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Canes great Edgerrin James named "ACC Legend'' & Tulsa Shock G & former Cane All-American Riquna Williams named '13 WNBA Sixth Woman of the Year

Congratulations to two former UM standouts. Below are the releases sent by UM:

Edgerrin James Named to 2013 ACC Football Legends Class

Class will be honored at 2013 Dr Pepper ACC Championship in Charlotte

 CORAL GABLES, Fla. – Former Miami Hurricanes running back Edgerrin James is one of 15 standouts named to the 2013 ACC Football Legends Class, the conference announced Wednesday. James will be recognized at Miami’s Nov. 23 home finale vs. Virginia.

 The Legends Class will be honored during this year’s Dr Pepper ACC Football Championship Game weekend. They will be honored Dec. 6 at the ACC Night of Legends sponsored by the Belk Bowl and during ceremonies at Charlotte’s Bank of America Stadium for the 9th Annual ACC Football Championship, with will be nationally televised Dec. 7 at either 7:45 p.m. ET (ESPN) or 8 p.m. ET (ABC). Tickets for the Night of Legends are $85 each and are available here.

 James joins a prominent list that includes four members of the College Football Hall of Fame and two members of the ACC 50th Anniversary Team. The 2013 class includes: Boston College RB Mike Cloud, Clemson S Terry Kinard, Duke HB/E Wes Chesson, Florida State G Jamie Dukes, Georgia Tech TB Robert Lavette, Maryland QB Boomer Esiason, North Carolina FB Ken Willard, NC State twins Dave (QB) and Don (WR) Buckley, Pittsburgh head coach Johnny Majors, Syracuse HB Floyd Little, Virginia DE Tom Scott, Virginia Tech WR Andre Davis and Wake Forest QB Jay Venuto.

 The group of 15 former gridiron standouts from current ACC schools includes a former ACC Football Player of the Year; 10 former All-Americas, including six first-team All-America honorees; and 12 players who combined for 97 years in the NFL. Twelve of the Legends were drafted into the NFL, including six first- or second-round draft choices.

 In all, the collection of players combined for two national championships, five ACC Championships and one Super Bowl title.

 An explosive runner who averaged 6.2 yards per carry throughout his career, James is one of the most successful running backs in Miami history. Though he played just three seasons in college, James totaled 2,960 yards and still has the top two single-game rushing days in school history. He ran for a school-record 299 yards against UCLA in 1998 and for 271 yards against Boston College in 1997.  He is the only running back in school history to post multiple 1,000-yard seasons and helped the Canes compiled a 23-12 mark, while earning two bowl berths.

 The fourth overall selection in the 1999 NFL Draft by Indianapolis, he played 11 seasons in the NFL, including his first seven with the Colts. He was named to the NFL Pro Bowl four teams. He was named the 1999 NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year by the AP and claimed the NFL rushing title in each of his first two seasons in the league. After leaving Indianapolis, he played three seasons with Arizona, leading the Cardinals to Super Bowl XLIII. He completed his professional career with Seattle in 2009, accumulating 12,246 career rushing yards and 80 touchdowns. He was named to the NFL All-Decade Team for the 2000s. Originally from Immokalee, Fla., James now resides in Miami.


NAME, POS                                       INDUCTION YEAR 

George Mira, QB                              2005

Gino Torretta, QB                             2006

Jim Kelly, QB                                     2007

Russell Maryland, DT                       2008

Vinny Testaverde, QB                      2009

Cortez Kennedy, DT                         2010

Jim Otto, C                                         2011

Ted Hendricks, DE                            2012

Edgerrin James, RB                          2013


Riquna Williams Named WNBA Sixth Woman of the Year
Tulsa Shock guard and former Hurricanes All-American Riquna Williams was named the 2013 WNBA Sixth Woman of the Year

NEW YORK -- Tulsa Shock guard and former Miami Hurricanes All-American Riquna Williams was named the 2013 WNBA Sixth Woman of the Year, the WNBA announced Tuesday. Williams received 17 votes from a national panel of 39 sportswriters and broadcasters to earn the award.

“We are once again so proud of Riquna and her accomplishments this season,” Miami head coach Katie Meier said. “She has always been a ‘game-changer’ at every level, and it is a testament to her work ethic that she continues to be one in the WNBA.”

The second-year guard averaged 15.6 points in 27 games for Tulsa in 2013, including 21 games off the bench. Williams also averaged 2.4 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 1.0 steals, and burst onto the scene with a record-setting 51-point performance against San Antonio in early September.

The Pahokee, Fla., native shot 17-for-28 from the field in a 98-65 win over the Silver Stars, including eight 3-point baskets, to set a single-game WNBA scoring record.  The 51-point effort surpassed the previous mark of 47 set by Phoenix's Diana Taurasi in 2006 and Seattle's Lauren Jackson in 2007, earning her a career-first Western Conference Player of the Week Award.

Williams was selected in the second round (17th overall) of the 2012 WNBA Draft, becoming the fourth player in Miami Hurricanes history to be drafted. She finished her inaugural WNBA campaign ranked third among rookies in both assists (2.1) and steals (1.55), and fourth in scoring (10.5) en route to 2012 All-Rookie honors.

In recognition of her selection as Sixth Woman of the Year, Williams will receive $5,000 and a specially-designed trophy from Tiffany & Co.


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The white devil keeps disrespecting me and my great intellect.

I swear by Allah I will have my vengeance

I'm only obsessed with myself....Who here hasn't noticed my obsessive posting.

Troll Harriet, why don't u come back to the old blog post to do your trolling so people can talk Canes football on a clean slate? I'll continue to smash U there 86.

This is to FUNNY a 3 Harriets on the same blog. Whose the real one?

I own myself!

George Mira, QB
Gino Torretta, QB
Jim Kelly, QB
Russell Maryland, DT
Vinny Testaverde, QB
Cortez Kennedy, DT
Jim Otto, C
Ted Hendricks, DE
Edgerrin James, RB
I always enjoy seeing Canes get awards, but when NONE of these players actually played in the ACC, doesn't it seem odd? I mean some of these MUST be in some Big East All Time list, as well.

As for the guy trying to take over, please folks, do as I do, and ignore him.

Of course, it MIGHT be that they are ACC legends for how they owned the ACC team FSU over their years of service to the Canes. :-)

The funniest thing is that its definitely one the dudes who complains about Gator trolls the most.

You never want to see a kid injured...

The Florida Gators could lose star defensive tackle Dominique Easley for the season due to a knee injury he suffered Tuesday.

While Gators coach Will Muschamp called the right knee injury a "tweak," Easley and others posted updated on Twitter that suggested his injury is far more serious. Muschamp said Easley injured his right knee during a non-contact drill at Tuesday's practice

Muschamp said the team was in the process of gathering more information on the injury's extent.

Easley implied the injury could sideline him for an extended period of time in a post on his Twitter account.

He wrote, "Gatornation thank you for all of 4 yrs of sticking with me but God has something else planned for and have no worries #believe."

Muschamp, however, indicated he did not think the injury was serious.

"He was playing to run on a screen and just tweaked it a little bit. We think he'll be fine," Muschamp said. "We just need more information right now. We're going through that process at this time."

Easley, in the midst of a strong start to his senior season, has a history of knee problems. He tore the ACL in his left knee during Florida's loss in the 2011 regular-season finale to Florida State.

Everyone should log in to typepad then you'll see who the real trolls are. I've watched since I got into it with HTC on Sunday. He thinks every troll is the same person.

You never want to see a kid injured...

Xcept the gutless Five titles who celebrated this injury.
Loser gotta do what losers do

Rut Roh, maggots.

Well, at least you will have a built-in excuse.

Excuses are what losers have.

Agreed 5,James and Torrent played in the Big East and the rest played as independents.

But U wasn't Anthonyjmanis on Sunday. So why wouldn't I be confused smh.

I still want to know who the self absorbed trouble maker Harriet is.

It seems like some on here know her, or is she just an anonymous back and forward internet crazy?

And how many Harriet's are on here? They all seem nuts.

Help us newbies understand.

Nothing to understand, just post about the Canes, its not about HarrietTubmanCane.

Go ahead and try it. It seems U are here for trouble. There are plenty Canes related topics above, choose one or comment on the new blog post by Susan--its simple.

Uh, gee thanks Harriet. If I want advice from you, I'll ask.

ANTCANE!!!! Omg you are dense no wonder why people troll you 24/7. I couldn't resist after the Mob Deep reference...Sorry I didn't try to bring up old beef with you and 86. By the way mountain cane post there too. Have you ever thought there are more than just one troll on this blog. This is the reason why they do what they do over there, so this constant bickering doesn't go on.

I knew U were Antcane duh. Who is truly dense. Read my comment again--it doesn't mean that I didn't put anothony and ant together. U didn't post as the person U are now, I know who was attacking me on Sunday. Wanted to see if u were gonna own it.

Yea. mountaincane allowed another man to give him an ultimatum and he actually chose one smh lol!

What are U gonna do lol?

GKC, ignored again. I'm just trying to be friendly, plus U are asking about me, so who better than me to address your concerns??

U also did not specify whom U were talking to...so???

gatr karma strikes again
After the run by Duke at 4:32, after the play was dead, Easley going into Duke helmet first LONG AFTER THE PLAY WAS OVER, and forgetting to go back to his own huddle.
Then a couple weeks later after his Ambien set in, when asked about Kentucky, Easley dismisses them as worthless, forgetting the mantra of SEC SEC SEC. Well, he was right about one thing at least, HE doesn't have to worry about Kentucky.
karma punishes the evil, and Easley the cheap shot late hit artist and pregame taunter got just what he deserved.
Posted by: Five Titles | September 25, 2013 at 01:32 PM

You never want to see a kid injured...
Xcept the gutless Five titles who celebrated this injury. Loser gotta do what losers do
Posted by: Just Sayin | September 25, 2013 at 03:15 PM
Please show where I celebrated. I just pointed out that justice was served for his actions against our Canes player. Big difference, namechanging gatr troll. Talk about gutless, coming here under a different ID each day to attack canes fans talking about Canes football. But it looks like you REUSED this one, fool.

Cannot beat a single top 25 team
Shootouts with the weak sisters of the poor
It's who you are
Posted by: Just Sayin | August 08, 2013 at 12:34 PM
Ahhh, so you are a troll, with an anger obsession issue about the Canes, who STILL has not accepted that 21 > 16, 5 > 3, and 29 > 26.

BTW, hypocrite sicko, where was your high horse when THIS GUY posted, or was it fine with you because posting hate of the Canes on a Canes blog is fine for you?

Gators - 44
Canes --- 9
Posted by: Over At Half... Only 50K Gators Left @ 0:00 | August 28, 2013 at 06:32 PM
44- points ... 30- first downs ... 580 total yards...
Posted by: Over At Half... Only 50K Gators Left @ 0:00 | August 28, 2013 at 06:33 PM
Morris and Dookie both carted off b4 halftime...
Posted by: Over At Half... Only 50K Gators Left @ 0:00 | August 28, 2013 at 06:34 PM

Hey Dummy, you were WRONG on the score, WRONG on the fans count, and WRONG on which team was going to lose their players. karma is not celebrating, karma is dealing justice to you and your sick fanbase, that wished injury on our players LONG before I noted an injury on a cheapshot artist almost a month later.

Now, go back to you barely over .500 blog, and leave the Canes fans alone, troll.

Ron Zook, I am guessing you got that twitter quote from a gatr journalist (since he blocks people from reading his twitter unless they sign a loyalty oath)

Aritcle says "He wrote, "Gatornation thank you for all of 4 yrs of sticking with me but God has something else planned for and have no worries #believe.""

Of course, it was nice of the author of the article to clean up his tweet, but the actual one, which he had PLENTY of time to plan for, was not so well written.

The actual one was this illegible screed "Gatornation thank you for all of 4 yrs of sticking with me but god has something else planned for & have no worries"

He did not capitalize God, showing and insult to God like I do to gatr and gainesville. He just chose to grasp at straws now that karma has taught him a lesson, again. And gatrnation all as one word? Autonation, sure, alienation, sure, but Gator Nation is two different words. Trailer trash diploma mill teaching in action.

And of course he has no worries, those painkillers are pretty strong up there in gainesville. Now when a Canes player would send out a tweet, the obsessed gatr troll would attack him, his race, his family, his school and his teachers, so fair is fair.

Posted by: Five Titles |

Continues to be a low life loser maggot attacking an 18 year old kid who just got injured. Celebrating the fact he got injured, calling him "evil" and insinuating he is dumb. Way to go Five douche you are a fine example of what a cane fan stands for.

Hello Five Titles,

I love and applaud your posts. And you are right...I capitalized "God" before reposting from the ESPN site.

Posted by: Five Titles |

Continues to be a low life loser maggot attacking an 18 year old kid who just got injured. Celebrating the fact he got injured, calling him "evil" and insinuating he is dumb. Way to go Five (you badly misspelled Titles here) you are a fine example of what a cane fan stands for.
Posted by: Just Sayin | September 25, 2013 at 04:27 PM

Reduced to cursing and insults, just as the troll always does. You don't deny your past comments, just claim that we are not allowed to give back one TENTH what you do on here. You are sicko hypocrite, and your opinion of Canes fans is irrelevant, just like your 44 to 9 prediction. And if you would LEARN TO READ, I criticised his play on the field, attacking an Canes player long after the play was over, costing your gatrs a good minute of clock time, that they desperately needed. His action was that of an evil man, and his action in the end of a game was dumb. Evade, deflect, deny, and troll all you want, the facts remain true, obsessed namechanging trailer troll.

And yes, I believe defending the Canes, their coaches, their fans, and their history IS a fine example of a Canes fan. Your hatred, insane ramblings, five years of being wrong, and joking about Canes injuries and Canes deaths does NOT change that, fool.

Thanks. I love how your name reminds the gatrs of their failed, overconfident and overbearing history. I do think Charlie Pell would be more appropriate though.

And of course, ANYONE would be considered gutless compared to that fat, lumbering, trailer shocks-bursting gut of yours. Sorry that I stay fit rather than get the giant gut you have, piggy.

Hello Five Titles and Ron Zook

I love and applaud your posts. And you are right...I love my Canes and Al Golden too. I think we can beat Alabama, Clemson, UL and Oregon judging by the way we have played recently.
Keep up the good work you two are always right, just like Golden.

UM will play anyone, anytime, anywhere!!! Are you listening Savannah State???? Are you listening FAMU and Bethune-Cookman??? The U does not fear you!!! They will play you anytime and anywhere!!! They'll even pay you $350,000 to do it!

But we won't...we just keep dodging and dodging the good teams, LSU is the latest we dodged...WE SCARED!

I'm smelling fear from the cane faithful....cowards

Hush nerds.

delUsionalcane - there's nothing more delusional than you believing you're talking about college football and not a fake internet rivalry.

You should have no reason to care about UM football.

But you clearly have nothing better to do with your time than talk to other internet nerds about your fake internet rivalry.

Miami paid 350000 for a last second replacement.

gatrs paid 2.75 MILLION for their 25 year replacement teams.


So change your name again, you are WRONG yet again, sicko.

When LSU or ANY SEC team has the courage to come down to Dolphin Stadium, then we will be glad to have a home and home series.

But gifting LSU a game without reciprocation is a joke. That isn't cowardice, that is fairness, fat slobbering troll.

poor delusional fakecane, your promise of a truce is long gone, I see. Why do you choose to pretend that Canes fans are already claiming victories over Alabama and Oregon when nobody here has done that? Oh yeah, because you have to build up a straw man to attack because you cannot come against us face to face.

How about this, sicko, explain why the prediction of 44 to 9 for the gatrs, and that Morris and Duke would be beat down so badly that they would need to be CARTED off the field is NOT delusional? Go ahed and try. You will fail, just like you do at getting anyone to think you are a Canes fan. Of course, you then go to a gatr ID and point to your own posts as examples of overconfident Canes fans, but nobody falls for your lies once they have been here a few days and see what your game is. Give up, it is a failure, or should I say a UFailure.

Dz nutz in my mouf!

Why do the anti Cane people seem to show up 1 at a time and then come on and congratulate the last anti-Cane post? Are they all just 1 person?

Looks to me like they are and then just adopt a different personna and try to stay in character. They forget sometimes, like the dumb Harriet quote above.


mountain U better get back to Canespace before U get a whoopin.

Your manhood has been snatched. U better pray no one pastes that last post, over there.

Stop trolling and get back in line. U are now with the real Sybil gang LOL!!

umm, where is Gallober, Calvina and their little contingent at all of a sudden? Have they disappeared like Junk, and myself said they would once the season started? Oh that's right, I forgot, they are still munching on those bags of d I c k s, they have had to swallow. Bottoms up boys.

Thank you Edgerrin .

umm, where is Gallober, Calvina and their little contingent at all of a sudden? Have they disappeared like Junk, and myself said they would once the season started? Oh that's right, I forgot, they are still munching on those bags of d I c k s, they have had to swallow. Bottoms up boys.

Posted by: championships is all that matters | September 25, 2013 at 07:25 PM

See what I mean, how does this guy know what was for dinner? Who told'em? C'mon fess up!!!! For the record their not human d I c k s, its horse kok, not as salty....er...so I heard.

What are U gonna do lol?

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | September 25, 2013 at 03:47 PM

Get on my tablet or phone, go to sports spyder and read all the University of Miami news stories and post when, where, what and how want. Simple as a dimple. You can do whatever you want on the internet but I'm not going to disrespect the dude you disdain. Just the tards over here. No one here has hooked me up with anything or posted a blog with a picture of my family at the spring game. Say what you want,if your a man that Deep into religion you would come on here and treat people with respect and no be so condescending.

Damn Calvina, I knew U were a dipshit and all, but now U are in to horse spew. Well to each's own, I guess U have to have something to wash it down with. Not judging U or anything, oh hell yes I am. Not only are U one of the dumbest Mutha f'ers on earth but now U have resorted to animals for affection. Man doesn't anybody want your dumb#$s

Childish... where's the football talk? He said she said is getting old.

heya, where's gallo?
I NEED a list soon....

AJM. Well good for U, thats a good decision. Dude is a master manipulator and thrives on that very flawed philosophy U just stated. The world's biggest problem is that 80% of its inhabitants are followers and despite witnessing countless injustices on small and large levels, turn "a blind eye" away from speaking against them under the guise of "he/they didn't do that to me though." This philosophy allows the 1% of evil, greedy and war mongering elites to pick Us all off one by one. 17% of people mobilize and aren't afraid to challenge them (at least speak the truth) even if the injustices haven't reach them or their families yet. The other 2% are the foot soldiers of the elites and corporations, people who aren't even acknowledged by them nor truly benefit from their ideologies of control. They defend the status quo because they desire some privilege or superficial benefit from recognizing with those who seem to be winning (money, influence and power). The elites appeal to and coax their racial, sexuality, and gender prejudices to develop a rapport that leads to undying support although they never benefit economically from this one sided relationship as the elites do.

U seem to have the sequence of events wrong. He banned me for my comments after last season's (not even a year ago yet) VTech game--that were solely about the game. So the first expression of angst or disdain was from him towards me. I didn't do anything to him. Thats why when questioned about his treatment of others he has banned over the years he routinely deletes the posts and says, "There's nothing to see here..move along...move along.." he doesn't want yall here because he can't control what anyone here says. And he fears that his new recruits will be swayed by any comments about him that he can't control. Go to EOTH and ask them about him. Go to any Cane related blog and his reputation precedes him in the negative. TLuv chimed in with his story the other day as well--I'm positive he felt the same way U feel right now--I know I did as well. I noticed my favorite blogging mates--we went by "The Legion" disappear one by one, without notice, until I got bored and left the blog for over a year. The coolest Cane fan ever is a guy named solar cane--he was loved by everyone and his right hand man--he disappeared as well--I believe he left because of how everyone else was being treated around him and the dictator he became was against their founding vision of that site. Solarcane is the kind of dude that resides in the 17%, even though he wasn't being bullied, he felt the pain of those who were.

"An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" MLK.

My family was also the heading of a blog post there after I attended the UM vs. OSU game/loss in 2010 where Jacory impoded at the Horseshoe in Columbus and sent him pics. This is not special treatment and it doesn't mean more than what it literally is. A topic/title for a new blog entry opportunity and way to ingratiate himself to you and encourage others to send even more pics. The ultimate goal is to sell the site and make it look user friendly of course.

As far as my religious beliefs, they don't encourage me to turn the other cheek. They probably do state that I shouldn't be putting myself in a position to be berated and respond condescendingly everyday like I do though. I never start any beef, but I stay in a constant state of ending it, so its understandable that people see the retaliatory punch and not the initial one. Good post though and I appreciate the admonishment and reminders--I'm not perfect by any stretch. U seem like a good guy. Peace.

AnthonyJMathis...U are no longer welcome here. I told U to post at the MH or here and U chose the other option. Good bye!

Posted by: SOUP | September 25, 2013 at 09:43 PM

^^ Case in point. U just got banned for nothing. Wow. U can't make this stuff up.

What a waste of time. I read all the way down and there was almost nothing about Cane football. Just a bunch of folks slamming each other. Can we talk football and ignore the rest?

I agree with you. How do you feel about non-acc canes being our only acc legends? I think Duke will be our first of many REAL ACC legend.

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