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UM season-ticket sales surge -- yes, Gators helped for sure. But winning is potion that will help most

In my MiamiHerald.com story today -- click here -- I wrote how UM's season-ticket sales have gone from 22,800 in 2012 to nearly the 30,000 expected to be sold by the Gators game Sept. 7.

It's "the largest year-to-year record growth we have on record,'' according to Miami associate athletic director for communications and marketing Chris Freet.

UM Athletic Director Blake James told me he realizes some of that surge has to do with the Gators game during a season when UM travels to FSU.

However, we all know how empty Sun Life Stadium was much, if not most, of the time last season. It had to be embarrassing for the program.

Bottom line is if the Hurricanes win, fans will begin to fill more seats. I'm curious to see, however, how many folks show up to the 8 p.m. opener against FAU Aug. 30th, a week from Friday. UM said it's too early to give an estimate, which tells me there are a LOT more tickets to be sold. If I'm wrong about the LOT more, somebody let me know.

If you're a fan, Friday night opener sounds fun to me. You get the whole weekend to recover and chill.

Anyone out there besides season-ticket holders going to the opener? And if you are a season-ticket holder, did Florida game have anything to do with your purchase?

Have a great weekend. I'm headed out of state to my nephew's wedding this weekend. Hello, NCAA? Anyone home?



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Can you give me a few examples of guys that Randy coached from their freshmen year to their senior year that didn't get better? Especially those that "flourished in the NFL". We have to be careful with just tossing stuff out with such broad assumptions. Could it be that the players worked harder once they got to the NFL? We know the coaching at the NFL level is an upgrade, could that be why they are successful? There are too many varibles. How much credit do the actual postion coach or coordinator have to do with the development? The most I would say.

Coaching includes player development for sure but coaching is primarily putting guys in the right position to be successful. You project a player in the recruiting process, how he develops has a lot to do with how hard he works. Most development takes place when no coaches are around. I can't say "early returns look good" regarding anything outside of the hype surrounding the offense. Yes, guys are bigger and stronger but that doesn't mean you will be better. I certainly hope so however.

I agree Fisch was a total upgrade over the previous idiot coordinators. Still trying to figure out why Nix called so many bubble screens on 3rd and no matter the distance (1 or 15).

In regards to Golden being a better gameday coach I don't see it. Now if you want to say Golden looked more engaged as a game day coach fine I'll take that. But we had stupid pre-snap penalties, wasted timeouts and players not lined up properly last year just like during the Randy years.

Also, I refuse to accept 9 wins as a barometer with the schedule we have. Guys has had 2 years of UTough and plenty of playing time. Anything more then one lost in my eyes is a failure. If the key is getting 4-5 star guys in here, get them big and strong and then the wins start to pile up, then lets hire Swasey as the head coach and save a couple million. heck, we can spend that money on recruiting. Because it's been shown even an idiot (Coker) can coach an all-star roster.

True Cane - doubt anyone has ever said Shannon couldn't recruit and you're right about him being bad on the sideline and bad with the media and especially with the fans.

But you missed the one thing that everyone agrees was Shannon's biggest problem and that's player development. Players didn't get better from freshmen year to senior year. Then many of them flourished the second they got to the NFL.

Whether or not Golden is better in that department obviously remains to be seen but early returns look good.

Posted by: Reality | August 22, 2013 at 10:57 AM

Why is the lie that players didn't get better under shannon continually told, lol. Did brandon harris get torched some as a freshman but got way better his sophmore year and became a 2nd round draft pick after his junior year. Was sean spence not developed, how bout the stupidity of people not giving shannon credit for sam shields when it was shannon who told sam he'd be better on defense back in 2008, shields fought it and eventually made the switch and rest is history, in one year they helped to propel this man's career to where he needed to be, for people to try and point out whatever some coach at greenbay said is stupid.

Of course shields didn't know how to watch film as a db when he got their, he only played the position for one year. Did leonard hankerson not develop under shannon and became a 3rd round pick, how about orlando franklin who became a 2nd round pick and was the first player taken from UM in 2011, how about lamar miller or mike james(who regressed under goldie because of their approach), how about jason "i have no weaknesses, finess" fox. How about travis benjamin or daryl sharpton or c-mac all 4th round picks, who was it that moved c-mac to middle linebacker in his last year and stayed on em to produce at that position.

One of the best things shannon did for c-mac was after that Fsu game where he laid an egg, c-mac didn't play the next game the injury report on him was, "upper extremity" meaning, get your head out your arse and let's go get it, by the end of the year, c-mac was balling and now he's doing well in the nfl. I could name more players, but shannon is the one who brought the talent level back up at UM where players were getting drafted again. In 2009, only 1 player got drafted in spendcer adkins, so when people say players didn't develop under shannon, they either know they're not telling the Truth or are ignorant to the Truth.

But those are the facts above, now people like to point to touchdown tommy streeter as being a guy that coach goldie gets alot of credit for and rightfully so, but besides streeter, how many other examples under coach goldie can you say guys developed, there were more guys who have regressed under the goldie regime than the one/s that did progress thus far. The reason brandon harris dipped out was because his draft status would've went down playing in all this sissy arse zone coverage b.s., so he had to roll out.

Miami football attendance has and always will be a joke! There will be so many Gator fans there it will make your head spin.

ha ha ah hahahhhahahaha
True cane= Calvin

You dont fool us moron

Schizoz like you can be seen a mile away

Calais Campbell- didnt get better under Randy Shannon
Sam Shields- didnt get better under Randy Shannon
Jacorry harris- ditto
The entire defense
Tommy Streeter
Aldarius Johnson
Dyron Dye

Rany Shannon gets no credit for Sam Shields- no effen way. Sam Shields did some really stupid stuff as a DB under Shannon. Does anyone recall that delay of game penalty against FSU, when we are on their 5 yd line ready to score, then it becomes 1st and ten instead of ist and 5, and we settle for a field goal instead of going up by 5?

The list is too large


didnt get better. period


Reading comprehension isn't a strong suit of yours, no worry we all struggle at something. Here's the question again

Can you give me a few examples of guys that Randy coached from their freshmen year to their senior year that didn't get better? Especially those that "flourished in the NFL".

Does anyone on your list fit into this category?

While you do a good job of accusing someone to be someone else, you do a good job disguising yourself as a hurricane fan. Calais Campbell was a part of the 2004 class right? Randy became head coach in 2007? no?

The NCAA will wait until either right before the opener or the Florida game to announce the punishment.

boss cane-

ND played for the NC. Last time I checked there were three things that occurred in thatgame that would have turned it into a NON BLOW OUT:

1) Phillip Dorsett drop of a TD
2) Phillip Dorsett drop of a TD
3) a horrible 4th down penalty on our D taht turned into a TD

KSu was ranked 1-3 all season long

So you cant compare those 2 losses to the 5-7 season coached by Shannon. THAT was the worse UM team since 1975

Posted by: holmie | August 22, 2013 at 09:49 AM


Jesus H. Christ here u go again trying to convince urself that if not for 3 plays, the Notre Dame game wouldn't have been a blow out ... Really ? Really ? had ur silly dream weaving scenario played out, u still woulda gotten smoked and doubled up to the tune of 34-17... (still worse than 33-23 huh ?)

it was FORTY-ONE - three u in complete in denial dummasse. U got ur teeth kicked in and N.D. called of the dogs in the 4th. Q.


ok now, using ur moronic formula, let's take the Sugar Bowl that all u dumb cane clucks are still spouting off about how the GATORS got BLOWN-OUT by Louisville "33-23" shall we...

"Last time I checked there were TWO things that occurred in that game that would have turned it into an OVERTIME Game:

1.) A batted pass goes for a pick 6 on Florida's first possesion of the game... Free-7 for Louisville.

2.) at the end of the game, Florida goes for it on 4th. n goal from inside the 5 yard line and doesn't score.

Soooo, "if" Florida was even half interested and there was no pick 6 and the game played out exactly the way it did until the final min., Florida would have kicked the 22 yard Field Goal with a minute left and the game would have gone into overtime.

U see not just how stupid u are, but how utterly retarded u sound ? Ur greatest Victory last year was Louisville's Win in New Orleans because they were able to do what u haven't been able to do for urselfs in over 4 years... Beat a Ranked team...


Now holmie, tells us all about the Kansas St. game and how many "what if" plays happened that would have kept u from getting "blown out" 52-13.

HOLA ARTY !!! 9 DAYS !!!

That idiot (Coker) just coached UTSA (a brand new football team) to a 4-6, then 8-4 record. First two years EVER for UTSA. Shows what you know about coaching. If you think anything less than 11-1 is a failure, you need to move on. Take the "True Cane" off you handle and find another sport. College football has changed since the 1980s!

Talent wins at the greatest rate in football. The talent Golden received was the greatest since the Coker years. He has not produced to the talent level on the team. No longer are the top students, first, that Shannon brought in. Golden is bringing in athletes that are students second, without the success of the Florida and Alabama model. Shannon won more than any of the top academic universities. Even greater than Golden has, who also has less academic success. The lack of Golden's skills as a coach are clear. His skill as a recruiter is questionable. Where are the dominate players that were not 'Canes fans first?

Soldy you sly dog. Givin it to a cane cluck yet again. I'm STILL laughing about "a video from some ham and egger in a plane hanger." Dude, that was rich.

Honestly Soldy I'm getting tired of drilling these buffoons. Five years from now after yet more blowout losses, a new coaching staff, sanctions, and maybe ONE win over a ranked team, they'll STILL be hollering," A STORM IS BREWING!" In the five solid years that I've been laughing at these fools they have yet to achieve a classic signature win. They really don't even know what one is actually. They're just unimaginably PHUKKING STOOPID. Kinda feels like picking on slow kids after awhile.

If Matt Jones is at full strength the 9/7 BEATDOWN won't even be a contest. I don't see the candy canes and their smurf giving UF too many problems anyway. Morrison lays an egg when he faces a real defense.

All I know is Golden had two (2) Temple players drafted before we had one (1) player drafted 2-3 years ago. That tells me all I need to know about player development between he and Randy Shannon. Tell me if I'm wrong. One went in the first round and the other in the second.


Are you giving us Croker's (Coker) record as an indication of what? He can coach. LMAO

"If you think anything less than 11-1 is a failure, you need to move on. Take the "True Cane" off you handle and find another sport. College football has changed since the 1980s!"

Now you are right about that, because if it was the 80's I would expect nothing less then an undefeated season with the current schedule! It's a Canes thang you wouldn't understand.

I hate to think Croker did better at a new school in his second year then our guy. LOL


Are you really that stupid or do you just write this stuff to rile people up? Hankerson got better because he worked with Duper. Are you really going to give credit to Randy for the development of those players? Randy didn't even know when to call a time out or not. Randy, like Coker, set this team back. Unlike Randy, Golden has had to deal with the NCAA sanctions the entire time he has been here. He has shown to be a much better coach than Randy will ever be. Once these sanctions are gone, it will be so obviously apparent that Golden is a better coach you just might become speechless.

yo holmie n cane clucks, here are 5 ready made excUses for Sept. 8th. u dopes.

1) That WAS a GATOR Fumble ! / That WASN'T a cane Fumble ...

2) That WAS GATOR Pass Interference ! / That WASN'T cane P.I...

3) The GATORS WERE Holding ! / The canes WEREN'T Holding ...

4) That WASN'T a Late Hit on DRISKEL ! / That WAS a Late Hit on morris...

5) u fill in ur ifs, buts, maybes, mighta, coulda, woulda, shoulda, if onlys with dropped balls, the officials were against us, it was hot, it rained, we had key injuries to starters and were were YOUNG as u see fit...

excUse u ... It's a cane thang going on for a decade now ...


And that proves what?

Larry Croker had more 1st round and total draft picks then Jimmy Johnson did.

See how that works? Means very little

Shannon got himself fired because he didn't get a decent OC!! Whipple was horrible!! Loyalty don't win games & he was to loyal!! My opinion!!! Do u not remember that S.Florida gamel!! I told ppl up here after that game they was fire & ppl was like u are crazy!! 830PM that night it strolled across screen & I said I knw my Canes LOL!! If defense don't improve & Golden show loyalty, he will get the axe 2 but honestly I think we have a great team & will paint the nation in orange & green!!

Hey Curse the only drilling going on is you drillin your mom in the back bedroom of your Gainesville trailer . Now wake up , smell the coffee , put your teeth in and apologize to all the superior Canes fans you have been talking $hit to . Go Canes

So Golden doesn't have any responsibility to or for coaching a winning football team until these sanctions are gone. See that what I'm talking about smh. We have some cane fans on here. Urban Liar did pretty well, pretty fast, and with sanctions. Sumlin did pretty well, pretty fast with a 3 star rookie QB and Chip did well fast at ND.

Golden has said himself, that he hasn't had to deal with the investigation, because it occurred before he came. No sanctions have touched him outside of what he and the administration has self-inflicted (which i don't and didn't agree with). The players involved have been gone.

True Cane is balanced and making a ton of sense, so of course now he's being labeled a troll. I mean that is the prerequisite unfortunately.

holmie, that excuse filled post was swaggerless bro. And easily got picked apart and ate up by the resident Gaytor. Weak Canes fans supplying more and more ammunition.

True Cane, yeah right. Your loyalty to inner city football obviously comes first. When his recruits came to bat we got worse, not better. And there is PLENTY of players with NFL talent who not only did not get better but actually went backwards like
-Javarris James
-Laron Byrd
-Marcus Robinson
-Craig Cooper
-Marcus Forston
-Jacory Harris
-Aldarious Johnson
-Ray Ray Armstrong

Only guy who improved markedly was Leonard Hankerson, but it was Mark Duper developed him. WRs specially regressed except him.

Want more proof? Randy came in in 2007 and 2009 was first time Canes didn't have a 1st rounder - right when Randy-coached guys went pro.
Sorry but don't defend the obvious. Al Golden still has to proof he's better in this area, but please.

He did a great job of getting the renegades under control though, which was very important, credit where credit is due.

Urban liars sanctions were not like ours they already knew what they were ,Ours are still dragging on . Go Canes


What does inner city football have to do with anything I typed?

How many of those guys on that list of yours is successful in the NFL?

When did some of you guys begin following sports? Or better yet did you even play sports? Just a news flash your college head coach rarely is out on the field, track, weight room during your off season (where most player development takes place). It's usually your position coach or coordinator. If you are out there half-a55ing you won't get better. You will be yelled at cursed out to do better but if you don't put in the work you won't improve. There are tons of "guys with NFL talent that never made it" to blame the head coach in those situations is asinine. The samme as giving a head coach all the credit for a guy making it to the NFL. But if you never played our coached this wouldn't make a whole lot of sense to you. Whatever happen to a guy not being as good as you projected him to be? Or recruiting a guy you thought was a hard worker and he had little early success and decided he didn't have to work hard anymore? Or a guy who feels slighted and decides he's going to bust his butt to prove people wrong? It's called being a certain type of athlete.

Then you make the comment " Want more proof? Randy came in in 2007 and 2009 was first time Canes didn't have a 1st rounder - right when Randy-coached guys went pro"
LMAO, Could it be the fact that we didn't have a 1st round caliber guy on the roster?

Btw, what does "NFL caliber" mean.

But the point and fact is that we haven't and don't have any....still. No one has prevented him from coaching--coming up with a great game plan or scheme and adjustments. No scholarships have been reduced and their haven't been shortages or reductions in practice time. So why does he evade any responsibility to successful at his job? A job that he has agreed to and signed up for twice (once before the investigation and once after the knowledge of the investigation) and made sure he got a raise and extension for due to the situation presented the program. We don't owe him anything, if he was better than this job, he'd leave. He didn't grow up a Cane at heart, this is a gig and we already paid him for his loyalty (sounds crazy right).

Like I said, this is a great job for anyone--who wouldn't want a raise in their first year and no performance appraisal from your bosses or the consumer (Us) for at least your first 3 years of employment?

Posted by: Ga Cane | August 22, 2013 at 01:20 PM


So an incest, trailer and teeth comment from a Redneck Georgia Cane...

Weak, but sounds about right.

Tubman - I believe UM has reduced scholarships and limited practice time to soften any further sanctions imposed. Although I agree that the coaching on defense has been poor thus far.

Posted by: TuscaloosaCane | August 22, 2013 at 01:13 PM


And now an Redneck Alabama cane ?


Enough of your bloviating, this here thread is about attendance fools.
Celebrate the bump in ticket sales that the gators have handed to you sorry fools.

We all know how empty Sun Life Stadium was much, if not most, of the time last season. It had to be embarrassing for the program.

So embarrassing in fact that Blake the Bloke and Donna the Troll have requested ESPN don't come a calling for no Thurs nite games to be shown to the world that the canes play in front of an empty stadium.

The Gator game will be the one and only sold out game for you clowns this season.
Thank you Florida Gators.

Manny, no one will show up to see them Owls for the opener outside the usual 5k dumb suspects, or core friends and family members.

Is Randy a better coach than Golden. Randy has 2 NC rings. As for player development. Was Randy the coach at the time. Give Randy some credit for something. You don't walk off the street into Head coaching job of the 5 time national champion Miami Hurricanes.How many rings do Golden have Head coach or assistant?

Is Randy a better coach than Golden. Randy has 2 NC rings. As for player development. Was Randy the coach at the time. Give Randy some credit for something. You don't walk off the street into Head coaching job of the 5 time national champion Miami Hurricanes.How many rings do Golden have Head coach or assistant?

I wonder if Gators fans are buying Canes season tickets just so they can attend the UF game? Would Gators fans do such a thing???

Curse Piggy, the poor namestealing troll, you do realize that when the Canes win, you will be on here making those SAME excuses, just like you did when Brock Berlin tore the heart out of your chest twice, including 41-16 (is that a blowout, troll?) in Canesville.

Poor little troll, don't forget to add your loss of that powerful runner Gillisee, and that the wind was too strong for your weak replacement kicker, etc.

Here we go again. I'm not saying folks aren't giving RS the credit he deserves, but all things considered there isn't a lot of fault to find with RS.

J12: Give RS the credit for realizing that J12 was strong and that Marve was not. J12 ended up playing through three OC's, an injured thumb and still managed to get in the record books. Give me J12 all-day over that overrated Dorsey.

The LB's: This was really the question mark over the years. the LB's that UM has had under RS would have fit better with a 3-4 defense. that is, UM really didn't have the DL to play 4 strong up front. But UM had versatile LB's, Futch, Robinson, etc. Not until Pau and Johnson and, yes, Gaines got to UM did we have "position" type LB's. Spence was the second coming of Maurice Crum, undersized but could not be moved easily by pulling guards, etc.

Steeter, Johnson, Hankerson: Hanherson had a serious case of the drops under RS. But he stuck with hi. Johnson was never truly focused and Streeter, I think. will go down as the biggest sleeper of them all. RS did get the best out of this talent at WR.

Shields: Not really a head case, but thought he knew everything. That's why he was in RS's dog house for so long. Shields has talent, he wasn't really switched. RS saw in Sheilds a great athlete, but help was needed on the D side. Correct me if I'm wrong, RS had Shields on punt and kick returns at one point. Did RS development Shields? Yes and in a very unconventional way. Shields owes his success to RS.

The problem with the RS tenure was DS. RS never had the $$$ green light to go and get quality coaches who could tecah, etc. he went after NIx, who played some QB back in the day, because he perceived Nix as an up and comer, etc. We know how that went and we all saw the sideline shouting between the two.

I'm a big fan of Whipple, but he showed me not a lot when he was here.

Trestman was the turning point and RS knew it. But was the administration behind the hiring of Trestman? Trest wanted to be here and knew it would take a few years to turn program around.

Fact: RS was not a bad coach.

Born and raised in Miami , my job took me to Ga , I am now and forever will be a canes fan . I am sure you became a real UF fan about the time Tebow showed up to make you relevant . I am not now nor will I ever be a redneck . Can you say the same ? Did'nt think so . Go Canes


Here you go, the 41-16 blowout including the quote:
"This was the first regular-season meeting between these once-bitter Florida rivals since 1987, and the Gators looked like they might want to wait another 15 years to face a team like this again."

Well, it is 11 years later, and you are gonna wish Foley had chickened out of this one as well.

Sunny Dee, all I got to say is...We gotta win this game. They can't be as deep as Us and beat Us on our own field.

Marios: Back up to the Coker years. If Coker had recruited and kept the pipeline alive, the RS would have had somebody in the 1st round. Fact is, Coker did nothing to keep top players coming through.

generally, if anybody thinks 'Goldy has the program heading for big time winning, then you have your head in the sand. U build teams with defense, something UM does not have right now.

I thought UF was overrated last year, but because they are a SEC team and part of the biggest revenue-producing conference in the history of sport, they got more than they deserved.

But this game with UM and UF this year, does anybody thing UM has the stop defense to beat them? Sadky, the answer is no.

Fact-you guys state your opinion as if they were facts and all claim to have inside information.

And just for the record: I did not like that last game at the OB. Nobody did. I still haven't completely figured out what UM did wrong, but I'm placing, yes, placing a lot of the blame on the coaching approach.

True Cane: Stop giving Coker credit. Did Coker recruit any of those players that ended up in the NFL? No he didn't.

Coker was a place-holder in the worse way. I don't know how he got chosen.

For the record, RS got a huge recommendation from JJ to be coach.

Fact--that's what people do on blogs--at least the ones that participate--unlike yourself. Not experts, but bloggers.

As Susan said, "Hello, NCAA? Anyone home?"

I never claimed to be an insider, just a fan. However, scores, recruiting rankings to draft pick rankings, and comments from former players and coaches can all be used as FACTS, even from the bleachers.

" True Cane: Stop giving Coker credit. Did Coker recruit any of those players that ended up in the NFL? No he didn't.
Croker was a place-holder in the worse way. I don't know how he got chosen.
For the record, RS got a huge recommendation from JJ to be coach."

Cool Cat,

Not sure where you are going at with the post, but you have to follow the sequence of post. Where did I give Croker credit? I was using him to prove a point.

'Cool 'Cat, yes, he was a very bad head coach, that's why he's never going to sniff another head coaching opportunity in his career.

I don't believe True Cane was giving Coker credit, I believe he was showing that you cannot use draft picks as the final measure of a coach, based on just a couple years of sample size.

Yo Cane trash

Yo what up clUcks

Check it out chUmps U sUcked in the last of the Coker years
U sUcked all thru the Shannon years
and U still sUck in the Golden Retriever Era
So what r U girls arguing about?

Yo sunnydouche
Gators probably bought a few season tix just to go to The Game, been done before
Orange and Blue is the color U will see on Sept 7th
Gators bringing life and excitement to No Life Stadium.

Yo cool feline
U got it right
U got No D to stop the Gator
U got no D to stop no one
what else is new

Yo douches the Golden Retriever Challenge is on
chUmp has to win at least 10 games to prove his worth
Don't think he can do it
I see 4 losses this year
I see more excUses coming


Miami football attendance has and always will be a joke! There will be so many Gator fans there it will make your head spin.

Posted by: CANEHATER | August 22, 2013 at 11:51 AM

Their is a degree of truth on what Mr. Bubba has to opine about Hurricane partisans, and the attendance issues and what not. Huh

Because Miami has had questionable fan support in the game attendance category since... forever.

In other words, the Hurricanes will never have 15 consecutive sellout games. Let alone over 500 consecutive home sellouts akin to Nebraska. Eh. What say.

Yeah, yeah I fully understand there's more social extra-curricular activities in the South Florida and Southern California areas. In contrast, to Big Ten and Big 12 and Big East country.

For the record, RS got a huge recommendation from JJ to be coach.

Posted by: 'Cool 'Cat | August 22, 2013 at 03:11 PM

However, according to Ron Zook and Mountain Cane and their Hurricane henchmen. Coach Randy Shannon didn't receive the immense recommendation that Goldie got from James Johnson. Huh

Miami 48

F.A.U. 13

Let's see what the Hurricane defense is all about! Huh

Oops my bad you guys are just blogging. Have fun!

Puna 68 you give credit to golden for the development of second round pick Jaquan jarret. Obviously you don't know that he was cut by Philly the second year into his contract. Do you count that as a negative for golden probably not. There are not alot of black college coaches any way let alone get re hired at another school. So to say randy must be a bad coach because that is stupid. What does sanctions have to do with putting a d end in the flats with one of the fastest tailbacks in the country? No one has answered that yet.

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