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Al Golden: QBs Stephen Morris (ankle) and Ryan Williams doing well, but future QB Kevin Olsen "hasn't owned the process"

We talked to Hurricanes coach Al Golden after practice, and Golden seemed positive about the condition of quarterback Stephen Morris, who injured his right ankle (bone bruise, Golden said Sunday) against Savannah State.

"We're going to take it easy with him today, get it loose, keep treating him all day and then we'll get back at it again tomorrow,'' Golden said.

Any reason for less optimism today than yesterday?

"No, I think he looks good,'' Golden said. "He even told me he looked good. Clearly, what he had last year after North Carolina and before Florida State was dramatically worse than this.''

Golden also was very complimentary of Ryan Williams, saying he's a better leader and "really coachable'' and how he "has changed some mechanics that are really working in his favor -- he's getting his shoulder closed a lot and moving his feet better" and has gotten leaner and "quicker on his feet" and how he is "starting to understand who he is in terms of distributing the football and letting those guys make plays.''

  Added Golden about Williams: "Look, he doesn't have the arm of Stephen. That doesn't preclude him from being a very good and very accurate quarterback."

Golden did not seem nearly as pleased with freshman quarterback Kevin Olsen, who is obviously being redshirted.

Golden was asked how Kevin Olsen was doing. The answer sure sounded like he needs to work harder all-around on his game.

"He's got to learn the game,'' Golden said. "He's got to be obedient to a regimen to be a quarterback and it's got to be the same everyday. He's got to be disciplined in terms of that. He's not there yet. He hasn't owned the process yet. He's got to really improve the mental aspects of his game so that he can play the game fast and he can't waste his time, can't waste this year.

"He's got to get better. He's out here right now throwing. He's got to. He's got to be out here throwing everyday. And when we're not throwing he's got to be throwing anyway.

"He's got to be watching the way Stephen and Ryan conduct themselves and how they run the offense. He's got to know every signal, every call. He's got to make the right Mike calls on runs, get us in the right protection. He's got to get going on that side of it so he can play fast.''




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jlo, does your mommy know your diploma is worthless?

UK beatdown looms. What will the excuse-train be like next Monday.

Duuuuhhh, we gifted them the win. Duuuuhhh, fire Pease.

Posted by: We are losers

yes, and how is it possible that a lowly school like Miami, with no facilities, or money, playing in a rented stadium is able to own the UFailure?

How is it possible? 7 of the last 8.

Do yuh know? Do you know? Do you know? Good think the skunk rule is in effect. The UFailure will need it when it plays anyone in the SEC West.

7 of 8. 7 of 8. 7 of 8. The rented stadium team smashes the UFraud 7 of 8.

21 - 16. 5 > 3.

This is soo easy. Roaches in a double-wide, gomer. Roaches in a double-wide.

Posted by: We are losers

In terms of how JJ would deal with Olsen: He'd give him a second chance, but if the work ethic isn't there, trust Olsen would be out the door....

7 of 8. Still waiting to hear the excuse train for the last 7 of 8.

Once is a fluke. 7 of 8 is a pattern. Stick to Eastern Kentucky and Fordham, UFraud. Canes are tired of pounding you.

Posted by: We are losers |

Gatr Trash is obsessed.

Want some cheese with that whine? How about a thrice used spy pen?

Used by professors at UFraud to take up-jort photos instead of, you know, actually teaching a class.

Hear that goes on at Stanford and Harvard all the time.

Worthless. Diploma. Mill.

Posted by: We are losers

no fans, no facilities, rented stadium......

7 out of 8.

7 out of 8.

Gatr Trash can't read but, SCOREBOARD.

Posted by: Ouch

"Prof., why do you keep dropping your pen on the floor? Shouldn't we be doing some actual learning here? I mean, I know this is UFailure, but shouldn't we at least learn the difference between a skunk and hyeina?"

"Quiet. Sit still while I focus the lens on my pen."

Posted by: Prof. Don A. Samuelson

7 out of 8.

yikes. The UFraud really suuuuuuuucks.

21 - 16.

5 > 3.

UFraud felons > Miami felons

Miami academics > UFraud academics

Pedophile UFraud professors

Name the metric. It all works out to:

Worthless. Diploma. Mill.

Posted by: Ouch

"Daddy, how come Miami has trounced UFraud 7 of the last 8."

"Well, jlo, you little princess, sometimes you just have to bow to royalty. And Miami is royalty. We are inbred 'necks. It sucks but it's true."

Posted by: Ouch

"No class" says the Gatr Trash whose professor is a pedophile voyeur, whose President is accused of a hit and run, and whose athletes have 42 felony arrests in the past 6 years.

Delusion. It's what's for breakfast in the trailerpark.

7 of 8.

Posted by: Ouch

Did someone say 7 of 8?

Can I get a 7 of 8?

Sold, to the maggot in the tacky orange and blue jumpsuit.

Free Hernandez. Can I get a murderer in here?

Posted by: Ouch

Mr. Wilbekin, there will be no weed smoking in class. We are UFraud trash but there are somethings even we won't tolerate.

Now, where did I leave that pen........

Posted by: Prof. Don A. Samuelson

"If I had known there was a skunk rule..........."

Posted by: Corch Muscrap

Ron Zook, When have I ever posted about my religious beliefs before. Please repost what U claim--since I constantly do it--this task should be quite easy.

The sequence of events shows what happened despite your attempts to change it. I didn't come on here talking about any of this--there's documented proof available.

I'm not ashamed of my beliefs so adding that about Hassan and I wasn't a big deal to me--it was a message to the attended reader (SOUP) that Hassan and I have more than one thing in common. Simple. How U twist everything into a negative, just amazes me.

So over 1 billion Muslim must apologize for what 19 did on 9/11, when it had nothing to do with the religion, but was what they believed was the right response to America's foreign policies??? The misinterpretation of a "holy book" by a few is not an indictment of the many. Every "holy book" has been purposely misused to justify killing and political ideologies--including your own.

Using your illogic, you'll need to apologize for the actions of Christian individuals and groups before I do so for some misguided Muslims.

Atrocities committed by Christians:
The Jewish Holocaust-6,000,000 killed
The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade--innumerable (uncountable casualties at least 11 million thrown overboard and didn't even make the trip)
The Rwandan Genocide--500,000-1,000,000 killed
Witch Trials, Spanish, Portugese, and Roman Inquisitions--millions executed
The forced Colonization of the African Continent-- innumerable (countless, millions upon millions slaughtered)
The Extermination of the Native Americans--over 30 million slaughtered
The forced Colonization of South America, The Southeast Pacific islands, Australia, China--innumerable fatalities--not countable!
The Crusades--3,000,000 people killed
The only Nuclear warheads ever dropped in the history of mankind--Hiroshima and Nagasaki--250,000 dead.
The 2 World Wars--100,000,000 dead
The Civil War--800,000 dead

Should I continue or do U get the point??

Judge the religions text and principles, not the false interpretations of it by its "followers".

I believe the two posts by the ID SOUP were not the same person as the one that runs Canespace.

It looks like it was one of the folks looking to stir up trouble. I won't say which side, because I don't CARE which side. But in one case, the comment says someone that was banned ages ago from there is suddenly banned today. The other comment looks like it was a cut and paste from that other site. So it was written to agitate, and it worked.

21-16, 77-7, far more important that some internet beef by people afraid to resolve it in person.

Drop it, please.

Wow, Sidcane, you sure do type FAST! Impressive.

Tubby. The koran text is a treatise of a blood thirsty cult based on a lie. It is made up. None of it is true.

Wake up.

"cut the garbage", you are just agitating with that comment. No need, this is a sports blog. There is plenty to disagree with just based on how our defense has improved with the same players. USF will be the first game where they can REALLY be measured, since they gave up 358 yards to this team last year. FAU, UF, and SS did not face last year's defense, so even though we can "see" improvement, it will be obvious when they hold USF down to under 250 yards. After all, SS has 50 plays for 108 yards, and one honestly nice run for 75 yards to get their total to 183. I would not expect USF to do much better. They lost to an FAU team we beat 34-6, after all.

D, I am guessing you are picking Miami to beat the spread on this one, right?

Timothy McVeigh
The Olympic Bomber Eric Rudolph
All kid school shooters
David Koresh

All Christians--so this must mean The bible is a blood thirsty cult based text huh? Not! Ignorance is bliss for some.

Who is this dope Harriet something or other? I thought this was a football blog. You're lost girl.

Posted by: indie499 | September 23, 2013 at 06:08 PM


Go tell that to that RON ZOOK and his Cane ILK. Because they CONTINUALLY bring up the " religion " angle and what not!!

And who is this D chick that can't compose a sentence? Are you on drugs? Stroke? What?

Good news on Morris. And Williams is looking good.

But I think this Olsen kid may not make the grade unless he gets his head on straight.

Kudos to Golden for being a man of discipline and no BS. I like what I am seeing with my Canes!

Stomp USF!!!

Posted by: Ron Zook | September 23, 2013 at 03:21 PM

That man isn't responsible for what other Muslims do. C'mon y'all. Lets move past this. Two undefeated football teams in Miami. 2 time world champs of basketball. Let's focus on that.

This isn't a politics blog. Keep it Miami Football. Olsen's a possible bust, yes, even though he is AG's recruit, but good for AG calling him out.

That man isn't responsible for what other Muslims do. C'mon y'all. Lets move past this. Two undefeated football teams in Miami. 2 time world champs of basketball. Let's focus on that.

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson


I did not bring this issue up--the bonehead Harriet works his Muslim angle into various posts suggesting somehow his beliefs are superior to others and today I had enough. As for him being responsible for the actions of others who are slaughtering innocent people, because they don't follow the Muslim song book--I simply asked him to condemn the so-called others...and as I expected--he would not do so and posted other atrocities, which in other words he is saying what happened on 9-11 and recently in Kenya are A-Okay! Again, I did not introduce religion...it was that coward Harriet!

olsen didnt look good in the all american game, he will have to put in some work. i really think olsen is going to get passed by with the new QB's Rosier and Kaaya if they are hard workers.

Nice bashing your own team jlo....lol. i haven't posted as sidcane since the gators lost and i struck a nerveon the gator blog...lmao...next time use a small s in sidcane .murphy fumbled too lmao.

Posted by: Ron Zook | September 23, 2013 at 08:36 PM

Maybe, but you perpetuate it. I purposely don't respond to the nonsense. There always comes a point when you become what you call the other person. We can talk civilly about anything but if it takes the blog into the lower-level race/religion baiting it turns people off. I think the forum is better when it's not dominated by that type of conversation. Nobody wins your argument, so lets move on. Please.

Maybe, but you perpetuate it. I purposely don't respond to the nonsense. There always comes a point when you become what you call the other person. We can talk civilly about anything but if it takes the blog into the lower-level race/religion baiting it turns people off. I think the forum is better when it's not dominated by that type of conversation. Nobody wins your argument, so lets move on. Please.

Posted by: Mahoney-Pearson |

No! You are perpetuating it! So move on!!!

Ron Zook, where is the proof? Where did i promote my faith or denounce anyone elses's? Please support what U type. We are still waiting since the first time I asked hours ago--it shouldn't be hard to find right? I do it constantly, but U can't repost where I've done it ONCE.

U can't just say wild things and pray that they stick.

No one is buying your fake outrage and attempts to rally the wagons without provocation--U are done here--no influence, no credibility. Just move on as mahoney suggested--I did. No need to attack him now with those mighty exclamation points and such. Sheesh!

Zook, I like your football writing. Not sure why this Harriet something or other posts here on a football site. What a whacko.

I like the Intensity the D is playing with...I am not 100% sold on them as we have a win against a good team that ran up and down the field on us, and 2 wins against teams we might not need to be playing...

With that being said, Intensity is Instensity no matter who you are playing...that is you who you are...that is your Character!

I need to see USF to really get a feel as these were the guys who played them recently, and this should be a good measure of growth and see how the Intensity holds up...

The big test is what seems to be a clicking and potent multi options attacking GT Team that has already put a choke hold on two potent ACC Offensive Units...

At least we will know where GT stands and if they are for real after the Thursday Night Game with VT...too bad it is a Home Game for GT.

As to the QB situation after this year, I was really impressed with RW. He came in when he was not ready and was a player no doubt about it...even if it was SS. He has gotten his ears wet as a Hurricane, and is holding his own.

He looks a lot like #11 out there IMHO. Do go off on this and say I said he was all that, but he will be the guy next year no matter what, and I feel good about that. There is not going to be Ture Frosh that will come in and beat him out, even if they are a Spring show.

BTW, has anybody heard from Gallo? I was actually looking forward to his list...thought he might add Olsen to his list, but it looks like he added his own name to his list...LOL!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

Well I've posted on this blog going on about 12 years on and off, but this is probably the LAST time. Most of you people DON'T even talk football, you just bicker back n forth like a couple old ladies and it's very tiring, and VERY immature. I mean how old are some of you 12? Grow the F up, and talk about how good r Canes r looking now, jeez it gets old reading your STUPID banter.

For your list, Tubby:

- every suicide bomber since the beginning of time.

Olsen needs to get his act together if he wants to zse the filed. Some guys get diwn here and just want to party.

The first suicide bombers were the Kamikaze of Japan.

First time the word "terrorist" was used and became popular is when Britain was ran out of Palestine by suicide bombers and terrorist attacks perpetuated by the Zionist movement of present day Israel. Balfour Declaration.

U gotta do better to keep up 'nuff said. Read more it'll help.

Olsen better get his shi. together. Kid got to realize that there is considerable talent coming in to possibly take his spot. Just because his bro was a stud here does not mean he will just show up and become one. Go Canes.

You guys are killing me.....talk football please

A new blog has been up for over a day now. Just go to the new blog above and click--no need for dramatics.

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