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September 11, 2013

Al Golden from Wednesday's Atlantic Coast Conference Coaches' Teleconference

Some quick hits from Al Golden's ACC Teleconference:


* On getting more national exposure since the win against Florida, and if it parallels at all with how UM's basketball program: "We have no idea what is being said outside these doors. We're just going back to work. ...I have no idea what transpired with Jim and with basketball, but relative to us we're not talking about anything out the outside, just as we did not talk about Florida going into the Florida game.

   "It's been about our process. This week is us vs. complacency. We're really not calling it a bye week. We're calling it a process week.'

* On tight-end Clive Walford and expectations for him compared to a year ago:

"A lot higher. He's been one of the guys we've been pushing the last two days to get his timing down, to run everything full speed so Stephen knows exactly where he is, to really turn the corner and play faster. He's a guy we've got to get involved more for sure, especially on third down.''

* On the defensive-line rotation: Golden said Anthony Chickillo got around 71 reps against Florida, but that the other players rotating, including Ufomba Kamalu, Jelani Hamilton, Justin Renfro, Curtis Porter and Olsen Pierre, "didn't get out of the 40s, which kept us fresh.

"The rotation will get stronger as we start to bring along Kamalu and Jelani Hamilton and Earl Moore. We really need those guys to grow up and step up.''

* On Phillip Dorsett and Stephen Morris getting their signals crossed at times:

"Just disconnected a couple times and that's it. It's really not a function of any one thing. We all have to improve, starting with me. Today and yesterday we worked very hard on a lot of different things, most particularly on our third downs.

Stephen’s balance is excellent right now. He’s throwing the ball really well. We had a lot of continuity with our receivers. We’re pushing Stacy and Malcolm. We’re trying to get more production out of the tight ends. It’s been a very productive two days, but it’s really not a new offense, it’s not Stephen, it’s not Phillip. It’s the totality of it and the way the game unfolded."

 * On recruiting after Saturday's victory, and the importance of timing as it relates to recruiting after a win:

  "I don’t know so much of the timing. If this was decision time then timing is important. If a kid was going to make a decision and he and his family said, 'OK, sometime after the Florida game we’re going to make a decision.' Obviously, then that would be favorable to us. But in terms of timing of it it’s just a function of getting out.

 "We’re in a bye week and we’ve practiced really hard the last two days. We’re going to practice tomorrow and then we’re going to get our coaches on the road Thursday and Friday. We’re going to go to further places, places further away, because we don’t have a game this weekend. And when we go to South Florida, we’ll do the Tampa and Orlando area, maybe Fort Myers, West Coast and when we’re back home we’ll start hitting the local areas. There’s a little strategy involved..because of the way it falls on the calendar."

*On the play of the offensive line:

 "There are cert things we need to get fixed. We know that. We have to be able to run the ball better. That’s not just on the O-line. That’s on everybody, starting with me. There are some things we’ve looked at that were exposed that we need to get corrected and we’ll get that fixed and there are some other things we can do moving forward that we will do.

"Slugfest for sure. Proud of the way the guys fought. It wasn’t pretty but certainly a lot of room to improve this week and they know that."