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Canes crack Top 25 for first time under Golden, Linder earns ACC honor and Bush looks iffy for UF

Cracking the Top 25 USA Today Coaches poll might not mean a whole lot to Miami Hurricanes players, but it does count for something in the Al Golden era.

It's the first time Miami is ranked under his leadership.

You might not remember this, but it took Randy Shannon a little less time (10th week of his second season) to crack the Top 25. Golden obviously had a lot more on his plate than Shannon did with the NCAA probe dangling overhead from the start.

Miami fell out of the AP Top 25 under Shannon after just one week by losing to Georgia Tech 41-23 on the road. The following season, Miami began the season unranked, but opened with a 38-34 win over Florida State to get into the Top 25 poll. Then the Canes beat 14th-ranked Georgia Tech 33-17 and climbed all the way up into the Top 10 (No. 9) before losing 31-7 at Virginia Tech the following week. Those 2009 Hurricanes, however, finished 9-4 and remained in the Top 25 poll the rest of the season.

If Miami loses to Florida Saturday, the Canes would likely slip out of the poll. Golden, 2-3 against his first five ranked opponents (Shannon was too to start his career), gets the Gators (9th in USA Today, 12th in AP) this week.

Opportunity for a signature win? Absolutely. If you think about it, Miami really hasn't had one yet under Golden. The 17-ranked Ohio State Buckeyes they beat in 2011 finished 6-7. The 22nd-ranked Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets finished 8-5. Beating these Gators would definitely elevate Golden and Miami's status, show recruits the program really is on an upward climb. 

"It's obviously a big game, but the biggest thing for us is to focus on what we can control," Golden said when asked if this game might serve as a benchmark. "Everything else that surrounds it, we have no impact on."


Sophomore safety Deon Bush started six games for Miami last season as a true freshman. We still aren't sure if and when he'll start another.

Bush, who had sports hernia surgery this summer, told me he still feels discomfort and hasn't been completely cleared yet to play in a game even though he's wearing a green "full-go" jersey and practicing.

"I'm getting there. I'm working each day to improve, working with the trainer. The trainer is doing a great job," Bush said.

When will you be ready?

"When I'm able to go out there and perform at a good level," he said. "I don't want to go out there in the game if I'm not 100 percent healthy."

Do you expect to be back this season? Could you redshirt?

"That's not part of the plan," Bush said. "I definitely should [be back]."

> Quarterback Stephen Morris earned this week's quote of the week. Told Miami had just missed out on making it into the AP Top 25, Morris said: "I could give two you know whats about it. My focus is I have to get the locker room ready … what we have to do on Saturday."

> Hurricanes right guard Brandon Linder was named ACC co-Offensive Lineman of the Week by the league office Tuesday. Linder shared the honor with Clemson sophomore center Ryan Norton.

It’s Linder’s second ACC weekly honor. He named ACC Offensive Lineman of the Week on Nov. 15, 2010, as a freshman. Linder is the first Miami Hurricane offensive lineman to earn an ACC weekly honor since Nov. 7, 2011, when center Tyler Horn was named Co-Offensive Lineman of the Week. The Hurricanes ran for over 300 yards against FAU.



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Jim Gallo, stop pretending to be a Miami fan you miserable old queen.

And don't you DARE jump back on the bandwagon when Miami beats UF, you've lost all UM privileges, you're the absolute worst kind of entitled, spoiled little brat fan and Miami is better off without you.

GAllo, you maggot, my offer to supply the means for you to kill yourself stands.

What will it be? Cyanide? Gunshot? Noose? You name it you miserable piece of human refuse.

sorry.....time to be right all along about golden/dnofrio.....dnofrio WILL NOT out coach muschamp,,,that is a certainty....

since defense wins games its only logical that UM lose.....add the fact that dnofrio will be off the field and in the booth just makes the probability that UM lose greater.....its all about probability and statistics....

plus Florida is being innovative with their offensive playbook.....they were sharp last week, extremely efficient and they used no time outs at all....they moved the game along at their own time table.....

UM was the opposite.....not efficient....so Florida comes off a very good game for them and UM has trouble via the media/golden....

I don't see UM winning...sorry

Yo Cane trash

Yo THE Gator game is still a few days away and U clucks fight among Ur selves
Imagine what will U do after Ur beatdown.
Take it easy chUmps it's all in fun

Yo I have to add Ron Zook to the list of dUmb, delUsional and blind clUcks along with 9.5.2, NoMoTitles and UgoNowhere.
Al Golden is the best coach in America
Now that is a good laugh
Duke Johnson is the best RB in America
I'm not gonna bad mouth Lil Duke, he is a good player, but hardly the best RB in America
UM is in the same plane as Bama
The ACC is better than the SEC
U just can't make this ibis manure up

Yo maggots U are good for some laughs
But go see a psycho babble witch doc or something
dUmb, blind and delusional is no way to go through life clUcks


Evade, evade, discredit, deny--repeat--because ultimately none of yall are intelligent or men. Its a coping mechanism from facing the mirror--U all are Creations of The Curse and have now successfully wrecked your own blog by attacking and labeling any poster who disagrees with you all as "trolls". Its a FACT that I'm not a troll, but instead of facing and owning your faults and shortcomings which i point out--yall dropped labels and attempt to ignore--thats weak just like your undying allegiance to a 14-11 coach over the players and their neighborhoods that brought U your pride and bragging points (Five Titles). Thats what your college degree have bought U--totally allegiance to any elite and totally doubt and angst for your own demographic. u guys are the newday monetized slaves.

I call people names who call me names, Ron Zook--Gator troll and bait.

Use that advice yall always give black people about slavery and pull yourselves up by your own boot straps, self-reflect, and change your own condition. Stop blaming others, making excuses, playing the victim, and subjugating each other, and creating an enemy/nemesis to explain your own ineptitude.

I don't attack post, mine get attacked, so changing the sequence of DAILY events doesn't change whats documented. I began the day apologizing to a poster, and when I came back, I was being attacked anyway. This occurs everyday, but everyone is a troll, BUT the daily attackers. THE REAL SOLDY, aren't U a troll, asking for man meat and other miscreant like things?? U should be quiet lol!

Posted by: mahoney-pearson | September 03, 2013 at 11:47 PM

^^U aint innocent. U obviously do engage in the back & forth. Now if u want to change that behavior, then cool, but aren't about to re-write history as some victim caught in the cross-fire. U slyly jump in every now and then, and sometimes a fox gets caught. I've prove my point about Shalala and how she's somewhat culpable several times already, so read back. It doesn't mean she's a bad person nor extinguishes any other good she's done in life. Bad things have and currently happen consistently on her watch--she is not above reproach.

The Curse's sons and creations: Five Titles (who I own at least once daily--eventhough he like to use the phrase "I just ignore", Ron Zook--their leader and most delusional, UGoCane- head cheerleader and regurgitator, mountaincane- "Lady calvina and Sybil" thats it, 9>5>2, racist bigot and always wrong without fail,Their Resident Troll--whose job is to combat the curse with "his own medicine".

Yall have been reconditioned--maybe The Curse should try to pitch a reality show off of yall behaviors and profit from it?? Create the product by reconditioning it, complain about, but feed it, to eventually profit form your creation--Sounds like another elitist plan I know way to well LMAO!!!!!!!!!! Capitalism u gotta love it! Massa sho been good ta yall! The new slaves!

So, Jim Gallo, the same guy that predicted an FAU loss and said that Duke Johnson tailed off at the end of last year, says Miami has no chance at winning.

That is.....


This troll has been wrong so many times with his "predictions" that it is great that he claims Miami will lose, because he is ALWAYS wrong.

Tell us again how Duke Johnson WILTED with almost 500 yards and 5TDs in the last four games of last year.

Tell us again how Gus Edwards (who played last week) and BTW and Ice Harris (with three Canes recruits) are Golden casualties, and tell us again how the UF offense is so awesome, your lies are like little drops of rain in the ocean of lies from you Gators.

duke did wilt towards the middle to end of season....

the whole month of october duke averaged 10 carries for 32 yards @ 3.2 per carry....give me a break.

#1 Ka'Deem 13 games 303 carries for 1929 (soph)
#11 Giovani bernard 10 games 184 carries for 1228 (sop)

#66 duke johnson 12 games 134 carries for 947 (fresh)

I like duke but please...no way a Heisman candidate at this time and still unproven as UM feature back that can handle the load.....he hasn't proven it yet

Gallo claimed that Driskell would run for 100 yards against Toledo and that the Gatr Trash would have 2 punt returns for touchdowns.

He is always wrong so that his fat maggot self is predicting a Cane loss is great news. Keep it up, maggot.

sorry...UF backs

matt jones 6'2" 226
mack brown 5'11" 215


duke johnson 5'9" 196
edwardo clements 5'6" 192

this is where the game will be won.....

Gallo claimed that Muschamp would win the game on a flea-flicker. You know, the plays that haven't been called since the 70's.

He also claimed that Quinton Dunbar would have 100 yards receiving.

Keep it up, Gallo slob. You are wrong on everything.

Lmao Harriet Tubman Cane. The genesis of it all is a guy who goes by canesrule or Montreal Cane or 9.5.2. Would personally attack my Gator comments on Gator blogs. That's when I instituted The Curse of Art Kehoe. Ive been telling cane fan that the program is garbage for about five or six years now. I was RIGHT all along. And here's a free tip, the program is still garbage, left in the dust. The eroded program continues to lose on the three most important battlefields.. 1) games 2) recruiting and 3) coaching staff. But let all the cane self-trolls dance for me. It's amusing that in an area of millions if people, every single negative comment is from me. LOL. IM A FREAKIN LEGEND. Canesrule necessitated the multiple ID's with his constant personal attacks. And now you all live in a constant state of paranoia. Nice. The infighting in here is also high comedy. Talk about a fractured and distrusting fan base? That []_[].

who knows what you are talking about....just say by to golden that you have been blowing all summer....


Lol HTC. I truly own these guys. And I don't even try. So gullible. EVERYBODY IS ME


Gallo claimed he didn't love the KAK.

We all know the truth, right Gallo maggot?

You're a sad lonely loser who obviously loves duh kak in his Mouf

(Lmao autocorrect automatically capitalized "Mouf", as used in Marble Mouf. An ode to Shannon by my smart phone)

GAllo, you maggot, my offer to supply the means for you to kill yourself stands.

What will it be? Cyanide? Gunshot? Noose? You name it you miserable piece of human refuse.

Posted by: THE REAL DON SOLDY | September 04, 2013 at 12:51 PM


Wow. I know Gallo can get under people's skin, but this is taking it to a whole new level. Does this response alone merit moving Gallo to the top of the Power Rankings? I believe it does...


BWWAHAHHHAHA. The Pig is exposed. The Pig = Curse = Soldy = Gallo.

Paper thin maggot. Go back to bending over the bar at Club Manhole you fruity pig.

Hmm, gallo likes to mention certain games when duke played back up and didn'tget as many yards while comparing him to starters... what about finishing his freshman season" at 9th in all purpose yards and currently leading the nation in that catagory?

bloggers getting nervous since golden has to perform or everything they posted becomes an embarrassment....

they will not be able to post after 1000 " I told you so's" if Florida wins which I say they will.....data is accurate and golden is a mediocre coach and dnofrio is just unqualified to be a DC.....

Um has to field a HC that is better than muschamp and fisher.....how can UM advance in the future to the BCS championship if those 2 get in the way.....golden has to be better and the fact is...HE ISN'T.....

so why is UM wasting its time with these 2?

Gallo said he would date any of the 19 year olds on the rosters of either Miami or UF.

first of all if duke is gonna be a all purpose guy then he will NEVER be able to handle 250/300 carries to be the lone UM feature back.......

his #9 ranking was based for the most part (892 yards) from kick off return......you cant be it all KOR and a feature back.....he is not strong enough to do both....why do you think golden moved him off KOR?

if he keeps him all purpose the running game suffers....unless he has a dual threat like florida has with mack and brown.....thnis is how floida will beat UM.....then as the game progresses diskel will go vertical....florida has already talked about that....florida will wear UM down....dnofrio will be embarrassed saturday.....you heard it here first

I'm not worried, I think Golden is good coach either way. One game doesn't make or break the season, so everyone needs to chill. What good would it do to beat Florida and lose to FSU or VT?

I just want to win this game because it's an in-state rival.

Notice how a post appeared under the old alias, Curse of Art Kehoe?

What a loser. PIG.

I mean what's so criminal about a poster having an opinion like Gallo's that's supported with data and results, plus we've seen this movie twice before. We're stuck in a constant state of "hope", and its ok to get tired. The ingredients for a NC still exist so its not about nostalgia and reminiscing, it's about going grocery shopping at Whole Foods or Trader Joes instead of Walmart or Giant Eagle or the dollar store--as in D'No. "Spoiled"?!?! We've been eating Ramen Noodles for almost 10 years now...voluntarily! I'm hungry. And excuses are like processed sugars -- U can ever have enough of them, U gotta keep eating them-- they're addictive. We look healthy, but are truly malnourished as fans and our players. We deserve better. They've worked their butts off and let's see the gameplan they're given.

Has anyone seen the white T-shirts they want everyone to purchase and wear to the game? Lol. Guess what's on them. They're selling Al Golden as the epitome of Canedom. Explains a lot. I get it now.

Lots of comments by Jeremy Foley on how it doesnt benefit UF financially to play UM. That it would cost UF $700,000 to play UM. Yet they are willing to PAY $400,000 or more for the Furmans and the Louisianna Lafayettes and teh Citadels of this world to come to Gaineville.



We are scrrd little beetch 'necks who cannot swallow the risk of losing to a school with 1/4 of the student body

We are scrred hillbilly pu55ies

We are scrred little racoon eating cousin kissing swamp dwelling Koran burning jack holes

What HarrietTubmanDouche really means is that the capitalist white man oppressor is forcing you to pay money for a shirt thus keeping you poor and ignorant and subject to his subjugation and exploitation.

Of course, the fact that many other schools have done the same thing is a convenient fact he has left out in his "I see class struggle and racism everywhere" post.

O-U-R Randy THE DUKE Johnson is a potential Heisman Trophy winner, and what not, and WE Cane loyalists just adore him and what not.

However, Goldie made a SERIOUS misake when he CHIT-CANNED Stormy Weather Johnson from the Miami squad many, many, many, many moons ago. hUh.

In other words, the Hurricanes LACK the " down-hill, bruising " RB, and in a physical game of this nature. A " down-hill, bruising " sort of RB would pay nice dividends. If U know what I mean. dUh

By the way, MIGHTY Florida has a stable of QUALITY running backs. Bloody ouch!!

That bloody TURNCOAT brucie Feldman says Florida will absolutely smash the Canes on Saturday.

May that TURNCOAT Brucie Feldman choke on his lox and bagels! hUh

the D-bag wouldn't bother to mention whether he would agree with his statements when the Gatr Trash running backs were Rainey and Demps playing 8 games against SEC defenses. hUh.

Didn't hear too much out of his puss-hole about that.

FWIW... the Miami Hurricanes are an ATROCIOUS... 1-11 against teams ranked NO.12 and higher since '05. Get outta' here with that bogus truthspeak, Weirdo!

The Hurricanes haven't defeated a legitimate Top 10 fee, fi, FOE since the 2005 season. dUh

It's time for the proverbial " WORM to TURN " in Miami's favor. Eh. What say.

The top 5 Biggest Lies

1 - Al Golden IS THE BEST COACH IN America

2- The check is in the mail

3- Trust me, I won't come in your mouth

4- The ACC is great and Miami is right there with Bama

5- I'm from the Government and I'm here to help you


One more lie: The blog Pig, Gallo, and Curse, do not love the KAK.

Lol. Good summary SOLDY didn't know U held conversations! No, the point was that Golden is been marketed as the U. I disagree, he not the U. The players are, so choose one of them to promote. A 14-11, 40-45 coach who has never won anything playing or coaching doesn't
Personify the U until he does. That's the difference since we always have to bring up what everyone else does. I bet their coach is a proven winner and strategist. Has Golden embodied our brand as of yet? As a coach has he been successful? Then why is the face of our football program. Yup to appease the masses with a friendly face. Which is cool if the face has substance--coaching skills and has had great results.

THE REAL DON SOLDY, I must've touched a nerve, because U are suddenly out of character, protect massa (regardless of race) at all costs Stephen from Django. U are a good boy, your whole daily existence is combatting The Curse, who is laughing. Without him....who are U?

I'm not worried, I think Golden is good coach either way. One game doesn't make or break the season, so everyone needs to chill. What good would it do to beat Florida and lose to FSU or VT?

I just want to win this game because it's an in-state rival.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | September 04, 2013 at 03:00 PM


You BRAINWASHED Canespace/eoth Good Ol' Boy.

You are blabbering like a SCARED, Canespace cult zombie...

Well, we Canespace-er's CAN'T put too much pressure on our beloved Goldie and D'Onofiro.

So let's not make this Florida game the BIGGEST GAME of the season and what not... the Canespace cultish MENTALITY.

Typical gibberish, canespace nonsense! No wonder canespace CLONES fear loyal, Hurricane fandom whom speak bloody TRUTH TO POWER! Eh. What say.

Maybe the VAST MAJORITY of those BIASED, Canespace/eoth Good Ol' Boy's should change their name to the... POLLY-ANNISH Cane Clan. hUh

Because at times, bloody well SPEAKING the TRUH entails pointing out the obvious faults and errors and misdeeds of a particular ideal/idea/notion ( Hurricane football. ). Get outta' here with that psycho-babble Polly-Annish crap, outsider!

Help, the men in the white sheets are coming. Don't buy that meal. It is the white man's way of mind control. Holding down the lower class and any race not white. Blah. Blah. Blah.

White is included, and has always been included in a worst way (psychologically)than blacks. At least we're free now and knew we were slaves when we were. LMAO

Get over it, your privilege is dead, Race is a crutch and I love kicking it over. U aren't one of them, never was. Divide & Conquer is dead, foot soldier.

Their was a time when t-r-U-e loyal Miami partisans bloody WELCOMED and EMBRACED the challenge of facing a legitimate Top 10... er Top 12 opponent. Dare I say a Top 5 fee, fi, foe. hUh

But today, y'all have Cane fan bloviating, we " need to chill," and let's NOT face the pressure of high expectations and what not.

In other words, Goldie is STILL a great coach. Whether Miami defeats or loses to MIGHTY Florida on Saturday.

Again, Canesjunkie and like-minded partisans come with their TYPICAL Canespace/eoth rebuttals/DOUBLESPEAK. dUh

"At least we're free now and knew we were slaves when we were. LMAO"

BWWWAHHAHA. Yeah, I liked The Matrix too. What a tool.

HarrietTubmanDouche, which will it be? The blue or the red pill?

Hey moron, Storm Johnson decided to transfer because the backfield was too crowded, Al Golden didn't kick him off the team AT ALL.

Eh. What say.

F*cking retard.

Whether Canespace/eoth Good Ol' Boys LIKE IT OR NOT!!

The Florida game is the BIGGEST GAME of both Goldie and D'Onofrio's young college football careers. And may they have many more games of this magnitude. hUh

Matter of fact, the Gator game is the BIGGEST GAME since the Randy Shannon 2009 season.

It's just too bad that particular '09 Cane squad had a slight case of INFLATED egotism, and stuck up the joint, in the slop against Beamer Ball.

"Morpheus, save us."

"There is no spoon."

"Mr. Anderson, you are a virus."

I could go on, HarrietTubmanDouche, but I have thrown the shackles off and am ready to continue the class struggle on this blog with you as the leader.

Naw I'm speaking real life. U aren't in physical bondage, but are in self-checked monetary servitude. That's a hard fact, that U refuse to tackle simpleton. I've never been offered the blue pill. It's been only reds my whole life thank God! Your the opposite and need the opportunity to choose. An opportunity U don't even want. Nothing to see here....right?

"The Florida game is the BIGGEST GAME of both Goldie and D'Onofrio's young college football careers."

I think we have identified out blog Einstein. Thank you, D-bag, that was brilliant. How many hours of analysis did it take you to come up with that one.

I-F my Hurricanes defeat the MIGHTY Gators on Saturday.

And that's a mighty big I-F. The Hurricanes will finish the regular season ranked in the TOP 10!!!

Y'all Cane brUtes read it here first. dUh

But then again, the Hurricane football team could catch the INFLATED ego virus. Eh. What say And have a REDUX 2009 season. hUh

Posted by: The Curse of Real Soldy | September 04, 2013 at 04:10 PM

You miss the entire point, oh simple one. hUh

Posted by: Jim Gallo | September 04, 2013 at 12:55 PM

UF plays ball-control power running game. It will be a challenge to stop them for 48 minutes. The way you slow them down and score when you have the ball and hopefully get them behind. Also you have to burn clock so although we run a no-huddle, we don't necessarily need to run a hurry-up no-huddle. We need to do some ball-control of our own.

I agree they played better than we did, but even in poor play I think our talent was evident just as it was last year against ND. The problem last year that we don't have this year is conditioning and experience on D. I expect our bad games to be better than bad games of last season.

What I struggle to see, is outside ball-control, what UF will do to score. Maybe that's them holding back and simply pounding a lesser opponent. That said, the same could be said for Miami on defense. 6 points and no pay-dirt is a good day no matter who you play.

The O needs to rise to the occasion because the talent is there, and the D needs to keep getting more aggressive, which I expect they will.

Posted by: D'Onofrio the stroke victim strikes again | September 04, 2013 at 04:04 PM


If you say so.

However, I heard through the Orange nd' Green colored grapevine, that Stormy Weather was PRESSURED to leave the program.

But then again, perhaps Stormy was just ANOTHER 5-STAR, malcontent on the roster. So Goldie COYLY asked him to leave Coral Gables. Because Goldie didn't want to play Father Flannagan and what not.

Nevertheless, Miami WILL PAY for not having a " down-hill, bruising " RB. Maybe not on Saturday, but some game later on they will pay for not having a rugged, down-hill RB. hUh

Storm Johnson was dismissed for smoking weed.

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