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@Joaquin_UMOL73 -- that's former OT Joaquin Gonzalez -- talks about something cool he saw at practice today, "boob sweat'' and the "bad-ass'' Schwartz Center

  Former Hurricanes offensive linemen Joaquin Gonzalez and Sherko Haji-Rasouli attended practice Tuesday morning at Greentree Field. Both were part of the 2001 national championship team that beat Nebraska in the Rose Bowl.

  Gonzalez, 33, still lives in Miami and is chief marketing officer for Tire Group International. He is married and the father of a 5-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son. Haji-Rasouli, also 33, is married to his college sweetheart and has a 2-year-old daughter and is about to become the father of "a very hairy baby boy,'' Gonzalez joked.  Haji-Rasouli is one of the tire company's heads of sales for the Middle East and Africa. 

   I chatted with Gonzalez after practice.

   "I wasn't there on Sunday for the scrimmage, but Sherko was,'' Gonzalez said, "and he says it was a lot more intense today, like they had cracked a whip on them. That's great to see. One of the things I was very happy to see and one of the things that wasn't there when I was around was the fact that they actually keep a tab on each player during practice.

   "There's a constant competition between offense and defense and at the end of each drill, right before each break, if they run 12 plays on, let's say, inside run and the defense loses 8-4, then the defense has to go out and run an up-down -- like a sprint where you touch the hash and run back to the other side of the field -- before they can take their break.

"I thought that was really cool, because that mean's they're constantly competing against each other. If you keep tabs, it keeps you wanting not to lose. And it was so hot out there, too. I wasn't even playing and I had boob sweat,'' he said, laughing. "When you get three minutes of break, trust me, you want to take advantage of all 180 seconds. That's a motivational piece right there. That's something we didn't have."

Gonzalez said that "when Al Golden came over to say 'Hi,' I told him it was a great idea. It builds team unity and keeps guys engaged. it doesn't let you take a play off." 

   "Gonzalez also said he loved the new Schwartz Center for Athletic Excellence. "The new locker room, the training room, the study hall area is really bad-ass,'' he said. "I wish it were there when I was playing. Gonzalez actually won the Draddy Award, better known as the Academic Heisman and now known as the William V. Campbell Trophy, and received a $25,000 prize to be used toward a graduate degree.

    However, Gonzalez had already graduated with his Master's in Business Administration, so he said the $25,000 went back to UM to be used in an academic capacity.





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100 years of mediocrity, then came Urban and teebow. 2ships in 4 years. Back to reality gator fans, urban and teebow are gone. Time for 100 more years of mediocrity. 3rd best team in the history of the this state.

ESPN.com has named the 1995 Nebraska Cornhusker team the greatest team of all time.[12] Fan voting has consistently pegged the 1995 Cornhuskers or the 2001 Miami Hurricanes (who would later cap their perfect season against Nebraska in the Rose Bowl) as the greatest college football team in history.

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"Is it football season yet", I was referring to "OG Cane", when I said do some research.

January 1, 1988 Florida State 31 Nebraska 28 1988 Fiesta Bowl
January 2, 1989 Miami 23 Nebraska 3 1989 Orange Bowl
January 1, 1990 Florida State 41 Nebraska 17 1990 Fiesta Bowl
January 1, 1991 Georgia Tech 45 Nebraska 21 1991 Citrus Bowl
January 1, 1992 Miami 22 Nebraska 0 1992 Orange Bowl
January 1, 1993 Florida State 27 Nebraska 14 1993 Orange Bowl
January 1, 1994 Florida State 18 Nebraska 16 1994 Orange Bowl
January 1, 1995 Nebraska 24 Miami 17 1995 Orange Bowl*
January 2, 1996 Nebraska 62 Florida 24 1996 Fiesta Bowl*
December 31, 1996 Nebraska 41 Virginia Tech 21 1996 Orange Bowl
January 2, 1998 Nebraska 42 Tennessee 17 1998 Orange Bowl*
December 30, 1998 Arizona 23 Nebraska 20 1998 Holiday Bowl
January 2, 2000 Nebraska 31 Tennessee 21 2000 Fiesta Bowl
December 30, 2000 Nebraska 66 Northwestern 17 2000 Alamo Bowl
January 3, 2002 Miami 37 Nebraska 14 2002 Rose Bowl

Uf vs W- L. - t. %
Miami 26 28 0 .481
Alabama 14 23 0 .378
Auburn 38 43 2 .470
Georgia 40 48 2 .456
Ole Miss 10 12 1 .457

Some memorable bowl games for the gaytors
1995 Fiesta Bowl (Bowl Alliance National Championship) Nebraska L, 62-24
2004 Peach Bowl Miami (FL) L, 27-10
2000 Sugar Bowl (BCS) Miami (FL) L, 37-20
2012 Sugar Bowl (BCS) Louisville L, 33-23

Tommy Frazier scores again!!!! 62 points given up another gaytor record.

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