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September 21, 2013

What UM coach Al Golden said after the Savannah State game

Here is what Miami Hurricanes coach Al Golden had to say after Saturday's 77-7 romp over Savannah State.

> On what he learned from the game...

“I think we learned about a lot of individuals. Ryan Williams stepped up. I thought Gus Edwards stepped up. Beau Sandland stepped up. We learned a little bit about Stacy [Coley] and his game. There were a lot of defensive guys that played hard. I think we’re coming out of it healthy, which was my primary concern once it got a little bit lopsided.”

> On any concerns about quarterback Stephen Morris’ health...

“No, I just saw him. He looks good. I think it was 21-0 or around there [when he got hurt]. It was either 14-0, then Ryan [Williams] comes in and we score and it’s 21-0. There’s no need for him to go back in, so we just held him out. The x-rays were negative. We’ll be cautious with it, we’ll get him off his feet in the next 48 hours, but it looks like he’ll be fine.”

> On what he saw from wide receiver Stacy Coley...

“He did a great job on the kick return, made some nice moves on the punt return, he caught a nice little screen out there. We’re trying to get him going. He has had good week, so I’m pleased he carried it into the game. Obviously the jitters are behind him now.”

> On a strong performance from running back Gus Edwards...

“Gus is getting better every week. He’s a big back. I thought he ran hard. I did. I thought he ran hard. It’s going to be a learning opportunity for Gus."

> On the fear of injured players...

“That was my greatest fear from the time it got to 35-0, to be honest with you. We went quickly to second and then quickly to third teams. I had a long talk with coach [Earnest Wilson] before and a long talk with him after. I’ve been there. I was on the other side of those at Temple. I wanted to make sure he knew we were doing everything in our power not to [run up the score], and I know on his end he was trying to teach his team how to keep fighting. I’ve been in his shoes. I just wanted him to know from our standpoint, we were trying to be gracious in victory and not do anything dumb.”

> On the difficulty of playing respectfully late with lopsided score...

“There are going to be guys that see the score and say whatever they want to say. But you that were there, I think you know what we were trying to do, and long before the fourth quarter. Coach [Wilson] was trying to teach his team to fight and compete, they’re throwing an interception here when they’re coming out and those types of things. It is what it is. We’re going to learn a lot about a lot of individual performances, and we needed to. We needed to see what the second- and third-team guys could do.”

> On the conversation with Coach Wilson to shorten fourth quarter to 12 minutes...

“We talked at halftime. He’s trying to teach his team how to fight, so I appreciate that, and I understand that.”

> On his initial reaction to Stephen Morris’ injury...

“Same thought as all you guys. I’m being honest. It’s so difficult because I always get the questions going into a game. ‘Are you going to sit so-and-so?’ The reality is these guys work so hard. Try and go tell Stephen he’s not playing after a bye week. It was an unfortunate circumstance, we’re blessed and grateful that he’s healthy and that he’s going to be okay. And at the same time, we learned a lot about Ryan [Williams]. I thought Gray Crow came in and did a good job too. He has had a good [past] seven to 10 days here, which is good.”

> On what he saw from linebacker Jermaine Grace...

“He’s playing hard. He has got to study the game more, he has to prepare more, he has to learn that process. He doesn’t know it yet. The older guys are trying to mentor him in that realm. He has to be a bigger factor on special teams.”

> On high completion percentages for quarterbacks Ryan Williams and Gray Crow...

“It’s good for our competition. I was proud of Ryan, because it wasn’t like we had the time to say ‘hey, you’re going in next series’ when the defense was out there. He got thrust into it, and he had good poise, good command of everything. I thought he spun the ball well, I thought he had good vision, his reads were good, and he made all the throws. I was happy with Ryan.”

> On his plans to remove first-teamers upon lopsided score...

“I was hoping that it would go well and we would be able to get them out in the first quarter. We started that substitution pattern - obviously we got a lot of the offensive guys out in the first quarter, and then a lot of the guys on defense in the middle of the second and at halftime.”

> On what he specifically learned about backup quarterback Ryan Williams...

“Ryan has been doing great in practice. He doesn’t get that many opportunities, so it was a great opportunity for him. It came at a point in the game when we weren’t pulling the reins back at that point. He had to run the whole offense and he did. I thought he made really good decisions. He has to do what Ryan Williams did – he made the catchand-run throws. He put the ball where it needed to be so that guys could run with the ball. They weren’t turning around, or they weren’t waiting for it. That’s the kind of accuracy Ryan needed to have, so I’m really pleased with the way he conducted the game.”

Morris leaves early with sprained right ankle injury WQAM reports

Quarterback Stephen Morris left tonight's game with 8:51 to play in the first quarter and was escorted into the locker room by staffers. The injury: a sprained right ankle.

After x-rays were performed, WQAM sideline reporter Josh Darrow said on the radio broadcast UM was "treating it like a sprain."

From watching him on the sideline through my binoculars Morris didn't appear to be in a great amount of pain, but he was favoring his ankle as he walked off the field. We'll have to find out after the game if it is a high-ankle sprain or a just a regular sprain.

High-ankle sprains are considered more severe and require longer rehab.

UM coach Al Golden didn't sound too worried, though, telling TV reporters as he walked off the field at halftime: "Stephen's fine. X-rays were negative."

Morris injured his ankle on a pass intended for Clive Walford that he threw out of bounds on UM's third offensive series of the game. He was tackled from behind by defensive end Alex Wierzbicki on the play.

Live blog: Canes vs. Savannah State

The Hurricanes (2-0) host 60-point underdog Savannah State (1-2) tonight at 7.

The game can be seen on ESPN3 and heard on WQAM (560 AM).

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