywhere.

When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

Soldy... Miami still leads with 52 current active NFL players..

Do us all a favor and bring more stats to the table. Lol.. writing is all caps. Tells us folks he doesn't have a real job.

Why do referees wear raincoats around Coach Muscrap? Is it because he spits like a lunatic when yelling?

He looks like a drunk janitor. The perfect representative of UFailure.

Good luck to the young man dillard. Coach Golden is trimming his garden and getting it right. The depth chart doesn't matter as much right now. Everyone is going to be able to make plays against FAU. I just want to see execution and a great product on the field. Ten more days. Go Canes!!!

Most people reporting are saying Dillard chose to leave. So it was probably being at the bottom of the depth chart that influenced him.

Posted by: THE REAL DON SOLDY ... | August 20, 2013 at 10:16 AM

I don't care for your typical Gator condescending attitude, but you have a few good points. The best being that last years top-10 in recruiting were and mostly are the better teams year after year in Jan. final rankings. The best teams usually have the better players top to bottom. But Miami for the most part never has been a year after year top-10 recruiting giant, but yet still up until the last few years has been a top team for nearly 30 years. That said, the last few years have been better but I'd personally like to see us in the 18-20 commit number so we can make a push for the remaining uncommitted kids come Dec. and Jan. Unfortunately I don't think we realistically have a shot at too many of them other than maybe a hand full or so. And we can still get them if we drop some of the current commits.

We'll see. Go Canes. 10-2 and ACC 'Ship game or bust.

Fake Jim Gallo troll, attempting to talk sports for once, but under someone else's name of course. I'm not a liberal nor do I have a God complex like U. "what's yours is ours." U are the foot soldier for the elite, they aim you at your own socioeconomic demographic and you spew their ideologies of ownership and capitalism that doesn't even benefit U. U are the exact reason I call myself HarrietTubmanCane. Self-hating coon and sell-out for mass. The epitome of the modern day monetized slave. Your only true freedom is to work and spend (be a consumer and be consumed). Your purpose and existence has been repurposed to suit their pockets, while they monopolize your most priceless asset--your time. Working is a necessity of life, but it isn't your purpose. U want to judge others on possessions and hours worked, instead of character and integrity. Your whole thought process has been devised to make someone rich, while U berate your own demographic. U are self checked. U make the world go around and thats why U excuse all injustices and inequalities as being, "just the way it is."

"Whats yours is ours" --who gave any man the right to claim the ownership of trees, plants, air, water, minerals, the sun, the moon or any technology that spawned from or was inspired by what was already here--what we ALL got for free? Ultimately, we do all own everything, because everyday all of Us get almost everything we need for free. Who gave your master the right to claim ownership of free favors and charge money for them? Huh Stephen? Food comes out of the ground with a little water and Sun--both we get for free. Who makes the Sun go away at night so U can sleep and who sustains your breathing and heartbeat while you're unconscious on a nightly basis? Your boss at work? Bill Gates? The Koch Brothers?, Wells Fargo?, J.P. Morgan Chase? The Federal Reserve? Al Golden? Shaitan? LOL! Open that Koran boy.

Nobody cares about results or substance? Why are you zombies so in love with a mediocre coach? He can talk and act the part but so far he hasn't done squat. What he has done is keep employed the architect of the worst cane defense ever. So let us see how this season unfolds but don't tell me we have a young team. We have a senior QB and n experienced O line, we are loaded at WR and have an exiting returning soph at RB. We have a bunch of upperclassmen coming back on D. We have a very favorable schedule. The table is set, now is the time to show results.

Posted by: miramarcane | August 19, 2013 at 04:24 PM

Independent thinkers keep popping up at random, a welcomed site to see another real UM fan not blinded by B.S. With that being miramarCane, this guy coach goldie is already trying to refute the Truth of what you wrote:

Coach goldie talking:
"I’m concerned about our depth at wideout,'' he continued. "We’re not deep in terms of our scholarship numbers. If we get nicked up like we have been in the last couple days, I’m worried there.''

Oh, Gallos other alternate voice pops up. He also refers to him as "Coach Goldie"... because none of his alternate personalities are mature enough to use the man's name while nitpicking every word he says.

Yall don't notice these patterns of behavior in yourselves? I knows its an analogy, but it rings of good ole boy talk.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 20, 2013 at 11:36 AM

And that's W-H-Y i call these Cane bubba's GOOD OL' BOY'S!

Especially the dude's in canespace/eoth, and naturally in M-H's Miami football forum. hUh

Yeah, yeah not all of the Cane brutes be Good Ol' Boys, and what not. Albeit SEVENTY PERCENT (70%) of the bubba's in the M-H Cane football enclave, and naturally canespace/eoth, be of the good ol' boy sort. Eh. What say.

With the recent departure of ANOTHER Goldie recruit. It would seem that both Goldie and D'Onofrio tend to make blunders in the recruiting game and what not. hUh

Best of fortune to a former Hurricane RB!

I remember when ALL the canespace/eoth Good Ol' Boy said Daniel was gonna' be All-Conference and what not.

And how Daniel was gonna' " tear it up " on the synthetic-turf. dUh

It just goes to show one, that it's a CRAP GAME when it comes to the recruiting game. hUh

Because sometimes those 3-Star prep recruits become All-Stars. Think Boomer Sooner's QB Sammy Bradford. A high school 3-Star recruit, for instance.

And sometimes those 5-Star prep players never reach their projected potential and what not. Get outta' here, outsider!

6-2/225 Danny Dillard ...

Was he supposed to be the next Edgerrin James or Willis McGahee ?

Posted by: THE REAL DON SOLDY ... | August 20, 2013 at 10:24 AM


Well, according to the VAST MAJORITY of canespace/eoth zealots. The kid was suppose to be All-Conference and what not.

Talk about those Cane Good Ol' Boys REACHING IN THE DARK! When it comes to Miami recruiting matters and what not. hUh

Good lord, is "D" the fifth "Gallo" personality of the day? You all say the same things! At least one of you knows how to spell "Golden" right?

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