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Canes crack Top 25 for first time under Golden, Linder earns ACC honor and Bush looks iffy for UF

Cracking the Top 25 USA Today Coaches poll might not mean a whole lot to Miami Hurricanes players, but it does count for something in the Al Golden era.

It's the first time Miami is ranked under his leadership.

You might not remember this, but it took Randy Shannon a little less time (10th week of his second season) to crack the Top 25. Golden obviously had a lot more on his plate than Shannon did with the NCAA probe dangling overhead from the start.

Miami fell out of the AP Top 25 under Shannon after just one week by losing to Georgia Tech 41-23 on the road. The following season, Miami began the season unranked, but opened with a 38-34 win over Florida State to get into the Top 25 poll. Then the Canes beat 14th-ranked Georgia Tech 33-17 and climbed all the way up into the Top 10 (No. 9) before losing 31-7 at Virginia Tech the following week. Those 2009 Hurricanes, however, finished 9-4 and remained in the Top 25 poll the rest of the season.

If Miami loses to Florida Saturday, the Canes would likely slip out of the poll. Golden, 2-3 against his first five ranked opponents (Shannon was too to start his career), gets the Gators (9th in USA Today, 12th in AP) this week.

Opportunity for a signature win? Absolutely. If you think about it, Miami really hasn't had one yet under Golden. The 17-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes they beat in 2011 finished 6-7. The 22nd-ranked Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets finished 8-5. Beating these Gators would definitely elevate Golden and Miami's status, show recruits the program really is on an upward climb. 

"It's obviously a big game, but the biggest thing for us is to focus on what we can control," Golden said when asked if this game might serve as a benchmark. "Everything else that surrounds it, we have no impact on."


Sophomore safety Deon Bush started six games for Miami last season as a true freshman. We still aren't sure if and when he'll start another.

Bush, who had sports hernia surgery this summer, told me he still feels discomfort and hasn't been completely cleared yet to play in a game even though he's wearing a green "full-go" jersey and practicing.

"I'm getting there. I'm working each day to improve, working with the trainer. The trainer is doing a great job," Bush said.

When will you be ready?

"When I'm able to go out there and perform at a good level," he said. "I don't want to go out there in the game if I'm not 100 percent healthy."

Do you expect to be back this season? Could you redshirt?

"That's not part of the plan," Bush said. "I definitely should [be back]."

> Quarterback Stephen Morris earned this week's quote of the week. Told Miami had just missed out on making it into the AP Top 25, Morris said: "I could give two you know whats about it. My focus is I have to get the locker room ready … what we have to do on Saturday."

> Hurricanes right guard Brandon Linder was named ACC co-Offensive Lineman of the Week by the league office Tuesday. Linder shared the honor with Clemson sophomore center Ryan Norton.

It’s Linder’s second ACC weekly honor. He named ACC Offensive Lineman of the Week on Nov. 15, 2010, as a freshman. Linder is the first Miami Hurricane offensive lineman to earn an ACC weekly honor since Nov. 7, 2011, when center Tyler Horn was named Co-Offensive Lineman of the Week. The Hurricanes ran for over 300 yards against FAU.



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UM 35
Uf 17

Love how espn is making excuses for georgia....lmao NO credit to clemson dline....they wouldnt dare say georgia is overrated. Clemson is just better and they wont say it.

I think it will be a close game no matter what. Rivalries bring out the most in players on both teams. Just comes down to who makes more mistake. I see a possible overtime looming or a last second field goal. If Miami's offense can produce and The U's defense can just hold their own I think The U will win. However, I do agree with some of the trolls on this website (which I don't do normally) when they say it's put up or shut up. This will determine the season Miami has, and will have enormous implications on the confidence of the players and coaching staff. Golden's regime has yet to have a big time win yet and this is their chance. If they pull this off I'll be impressed and remain content with the job Al is doing. And please this is my opinion so if you're gonna attack me you're just preaching to the choir. Goodluck Miami, I am a cane fan for life and no matter how bad it may seem I never look down upon my team like some of you other "so called fans". Just bleed orange and green and have pride. It's all about the U baby and never forget that.


RJ that post was a roller coaster ride of emotions. Is the bullying that prevalent and pronounced on this blog?? "I think, I think", f' trolls but its put up or shut up time, don't tase me bro, insecurity, fake hype, name-calling, victimization, trepidation, fear, saving face, qualifying comments, shunning, copping deuces, pride, doubt, cliche, good luck, prayers and well-wishes, 5 Our fathers etc...U tightroped that joint! Go Canes!

U don't have to preface your comments, be apologetic, leave a disclaimer or prove anything to anyone. These dudes aint gonna do jack, but type. Speak your mind, I'll handle the bullies.


HARRIETTUBMAN, Canefan 72 & True Cane, way to hold the line. Man when i saw somebody the other day say in a happy way "we should be in the top 25 this week" man that's an embarrassment. If we not in the top 10 like we were when randy shannon was in his third year as the headcoach, i could careless, we should always be vying for that number one spot.

True Cane, you already know coach goldie not confident, he probably wanted to say "i hope we have just as much talent as they do" but you know what he wants to say but he know he can't, unlike the Fsu game where it was easy for coach goldie to say after the game "It's alright, they're a lil bit ahead of us right now" man, when i heard him say that, i wanted to slap the crap out of coach goldie, you conceding shat now to them.

If somebody ask you if you have just as much talent as the next team, and you comeback with that weak answer, but just as alot several of us predicted, this guy would start trying to milk the nc2a investigation. But guess what, the excuses line is starting to thin out. It's one thing to blame stuff on the investigation and basically doo-dooing on the players you did get by basically saying, "because of the nc2a investigation we couldn't get there players we wanted to get so the guys we have now are not that good".But let's say that was True, how come, i'm watching the FAU game, and i see FAU playing harder than we were, i was more impressed with the way FAU was playing us than watching us, because they came to win. We don't play on both sides of the ball like we come to win.



I can't understand what this thing has come too. How do you think OUR guys feel when their HEAD COACH won't even admit they're just as good as the gators. He don't want to admit it because the results on Saturday would fall dead square on his back. And time and time again he's shown he can't handle that yet. It's always, we aren't quite there yet, we're still young, we're not operating on auto pilot. They say he don't want to give the gators bulletin board material.

When have the Miami hurricanes ever gave a shat about giving someone bulletin board material

It doesn't bother me as much as you think hahahaha. My only point is everybody talks up a big game behind a computer and its annoying, you can take my post as weak but believe me my friend I am far from that. Just a kid trying to promote a blog that isn't vicious. I have never posted so i wanted to get across all my bases. As for you dumping on me for saying "I think" I stick by that. No one knows for sure whats going to happen so that's why people say "I think" to predict the future. Thank you for your concern though HarrietTubmanCabe. Go Canes

Ok my friend, I apologize. Go Canes!

Some of idiots,Calvin etc, it's not the 80's or 90's anymore. Let it go dude

Has anyone read the Calvin, Gallo, Cool cat, Cane 72 posts?

Me neither

This game boils down to a simple fact: If Um's defense is better than last year, and plays smart and with energy, its a blow out, bc the two offenses cant compare. Driskel was given simple little hitch routs and screens to have a good completion rate. Same as Teblown- thats why Teblown couldnt make it as a pro- he just cant throw- unless a wr is so wide open our granmas could catch the ball.

The gators have good running backs thats it.

So, Itll come down toi defense. And turnovers

So far ACC 1 SEC 2

Butt he oidiots thatmake these comparisons p[rove why they are idiots. One of them came on here and said UNC is the No. 3 in the ACC. WROOOOONG!. Not even close.

USC is probably No. 2 or 3 in the SEC. Should have played FSU for it to be an even comparison/

UA can play either Clemson or FSU, and I will say this throw in Miami in the mix. UA's offense is garbage. If it wasnt for special teams, thatgame woudl have been tied late in the game. You all are over lookingGa Tech, but I watched their game when they placed 70 on Elon. Elon is similar to Furman, who nearly beat UF 2 yrs ago.

The SEC is grossly overrated. Thankls to teh ESPN deal with the SEC that isall they talk about- They canttalk about J Clowney anymore, bc he was overhyped to such a level that he blew his wad in one game. Plus- he was gassed. Good job with conditioning,Spurrier/

The ACC plays 7 games head to head vs the SEC before bowls. Lets see how that turns out. Lets see how the media bobble head dolls handle it when the ACC beats the mighty inbred hicks

Now they will have to atalk about an ACC player- Jameis Winston. Well see if they give himn the same coverage that Clowney has gotten

Its not about living in the past, its about learning from it.

One is impossible to do but the other is possible and recommended. Simple.

well Driskell better learn from his past of COUGHING up that ball whenever he feels like it....he has 3 days to learn it!


Both of your posts are great and small people will always try to pull you down. I am thankful you are a Cane...keep fighting my friend!

Go Canes!

Stop makn excuses and win this game

Gallo is so exposed as a gator fan in this blog.

Please stop the talk of us being ranked. Just win the game. Rank will come later.

Thank You Ron Zook...let's take it to the Gators on Saturday. It's all about the U.

Here's to sharing showers in the pen!!!!

Just bleed orange and green and have pride. It's all about the U baby and never forget that.

Posted by: RJ | September 03, 2013 at 08:46 PM

Great post RJ!

It's all about this []_[]. Golden gets it.

We don't care what []_[] hater, herbie nut-hugger, know-nothing Shalala bashing, coach denigrating, nostalgia kings think, say, or feel.

That's why Golden wants these boys to calm down and not worry about the competition. Just another game. Focus on yourselves and play []_[] football.

Looking forward to Saturday.

The post below is by 'D' found on the Palm Beach Post using one of his many aliases:

macjones Says:
September 3rd, 2013 at 3:32 pm
THE DUKE gets an opportunity this week to garner an A.C.C. weekly award against the MIGHTY Florida Gators. hUh.

Posted by: 9>5>2 | September 03, 2013 at 10:08 PM

You drink you're dinner again 9-5-2 ? As a Cane fan you are a complete and total Embarrassment to Cane fans everywhere with your total lack of objectiveness and made up facts. All you ever do is speculate hoping that if you throw enough garbage against the wall something will stick. I won't go into each one, but your above post includes no less than 5 false statements as your hoping that maybe they will become true someday just because you said it. Miami has proven nothing yet this year but how you come up with this, "UA can play either Clemson or FSU, and I will say this throw in Miami in the mix." is based on one thing. You being a complete blind-eyed Homer. And as far as the SEC. They are King of College Football the last 7 years PERIOD. Have 6 teams in the Top-12. You won't admit that, because it would pain you far to much to face those facts of what anybody that has an intelligent objective College Football view knows. The SEC has beaten up on the ACC to the tune of an 80% Victory % the last 7 years. Look it up. I don't like it, but it's the truth. So why can't you just admit that rather that write complete lies and then guarantee how the SEC stinks this year and the ACC will beat them down this Season. How on Earth do you come up with this ? You absolutely reek of the definition of the "Idiot" fan than sees nothing, but knows all. I've been a Cane for 45 years and it's fools like you and a few other Canes here that act just like the idiot Gator trolls here trying to stir things up, which you do time and time again, as you gladly gut-hook yourself over n over again with their trolling bait. You do not speak for me and I'm sure most Cane fans here. Your Ignorance is only exceeded by your total lack of factual knowledge about the game of Football. You are that guy 9>5>2. The guy nobody can stand being next to at the game or bar spouting off nothing but baseless factual opinions and how you once were a backup High School player but tells EVERYONE how you woulda been All-Dade had you not gotten hurt. I like many others here are just FUCKKIN tired of your moronic act of, "I know you are Gaytor Turd but what am I.

Goodluck Canes against the Gators. It should be a great matchup with a ton of Florida born talent showing out on the Big stage. Keep it close being up or down 3-5 points all game til the end, then Win it with the Kicking game with key Field Goals and pinning Florida back deep making them go 80-90 yards with a nervous first-time Kicker late in the game.

Don't even bother 9-5-2. Having a conversation with you would be just as useless as trying to converse with a drunk n stupid fan of the Gators. Go away you know nothing speculating imbecile. I and I've no doubt many others here are tired of your act Canerule21 that has ruined multiple blogs for years now with your pollution.

To many other of the objective, rationale and intelligent Cane fans. It's nice to see that there are some of you that get it, without bowing down like trained seals and offering some constructive criticism from time to time when needed without all the absurd blind almost Nazi-like homerism fanfare.

Go Canes -- 29-27

Mike B- you piece of garbage- Figures you went to Columbus you tool.

Maybe you didnt learnhow to read- maybe back in 1988 hs requirements inMiami dad werentthat good. Its florida public eductaion youknow

Where in mypost would anyone get the idea that I dont support the U?

And how is it that only your stupid ignorant Opa locka a55 is the only one who thinks FSU or Clemsoncouldnt compete with UA? My posts had to do with ACC vs SEC head to head.

But arguing with amoron like you on the internet is dumb in and of itself. Brave boy you are behind your local Kinko's computer.

Would like to know if a little pu55ie as your self sits in teh gator section maybe w canmeet up and you can say all of this to my face you sht doosh.

Youre probably a gator trying to rile things up

Youre added to the tool box along with Calvin, Gallo, cvane72 and all the other geniuses

Go canes

Where can I get a c#ck-meat sandwhich?

Posted by: THE REAL DON SOLDY | September 03, 2013 at 04:11 PM

try a little more class wherever you are "cane" fan

you will be able to tell who will win by looking at the Cane defense during the first quarter.

If it is the same as for the last few years, IE, 3 down defensive linemen, LBs 5 yards off the line of scrimmage, and zone NO pass coverage with lots of grass between defenders and UF receivers, THEN the Canes are going to lose. Might as well switch channels or go to the beach. D'o's lack of defense sets stink. He and golden are so piss poor in coaching, they actually help the other teams.

I expect both teams will play well enough on Saturday to deserve victory, but in the end, only one will want it more. Go CANES! Man up and win this.

Mike B,

Great post man. Need more like you.

Posted by: Ron Zook | September 03, 2013 at 10:52 PM

Someone has to sustain our legacy on the fan front. We now have fans who call themselves Gator coaches and believe they can get in Board of Trustees galas without paying or serving dinner. Uphold the mediocrity and "get more for less" cop orate/capitalistic philosophy that Coker's unquestioned national championship presented in 2001. Adequacy and neglect for our football program ever since.

= Watered Down Canes.

RJ, I apologized because I have the ability to self-reflect and I notice that my response to U was somewhat confrontational.

***I cannot and should not allow the censorship/unpatriotic/good ole boy crew to make me what the Curse has made them over the last 5 years. I'm sure they were good poster at one point*** The Curse because now yall are so rattled by him that any post unlike your own...is him...even other Cane fans. It has created an atmosphere of hostility on a daily basis even if he doesn't post. Yall are on auto-pilot.And to overcompensate--everyone of the posts are unrealistic and reaching (EX: Al Golden is the best football coach in America) easy prey for a troll.

Y'all are food for troll, so yall sustain them--then complain the loudest about heir presence when the solution is U.

mahoney-pearson (law firm or U took your wife's last name?), U are not better than any other fan because u protect the elites and don't believe in accountability for them. U create snakes and them complain when bitten. Self-checked.

Just because U get a bill from UM for your education, doesn't endear U to them nor make u a better fan than someone who has paid their loans or don't have any. One upper & elite slurper.

Go Canes!

I need some ICE

Really, all you can do is try to make Randy look good and point out the ncaa investigation. Your agenda is so clear. Do you only write stuff when you find a way to make Golden and the football program look bad? In today's world it is hard for me to want someone to lose a job, but you temp me, you really do.

try a little more class wherever you are "cane" fan

Posted by: u might win . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . | September 04, 2013 at 07:10 AM
Oh boo-hoo, you sicko hypocrite. You come on here with threats and lies and stealing IDs and when someone FINALLY does the same to you, you suddenly worry about CLASS?

More like you can dish out the insults but can't take it. How sad for you that you have four days of posting before you suddenly become a lifelong Noles fan, troll.

Brock Berlin on Joe Rose this morning, talking about that historic beatdown of the Gators the LAST time they had the guts to come to Miami against the Canes.

This time we won't give the Gators a 23 point head start before we tear out their weakly beating hearts.

Canes news? 30th anniversary celebration of the night that shocked the world, Miami beating Nebraska. New student center opens up as a great recruiting tool, including the new Rathskellar. And the Canes get ranked for the first time in a couple years, soon to move even higher.

Gator news? Two arrests are less of a punishment that whatever that other gator did for a three game suspension. Two murders by a Gator player means that other Gator players will wear "Free Hernandez" hats. A black person stopping a Gator player from being a groupie at some redneck concert leads to a KKK racist rant worthy of George Wallace. And the voters finally see the Gators for the charade they are, as they start voting them down, even when teams above them in the rankings lost.

Yep, it's great to be a Miami Hurricane.

"Posted by: u might win ..September 04, 2013 at 07:10 AM"

Look at this douchebag talking about class. Suck it, maggot. Wash it down with your boy-toy's man-mayo slob.

try a little more class wherever you are "cane" fan
Posted by: Five Titles | September 04, 2013 at 09:13

I am in PBC, FL, and have been a Cane Fan and going to the Cane games in the OB since 1972. I played DE and offensive guard and tackle and special teams myself in HS and college. And I have had great, brilliant coaches that took teams I was on to undefeated seasons and lousy stinking coaches like d'o which used three down def linemen and zone pass NO coverages and gave the team a 50% record.

I know the difference between a Howard Schnell (bringing Shula's expertise to the Canes), Jimmy, Ericson, and Butch and Coker's quality as compared to goldie's and d'os inabilities and arrogance. I know one play can change a season like Jimmy getting robbed at ND or Miami losing to ALA because one Cane receiver was stripped of the ball on his way to a great gain. I know of crap QBs like testaverde who throw interceptions after they get big, fat head from all the glory they soak up.

I know that great conditioning will pull you through to a win in the fourth quarter IFFFF you have put in the miles and the wind sprints and earn the right to put up four fingers at the start of the fourth quarter which will belong to you IFFFFF you have run the miles and the wind sprints and have no pork bellies hanging over anyone's belt.

You want class? I have more class and politeness than 80% of the people on all blog sites. But I also tell the truth about great coaching as compared to lousy coaching which is all you have with d'o. He and goldie know nothing about defense. And THEY have proven this with their records and their defensive stats and with their refusal to study Sabin's or Cane coaches defenses which won NCs.

Uh , 72, didnt golden play defense ?

Also72, if U are gonna use saban as a reference, at least spell it right. Maybe muschump should see how saban does it. Then those rajin cajuns wont be so tough to beat.

Nope he was a tightend

CaneFan72, I was quoting and then rebutting the obsessed Gator troll. I was not talking about you, unless you were the person that posted as:

Posted by: u might win . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . | September 04, 2013 at 07:10 AM

And Goldie and d'umbnofio aint in the same league as muschump when it come to defense

Every great team has a well conditioned, great defense and a smart DC.

The only time a defense can have a three man def. line is when they have a Wilfork or if they constantly rotate in three fresh def. linemen which means they need six great defensive linemen. It is just as effective to use four defensive linemen and leave them all in when on defense and never use a three man def. line.

Another stupid thing I see stupid DCs do is leave in only four defensive linemen on short yardage downs like with only one or two yards that the offense has to make to get a first down or a touchdown.

That is the time to go to an 8 man def. line, with a big linemen in each gap and big linebackers on the outside or a six man def. line with a def lineman over each blocker with LBs ready to help. Four def linemen can not stop a big running back for less than two yards if he has 5 or 6 offensive linemen in front of him.

Another stupid thing stupid DCs do is put their LBs five yards off of the line of scrimmage. LBs can not stop a running back with blockers in front of him for less than four yards. So, the DC is giving up four yards at least on every running play.

When I see crap "defense" from d'o, the only choice I have is to pull out my hair and grind down my teeth or change the channel and watch a better game or go to the beach or go play tennis or something else which is why I do not want to waste time and money to go to the stadium to watch the game. Why sit there and watch d'o help the other team beat the Canes?????

Another stupid thing that stupid coaches fail to understand is that when they call zone pass NO coverage and a three man def. line on third and long, and the other team's QB has all day to find a receiver, completes the pass and gets a first down IS the horrendous demoralizing effect that has on the defense after they put their hearts and soul into getting to third and long.

And if the stupid DC does that over and over a few times, the DC is allowing the other team to get into or near the Cane red zone and come away with points, at least a field goal if not a TD.

I agree that by the first q we will know what type of D Miami will have. Although that happened before and I wqs fooled- 2004 Peach Bowl vs LSU. Miami's D began the game dominating LSU, sacked them twice, but the O only managed a field goal. Then- the mad hatter made some adjustments and Randy Shannon got all dicombabulated and such and the rest is history. Donofrio will need to be able to adjust on the fly.

CAne72- your hatred for Golden and Donofrio is suspicious and says a lot about you having an agenda (same with Calvin). Even if after TWO seasons you all dont like their styles of coaching, a rational human being would accept this a THE year that will say a lot about both, and instead of whining like petty little girls, sit back and watch it unfold. UM will either do well or wont.

UF will obviously spy on Duke to try to take him out of his game. UM should be able to adjust and use other weapons. Possession passing will serve Miami better than long bombs that may have low prob of completion. More importantly, UM MUST win the turnover battle. Whoever has the most turnovers will lose. period.

mahoney-pearson (law firm or U took your wife's last name?), U are not better than any other fan because u protect the elites and don't believe in accountability for them. U create snakes and them complain when bitten. Self-checked.

Just because U get a bill from UM for your education, doesn't endear U to them nor make u a better fan than someone who has paid their loans or don't have any. One upper & elite slurper.

Go Canes!

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | September 04, 2013 at 08:30 AM

I'm not sure what any of this garbage means or what it is I wrote that hurt your feelings, but if you don't understand what my name is about then you obviously don't know the []_[]. Do some research.

If you want to talk football we can do that, but I don't engage in the back and forth non-sense. I don't feel the least bit offended by you or anyone else here. You don't know who I am or anything about me so I take nothing you say personally.

I will set the record straight if need be, because I don't like people misrepresenting my []_[]or disrespecting people I know.
Like people who think Shalala was trying to censor Butch when she wasn't even there. Or think she is bad for the football program when she's anything but. There are certain things that are just inaccurate, which call for correction.

People that truly bleed orange and green can be critical but they will always support the []_[] at the end of the day.

Mahoney-Pearson, do as I do, and just ignore it. The gator troll is pretending to be a Canes fan and graduate, but knows nothing about the school or the team.

Shannon is a great person. But he was not a great coach.
I am sure that goldie and d'o are nice people. But they are lousy coaches. I do not hate them. I hate the fact that they are too lazy and too ignorant to study successful coaches but instead keep making their same stupid mistakes game after game and wrecking the Cane football program. THEIR own stats and records prove this as well as all of the obvious mistakes I have pointed out.

The problem with younger generations today is that they accept garbage and "sit back and watch it unfold" from bush and republicans starting two fraudulent wars, to the shredding of our US Constitution, to pants on the ground acceptance, to the shipping of US factories and jobs to asia. The way to change things for the better is to point out the obvious mistakes.

IF UF spies on Duke to minimize his performance, they had better have a really fast guy to TRY do it because Duke is going to be like the Roadrunner beeping to the Coyote.

I agree that "possession passing" or shorter slants inside and outside past the first down sticks are the way to move the ball rather than the hail mary pass which is a wasted down percentage wise.

Turnovers are very important. Coach Bud Wilkinson at Oklahoma once said that each turnover was like giving the other team 60 yards of offense, statistically speaking and that if a team turns the ball over a net 3 times or more, they will probably lose the game.

Mahoney-Pearson, do as I do, and just ignore it. The gator troll is pretending to be a Canes fan and graduate, but knows nothing about the school or the team.

Posted by: Five Titles | September 04, 2013 at 11:14 AM

No doubt. But I have to expose the female dogs for myself.

I've been reading/posting for years off and on but don't come with any preconceived notions. I give everyone here the benefit of the doubt until they prove otherwise.

Mahoney-Pearson, that moron HarriettTubman takes any post that disagrees with him and turns it into a platform for a class-struggle or race baiting position. He is one of the bigger morons on here.


Harriet operates under many aliases and trolls this Miami site looking to attack anyone that has even the slightest positive to say about our Canes.

He decries people who name call while calling them names.

He's a jealous troll who feels better when tearing something down, which I am certain is true in every facet of his life.

I enjoy your posts...please keep them coming!

Go Canes!!!

lol.....poor green peas.....the exodus of the golden/dnofrio begins at high noon....

being out coached by both florida/fsu will put this dumb hire to and end....the national championship runs thru the state of florida.....

florida has a younger team and UM has a senior QB going against a junior.....no reason in the world UM should lose....

If they do which I say will happen then all fingers point to golden.....all the excuses have been said before.....nothing left but pure performance.....

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