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With injuries mounting, UM coach Al Golden says he doesn't feel good about offensive line depth

According to the roster, the Miami Hurricanes have 15 offensive linemen on the team this season.

But all of those guys certainly aren't practicing right now.

Miami's starting offensive line unit, expected to be one of the best in the country this season with six returning starters (tackles Ereck Flowers, Seantrel Henderson, Malcolm Bunche, guards Brandon Linder and Jonathan Feliciano and center Shane McDermott), remains intact and pretty much 100 percent through the first two weeks of camp. That's the good news.

The bad news? The guys behind them keep going down.

Golden said Wednesday that freshman Hunter Knighton (6-5, 278) will miss the rest of the season following shoulder surgery on Tuesday, and backup guard Danny Isidora, who had foot surgery last week, will be sidelined at least eight weeks. That's at least half the season, not counting recovery time.

New to the injury list this week: freshman tackle Sunny Odogwu (6-8, 318), who was banged up in Sunday's scrimmage, and freshman guard/tackle Alex Gall (6-5, 304). Golden said the plan is to keep Odogwu (knee) out of practice a few days so he regains his health. 

"His MRI came back OK," Golden said of Odogwu. "I guess if we were playing he would be like questionable or probable.

"Gall has an infection in his hand," Golden continued. "It doesn't cause me distress other than getting lined up in practice. I think someone said he got a bite, a spider bite or something that got infected. I don't know the specifics of it other than it blew up on him and we're trying to get him antibiotics to get it settled down."

Although there is plenty of reason for optimism this season with the Hurricanes considering they've got 19 starters back from a 7-5 team, Golden is in mid-camp form these days when asked how he feels about a particular unit or group.

"I do not feel good about the offensive line situation," Golden said. "I say this constantly, but I don't feel good about anything right now. I just think we're not in a situation where we can just sit back and go on automatic pilot and just let the depth take care of itself. We're still growing and learning. In a lot of places we're still not veteran."

Of the four injuries, the one that hurts the most is Isidora. He was clearly the backup at guard if something were to happen to Linder, Bunche or Feliciano.

Senior Jared Wheeler is listed as the backup at center, but could slide over to guard if needed. Sophomore Hunter Wells and redshirt freshman Taylor Gadbois are healthy and practicing, but they were seen as the eighth and ninth guys on the totem poll behind Isidora.


> Receiver Rashawn Scott was wearing a red non-contact jersey at practice Wednesday afternoon. It's unclear when he was injured. But he wasn't wearing any braces on his knee or appearing to be in a great amount of pain.

> Golden said defensive lineman Jalen Grimble asked for his release Monday night from the team.

"Jalen's a great young man. He wanted to make a move," Golden said. "At the end of the day, we released him. We're going to help him any way we can to help him find what he's looking for. The rest of it is private. He's a great kid. There's nothing [troublesome about his departure]. It's just a situation where he wants to move forward. Sad to see him go given our situation at defensive line."

> Grimble obviously saw the writing on the wall after the arrival of four new defensive line transfers this fall.

Asked about how his new defensive linemen looked in Tuesday's practices, Golden said: " I'm excited about all the guys. All of the young guys are trying to make their way in and whether its [Ufomba] Kamalu and those [new arrivals] they're bringing some maturity where we desperately need it. We're not out of the woods yet on the D-line. You guys know that. We've got a long way to go to be the type of defensive line we want to be both in development and then the acquisition. They give us some maturity right now and help us recover from a tough two years in the recruiting end."

> Golden said he wants to see tackling and blocking by his receivers and tight ends improve in UM's next scrimmage Friday. He also said he wants to see Stephen Morris have a better day throwing the football.

"I'd like to see our completion percentage go up," Golden said. "Stephen was much better yesterday as was the offense than it was on Sunday. Our completion percentage can't be as low as it was on Sunday."

> Kicker Matt Goudis was 3-for-3 in Sunday's scrimmage on field goal attempts, connecting on 45, 45 and 47-yard kicks. But he missed a pair in Tuesday night's special teams scrimmage Golden said.

> Golden said he's more than happy with the conditioning level of his kickers. He compared punter Pat O'Donnell to fictional movie villain Ivan Drago of Rocky fame.

> Golden said he likes the competition right now at tight end.

"There's three that are in the rotation. Beau [Sandland], Asante [Cleveland] and Clive [Walford]," Golden said. "Beau has really changed his body and conditioning. He's a different person than he was in the spring."

> Golden said camp will officially close next Wednesday. The team's final scrimmage is Friday.


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ummm, you posted this already three days ago, no one cared or responded, so you felt the need to post again?

Pooor lonely blog Pig. Near 50 year-old disgruntled Pig.

Same as it ever was.

Q: 'Cool 'Cat, how has Donna Shalala has held the program back?

A: She bulldozed the Orange Bowl.

Posted by: Kim "ICE" Harris | August 15, 2013 at 12:18 AM

Actually, it's the shyty Florida Marlins that got the Orange Bowl bulldozed.....wish they would of moved to Vegas! Loria pulled a fast one on the Miami city commissioners.....Bet they still wish it was the orange bowl still!!!!

"ALOHA ARTY !!! I'm in TITLETOWN ! Let's hit an open GATOR pratice and hoist a few cold ones this week brother... Maybe see you at the golf course "out west" and then have some BBQ with "Bubba" out in Jonesville... Yo Arty, Goldie is saying "we're young" again after 2 weeks of practice !!! HOLLA !!!"

Who is this "Arty" fellow? Is he real or just an imaginary friend? If he's real he sounds like a loser, hanging out at Gators' practices during the work week drinking beer. If he's imaginary, you have a pretty boring imagination.

UM never owned the Orange Bowl, they rented it from the city.

The city was going to condemn it because it needed the concrete changed out to get up to code.

UM is a private school, there's no way they could ask taxpayers for help and there's no way they could have paid hundreds of millions out of pocket to fix up the city's stadium, which again, they didn't own.

The city of Miami bulldozed the Orange Bowl, not UM.

It's a joke, the same troll talking to himself using Arty (Art Kehoe) and Soldy (Don Soldinger) as his names.

So Donna Shalala had a stadium owned by the City of Miami bulldozed?

Imagine how much better the city would have been just turning over the land to UM for free and letting the Marlins leave for Vegas.

Imagine the blog Pig Soldy, his imaginary friend Arty, drinking beer watching sweaty 19 year olds run around. Then, heading to the Pig Slop Diner for some barbecue as his fat face is covered in sauce.

All the while, barely stopping for 5 mins to post here and on Gator Clause, and on Barry Jackson's blog and the Palm Beach Post and the Sun Sentinel any other blog he can find.

You have carved out quite a career, blog Pig. You and someone like, say, Neil Armstrong had similar asipirations growing up.

And Duke Johnson said himself that his relationship with Shannon solidified his commit."

He never said that. You pulled that out your ass.

Posted by: Reality | August 14, 2013 at 11:51 PM

Ask Manny, Shannon knows his family and mom.

I critique everything Golden says (he is the coach), and you critique everything I say (who am I for U to be sweating my sac so hard)? Changing aliases to keep the stalking fresh.
Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | August 15, 2013 at 12:19 AM

HarrietTubmanCane, don't worry about trying to prove nothing to these imbeciles, they're not connected like that so it's to far fetched for their feable minds to understand that most people from the City grew up with the parents of the kids who're playing now. They don't understand and think shannon is just some rudy poo coach that doesn't know football or something. They keep trying to judge him as shannon the headcoach, in which he didn't do a bad job, but while they're judging shannon, the question still hasn't been answered or still isn't clear yet on whether coach goldie is a better headcoach than shannon.

If people want to be honest, but we know they won't and can't, as it stands right now, coach shannon did a way better job when it comes to game day coaching and fielding a team that competed game in and game out than what coach goldie has done. People luv to say "coach goldie had to clean up the mess shannon left" but those same individuals who blame shannon til this day for the last game in the O.B. in shannon's first year, none of them have ever said, "coach shannon had to clean up the mess left" to him by "thee incompetent one" before him".

Let's do a small comparison, here's the qb's & o-line shannon got left:

jason "i have no weaknesses" fox
matt "turnstyle" pipho
ian symonette
a.j. trump
chris barney
reggie youngblood
chris rutledge
tyrone byrd

kyle & kirby

Coach goldie left with:
brandon washington
seantrel henderson
jared wheeler
jonathan feliciano
brandon linder
shane mcdermont
ben jones
jermaine barton

j70 & smo17

shannon's first 2 years 12 & 12 with 1 bowl lost
goldie's first 2 years 13 & 11 with way better talent in this group alone!

Also, to make matters worst, shannon won alot of his games when the players he left goldie with were younger, goldie got them when they seasoned!

So to those who keep missing it, the point is not about whether or not shannon was some great headcoach, the point is about whether coach goldie is a better headcoach than shannon, not to mention who's been given way more money to work with.

Posted by: Calvin | August 15, 2013 at 10:55 AM

And Shannon is a POSITION coach.....how could that be?

It's funny that Calvin says Shannon's players are why we had any success and they have been the best over the last two years... YEAH THAT'S BECAUSE GOLDENS PLAYERS ARE SOPHMORES AND FRESHMEN! Critical thinking... you got it.

But how about the difference of those players under Golden vs Shannon. Shannon did a great job with players like Jacory... right. Wait, no. Jacory's best season was under Golden.

"coach shannon did a way better job when it comes to game day coaching and fielding a team that competed game in and game out than what coach goldie has done."

Are you f*cking insane?

Shannon's teams got blown off the field regularly. They got blown off the field by VIRGINIA in the last game ever at the Orange Bowl.

Golden's been blown out in two games in two years - K State and Notre Dame, both of whom were ranked #1 at some point in the year.

Shannon had more to work with. The program got worse under him. That 7 win season in 2010 was a talented group with terrible coaches.

Shannon's team also got blown out at home in 2010 by an FSU team it was favored to beat (Canes were ranked #13 at the time, FSU #23). That was the end for him.

Common sense,

Lady Calvina is a fool and you know they can't learn, even when facts stuffed into their otherwise empty head.

She and the other members of the Sybil brain trust (Dumbdumb D,Galloinda, Cool cat, '72, etc.) wouldn't know a fact if you stuffed it in their bra.

They give Shannon credit for the incoming class that was Golden's first year. So by that "logic", Golden has a team of his guys with 1 year under their belt and some incoming freshmen.

And Sybil concludes that all Shannon guys are the starters. Wow, really? A college football team where seniors, juniors and redshirt sophomores make up the majority of the starters. Unprecedented.

Her boy Randy, who real fans wanted to succeed, was exposed as an incompetent CEO. Infact, now he is only a position coach and can't get a dc job. His D was simplistic, couldn't adjust, but had amazing players. Hell, even wannabee coach Sybil could have been ok with those guys.

"Reality/Idiot/fake HarrietTubmanCane/Letter to the Editor, out of all the points Cal made, you repost that sentence to critique, what about the rest of what he said??? I know you can't rebut because its the truth without doubt. You want to compare how many times each coach has been blown out--Golden supposedly needed to rebuild and "purge" the roster, Golden has insinuated several times that he was left with scraps, so why are/has his best players and saviors in every game been Shannon recruits and veteran players? Golden hasn't beaten Virginia yet, with superior talent.

Al Golden's defensive and offensive stats are worst than Shannon's.

RS is a position coach because he wasn't a great head coach, not to mention the fact made on every sports publication (including ESPN after the comments made by that Colorado coach) that black coaches hardly ever get a second chance at the top position (I forget the statistic but it was appalling), so thats why GatorTrashSaysWhat? He should at least be a coordinator--he did win the top assistant coach award in the country--the Broyles Award in 2001.

Another day....another schooling.

The fact that you can look at last year's team and claim "superior talent" is laughable. Where was it? Look at that 2010 team Shannon busted with. Tons of talent on offense and defense. No coach, no fire, out of shape. But none of that matters. What matters is for the first time since Butch we have a coach that is improving the roster.

Experts looked at last years team and predicted four wins. But since your the talent expert, you are the only one who could see the superior talent

Its not possible for a Virginia team to ever field superior talent than a miami Hurricane team--thats laughable? No, thats the truth and what the point was.

The only thing Virginia has on Us is a superior coach.

Johnson remains a Cane, for now

By Chad Simmons
South Recruiting Manager
Date: Nov 28, 2010

Randy Shannon and Randy "Duke" Johnson had more in common than a first name and that helped him commit to Miami early in the process. Find out what he thinks now after Shannon was let go Saturday night.


There U go "Reality/Letter to the Editor/Idiot/fake HarrietTubmanCane"


Yeah, must have made a huge negative impression on him since he committed anyway.

But, let's keep going over things that happened 3 years ago, you maggot.

Another "Cane fan" that bases his expectations off of preseason nerd ran publication "experts" who are annually biased against Us and their 4 win prediction was clearly wishful thinking. I mean you are referencing their prediction--but did you believe them when they said 4 wins yourself? 4 wins was a horrible prediction and more about their hate for UM than an honest estimation. But the new apologist low expectation Cane fan looks for any low bar to reference in hopes of making Golden and no'D look like world-beaters...sad...reaching...everyday spin cycle. We won 7 games and could have won even more if we had adequate coaching--the ability to scheme and adjust. The players aint the only problem.

What makes them talent experts? A degree in Journalism, going to high school football games and then giving their opinion. We all can do the latter, so what your point? they just have a forum to express their opinion, where we don't (other than here--so we actually do have an outlet) so what exactly makes their opinion "expert"?

No, I didn't think we'd only win four. I felt like the team would exceed expectations and become bow eligible. They did. So your opinion counts because you say they were more talented, but people who get paid to analyze talent, their opinion is biased. Got it. Any logical fan knew last year would be rough. Any logical fan also sees that the team is in much better shape this year. A nine or ten win season is very reachable with next year setting up to be special.

Yea Shannon left a mess and was garbage, but his efforts have been instrumental in Us winning games the last 2 seasons.

MountainCane, I'm not giving Shannon credit for Golden's entire first recruiting class--I'm giving RS credit for Duke Johnson tho...why? Because he personally recruited him here and got the verbal during Duke's junior season, while golden was at Temple. Add Stephen Morris (another Shannon player) and there's every win Golden has lol! Thats to say that RS wasn't garbage (which yall believe), moreso than to say that Golden is (which I don't believe). Capiche? BTW, Manny believes the same, check his Shannon players vs. Golden players blog for last season.

Duke Johnson would have been a Cane if I was the coach. But yet again, Golden has had two recruiting classes and one was when he was hired and had two months to recruit. So his players are sophomores and freshmen, are you really arguing this? Then Shannon won with Cokers players.

If you didn't believe that, then why are you referencing it like its supposed to set my expectations for me. I don't what a person gets paid for--does $ automatically mean that the person is adequate in their role or successful in their duties? I know a lot of people who get paid to do nothing or poor jobs. The acquisition of money doesn't entail prowess--but you get to bring up logic huh?

So the logical fan listens and internalizes everything golden tells them--because thats who been telling Us all that. Don't mistake whats being reported (which is what Golden says to Manny and Susan) as being their own opinions. Just because the things that Golden says are recorded and reported--does mean that they're valid or reality--its called using the media aka propaganda. He has an agenda like most people and he has said the same exact things every single preseason.

Did he not say that the kids are in great condition last year?

A nine or ten win season was reachable last year and most Cane fan were predicting it while saying that this very year would be the one setting up to be special. Every year, the next year becomes the one setting up to be special. Yall saying the same ish every year.

Logic would say if you were any good at it, you'd be paid to do so.

What logical fan looked at last season as a nine win season? After all those players left early to the NFL?

Golden did say we were in better shape than before last year. But this was the first season all players have passed conditioning! No, we aren't saying the same thing. Last year we knew it would be a rough season.

Logic may say that, but is it reality? No.

I did.

Knowing it was a gonna be a rough season must've been a covert thing because that sentiment couldn't be referenced in the posts. Just in hindsight as a excuse. Shannon was crap and left the program in shambles, but we knew we would struggle last season because his recruits left early???

But you get to talk logic huh?

-Dalvin Cook
-Ermon Lane
-Quincy Wilson
-Chris Lammons
-JC Jackson
-Khairi Clark
-Duke Sawson
Fence h[]_[]h????
[]_[] got smoked cane fools
Travaris Robinson is yo daddy

ummm, you posted this already three days ago, no one cared or responded,
That's because there is no response you brain dead cane moron

No Harriet, you don't get to cherry pick the current roster of juniors and rs sophs and claim some are Randy's and others are Golden's. If Duke was so close to RS and that was his reason for picking UM, he would have split when marble mouth was fired.

Wow!! These Gator Girls must be terrified of us. I can't read a single UM blog w/o there being 10 UFraud Hillbillies on there humping our leg.

9.7.13. will be another Louisville-esque beatdown.


Here's the actual Scout article from HarrietTubmanCane's link:

"Randy Shannon being gone from Miami means a lot to me," said Duke Johnson. "I am not de-committing or anything yet, but I am going to talk things over with my family and see what happens from here."

The news of Shannon being fired Saturday night did not come as a surprise to one of the top running backs in the South.

"I knew it was probably going to happen and then when South Florida beat Miami, that was just the icing on the cake. I kind of expected it when that loss came."

The 5-foot-9, 175 pound junior running back out of Miami Norland High School has always been a fan of UM, but his connection to Coach Shannon was a big part of his early decision.

"Coach Shannon came from Miami Norland, so that helped me make my decision and it helped me connect with him. I still have love for Miami and I liked more about Miami than Coach Shannon, but he was a reason why I committed when I did."

Since committing to the Hurricanes, Johnson has not kept up with recruiting at all. When asked about other offers, he said, "I am not sure. I haven't even thought about it."

Johnson has not opened things back up just yet, but he said if he did, two schools that would be on his mind are Florida and Georgia.
Here's the ESPN article with Duke talking about UM
By Corey Long | ESPN Recruiting Nation

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Shortly after Miami Norland's 38-0 victory over Crawfordville Wakulla in the Florida state championships, ESPNU 150 running back Randy "Duke" Johnson ran over to the sideline to retrieve a University of Miami hat.

"I just had to do it," said a smiling Johnson. "You know it's still all about The U."

And with that Johnson put the exclamation point on a day in which he had 253 total yards of offense and four touchdowns despite being on cruise control for much of the second half.

Given the efforts of Johnson in state playoff games against Belle Glade Glades Central and Palmetto, it was expected he would rush for 300, or maybe even 400 yards against Wakulla. But he settled for 130 yards on the ground, 54 yards receiving and a 69-yard kickoff return for a touchdown. And that was more than enough.

"I knew the defense was going to come to play and they did," Johnson said. "So I wanted to just make sure I did what was asked and didn't make any mistakes."

Randy "Duke" Johnson has been one of Miami's most loyal commits, and he works hard at bringing other top players with him to the U.
The Under Armour All-American was one of the first Class of 2012 commits to Miami, committing near the start of his junior season.

Since then the program has went through several changes. Coach Randy Shannon was fired and replaced by Al Golden, and the scandal between the program and former booster Nevin Shaprio came to light. The NCAA investigation into Shaprio's allegations is ongoing and the end result for Miami's football program is unknown. But despite all the changes and controversy Johnson has been steadfast about his loyalty to Miami.

"Miami is home, this is where I'm from and the Hurricanes are what I've always been about," Johnson said. "My family and friends are here and even though Miami might be a little down, I know they will be back."

Miami Herald reporter Manny Navarro, who has covered preps and Johnson for years, says there was never a doubt that Johnson's commitment would be solid.

"He's very tight with his mother and he's just a loyal kid," Navarro said. "He had every school in the nation on him when he was a sophomore and he just never saw himself leaving the people that have always been there."

Johnson's committed with teammate Keith Brown, a four-star linebacker who later decommitted and switched to Illinois. Another teammate, offensive lineman Ereck Flowers, committed to the Hurricanes due in part to the influence of Johnson.

"He's a great guy to be around and I'm excited to know that we will be playing at Miami together," Flower said. "You see how competitive he is and how much he can drive you to be a being player.

"He's a great teammate."

For Johnson it was the finish he promised just minutes after losing to Tampa Jefferson in the state championship game last year.

"I told everyone we'd be back and we'd be champions," Johnson said.

Corey Long has been covering high school football and recruiting in the Sunshine State since 1995. He can be reached at coreyespn@gmail.com.

B patient cane fans Goldie is recruiting like crazy we r on rght path! The u will b state champs this year its all about the U baby. We will have a great year with many more to follow

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