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Canes new depth chart for USF game

Here is the latest depth chart following the 77-7 win over Savannah State.

UM FB Depth_Chart 092213


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Calvin loves Harriett Tubman Cane!

I think we can take the OR out of the equations...

Coley should be back there with Duke on KR, and the 1st option on PR.

Dorsett is just too indecisive, hesitant, and straight-linish (which typically is good at KR)

Dorsett's a bust. Seantrel's a bust. Make way for Coley. GE is going to be great. DD looked good too. ED Clem - meh.

Dag never saw a pronunciation key before on a depth chart. Man we are high tech.

Coley is still struggling a bit under the lights. He bobbled the touchdown catch and he bobbled the punt he returned for a touchdown. I know I'm nitpicking, but he's still a freshman getting his feet wet. He's a major talent, however, who can be great. He's not ready to start ahead of Dorsett yet.

Canes jump up one position in the AP Poll and are now ranked 15th. The Gators dropped one position and are now ranked 20th...and in the coming weeks will fall out of the top 25.

Ryan Williams proved his has a big time, accurate arm, excellent mechanics and understands the Canes offense. This kid is going to be great!

Stacy Coley has Devin Hester type talent and the intellect to take his game to a championship level.

Al Golden is the best coach in all of college football!

Anyone need some ICE up in here?

Ryan may look great against Savannah State but lets be real, Morris is our QB and will stay No 1 unless he blows it. So far I think we are a bit over rated to be honest, I want to see how we do this week on the road and then against GT. These early poles are almost worthless, everyone is playing garbage.

Dorsett is a bust,,,yeah right,,,when its all done and finish on the college level,,he will get drafted after a solid collegiate campaign.

Play them all. Coley will be good. S henderson is a joke. He is so lazy. Embarassing to our program. Need to get Dixon as we from west palm Dwyer.



Karma on line one for Curse Piggy. So you wished injury on Morris and Duke, and what happens? So much for your latest truce, sicko. Dropped your cane killer persona bragging about the death of Pata and Taylor pretty quick.

Of course, now that Driskell is out, the gatrs are claiming they are better off without him. LOL! Talk about loyalty of a gatr.

That game was fun, but I am glad it is the only one of the year. But hey, four cupcakes to start the season, it is looking like an SEC schedule there.

Bob, I agree they are mostly garbage, but overrated teams like Michigan and nd and asu drop just by how they do against those cupcakes.

Troll watches Miami break their scoring record, still find room to complain about the offense for not scoring in the fourth quarter.

seriously cane fan , you're like 1 qb injury away from being like the gators ... minus the defense of course
Posted by: honestly, just how bad was Savannah ? | September 22, 2013 at 02:13 AM

Actually, we were better than the gatrs BEFORE their qb "injury" (more like benching for repeatedly being exposed after Miami showed how to beat the pitiful no big play gatr ffense.) but you can keep pretending that 21-16 didn't happen, troll.

We are far more than a QB injury away. We would need to vacate two titles, turn Coral Gables into a truck stop, replace South Beach with a row of Waffle Houses, pay off the schools own graduate DA so that players got off the hook over, and over, and over again, and then turn our fans into jort wearing racist trailer trash that wish injury on their opponents, even those that they are afraid to schedule again. THAN, we would need to cut our IQ in HALF to start thinking we were like the gatrs.

Pro Cane versus Pro gatr TE comparison.
Which was this one over the past two weeks?
9 for 134 and 2 TDs
10 for 179 and 1 TD.

versus this:
0 for 0, and 2 counts of obstructing justice.
0 for 0, and 1 count of first degree murder.

I will give you a hint. This article discusses how the Saints decided which TE to select.


Someone wrote a pleasant, non-trolling comment, discussing the team like these comments are meant to, saying "one game at a time...If we can get by North Carolina & FL State on the road, we have a great shot at going undefeated this year."

Our obsessed sicko, unable to honor his truce, attacks with:

"Wow what a great insight!"
Yes, it WAS! Your sarcasm doesn't change the FACT that our toughest two remaining games on the schedule are UNC and FSU.

"Even though you contradict yourself by saying to take it one game at a time and then jumping ahead to talk about UNC and FSU, games that are still several weeks into the future."
Umm, based based on the ...., YOU were the one that jumped ahead, not him. Plus, you are purposely ignoring the different in his nouns and pronouns. The PLAYERS can go one game at a time, the FANS can look ahead at the rest of the schedule and pick which remaining games will be the toughest. You know, like when you spent five YEARS obsessed with the 9/7 game, and even after we beat you are STILL Here under multiple IDs even though you are no longer on our schedule, no longer in our league, and no longer in our group of undefeated teams.

"So are you all happy the little Dukie put up good numbers again after a week off?"
So now he is little Dukie? When the gatrs courted him, you were singing his praises, hypocrite. "little Dukie" score the gamewinner against your gatrs, so I can see why you are still bitter about him.

"Is he back in contention for the Heisman now? What about Morris, is he up for the Heisman too?"
Both are doing better than the gatrs candidate in Driskell. Jacoby Brissett, wherefore art thou? Oh yeah, Mushchump scared him off like we scared off Foley.

"Is Coley freshman of the year?"
Well, since we had the rookie of the year in the ACC last year, no need for us to be greedy. You DO know they call it Rookie of the Year, right? I know it has been a long time since the gatrs have had one, so you must have forgotten. You know, back when you had a wide receiver almost as good as Coley, in Percy Harvin.

"You are sooooooooooo loaded."
Loaded enough to beat your gatrs 21-9 with a gift TD at the end to get your hopes up.

"USF doesn't stand a chance next week. 0 - 3 USF. Guess they don't stand a chance any week. But you are soooooooooooo loaded."
Huh? what does one thing have to do with the other? We are deeper at every position than we have been for years, our backups came through against the gatrs starters, so he means loaded in terms of balance, not loaded like your trailer trash mom after another gatr loss.

"Bring on UNC, bring on FSU."
Meanwhile the gatrs are saying "Bring on Kentucky, bring on Georgia Southern."

Posted by: dUmblogic (in other words gatrlogic) | September 22, 2013 at 02:24 PM

I have hard time understanding why people look at other teams blogs? LOSERS!! We have better back up QBs than UF has period. In two weeks the gayturds will not be in the top 25, while the MIGHTY CANES will be in the top 10 EH WHAT SAY!! LOL

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