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Al Golden: QBs Stephen Morris (ankle) and Ryan Williams doing well, but future QB Kevin Olsen "hasn't owned the process"

We talked to Hurricanes coach Al Golden after practice, and Golden seemed positive about the condition of quarterback Stephen Morris, who injured his right ankle (bone bruise, Golden said Sunday) against Savannah State.

"We're going to take it easy with him today, get it loose, keep treating him all day and then we'll get back at it again tomorrow,'' Golden said.

Any reason for less optimism today than yesterday?

"No, I think he looks good,'' Golden said. "He even told me he looked good. Clearly, what he had last year after North Carolina and before Florida State was dramatically worse than this.''

Golden also was very complimentary of Ryan Williams, saying he's a better leader and "really coachable'' and how he "has changed some mechanics that are really working in his favor -- he's getting his shoulder closed a lot and moving his feet better" and has gotten leaner and "quicker on his feet" and how he is "starting to understand who he is in terms of distributing the football and letting those guys make plays.''

  Added Golden about Williams: "Look, he doesn't have the arm of Stephen. That doesn't preclude him from being a very good and very accurate quarterback."

Golden did not seem nearly as pleased with freshman quarterback Kevin Olsen, who is obviously being redshirted.

Golden was asked how Kevin Olsen was doing. The answer sure sounded like he needs to work harder all-around on his game.

"He's got to learn the game,'' Golden said. "He's got to be obedient to a regimen to be a quarterback and it's got to be the same everyday. He's got to be disciplined in terms of that. He's not there yet. He hasn't owned the process yet. He's got to really improve the mental aspects of his game so that he can play the game fast and he can't waste his time, can't waste this year.

"He's got to get better. He's out here right now throwing. He's got to. He's got to be out here throwing everyday. And when we're not throwing he's got to be throwing anyway.

"He's got to be watching the way Stephen and Ryan conduct themselves and how they run the offense. He's got to know every signal, every call. He's got to make the right Mike calls on runs, get us in the right protection. He's got to get going on that side of it so he can play fast.''




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Sorry guys, I can't help posting incredibly idiotic nonsense on here.

My life is so meaningless, that this is how I get my jollies, pontificating my shallow third grade generalizations about race on a sports blog.

Clearly, I'm a long term loser. I have no employment prospects that don't involve the food service industry, and my yearly income potential is capped at no more than 25 thousand a year because of my lack of skills, my lack of motivation, my poor work habits, and an inability to get along with others.

Of course, rather than taking accountability for my own life and prospects, I blame whitey for my failures as a functioning member of society. My life sucks, and it has to be somebody's fault.

Tubman aka Zakkee, you are no longer welcome on CaneSpace

OK, anybody here like MountainCane or AntCane that posts on the MH blog is not welcome here. If you want to incite riots and blog bullying do it somewhere else. Do not post there or do not post here. Free country, your choice.

The offenders there are Calvin, Albuquerque and Zakkee. Old banned bloggers that we do not need to feed attention to. Why the heck would U go there to read that trash anyway?

That is all.


"Gainesville - A University of Florida veterinary professor was arrested Friday afternoon on charges of video voyeurism for allegedly using a camera pen to secretly record images of the bodies of students on campus, according to an arrest report by the University Police Department. Don A. Samuelson was charged with several counts of video voyeurism of someone age 19 or older.

“In a situation such as this one with serious allegations, the appropriate action to pursue would be termination,” Sikes said, adding that part of the ongoing investigation involves whether other women may have been video-recorded.

The arrest report lists three incidents from April through Aug. 30 in which Samuelson is accused of using a camera pen with an integrated thumb drive to record images of areas of women’s chests and thighs."

butt hurt^^
I haven't been welcomed on Cultspace since U banned me after the VTech when I basically said it was a good win, but we looked bad in the win. I guess thats a "bitter racist comment"?? Slinging labels around that truly describe one's self is called projection--and the facts don't support your assessment of me.

I was never welcomed on Cultspace because I speak my mind and no one else's. I also did not have a care or need to meet U anywhere sign your toilet tissue banners or hang out. U gave bloggers an ultimatum yesterday that they either post there or here. Antcane reposted here. That post is proof that U are a blog Nazi and segregationist. There are whole blogs of former Canespacers (EOTH being one) that have left or been banned by U for nothing--not indulging in groupthink is not what racism is.

FACT: U are the #1 narcissist and pariah in Cane fandom. People universally detest U, that is why U recruit new bloggers every season when the prior participants figure U out and leave or are banned for not believing exactly what U do. U hide behind Tsully to gain street credibility as if he or Hassan are your body guards.

Why do need to walk tailgating with them lol! Why do people want to smack U (myself not included)? Why do U dial 9-1- before U walk under people's tents?

^^ U just proved that u troll here but have the nerve to give AntCane and mountaincane an ultimatum that they aren't allowed to do so themselves.

Is it a coincidence that my troll and U just posted back to back LOL!

Hypocrite, racist (proven over the years on Cultspace), narcissist, pariah, Jim Jones--no one wants to drink that koolaid anymore.

Where is your/our boy solarcane? Did U ban your right hand? SMH.

Gator Gallo is in deep depression after investing months of his worthless time rooting for Stephen Morris to suffer a season ending injury only to have Driskel suffer that fate (I truly feel sorry for the kid).

The Gators may very well fall out of the top 25 in coming weeks, which would be poetic justice...time to dust off those traps Gators as the Septic Tank is going to be empty, which for neighboring communities will be a breath of fresh air.

Another win by the Gatr garbage this week against a tough SEC opponent, Kentucky, will drop them to # 23.

Who is SOUP, and what does he have against Manny and Susan? Stupid move demanding folks choose a site, IMO.

And who here actually is showing signs of PTSD, still worrying about a site they got banned on? Nobody here was talking about canespace, but now it is distracting from a combo of final revenge on the gatrs and a historic blowout by our Canes.

This kind of taunting and infighting is an offseason thing, move it to February through July.

I met Zakee in Chicago for the ND game he seemed like an OK guy, his wife was a nice lady, i did not even realize he was banned.
Posted by: Hassan | September 23, 2013 at 05:24 AM

Several points can be ascertained from this post:

1) I'm not a troll. I've gone to numerous Cane games, other fans know me and some players even know me (Hassan and I met while talking to players after the ND game).

2) 86/SOUP, "86's" or secretly bans bloggers without notice or provocation. If I said racist or outlandish things, then why are regular bloggers unaware of my banning nor remember any valid reason for me to be banned in the first place. Why is Hassan miffed?

3) I know SOUP's boys. I'm cool with the dudes that unbeknownst to them--he perceives as his bodyguards lol! Hassan and I walked for almost two miles, discussing the Canes and our shared faith Islam, until we found a cab that we shared. In the cab we talked for another 15-20 minutes with the cab driver who was also Muslim. When we arrived at our destination Hassan refused to let Us pay for our portion of the trip--class act!
"The offenders...!!!!!!"

Dude (SOUP) thinks he is Osirus from The Warriors.

Oh ok that's how it goes. It's think as I do are you aren't welcome. LOL. That guy post simialr to the idiot who used to post a letter to Susan or Manny every other day.

Posted by: Five Titles | September 23, 2013 at 02:05 PM

Another example of a butt hurt person, whom I've obviously owned several times and he can't get over it.

Another example of poor reading comprehension and a lack of the ability to notice cause & effect and sequence of events skills.

All U have to do is read from the top and scroll downward and you'll see why i am discuss these issues--they were obviously brought to me but U only "see" the response portion--of course. AntCane started this Cultspace vs. MH blog stuff yesterday (if you'd like to read back or go to Cultspace to check out what he said to spark it) and SOUP responded here--today. So whats your issue for real. U have P.T.S.D. courtesy of me now. Yall can't stop talking about me, every new blog post begins with a race to slurp me.

Sounds like Brad Kaaya will be the guy once he come in next year.

Ken, and other schools are late on the Kaaya bandwagon, but he is catching us at just the right Kosar/Walsh/Dorsey time. I look forward to his signing and playing here. Have you seen some of his highlights on youtube? Solid throws, great pocket sense, willing to stand in and take a hit as long as he makes the throw.


And SMART. Stanford is trying to grab him based on his grades, but he knows he can get a Top 50 eductaion here without the shadow of Andrew Luck hanging over him.

Finally- A real football comment after all of that middle school troll-blog b.s.

I just saw this, thought it ranks up there with the Sanchez buttfumble.


Keep your eye on the ball is not supposed to be LITERAL!

Regarding USF. We saw that Golden showed Mercy on SS since he had gone through those same beatings at Temple. Do you picture that he will also go easy on USF since they were the ones that helped him get the Canes job by beating Miami in Shannon's last game?

I think at the time outside folks thought USF was moving ahead of Miami, but Miami has turned the decline around, and are back in the picture for top team in the top state.

I believe D said the spread was 21, I can see Miami topping that easy, what with USF looking hilariously bad against FAU. So I would guess a 35 point win, but with Golden putting in the backups and calling dive plays in the second half.

Canes 20 point favorites.

USF usually plays us hard, but they really aren't very good. I'd think we cover, but kind of game we could show up flat after the Sav St scrimmage. I hope not. If we do, we'll like do it again the next week and Ga Tech is no slouch.

Just hope nobody gets injured before we open up the ACC schedule.

Sounds like Brad Kaaya will be the guy once he come in next year.

Posted by: Ken | September 23, 2013 at 02:22 PM

That's not a bad pick. The kid definitely has all the tools. Personally, I think Malik Rosier is the best of the 3 QBs we have committed. Kid looks like an absolute stud. May the best QB win!

As of Sunday night the Hurricanes were a ... -20 point road chalk. hUh I expect some wagering action to go down on MY Hurricanes as the week progresses. dUh

We should have asked the gators if they wanted to shorten the fourth quater. Lmao
cant wait for saturday. Anyone know if there are any Canes on the jacksonville squad? What about the colts? Dont usually go to nfl games but i was given box seats so what the heck.

Looks like the ACC schedule is arriving in time for us to improve and show more of the team overall growth and maturity at the 'U'.

Both O and D.

Seems that we have to worry now more on our GT game..

In MHO I think that we have practiced and beat those guys consistently, so if they are the pathway to the ACC Championship, then we should be fine with a close win..

Our depth and whole attitude as an improving team confirms that the PROCESS is working and the 'Canes are travelling back to where they should be. In the top 10 and competing for the Crystal Trophy to put on that shelf in our New Building.

Very proud of our 'Canes.
Go 'Canes

VegasCane, I had written off Rosier, figuring he would end up at Nebraska.

But after reading your comment, I realized Is was thinking his last name was Rozier, as in Mike. Glad I was wrong. :)

Harriet does nothing but agitate and post nonsense hoping to create dissension.

His ridiculous blathering about him being a Muslim and how he met other Muslims on his make believe travels...even a cab driver (now there's a shocker!) are nothing short of ramblings courtesy of a person in need of anti-psychotic meds.

While I hold deep religious beliefs I am stable enough and confident enough in those beliefs not to be constantly inventing reasons to post those beliefs on a public forum reserved for University of Miami athletics.

Now if Harriet would "PUBLICLY" (in a public square) condemn the madness of the murderous, cowardly Muslims who slaughtered 3,000 innocent human beings on 9-11 or the recent slaughter of innocent men, women and children in Kenya and many other atrocities these rabid animals are committing around the world simply for not being a Muslim then I tip my hat to him.

Oh, ANT-CANE and mountain LOUT are obviously AGENT PROVOCATEUR'S from that Canespace good ol' boy forum. That's W-H-Y they continually ATTACK and make trouble in M-H.

Also, Canespace/eoth regulars, SARASOTACANE/CANES4LIFE, occasionally trek over to M-H and post something bout' Cane football.

I imagine there are other Agent Provocateurs whom bloody well HIDE under an ANONYMOUS handle in the M-H, too. And they WEASEL on over here from that Canespace/eoth, also.

Posted by: Ron Zook | September 23, 2013 at 03:21 PM

bUbba, you SERIOUSLY need to increase your MEDICATIONS and what not!!

And yes, I was EXCOMMUNICATED from the Good Ol' Boy gathering AKA canespace for being a FREE THINKING, OPEN-MINDED, UNBIASED decades-long Miami Hurricane football loyalist. hUh

South Florida's offense is bloody well ATROCIOUS!! Albeit the Bull's defense is decent and what not, i.e., South Florida's team defense is ranked NO.30.

That Canespace SOUP'er/SOLARCANE have bloody BANNED more LOYAL Cane partisans than ants on a mole hill. dUh

Lol @ Canespace. I use to love that place. I still have the Sean Taylor (RIP) shirt they gave me. Then one time an idiot tried telling me Kenny Kadji was going to have a better NBA career than David Lee, who's made 2 All-Star teams. One of the stupidest things I've heard. We go back and forth and all my posts are deleted. Why? Because I called out nonsense. Solarcane is the man though. Oh well, who cares? Go Canes!

LOL, D "free thinking". Typing while convulsing isn't free thinking.

D have another stroke!!!! Canespace or eye on the U like htc said its a blog.They're one in the same. Pick a game and I'll meet you un the parking lot put your muscle where your mouth is homie!

Oh and D, why are there ants in your mole hill?

Canespace is like one of those really good TV shows that ends up jumping the shark.

You tune in once in a while just to confirm it's as bad as you remember it being.

And lord it is.

Half the guys sucking up to the dictator and the other half repeating whats allowed to be said.

Boring AND devoid of personalities.

Five Titles,

I think Coley has a really good relationship with not only Rosier, but all 3 QBs we have committed. I could maybe see Edourd decommitting if a team that runs the spread put the full court press on him, but that's it. I love our class right now.

I wouldn't call off the dogs in usf, if we get in that situation. Those guys did pkenty of celebrating when they beat us at home. Same goes for anyone else we've list to, Virginia coach crying, UNC tearing down goalposts. Get them all!

Savannah St played with a lot of heart. Those guys deserve better scheduling.

Half the guys sucking up to the dictator and the other half repeating whats allowed to be said.

Boring AND devoid of personalities.

Posted by: Go Canes! | September 23, 2013 at 03:48 PM


Voila... That's why H.T.C. refers to that forum as a gathering of Cane CULTIST and what not.

By the way, Miami's D-unit is RANKED NO. 4 in bloody red zone defense and also RANKED NO. 4 in pass efficiency defense. Go bloody figure.

And, Marky Mark's D-unit LEADS the country in TURNOVER MARGIN, which was key to the " final " victory over the MIGHTY Gators. Eh. What say.

Defensive Turnover Margin

No. 1 Miami

Al Golden is the best coach in college football:

“Coach Golden regarding Kevin Olsen said; He’s got to learn the game. He’s got to be obedient to a regimen to be a quarterback. It’s got to be the same every day. He’s got to be disciplined, in terms of that. He’s not there yet. He hasn’t owned the process yet. He’s got to improve the mental aspects of his game so that he can play the game fast.

“And he can’t waste this time. He can’t waste this year. He’s got to get better. He’s out here right now throwing — he’s got to. He’s got to be out here throwing every day. When we’re not throwing, he’s got to be throwing anyway. He’s got to be watching the way Stephen and Ryan [Williams] conduct themselves and how they run the offense. He’s got to know every signal, every call. He’s got to make the right Mike [linebacker] calls on runs, get us in the right protections. He’s got to get going on that side, so he can play faster.”

PS: The Canes are currently ranked 14th nationally in total defense...poor ole Calvin/Gallo...dumb and dumber!

TLuv, I thought he already decommitted, to both his benefit and ours. I could be wrong though. Let me check...

RUTGERS 28 - SEC 24.

RUTGERS, daddy? RUTGERS, son. Don't believe the hype. Now, lil' jlo, go change out of your orange and blue thong.

Posted by: Tough SEC?

Sorry, didn't see that. In fact, the proof is in the pudding. Canes rose to 16, Gatr Trash fell to #19 in the AP. So all of those voters seemed to feel differently than what you saw. Interesting.

Another big SEC victory and you Gatr Trash drop in the polls. Canes beat a nobody and they rise. Seems like he talking heads know something you don't.

Big game? Nahhh, that wasn't a big game. The Canes big games are against FSU, VaTECH and GT. IF we played a schedule that included Vandy, Kentucky, and Tennessee, then yeah, the UFraud game would be big.

BTW, if you were watching, Uncle Vern and Gary were laughing hysterically at the Gatr Trash. Those are some powerful talking heads.

Posted by: Tough SEC?

Hey I just woke up from a coma.

Has UF gone undefeated in over 100 years of football yet?

Why is everybody laughing?

Oh, that's right. I've been comatose, not moronic too. Silly me.

Posted by: When you quote Holtz, you quote senility, fittin

Is Lou Holtz a veterinary professor?

Hey, Gatr garbage, the value of your diploma went from worthless to garbage. Natch.

Posted by: Dr. Lou


Posted by: Pimple on Erin Andrew's tush

stay tuned, more comedy coming out of Trailerville. First it was the athletes getting arrested, then Bernie hitting and running, then the football team takes the field (the biggest joke of all), now the professors are pedophile voyeurs.

What a great place to go to skewwwwwwl.

Dr. Lou says it. It must be twuuuuuuuuu.

Posted by: Dr. Lou

stay tuned, more comedy coming out of Trailerville. First it was the athletes getting arrested, then Bernie hitting and running, then the football team takes the field (the biggest joke of all), now the professors are pedophile voyeurs.

What a great place to go to skewwwwwwl.

Dr. Lou says it. It must be twuuuuuuuuu.

Posted by: Dr. Lou


Yeah, he decommitted. He was noticeably absent on the list of our recruits invited to see the Florida game, I think that was the last sign for him that he might get the Nick Menocal treatment, being asked to change positions at the last minute.

Check out this pen. I use it to take up-jort photos of my students. It is what passes for actual learning at the UFailure.

Our QB was a Temple recruit? The SEC lost to Rutgers and Louisville?

Oh, no. What's an inbred 'neck living in Alachua County to do? More meth?

Posted by: Dr. Lou

Top notch education at UFraud?

Not unless professors are actually interning as spys using their "valuable" class time to up-jort their students.

Ahhhh, just like at Harvard and Stanford.

Posted by: We are losers

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