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Video interviews with Morris, Walford, Feliciano, Jenkins, Perryman and O'Donnell

Here are video interviews from Tuesday with quarterback Stephen Morris, tight end Clive Walford, offensive lineman Jonathan Feliciano, safety Rayshawn Jenkins, linebacker Denzel Perryman and punter Pat O'Donnell.

> Morris talks about how different the offense will look this year with new coordinator James Coley, his goals for the season and how UM's young pass rushers did in camp.

Walford talks about when he's going to cut his hair, how he feels he did in fall camp and his expectations for the season.

Feliciano talks about being listed as the starter at right tackle, facing FAU, the rotation on the offensive line and the Canes' young pass rushers.

Jenkins talks about why the secondary will be better, preparing for FAU and how he feels about his own play entering the season.

Perryman talks about the possibility of facing a freshman quarterback Friday and his teammates heading into the season.

O'Donnell, a former standout at Cincinnati, talks about how many punts he expects to have versus FAU, his role on the team and more.


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For those who criticize the Cane optimists, you should know that I am fundamentally an optimist. Whether that comes from nature or nurture, I cannot say. Part of being an optimist is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, one’s feet moving forward. Thus, while I respect my brother Calvin's and brother HarriettTubmanCane's criticism of the team, I disagree with their criticism of the wide-eyed Cane fans who see a bright future ahead. Let's all work together to keep the peace.

I agree with my brother Nelson Mandela Cane. However, I would also like to point out that the hate of Gallo and delUsional Cane is unhealthy. We must develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. He who is devoid of the power to forgive is devoid of the power to love. There is some good in the worst of us and some evil in the best of us. When we discover this, we are less prone to hate our enemies.

Marios, our offense is going to break last year's numbers, easily.

Our punter is experienced with a 41.3 average last year, better even than Dalton Botts. Our kick and punt returners are awesome, and we have had some stability on the coaching side for a couple years now, a rare benefit these past few years.

But I still don't see anything better than mediocre coming from this defense. The only plus is that mediocre will get us to 10 wins easily with the rest of the team playing as well as expected.

big thing i will be looking for is how quickly guys get on and off the field. i hope to see no confusion between plays. no chinese fire drills.

Double standard from Emmert and his cronies.

Posted by: Five Titles | August 28, 2013 at 01:32 PM


Much ado about nothing!

Because I-F one is not gullible, and what not, when it comes to major college football matters.

Said open-minded individual would know what the prestigious N.C.A.A. is all about, and would surly surmise that Johnny M. would bloody ESCAPE OUT THE BACKDOOR! hUh

By the way, the University of Miami, Florida Hurricane football program has always been considered a PARIAH program, in the ethical, eyes of the N.C.A.A. Eh. What say.

In other words, only the NAIVE would NOT KNOW that the Hurricanes are viewed as a PROGRAM NON GRATA!!

Chit, W-H-Y do y'all Miami partisans think the prestigious N.C.A.A. is taking their sweet ole time with Miami and what not. hUh

You have a seizure while typing that D?

Oh and TK, please dont lose the CAPS!!!

Quiz two days away. The booth might be the safest place to hide Golden's best friend if FAU scores more than 14

Posted by: D the stroke victim strikes again | August 28, 2013 at 01:55 PM


You can go your own way, go your own way... back to Canespace!

You can go your own way, go your own way, and call it another lonely day.

Just win baby!

Just win baby!

Posted by: Marios | August 28, 2013 at 02:03 PM


Just another bloody CLICHE and what not. hUh

Miami 48

F.A.U. 13

Thank you Manny for the additional videos...very telling.

Over the last 6 or 7 years when our kids would be interviewed they would make outlandish comments and predictions that almost invariably turned out to be just the opposite (the interviews with our players prior to the final game in the Orangs Bowl with Virginia were so awful and ridiculous they would make up a great blooper reel). Most everything they said was..."me"..."me'...and..."me".

Now, under the great coaching and leadership of Coach Al Golden our players are mature, all about team, believing and following the process and have been taught there is a plan, and that plan will lead to winning.

Feliciano was asked about Seantrel being demoted and was he down, to which he responded that no he wasn't down and only working his balls off. Had the same thing happened several years ago the player being demoted would have quit on the team versus working harder.

In spite of the most damaging NCAA investigation since SMU was handed down the death penalty the University of Miami football program under the best coach in college football, Al Golden, is on the path to capture its former greatness and will soon be playing for championships.

D, just to figure this out once and for all.

What is the big freaking deal about canespace? it is just a blog like rivals or canesinsider but seems to be run by just one guy. He won't let you post there? okay, there are 20 other sites that will. Why do you folks bring it up so often?

Huhh??? Why do U feel it a necessity to make up things and create opportunities to praise Al Golden? If U like him, cool, thats understandable. But to make a story about our players saying me, me , me in interviews is an outright lie.

Ron Zook, please post your proof!

Man, U know what, i just got so worked up and it just hit me...this has to be a troll.

RZ is trying to continue the feuding back and forth. Providing a spark for some beef.

I was banned from Canespace right after the Virginia Tech game last year, after I basically said it was a sloppy win and V-Tech's offense was more horrible than our defensive performance was good. But a win is a win.

The blogmaster 86Cane/SOUP. He doesn't allow dissenting opinions, just "Go Canes" or you're toast. Yall should check it out. Seriously, if U don't like differing posts than what y'all say about Golden and D'No, and the retribution showed Shannon, than definitely the "Space" (as he would say) for U.

There's no need to be frustrated here, as D said, its THE BEST site for like-minded Cane fans. There's no need to berate Us everyday here. Its good ole boy heaven over there. Why stay here in purgatory?

Its a excellent question posed by D.

Now as I wander through the city (Miami) goin’ mad
I see the fruits of planting evidence instead of grass
A swindled generation with no patience, full of swag (Golden apologist)
Man, they so impatient with the stations that they have
As long as they look good (the Tie)when they be doin’ bad (13-11)
Then the separation from the truth is gettin’ vast, fast (We have the wrong guy guiding us)
Be a slave at first or free at last

Lupe~ Strange Fruition

Did a 3rd. grade Art student give Stephen Morris that hideous crooked u/17 thing tattoo on his puny right bicep ?

Should have had it stamped to his melon forehead, there's more room.

Same reason you got banned from the other blog - your opinions are insanely idiotic and indefensible.

Thank you for your support Martin Luther Cane! I too wish to have all cane brothers and sisters live in harmony. United under the power of our love for the canes and our supreme leader The Great Golden.
I am pumped about this upcoming season where we bring in the best offense in the land. Basically we have all our players back except James the RB who used to share the load with Duke The Mighty. I am confident Duke can carry the load all by himself since he is a graduate of the UTough program. And we all know how well that secret and exclusive program works.
So in essence we have the same offense that did us proud last year and won all of 7 games for us and fared so well against the best teams in the land.
Then we bring back our record setting defense, minus 5 or 6 mayor contributors, who will be replace by a few select Super Freshmen who will be ready to go upon the first snap and will not look lost or make any of the common freshmen mistakes.
I know this will be so because they will be coached and prepared by Mark Donofrio. And we all know how good a defensive mind he is.
Everything is in place for the canes to rule the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Long live Golden!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shocker, the Gators troll agrees with Martin Luther Cane/HarrietTubmanCane/Calvin that Miami is terrible.

Speaking of melon-heads, t-minus 48 hours before TEblow is the newest door-to-door bible salesman in the greater Alachua County dump area.

You know that edumucation from der FloridDUH isn't good for anything else.

You think maybe the desperate Buffalo Bills give a shot to Tebow? I mean, it might be that he will tour the entire AFC East before he is done.

U label someone "troll" in every post, but U are clearly a troll yourself???

delUsionalcane is hands down the funniest poster lol!

Ok dUh, is that U SOUpy? What was insanely idiotic and indefensible about the post I got banned for?

Bigots don't run nothing but their mouths here though.

Hubette cane, we don't care why you got banned. Probably for being a debbie downer moron, if you posted same repetitive nonsense there.

mountaincane, U been posting there too LMAO!!! Trying to play double dutch with your groupthink brethren.

They keeping U on the sidelines tho.

U keep getting ignored over there. Can't get in the game. Try a post like delUsionalCane's, Ron Zook's or say something highly racist like 9>5>2 or rocket. Go ahead, try again, Grandma Cybil said u can't stay home from day care again.

debbie downer stuff like this:
Still continuing to put words in my mouth--so i will repeat--I've never rooted against the Canes, never will, and have never wished the worst for them and never will. I'd absolutely love for Us to improve in every facet, run the schedule and win a NC every single season. My critique of Golden doesn't take me out of that mind state. And your staunch belief in him doesn't put U in.

Apparently there's a difference between being an Al Golden fan and a Miami Hurricane fan. When dudes critiqued Shannon (me being one of them) no one questioned their fandom...why now?
Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 28, 2013 at 01:08 PM

Yet another question gone unanswered.

Let me go on record, and say that I personally have NOTHING AGAINST the Miami Hurricane defensive players!!!

It's that Hurricane defensive coordinator, and his questionable ploys and what not, which wants to make me PIZZ and CHIT all over that mountain cane!!! hUh

Albeit metaphorically speaking on the pizzing and chitting notion. duh

Posted by: D | August 28, 2013 at 12:49 PM

And all the rest of the real True Cane fans concur, cause we definitely know the talent has been & is in place!

D by your posts and the way they are presented you are PIZZING and CHITTING on our 'U'. We call you out on that.

That is the reason many posters jump all over your post.
You can disagree but it is disagreeable when you turn things into a "like it or not this is fact contest".

It doesn't work that way.

Because I support our team and support our Coach 100% shouldn't make my opinion any less than yours.

That is what Mountain Cane, 9>5>2, true Cane and others are trying to say.
Go 'Canes

Canes are undefeated and the Sybil group highlighting past negatives, most embellished.

Hubette today's, most moronic, repeating for the hundredth time she was kicked off another site and then proceeds to give an interpretive rundown on what is going on there.

Dumber than your repetitive nonsensical posts here, is a reading posts on a site that banned you. No wonder you were banned.

Go play with 1 of the other Sybil members.

Hubette cane, we don't care why you got banned. Probably for being a debbie downer moron, if you posted same repetitive nonsense there.

Posted by: mountain cane | August 28, 2013 at 03:13 PM

^^^This made me go look and sure enough...there U were LMAO! I had a hunch and was right. The hood don't fall too far from the burning cross!

The Canes haven't played a game lol! Forget 100, please post another 2 times I've mentioned my banning? It shouldn't be hard to find, since its repeated so frequently. What repetitive non-sensical posts? Please feel free to show proof of this projection. Anyone can easily do it to U, every single day its, "Lady Calvina and Sybil"..U literally do not have the ability to post without mentioning at least one of the two. U are chronically negative towards posters, here every single day.

Why complain when U can leave and just post there? Do U like to have a supposed antagonist? If y'all were truly frustrated, wouldn't U leave so U wouldn't have to do this everyday? Fake internet beef makes U feel alive.

Yo Cane trash

Yo chUmps why U keep fighting with Ur selves?
Yo U should embrace delUsional cane(love the name) and live in harmony

Yo No Mo Titles says the O will be better than last year cause of the punter
Wow what a revelation
Then he goes on to say that U had "coaching stability the past 2 years"
Like when U have a new OC, a new WR coach and a new RB coach
Lots of stability
Or did U mean U still have Golden Retriever and No D Onofrio?
U some dUmb cluck

Yo delUsional has a better argument:
we bring in the best offense in the land. Basically we have all our players back except James the RB who used to share the load with Duke The Mighty. I am confident Duke can carry the load all by himself since he is a graduate of the UTough program. And we all know how well that secret and exclusive program works.
So in essence we have the same offense that did us proud last year and won all of 7 games for us and fared so well against the best teams in the land.

Yo the man makes fun of Ur UTough "secret" and "exclusive" program, that has worked "so well"
This is priceless
And Ur O "fared so well" against top competition
As in big time losses to ND, KSU and FSU
Yo he forgot to mention Ur over rated O also "fared so well" against mediocre UNC and doormat UVA. Or was that the efense's fault?

So No Mo Titles U r the one who is truly delusional
Along with Ur fellow maggots

Bunch of LOOSERS!

What's a looser? Is that the way the gator fans like their sisters panties?

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