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UM season-ticket sales surge -- yes, Gators helped for sure. But winning is potion that will help most

In my MiamiHerald.com story today -- click here -- I wrote how UM's season-ticket sales have gone from 22,800 in 2012 to nearly the 30,000 expected to be sold by the Gators game Sept. 7.

It's "the largest year-to-year record growth we have on record,'' according to Miami associate athletic director for communications and marketing Chris Freet.

UM Athletic Director Blake James told me he realizes some of that surge has to do with the Gators game during a season when UM travels to FSU.

However, we all know how empty Sun Life Stadium was much, if not most, of the time last season. It had to be embarrassing for the program.

Bottom line is if the Hurricanes win, fans will begin to fill more seats. I'm curious to see, however, how many folks show up to the 8 p.m. opener against FAU Aug. 30th, a week from Friday. UM said it's too early to give an estimate, which tells me there are a LOT more tickets to be sold. If I'm wrong about the LOT more, somebody let me know.

If you're a fan, Friday night opener sounds fun to me. You get the whole weekend to recover and chill.

Anyone out there besides season-ticket holders going to the opener? And if you are a season-ticket holder, did Florida game have anything to do with your purchase?

Have a great weekend. I'm headed out of state to my nephew's wedding this weekend. Hello, NCAA? Anyone home?



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The average human spends about 5 years of their lifetime with their eyes closed, just by blinking.

By comparison, the average Cane fans have spent the last decade with their eyes closed just by watching Miami Hurricane Football, then discussing their performance and how they'll be back in the last 8 seasons.

I'm a Cane always and forever ... Go Canes !!!

Any good tailgating parties next Friday ? I got nothing else to do.

952, you come on here at 6:54 am to make personal attacks using, black panthers, barbershop and food stamps? I wonder why.

HT, post covers it all, we are the same bro. no need for the racial bs.

ubman - I believe UM has reduced scholarships and limited practice time to soften any further sanctions imposed. Although I agree that the coaching on defense has been poor thus far.

Posted by: Sunny Dee | August 22, 2013 at 02:35 PM

I'm not sure how you came to this belief, you must not have seen how many players were signed after National signing day as well as the players that just got picked up in the last few weeks, than you a bozo like clown 117th saying things like "we're always looking to upgrade our team".


According to the school, they did reduce scholarships and limit practices (although we don't know how much). I don't think they are doing that anymore, however.

"The school has taken the football team out of bowl consideration the past two years. (It also would've qualified for the 2012 Atlantic Coast Conference title game if the school hadn't imposed its own ban.) Miami also has said it has self-imposed reductions in practices and scholarships."


The Hurricane fan named "Ron Zook" is a gutless coward.

When Ryan Braun go off on a technicality, Zook came in here and went in the offensive, attacking anyone who dared to point out the obvious. That Braun is a dirty cheating drug abuser who essentially stole from other baseball players.

Is there any chance, now that Braun has admitted what a POS he is, that Zook will come in and apologize? Of course not. He is a gutless coward just like Braun.

Sunny dee, this line below was typed wrong just in case, i wasn't calling you a bozo my man:
than you a bozo like clown 117th saying things like "we're always looking to upgrade our team".

It was suppose to say, "than you HEAR a bozo like clown 117th"

Another Cane in the Top 10 players for the ACC, according to ESPN.

"No. 3. Duke Johnson, RB, Miami
Previous ranking: No. 11
Making the case for Johnson: He had what was arguably the greatest freshman season in school history. Still need more? Johnson, who was named the ACC’s overall and offensive Rookie of the Year in 2012, was one of the ACC’s most electric kick returners, and he set the school single-season record with 892 kick return yards and two touchdowns. He also ran for a freshman-record 947 yards and 10 touchdowns. His 2,060 all-purpose yards were the second-most in program history.

Johnson played in all 12 games last year and made five starts. He also had six games with 200-plus all-purpose yards and four 100-yard rushing games. He was named the ACC’s Rookie of the Week a league-best five-times. It’s possible Johnson could be even better this fall, as all five starters return on the offensive line, and the Canes have one of the best quarterbacks in the country in Stephen Morris."


Calvin - I figured that. No worries.

A reminder of what the athletic department has already self-imposed: (From ESPN)
1. Miami has given up two bowl games and what would have been the program's first ACC championship game appearance since joining the league.
2. The Canes have reduced their official recruiting visits.
3. They have reduced their contacts and evaluation days in the fall.
4. They have reduced the number of scholarships.
Add to that:
5. By missing bowls, they missed the practices leading up to the bowls, which are separate from the reductions in number 3.

The fact that Calvin calls UM coach Donofrio "clown 117" is proof of the racial bias in the tools that post on this blog.

Not only is that disrespectful, it is EXACTLY the kind of junk that loser Nevin Shapiro was doing towards coach Shannon (who I still think was horrible but nonetheless). Racism towards any race is racism.And for canes to do thatto their current coach is junk. Esp since Um hasnt won anything since 2002.

Calvin should keep his mouth (or his computer) shut- unless he has something good to say.

Ok we get it Calvin. You still think UM ranked 117th on defense even though in fact it was 116.But for the last 6 months you have been harping on that non-fact. Its boring and stupid (in case you really wanted to know).

And we get it that you are bitter that Golden replaced Shannon. And that you dislike him. And that you dislike his coaching methods. And that you pine for the 1980s. We get it.

But stop this garbage. We are 1 week away from kick off. You dont even know how good UM may be. If their D still s-ks then you will be right and many of us here will admit as much. But no wis no time to be a danged negative nancy. Now its time to support these athletes. AND the coaches.\

Go canes.

I'm a Cane always and forever ... Go Canes !!!
Any good tailgating parties next Friday ? I got nothing else to do.
Posted by: Ryan Braun | August 23, 2013 at 08:32 AM

Well Ryan, be glad you get to go to a tailgate at all. I hear Aaron Hernandez can't even do that, and we all know how it will be a LONG time before Riley Cooper lets himself go out to a social occasion like a concert or a tailgate. At least you did not kill anyone or show your Klan colors. And you still were an MVP based on your performance, the whiners can't change that.

But I definitely believe we would have won the 2002 NC if Jacory was the QB that night and with that team. Why-when I just said he was more mentally fragile than Dorsey? Because I just want to believe that we won that game--even in hypotheticas lol. Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 22, 2013 at 10:47 PM

9>5>2. I clearly admitted to contradicting myself and laughed (lol) at myself at the end of that initial post. Its not my fault that U take me to seriously, and have a burning need to find some fault. I'm not a genius, those are your words for the 2nd or 3rd time, I'm just shooting the ish, blogging. I voluntarily contradicted myself with the 2nd post on purpose.

Calvin and Sunny Dee, nice job defusing that typo that could have turned out much worse. See, we can get along even when we disagree.

Then yougo on to say- UMwould havewon the ship with Jacorry,LOL, But then you say that Tressel did the same thing to Jacorry in the show in 2010- What happened in 2010? This is what happened: JAcorry threw 3 ints. 1 or 2 in the red zone. He looked like a deer in the head lights.

Posted by: 9>5>2 | August 23, 2013 at 06:54 AM

And what makes it so bad, is Dorsey tried to reach out to JH, JH SHUNNED! em'! I remember when JH was out that one Spring, RS did an interview with somebody, forget who it was. Anyways, RS said Stephen Morris threw an interception down the MOF (middle of the field), and JH's response was, "Why would you throw that." To which RS said He responded, "Jacory, you do the SAME THING!" And RS said that JH and Whipple went and watched film after that exchange.

That interview revealed a lot of things. For one, why did RS take so long to call JH out? Why did they allow Him to keep making the same mistake?

And as far as the current, or most recent players that would've impacted that NC game against OSU...I say Duke Johnson...yeah, we would've been better off with JH HANDING OFF!...to Duke Johnson LMAO!

And as far as the current, or most recent players that would've impacted that NC game against OSU...I say Duke Johnson...yeah, we would've been better off with JH HANDING OFF!...to Duke Johnson LMAO!

Posted by: CaneRock | August 23, 2013 at 10:24 AM

Also, I've said this before, but if Frank Gore didn't get hurt that Spring, Miami's running game would've tore OSU to SHREDS! Now of course McGahee was an AWESOME! back that year, but He just didn't have that vision, and cutback ability that Frank had...He added another dimension to the run game.

When the 'Canes bounce Florida from the top 10, can I please read comments, just once, that aren't written by, or responded to by, Calvin or one of his seventeen alter egos? Al Golden has stuck by the program when most other coaches would have bolted. Will Muschump would be long gone if Florida was in Miami's shoes. Golden has been the calming influence we need right now. He has done an AMAZING job recruiting given the circumstances. Al Golden could be the HC at Wisconsin or Tennessee right now, yet he stands by his commitment to the []_[]. Golden is the right guy for this job. It won't be long before the only thing you can say about "Goldie" is : Fear The Tie.

People seem to forget that Jacory Harris had really good season during his last year with UM. If he had four years with Fisch I think he would have been great. In his senior season, he threw for 2486 yards, had a 65% completion percentage, and threw 20 TDs with 9 interceptions. Apart from the last game against BC (where he threw 4 INTS), he played well in every game. Whipple and Nix did not develop him properly. You see how well Morris developed under Fisch. It is a shame Fisch is gone, but hopefully Coley will be as good.

Anyone recognize what these numbers are?

I will give you a hint, some folks say they are a reason for the Canes fans to be afraid.


How about these numbers?

They don't make me feel all that scared.

I respect your post SEC, but how does "clown 117" denote an expression of racism. U can make a case that its disrespectful, but I would suggest that U don't keep an expectation of respect for every/any comment on a blog because it tends to become a place where fans vent their frustrations. In my 10 years of knowing of Calvin (to my knowledge) he has never even said he was black or what his ethnicity is. I guess U are assuming that he's black and that he doesn't like the way the DC because he's white? I mean doesn't he have a good reason not to like the DC because of his performance on the job--the lowest ranking defense in UM history and 116th in the nation? Is that not reason enough to explain his ire for D'No?

What u are saying is extremely far-fetched because according to the definition of racism, your claim would indicate that Calvin believes that D'No has been unsuccessful at his job duties because his whole race has possesses some deficient characteristic or lack of ability to be successful in such a capacity. Now does it make more sense that Cal is joking around when calling D' No that or is Cal saying that all white coaches are inadequate in coaching successful football because they natural/genetically don't have what it takes? How could he possibly feel this way when 98% of football coaches since football's inception have been white. All of his own favorite team's (UM) best and most successful coaches were white and he sings their praise all the time (Schnell, Davis, and JJ). No black coach has ever won a college NC and only one black coach has won the Super Bowl (Dungy). See, there's no precedent for your assertion to have any validity. Cal and all of our only examples of successful football coaches have been white--just like D'No. So how do jump to racism with facts like these? U believe that Calvin thinks his race is superior to another's race? Those are lofty assertions derived from his usage of a "clown 117" nickname. calvin feeling and posts about D'No don't have the ability or power to impact D'No's ability to do his job. Maybe he could be more positive, but being a racist (thoughts and feelings) or him practicing racism (actions of discrimination, prejudice, antagonism meant to stagnate someone) is a stretch.

Five Titles and Sunny Dee, if UM has done all of that so far, then there should be no additional sanctions in my opinion--thats more than time served for some jailhouse tall-tails/hearsay and a couple receipts. U know how much money the program lost not playing in those bowls--$ we can never get back. Time served--this is ridiculous.

Coaches are held to a higher standard. If a player not giving a 100% or just not picking up the plays or schemes. He will either be benched or off the team. So when Calvin call The DC clown 117 defense. It's not racism. It's a fact. Anybody who saw UM play defense last year know Barnom and Baily Circus couldn't do it any better.When your offense scores 30pts a game and you still win or loose a close game. You should be called out. That's motivation to do a better job . Also as a reminder of what happen last year.Candy coating don't when championships nor does complacency. I expect Coach D to be proactive not reactive this year. I'm rooting for him to make a strong statement this year.12 and 0

Coaches are held to a higher standard. If a player not giving a 100% or just not picking up the plays or schemes. He will either be benched or off the team. So when Calvin call The DC clown 117 defense. It's not racism. It's a fact. Anybody who saw UM play defense last year know Barnom and Baily Circus couldn't do it any better.When your offense scores 30pts a game and you still win or loose a close game. You should be called out. That's motivation to do a better job . Also as a reminder of what happen last year.Candy coating don't when championships nor does complacency. I expect Coach D to be proactive not reactive this year. I'm rooting for him to make a strong statement this year.12 and 0

Calvin has said he's black multiple times on this blog, it's the reason he loved Randy Shannon and the reason he hates Al Golden.

Ok Dee- Maybe I will agree with some of that.

I say, if UM doesnt score at least 48 against FAU, it will be dissapointing. AT LEAST 48.

And if the UM defense allows more than 17 points, IT WILL BE A LONG YEAR and Donofrios seat temp will go from 98.6 to 100.

Just remembered: Tressel did the same thing to Jacory at the Horseshoe 2010--I was there--his heart got straight snatched!
Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 22, 2013 at 10:55 PM

I don't why people are ignoring this post, as if I didn't come right back and say that Jacory got took out as well??? I brought up 2010 myself, before anyone did.

FAU week is here.

Miami is a better team than they faced all last year, they are in for some serious growing pains.

PLUS, they will be catching a Canes team FINALLY (unless the NCAA is even slower than any of us think they will be) free of the NCAA cloud.

51-3 Miami is my prediction. Get to see Dewey to Coley for a long TD in Pro Player in the third quarter, scaring the Gator scouts in the process.

I don't see Miami running up the score against FAU. My prediction is 41-10 Miami. I think they'll pull their starters in the third quarter. I'm excited to see Coley in action.


A college scholarship athlete who accepts a beer from a guy in a bar, is guilty of a violation, if the beer buyer has ever been to a game of the player's team. That's how absurd it is.

If the athlete had robbed someone to get beer money, that would not be an NCAA violation.

Miami 48

F.A.U. 13

I guess I have to give Miami's suspect defensive coordinator, the bloody benefit of the doubt. Seeing that it's a new season, and the returning players are a year older, and stronger and faster. hUh

Calvin has said he's black multiple times on this blog, it's the reason he loved Randy Shannon and the reason he hates Al Golden.
Posted by: dUh | August 23, 2013 at 11:09 AM

Now which part of this post is fact and which part is opinion? U've seemed to have rubbed them together. If Cal said he was black, then I missed it--I'll take your word though. But did he also say that his being black is the reason that he loved RS and now hates AG? Or is that your opinion? Do U believe that being black makes black people love other black people and hate white people? If so, then U believe that all black people are racist and your belief that we all possess a certain characteristic or ability specific to our race (our uniform love and hate dictated by race)--means that U are racists as well lol.

Harriet, the reason you think Jacory is better than Dorsey is because you have the same glaring weakness he does so you can't see it.

Unlike you and JH, we don't want a college qb who can floss thru both ears. It is first and foremost all about game management and making good decisions. If you do that the yards and points will come and the ints won't.

One fact Hurricane bUbba's are forgetting about J. Harris, was his issues with the INJURY BUG and what not.

I'm excited to see both Coley's in action. Stacey"s route running is effortless and fluid--no stutter steps--just sheer confidence and poise. His play doesn't correlate with his demeanor off the field though--he seems pretty docile, introverted, and emotional.

I'm about to say something crazy but I believe this group of receivers are the best route running tandem in our history (while playing at UM). Coley, Hurns, Dorsett, and Waters are fluid and quick route-runners, its second nature for them. *As a group* I think they may be the best at route-running.

If U go back to my posts from last night instead of prejudging me (your own glaring weakness) you'd see that I said: Dorsey = Jacory, now why don't understand that means i think they are equal with all factors considered. thats not me saying that Jacory is better. I don't know if there's any mirrors in the mountains, but U need to find one fast.

Jacory was a terrible leader and totally clueless about where to deliver the ball. Did he ever watch any film?

Dorsey otoh got the most out of his limited physical talent. Threw to the right guy and used the great talent around him wisely.

Harris lost more games against big underdogs than Dorsey lost in his career.

Yo cane trash

Yo clucks glad to see U chUmps r getting along better
Calvin and Sunnydouche made up
Ron Zook still a doUche
Harriet T has such long posts
MountaindUmmy is, well, still a dUmmy

Yo FAU week clowns
Can U feel the excitement!
Can't blame U, who cares
No one does as U will see in terms of attendance

All eyes in Clown Gables on the Sept 7th Gator game
Can Golden Retriever fetch U that elusive win vs a top 20 team?
Not gonna happen
But what else is new
No worries clUcks, after Ur beat down U will have 3 softies in a row with Savannah High School right after the Gator beat down U can easily rebound and start feeling better
Then U will face the next test Oct 17th @ UNC
Step up to the Challenge
Can Golden Retriever finally have a good season
Can he go a whole year without losing to some ACC pansie?
Wake anyone? Looking ahead to Ur big brother?
Could be Wake this year

Nothing but LOOSERS!


it might be more effective if you figured out how to spell losers. Hard is it is to do, it actually takes something away from your moronic comments.

He knows how to spell "losers", he signs every post like that so that - hope beyond hope - some UM fan will start talking to him.

The question to coach Al Golden: "Shouldn't Miami, given its history, its tradition and its location, be a program that wins at least 10 games every single season?"

Golden shoots right back: "In terms of what?"

The question is repeated nearly word-for-word.

"You mean once we stabilize and move forward?" he asked. "Absolutely. That's why I chose the University of Miami and that's why I stayed at the University of Miami. … I think it's fair to say that the standards are high at the University of Miami for sure."

The interviewer let him out, the next question should have been how long will it take or at what point will we know this "stabilization has taken place?"

Can I dare have someone on this board answer this for me?

If that is so then let's not talk to him, he is very trashy. And he disrespects The Great Golden, referring to Him as a lowly canine. The nerve!
Our much improved D will surely have no trouble with that terrible gator offense.
We have much better players at every position.
And much better coaches too.
The records tell the story, just look them up.

Harriet T:

I take it you have not been following these posts for very long.

Calvina has not only mentioned race in many posts, but endorsed the 'hood, disrespect to Coaches by players, drugs of all kinds, and thugery on and off the field.
Plus numerous diversionary arguments against white quarterbacks.
How can you ever SAY what you wrote was valid. We can all go back and track for you numerous posts by Calvin stating his preferences.

You might grab a beer because the length of posts to explain his thought pattern is extremely long, repetition is there, and misquotes and spelling errors abound.

If Calvina would admit to what was written by:
"SEC is overated and top heavy" then we can go from there.
Until then He is who he is.
Go 'Canes

True Cane, I am not sure which part you are looking for an answer to. In the first part, if the question was rephrased NEARLY word for word, I an hoping it cleaned up the possibility that they could also win 11, 12, 13, or 14 games.

In the second part, I believe it would depend on WHEN the question was asked. When it looked like the NCAA was going to hammer us, 10 wins would not happen until we recovered our scholarships, returned from the death penalty, or whatever else shapiros ratting and lies got us. If it was asked yesterday, then I think Golden has already expressed that this is their first 'normal' year so ten wins from here on is starting this year.

Look at the schedule, I see only two ranked teams, against a better team than last year. We have no reason to expect less than 10 wins in the 14 games we should be playing this year.

Hypocrite gator troll comments with:
"Yo FAU week clowns
Can U feel the excitement!
Can't blame U, who cares"

You need to learn to read. Even before your comment, we have had more comments in this thread about the FAU game, and the likelyhood of a Coley spotting in the third quarter, than you have comments about your Toledo game. In fact, if not for you spamming your own Gator board like a fool, your blog would be completely dead, with NO mention of matchups and likely scores of the UF game one. Yo, it is Toledo week for you, obsessed namechanging troll.

The Gators are even experiencing ticket sales losses while our sales are increasing. It seems even their most gullible fans are tired of seeing them schedule pansies only to watch them struggle and need their special teams to bail them out.

Sorry, I shouldn't say bail them out without noting the Huntley copyright. How is Aaron Hernandez going to get off the hook without Huntley to help him this time?

Replying to Susan Miller Degnan re No Class At All ( NCAA) - announcement will come 1 hour before either the FAU game or 1 hour before Gators game - mark my word !

Yo Cane trash

Yo NoMoTitles chUmp
don't get so angry maggot, it's only football
So U fools have been talking up FAU all this time
good for U
U left out my last line in the above quote
"can't blame you, who cares"

Yo it's cool quoting myself
U know I'm right
No one will go to that game U fool
And U compare Ur "rising" season ticket sales with the so called "loses" of sales for the Gators?
R U that stUpid? Really??
So U will sell 22k tickets instead of 20k
Wow that is soooooooooo good
The Gators are responsible for most of Ur rising sales dUmmy

Yo chUmp I aint spamming other boards it's one of U maggots who does that
I only post here for Ur edification

Yo talk about lack of attendance due to schedulling pansies
That's a great one
Welcome to the Golden Retriever Era
The Golden Coward plan
weaken the already weak schedule
only way the fool can come up ith a decent season
play only 2 good teams a year
And still the chUmp fails to get north of 7 wins

Yo delUsionalcane
The Retriever is a noble breed
He should be flattered
The canine is the one who should complain

Pathetic LOOSERS!!!!

Halapio out for Miami game. Jones looks like he will be out too. Injuries are piling up...panic time.

You claim I am stupid. Yet the posts are coming from the same IP address, so you are post those others as well.

Then you turn around and tell me that the Gator fans are the ones buying season tickets to the Canes, giving us THEIR money. Yeah, those fools are real geniuses, right?

As for not wasting time posting your comment in full, the idea that I would have to post 60 lines of garbage each time I respond to you is not a demand you get to make, idiot. I chose to respond to one tiny part of your lies, and did so.

Driskell hasn't looked good in camp. No backup to challenge him. Kelvin Taylor has looked bad in camp too. Very worried.

Its racist for some of you to dog Shannon the way that you do.Seeing as how Golden has done no different and worst in some scenarios. You praise Golden for the same things that you blamed Shannon for. You cant have it both ways.

Tallycane, how do you figure?

People criticize Shannon for failing to develop players, for being a bad game day coach, and for being outright hostile to the media and UM fans.

People criticize Al Golden for retaining his defensive coordinator after he produced one of the worst UM defenses of all time.

Haven't heard an actual person (so not Calvin/HarrietTubman/Gallo) criticize Golden for player development, being a bad game day coach, or being bad with the fans and media.

Five you claim that cane fans are "discussing" the upcoming FAU game and thus imply there is much interest being generated. The truth is the FAU game is being talked about in the same vein as a pre season Dolphin game. One wants to see the freshman Coley play. The other expects the starters to be pulled in the second half. The next wants at least 40 points scored and no more than 17 given up. Such "interest" only reveals that apart from the UF and FSU game, the vast mayority of teams in your schedule are weak sisters.
Then you compare Toledo and FAU. Toledo with 9 wins and on top of its conference and FAU with 3 wins and at the bottom of its conference. Some comparison.

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