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Canes' center Shane McDermott to miss Savannah State game

Starting center Shane McDermott has been ruled out for Saturday night's game against Savannah State with a lower extremity injury according to the injury report released Thursday.

Shane McDermottMcDermott, who has started 14 consecutive games at center for UM dating back to last season, is backed up by 6-5, 319-pound senior Jared Wheeler. The fifth-year player out of Plantation American Heritage High has played in 25 games in his career, but has never started.

UM coach Al Golden said the team was preparing freshman Alex Gall to play in his first game this week. Gall plays guard according to offensive line coach Art Kehoe. Another player who hasn't seen a lot of time in UM's rotation is 6-8, 312-pound redshirt freshman Taylor Gadbois. Both will see more playing time this week as well.


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Calvin thinks if Randy Shannon was here he'd just rub his spit on McDermott's injury and it would heal itself.

That's a shame, be nice to build some continuity on the line. Believe Kehoe subscribes to the "best 6 play" philosophy rather than just throwing the backup of whoever's hurt out there, be interesting to see what he goes with.

Hopefully it's nothing serious and they are just holding him out because of the opponent.

Bloody much ado bout' nothing y'all Cane Good Ol' Boys'.

Also, I expect to see a few WALK-ON offensive and defensive players get rewarded for being CANNON FODDER in Miami players. hUh.

Against Savannah State it doesn't really matter who you throw out there.

" Walk-On's for being bloody CANNON FODDER in Miami PRACTICES. " TYPO as usual. hUh

Seriously y'all Cane bUbba's, I don't expect to see ANY 1st team Hurricane players getting any game action in the second-half on Saturday.

Of course, special teams could be the exception to the rule. Eh. What say.

Wit all the 1st teamers out, SS will hang tough into the 4th qtr, Eh. What say. This SS team will stop the run, except some Duke special runs, but the Ego of Stephen and what not, makes it close. Duh.

It will be an easy game but I don't see Golden killing and shaming poor Savannah State to cover the 60 point spread. It will be back up city before halftime.

I don't bet, specially against my Canes but it seems like easy money taking SS + 60

That Susan Miller Degnan chick has to get a better photo, I am sure she is better looking than that!

Meanwhile Manny's picture is from the mid '90s when he was about 200 pounds lighter.

rafa and LOL - why don't you post your own pictures on here so we can all laugh at you?

rafa wears mom jeans.

Susan and Manny are Gayturd fans, that's why they look that way.

good day to play 2nd stringers..

I think Gus Edwards needs to learn how to hold the football when he's carrying it. Look at his picture in the lead story.

So the cowardly Curse is now insulting Susan and Manny's appearance under the guise of several different screen names...just another classless, cowardly moment in the history of a certifiably insane nimrod.

u turds better get ready

Stop talking about the Gators please, you internet nerds need to accept that your fake internet rivalry is over.

Join "reddit", it'll give you all the opportunity in the world to argue with other nerds on the internet.

Its not a typo it was a mini stroke and the drool hit your keyboard.

D, you are a moron.

Georgia SOUTHERN put up 77 on Sav St. They should be playing middle school teams.


I think the o-line will be a lot better in about 3 more games. They got to get use to those attacking d-lines. It seems Feliciano agrees they weren't use to the the attacking d-line.

"We saw one of the best defenses in the nation. Now we know how they are and how it feels to play against them. We have to come every week prepared like that."

Remember when we use to get that test everyday in our own practice.

" Kehoe took responsibility for his line's struggles, saying he didn't prepare them well enough for all the shifting the Gators did and the explosion they had off the ball."

We all know why Art.

Most importantly
"It was a good learning experience. The good thing is we learned and won. That's the good thing."

Posted by: True Cane | September 19, 2013 at 01:21 PM

LOL, dawg, i was reading the article and had already copied and was getting ready to post the same excerpts you just did. Like we said before, alot of these imbeciles in here don't know nothing about about football, so whe nwe post certain things, all they can do is either try and get sarcastic or use some type of dumb logic, but later on, when they here art kehoe and the players saying the same thing we said before the game/season, next thing we know http://youtu.be/WzGY24FHaCM, but anyway man, our o-line just like the defensive scheme, will have to adjust to the different type of game speed they'll face from other teams.

We have a wait and see approach philosophy now on defense so it'll always force our offense to have to adjust, like you said, in the old days, our o-lines were going up against the best defense in college football on a regular basis, so they were already well prepared. But art kehoe doing what he always does, taking responsibility for his unit. One things for sure, the gaytor d-line players knew they were in a dog fight no matter what, they might have won alot of battles, but they didn't win the war, to many fighters on our o-line. Although they turned shane mcdermont into a fullback last game, he was still out there going 100 hundred, the rest of the guys though were doing individual work, flowers started dominating guys just like he did in highschool when he didn't rest until he threw you to the ground.

Posted by: CaneKiller | September 19, 2013 at 03:54 PM

Is it Duke disappearing in big games or is it the O-line? I have a hard time believing a hole is there that Duke fails to run through. That kid is already one of the toughest players to ever play at the []_[]. He could start for any team in the country.

I think the line shrinks a little and I think the play-call it too predictable. Duke isn't Frank Gore or Willis. He's a more powerful Reggie Bush or Warrick Dunn. His touches need to be in open space and on draws, counters with pulling guards or power sweeps. Slamming him into the line against UF is not utilizing his strength. Use the others for that.

Save Duke to finish games and the season.

Ufag is not our rival...we don't duck and hide like the turds...SO THEY AREN'T OUR RIVAL

plus a rival have to be more competitive...out of 8 games U have to win more than one... U NEVER WERE OUR RIVAL and we still own UFAG

Calvin/True Cane taking another uneducated cheap shot at our defense. You Cats have been proven wrong time and again, yet you keep slinging mud hoping somehow the broken clock theory may kick-in and you will eventually be right. I am very impressed with one of your talents...I've never been a witness to someone being so consistently wrong about everything! Keep up the great work ole clueless one...

Hush nerd. No one cares about your fake internet rivalry.

As for the lame brain, never right about anything Gallo, who has been taking cheap shots at Duke...you moron, the Canes offensive linemen said that the Gators defensive players were accurately calling out the plays the Canes were going to run pre-snap. I don't care if you had Adrian Petersen at running back and the Canes 2002 offensive line...if the opposing defense knows most every play you are going to run your offense, including the country's most talented back, Duke Johnson, is going to be shut down.

Calvin/True Cane/Gallo...a confederacy of dunces!

Calvin/True Cane keep taking uneducated, clueless shots at the Canes defense. Defying the maxim that a broken clock is right twice a day these two mudslinging clowns have been wrong about everything.

The Canes have a very good defensive coordinator, very good schemes, a very good and dedicated group of players...and a very good defense!

Seriously girls, the circus has left town, time for you to take your tired sideshow act of Donnie & Ronnie, 'The Conjoined Twins' to another blog.

This new bs from Lady Calvina that out Oline can't perform because our D isn't as aggressive as she likes is absurd.

How did Ga Tech ever defend a pass play the last few years, since they never saw a passing attack in practice?

I too would not normally bet against the games with 60 points I don't think we can score that many touchdown... golden has too much class I don't think he would run the score up on them. hi score again Savannah State means nothing. beat FSU beat Georgia Tech Beach Virginia Tech beat North Carolina then your show or something typos sorry about that God bless

Hush nerd. No one cares about your fake internet rivalry.

Posted by: Not our rival | September 19, 2013 at 09:17 PM


Yet you are still commenting...simpleton trailer trash

Hush, no one cares except you and that one other Gators nerd.

Join "reddit", you can talk to other internet nerds all day long there.

Not our rival

when were you born, 1985?

UM vs UF is absoultely 100% positively a rivalry. For those of us who have been canes fans since before your daddy was born, I will tell you this:

UM hates the gators. Fans and players alike. Administration, the janotorial staff, the cooks in the cafeteria, the landscaping personnel- we all hateUF and everything they stand for, their attitude, their football program, their arrogance (for no reason), their smugness, and the fact that they have disrespected the U over and over since the first time UM played them and beat them in 1938. The gator flop is just one example of how classless they are. Coaches have told me they had batteries thrown at them at the swamp, and thatthey hated going their bc of their skanky fans. UF fans act like football started in 2006, and once Tebow started playing they were intolerable- an example is these blogs here. UM used to play UF every single year and we still own the seminole canoe. They just cant stand the fact that a school 1/3 of the size of UF,with 1/3 of the budget, a fraction of alumni, wityh no on campus stadium, and "lesser" facilities, and no public funding still OWNS THEM IN FOOTBALL AND BASEBALL.

Yes they are our rival. We hate them, they hate us.

Placid, weak a55 "cane" fans like yourself who dont appreciate the history of UM football can ki55 my a55.

There are zero comments from UM fans about our rival, FSU on these blogs.

There are zero comments from UF fans about their rival FSU, on these blogs.

This is because for a long time there was a UF blog and no FSU blog on this website and so UM-UF internet nerds got going with that.

Yes, UM-UF is great when it happens once every five years for the past half century. They're a real rival when we play, like Notre Dame.

The nonsense on these blogs has nothing to do with college football or that real rivalry.

Just a bunch of nerds talking about a fake internet rivalry that has nothing to do with football.

not our rival give it up you sound silly.

"You homies are too wound up and too sensitive."
Awww poor baby! Did you expect us to welcome your insults and lies and your latest fake ID with open arms, Curse Piggy?

"What I said before is just repeating the obvious that has been written by Manny and Susan on this blog before, so if you want to start the name calling, start with them."
Another lie. PLEASE show me where Manny or Susan said "he will disappear again come Nov 2nd.
Same thing with the over hyped OL." We will wait, liar troll.

"The fact is that Duke disappears against top defenses going back to last year."
No, the fact is that he was a FRESHMAN BACKUP last year, and scored the gamewinner against your Gators THIS YEAR.

"The fact is that your O line played poorly last week, so have your own coaches said."
Awww, you lost to ateam with a poorly playing OLine. I wonder how your gatr OLine was judged after giving up sacks and pressures like they were going on sale.

"You have me confused with some gator fan, enough of your obsession with that team."
No, we know you are on a Canes blog, insulting the Canes, their fans, and their reporters. You have been at this garbage for five years, and we predicted you would change IDs rather than disappear, fool. We were right, and you were WRONG, yet again liar.

"You are already overconfident just because you beat a mistake prone team with an inept QB."
Excuse me? Didn't FSU LOSE to that same mistake prone team with an inept QB? Let's check.... Yep, they did, AT HOME.

"Famous Jameis is not Jeff Driskell, that is he is not a fumbling, bumbling, int throwing dweeb."
After two games, you are gonna rag on us about HYPE and then judge Not-so-famous Jameis? Winston looked horrible to start against NEVADA, before the defense resued him and he got to coast with another big lead. We shall see how he does against a REAL defense, will HE become a fumbling, bumbling, int throwing dweeb, too?

"One of you idiots said that since the gators beat a "better FSU team last season" and you beat the gators then you will also beat FSU."
Another lie, troll. What I said was "Right now we are still celebrating beating the former state champ in UF, who beat a better version of that FSU team, so I don't share your fear of the Noles," PLEASE stop pretending to be an FSU fan and go back to your Curse ID, we already know it is you, sicko.

"That is your stoopid logic."
And just like in poker, we have the 'tell'. Canetrash to CaneKiller likes those extra 'o's. Maybe that key got some Mr. Pibb in it in his trailer, and so it sticks.

"FSU has a better QB than last season and still boasts a top defense."
You also told us Driskel was better than Tebow, how did THAT work out, sicko.

"But go ahead and dream on while you keep winning against the slew of weaklings you will play until your date with punishment arrives in Nov."
Yeah, we know, we haven't seen the bottom yet, florida looms, september 7th you are gonna go al queda on us. You were wrong then, and you are wrong again THIS TIME, obsessed troll.

"Good for you you don't have to play Clemson, the only other worthy ACC team."
Another tell. Forgot he is now supposed to pretend to be an FSU fan and sing the praises of the ACC. So stupid, trying to change teams, with all those YEARS of effort acting like a gatr fan. How sad for you, can't even bandwagon jump right. BTW, we will face Clemson in the ACC Championship game. You won't.

"This is our year to get over the hump and it will be so sweet to put you back in your place one more time."
Yeah, FSU has been saying that every year since before the Millenium. And you gatrs are stuck on five years and counting on buying XXXXXXL Tebow jerseys.

"Even though the game is far away I'm calling you out right now."
Yeah, you did that for five years as a gatr troll, you are gonna ride THIS id for two months, as predicted, until you suddenly become a Clemson fan. You are not fooling anyone, you disgusting ball of hatred and bitterness.

"You will go down Nov 2nd. No doubt."
Don't knock it until you have tried it, fool. After celebrating a Canes win, that might just happen, and not with a relative like you are stuck with, sicko.

I would send you off with a Wide Right and have a nice day, but we all know you are not an FSU fan, troll.
Posted by: CaneKiller (aka Canetrash AKA Curse Piggy in Nole drag) | September 19, 2013 at 03:54 PM

So we get to see our backups this week. I recall when we would see Taylor and Gore in mop up duty and feel great about our future.

Elder and Coley and Bush will hopefully give us that same feeling this weekend.

As for Duke, although he did not have a great game I don't think you can say he "disappeared." He had the most rushing yards of any RB in the game. He was instrumental in the Canes first TD and scored the game winning TD. He also had 20 carries. He could have used some help from Clements, who they did not start using until towards the end of the game. UF's defensive line is one of the best in the country and their primary focus was stuffing the run. Coaching staff should have called more screens and sweeps to open up the defense. Also, Duke should not have been returning kicks if he was going to get 20 carries in the game. He played hard against a great defense. I'm not sure if he is at the stage yet physically where he can get that many carries against an elite defense while returning kicks at the same time, but he did not disappear.

Of course I "sound silly", I'm 100% right in pointing out this ridiculous fake Internet rivalry.

Sorry to once again burst your bubble Calvin/True Cane/Gallo:

Going helmet-to-helmet with instate rival Florida was not the toughest task overcome by the Miami Hurricanes so far in this young season, at least according to one player. "They were physical but nothing more physical than what we do every day in practice," redshirt sophomore running back Dallas Crawford said after Miami's 21-16 win on Saturday. "Our defense is huge now compared to the other years. We hit every day in practice; Coach (Al) Golden is all about physicality. We are used to it. "Practice is tougher than the game, always been tougher than the game, thats Coach Goldens biggest rules. He will always make practice tougher than the game." Asked about Crawford's take on UM practices, Golden said; "Our practices are tough, it's also because they are mentally demanding and they're conducted at a high tempo," Golden said, "so the game tempo is actually easier than the practice tempo -- I don't think there's any question about that." In a typical week before a Saturday game -- and in this current bye week -- the 'Canes usually practice two hours on Tuesday, 90-100 minutes on Wednesday and 60-70 minutes on Thursday. "It's high volume, in short durations," Golden said during his Sunday conference call. "We practice at a high tempo. We move around a lot from drill to drill, we don't stand around. We don't take a lot of breaks. "It's organized to every finite detail so that nobody's standing around, everybody's working on something. So even if we're working on goal-line, all the receivers are in another drill, they're not just watching us on goal-line." The 15th-ranked Hurricanes (2-0) have plenty to work on this week even though they won't play again until hosting Savannah State on Sept. 21. Golden and offensive coordinator James Coley need to address third-down efficiency, a running game that contributed in time of possession (21:40 to UF's 38:20), and a passing attack that has seemed out of sync. The defense was great in the Red Zone, holding the Gators scoreless on 4 of 6 trips. Hired to return the Hurricanes to national prominence, despite the enormous headwinds by the NCAA investigation Golden entered 2013 determined to make his team stronger both physically and mentally. He has raved about the players' dedication to the team's offseason strength-and-conditioning program, and Sunday complimented the 'Canes for their approach in preparing for Florida and remaining focused during the game. "It was a punch, counter-punch game and our guys enjoyed the battle," Golden said. "If we made a mistake, like the blocked punt, the defense just went out there and fought. Nobody was complaining, there was no in-fighting. We're a very mature team, great unity and clearly better conditioned than we were a year ago and markedly better than two years ago." "This team is very process oriented, It was all about them last week, it wasn't about the opponent, it wasn't about the event or the show." Miami committed half the number penalties that Florida (10) had, though Golden cited personal fouls on senior receiver Allen Hurns (during UM's first scoring drive) and fifth-year senior defensive tackle Luther Robinson (last play of the first quarter) as ones the Hurricanes need to avoid. "I thought we did (OK) overall, but we got to do a better job because sometimes we're leaving it in the hands of the officials to decide, 'Hey, was that really a retaliation? Was that a penalty?' that type of thing," Golden said. "We just gotta do a better job of being disciplined and being a good teammate. At the end of the day, you gotta be unselfish and you gotta be a great Hurricane teammate. There's only two types of players in our locker room right now -- great teammates and leaders.

Coley did not use Duke right.....He should of called more screen plays (don't think he called any)for him and get Duke in the open field more. I was not happy with the play calling of Coley in that UFag game......You can't just run on first & second down and then pass on third, it's too easy to defend.

No problem with them slamming it up the gut for a yard or two on first down to keep the defense honest, they aren't lost plays, they set up play action chunk plays.

Those carries just need to go to someone other than Duke Johnson.

I agree Lt. Lois.

I also agree that an occasional screen play would have been useful to disrupt UF's speed rush, *but* a lot of Us fan are having very tough time accepting the reality of Morris's weaknesses and how they impact or affect our OC's play-calling when he's under center. Morris doesn't sell the screen well, the screen play ball he throws oftentimes has a low trajectory and is thrown way to hard--causing it to oftentimes be tipped, batted down, and almost intercepted. The key to this comment is that what I described, mostly occurs against capable or tough defenses he has faced. He has had some successful screen passing plays against weaker opponents, but even those have been nail-biters.

Morris is the type of QB that keeps his own defense on the field too long. Check our stats for opponents time of possession during his starts at QB. He either scores very fast or its a very quick 3 and out. He leads quick scores in the 1st and 4th quarter, but the 2nd and 3rd quarters are usually and routinely uneventful.

With Golden's clear support and benefit of the doubt approach to the defensive scheme, our OC's have had to devise an offensive game plan that protects the defense, while also driving the field methodically while consistently scoring points with a gun-slinger QB who has a niche for the dramatic big play.

In other words, I believe its a tough job being an OC for a ultra-talented guy like SteMo. A point Us fans have overlooked his entire career.

Tub O'lard emerges with some meaningless drivel.

What exactly does it mean that the OC has to:
1. Protect the defense
2. Drive the field methodically
3. Score with a gun slinger who makes big plays.


That's correct, it doesn't mean anything. I'm convinced all the members of the Sybil group (lady Calvina/Tub O'lard/Gallo/D/etc) get paid by the word.

Tubby Harriet is part of the many Calvin, Gallo, aliases and is once again attacking Morris and our defense.

Yo Tubby! You've got a lot more to worry about concerning your rag arm Gator QB Driskel.

One of Tubby's numerous wingnut claims/lies is: "our OC's have had to devise an offensive game plan that protects the defense."

That statement for sheer comedy is priceless...thank you Harriet!

Also, reading his mirrored Calvin attacks on Morris are good for some guffaws and tee-hee-hee's. What I would give to put these clowns in front of say, Kirk Herbstreit and have them regurgitate their hilarious nonsense to him.

Makes sense to me, UM has been dominated in time of possession, even by FAU. Part of that is the bend-but-don't-break defensive scheme but more is the lack of ball control by the offense.

It's a quick strike offense, even the running game is all about the home runs. That tends to hurt the defense.

That said I'm not sure it's fair to say that Morris' lack of touch on short throws is the reason - #1 it's a chicken-egg situation because they don't call those plays and #2 pretty much everyone was raving about Morris' performance at the Manning Academy camp. I didn't hear anyone talking about a lack of accuracy or touch from him.

Hard to say though because when someone says a player can "make all the throws", they're really talking about tight windows and mid to deep routes, not touch or timing on the short stuff.

Georgia SOUTHERN put up 77 on Sav St. They should be playing middle school teams.

Posted by: Mountain Cane | September 19, 2013 at 07:57 PM

Then, M-Y University of Miami, Hurricanes should be FAVORED by at least... - 70 points on Saturday. At least according to YOUR twisted degree of logic. hUh.

It's just too bad that both VEGAS and MYSELF don't see it like that mountain LOUT. When it comes to the game point spread between MY Hurricanes and moribund Savannah St. Eh. What say.

Again, STAY AWAY from playing the points regarding M-Y Miami and Savannah St. tomorrow.

By the way, I had Miami a... - 56 1/2 point home chalk prior to Sin City's announcement of this weeks college football games. hUh

Then, Vegas opens the game at... - 55 points and immediately the line moves to... - 60 points. Go bloody figures'. hUh

Again, Vegas DON'T need NO big mouth mountainLOUT types to take advice from about point spreads and over/under and what not. Eh. What say.

I don't envision Stevie playing in the second-half on Saturday evening. Thus, QB Crow will get his FIRST game action in a Miami uniform.

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