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Associated Press football rankings out today at noon. Will Miami Hurricanes be in top 25?

The first in-season AP rankings will be released around noon today.

The Hurricanes (1-0) have a decent shot of squeaking into the Top 25, which would make Saturday's game against the current No. 10 (before the new rankings come out today) Florida (1-0) a battle between two ranked teams. If UM should then beat the Gators, they'd definitely be entrenched (for at least a couple weeks) in the rankings, likely among the Top 20.

The Hurricanes were unranked in the 2013 preseason AP poll, meaning they were not in the Top 25.

The last time UM was ranked was heading into the Virginia Tech game in late November 2010. The Canes were ranked 24th by the AP going into that game and 21st by the coaches. But they lost to Virginia Tech and fell out of the rankings, and haven't been back.

However, the Canes did earn 85 points in the recent preseason AP poll, good for what would be No. 29 in the poll. Ahead of them by one point was No. 28 Virginia Tech.

Miami finished 27th in the preseason Coaches’ poll, which also will be released today.

Since 1997, no team in the BCS era has won the national title without being ranked in the preseason AP poll.

The lowest-ranked team to win it all was No. 22 Auburn in 2010.



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The rankings will take care of themselves as the season progresses. UM needs to be at its best to win this week. Florida has the best defense the Canes will see this year in the regular season so points will not come easy. The Canes can't win unless their defense gets some turnovers to help the offense.

Can you believe that the Canes who used to be ALWAYS in the fray vying for a Nat. Championship now have the indignity of hoping and wishing they can be in the "top 25?!?!" because of shannon, golden and d'o? What the hell?!?!?!?

Pitt reminded me of golden and d'o's zone pass NO coverage prevent, bend but don't break, let the other team march into the goal No defense.

The FSU QB was just a sophomore but he got to look like an all pro because he just waited for his
receivers to get into the gaps in the Pitt zones and then fire away all night.

Pitt had four down defensive linemen, but their LBs were way off the line of scrimmage. Pitt was playing a prevent defense all night like golden and d'o forced on the Canes. And like Coach Madden
of the Raiders says, "all a prevent defense does is prevent a team from winning."

Four days left for golden and d'o to practice a four down linemen defense, and tight man to man pass coverage and move the LBs up to within 3 yards of the LOS. I hope there are other good games on during the Cane-gator game in case UM's coaching staff wants to continue their insane NO defense, prevent-the Canes-from-winning sets because the gator offense will do to Miami what FSU did to Pitt.

Posted by: Five Titles | September 03, 2013 at 09:27 AM

As usual, U begin a post saying one thing and then either embody it yourself or contradict it before concluding it. This was the "healthiest of newspaper college football blogs", but later U say its been plagued by a true and admitted Gator fan troll for the last five years. One that U are admittedly afraid of till this day and are still wondering if he'll show up and hurt Canes fans this Saturday lol! I don't mean to laugh but how is that healthy?? I remember coming here to read the blog posts by Manny & Susan and scrolling down to utter madness. Dudes were exchanging numbers, putting together petitions, contacting local Congress people, calling Al Sharpton and Minister Louis Farrakhan to settle the beef. Thats not upstanding and "healthy", Appearances Man. U can't paint two portraits at once on the same canvass.

Who has harped on a dropped pass or late hit? I didn't mention either even once, and have read only a few people mention it (is it not worth discussing--I mean they occur?), but no one even discussed it yesterday to my recollection, so there has been no "harping"--exaggeration.

Instead of lumping people together, why don't u say who u are talking about or referring to? "they claim...these folks...they...they...them...their...they forget... I mean how many times are u gonna say "they"? When are gonna stop being vague, in hopes of slyly establishing posters who have differing opinions then yours as some organized group out to damage the blog or attack others. Scare tactics--you sound like Hitler and George W. Bush. The group that overtly says "we" and refers to each other as "we", does exist though. And U are a part of it. See misdirection and deflection doesn't work when there's no compulsion involved.

Please repost where anyone "demanded" that Golden fans leave a Canes board? It has clearly been suggested, in plain and humorous ways, but never demanded. Now U employ the victim role smh--this pattern is getting old. I guess next its gonna be that "they want or hate our freedom" lol! Yeah that'll get em' bucko!

No one wants that site to fail, thats how you'd feel if U were banned. I'm ecstatic to be banned--its like being kicked out of a cult--thank goodness--the only issue is with your self for staying as long as U did--total waste of time. See I own my ish--I have the ability to self-reflect and admit a fault. Quarantine U Corporate/Pageantry Canes in one location is ideal but not necessary. It was a harmless suggestion and attempt at solving your issues of victimization at the hands of a group U yourself created.

Curse piggy hasn't even been posting. I wonder why?? Could it be that there's little ammunition now that there's a demographic of Cane fans discussing our team--while taking the good with the bad? If u acknowledge your own faults, what can a troll really say? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! U should be kissing the posters U detest toes for cleaning up this filthy blog that the Curse made his own pig pen.

Stand up and salute before reading: Calvin, Cool Cat, Tally, CaneFan'72, D, Gallo and True Canes' posts! Boy

NCAA sanctions will get announced on Friday?

Muschamp trying to brag about the Gators, and failing miserably:

"Well, it was the leadoff game every year in the '80s. I remember I was sitting in the North end zone when James Jones made the one-handed catch against Miami. I guess '86 or, no, '84 was Kerwin Bell's first game. I think we went through five quarterbacks in preseason, Jeremy [Foley] you probably remember. We went through a bunch of them there, and Kerwin had his first [chace] down in Tampa, I think is where we played that year. But that was a game that when it was in Miami, I remember watching or listening on the radio, and then obviously when it was here in Gainesville I was trying to get in the stadium somehow."
We all know how Kerwin Bell did in Miami, 31-4.

Poor Muschamp, rambling on and on and then claiming he was in the North end zone, but wait it was two years earlier and in Tampa, and then talking about a preseason like they were playing in the NFL. How sad for him, looking forward to seeing his face get redder than a tomato on Saturday, and not from sunburn.

At least he;s trying to brag, listen to Golden's interview in WQAM with Joe Rose. Like True Cane said, this is getting pathetic. he refused to gives props to our team, but jumped at every opportunity to be in awe of UF team, specifically their defense which he lauded 50% of the interview.

I was accused of bigging up the Gators yesterday, after I said that their secondary currently has 2nd and 3rd round NFL talent in it (NFL scouts are projecting Roberson and Watkins to go in these rounds). If U think that comment was bad, go to wqam and listen to what Golden thinks of them.

Also his energy and confidence levels seemed low despite Rose's attempts to get some out of him. He sounds like Randy Shannon.

NCAA sanctions will get announced on Friday?
Posted by: Canesjunkie | September 03, 2013 at 11:23 AM
It would not surprise me that the NCAA will do its best to demoralize the Canes such as hitting this new bunch of guys and students with penalties. The only penalty that UM should get is the removal of shallaalalaal and her ADs who hired golden and d'o since she was buddy buddy with the jerk who caused the mess.

The other side of the coin is that if the NCAA comes out with a penalty on friday like no bowl game, it would turn the Cane players into serial killers for the saturday game, almost like the Canes of past NC teams. Hit us with your best shot, NCAA.

Canes just outside of top 25 in AP. Lead "others receiving votes." Gators dropped 2 spots. FSU # 10.

It should turn us into serial killers CaneFan'72, but our coach and fan base is corporate now, so the admonishment of their masters will definitely provide additional excuses, demoralization, and a terrible performance on the field. The players will only care as much as Golden cares, and if he is already lacking confidence and self-assurance, then what would happen if sanctions hit Friday or Saturday? He'd go completely in the tank--and the kids will follow suit.

We (Canes) now care what people think of Us and have voluntarily put ourselves under their jurisdiction and judgement even personally. F' the NCAA--it shouldn't matter what they do--and if they act--then we should act on that field Saturday!

"Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | September 03, 2013 at 11:35 AM"

Another attempt by this moron to bash Golden. Hey, Koran kook, ever listened to Saban speak about opponents? He does the same thing. Know where he learned that from? Bobby Bowden and Lou Holtz. They were notorious for pumping up the other team and downplaying theirs.

So, please. You are ignorant. Terribly so. I will now wipe my behind with your koran.

tick ... tick ... tick ...tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ... tick ...

u sssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ...

^^ So that aint Canes style! U referenced our rival coaches like their history should be some I relish or appreciate. Our coaches didn't it. cane coaches didn't do it. F' Saban's way--he aint Us Corporate self-professed redneck Cane lmao!

Hey man worshipper, go shine some elites shoes. And iron your hood.

top 25...schmop 25...who cares...handle your business this weekend...and let the chips fall where they may....
UF will be a MASSIVE TEST FOR US....Lets wait til the clock says 0:00...around 3:30pm...then we can make some judgement...until then...enough about accolades, etc...just win baby...that is all...handle your business...

Headline asks:
Associated Press football rankings out today at noon. Will Miami Hurricanes be in top 25?

And the answer is:
Heck NO U bunch of clUcks
U only beat FAU
everyone beats FAU
same ole cane clUcks

The Hurricanes have won 11 of the past 15 games against Florida, but this marks only the second time the two schools have faced off since 2004.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane

I don't think Golden lacks confidence. It's his job to correct things that the team doesn't do well and prepare for things the opponent does well. Florida supposedly has a very good defense, there's nothing wrong with saying that.

What's he supposed to do, go on and say we're going to blow out Florida? Did this type of stuff work for Rex Ryan?

The coaching staff is corporate...nothing wrong with that. Take are serious approach and take care of business in public. What's the problem?

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