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Canes' notes from Monday: Rashawn Scott update, Golden talks Muschamp

Junior Rashawn Scott, Miami's second-leading receiver last season, will not be suiting up against the Gators Saturday and likely could be out a while after injuring his shoulder last Friday against FAU.

Scott had his left arm in a sling Monday as he watched practice in his jersey and shorts.  

"It doesn't look good for this week. It looks like it's going to be a little bit longer than we want it to be," UM coach Al Golden said of Scott. "As soon as we make a definitive determination we'll let you know."

CanesInsider reported Scott has a broken collarbone and is expected to be out 4-6 weeks. Asked if the injury was a collarbone, Golden responded: "Shoulder."

"He's alright. He's dealt with something like this before," teammate Phillip Dorsett said. "He's not really down. He's still a good guy, still up, talking a lot, still in meetings. He'll be alright."

With Scott out, the Hurricanes are down to six healthy scholarship receivers. Asked if he might switch someone over to receiver to help out, Golden said: "No. D'Mauri [Jones] will have to step up. [Walk-on] Garrett Kidd will get some work there. We carry four tight ends. We'll have enough there."

> Freshman cornerback Corn Elder, who could play receiver if needed, said coaches have not talked to him about switching over to offense at all.

"I'm just working on getting better at corner and try to do whatever I can to help the team out," Elder said. "If needed, I'll do whatever they want. We haven't really talked [about a switch]. I'm just mastering my role at corner now."

> Golden was asked if he thinks there are any parallels between him and Gators coach Will Muschamp, who arrived at Florida at the same time time Golden did in Miami. 

"They're coming off national championships in [2006] and [2008] and didn't have an NCAA thing. I don't think they are parallels at all," Golden said. "They're different jobs. I don't know Will. I have tremendous respect for him as a football coach and as a man and as a teacher. But I don't have a relationship with him and I don't him. I have respect for him, the job that he's done there. But I don't think you could compare the two right now."

Golden said the Gators definitely have Miami's attention.

"You just have to watch them on tape, that's how they get your attention," Golden said. "Big physical team, deep, speed, can really run to the ball on defense. Excellent special teams. They get after the quarterback. They get you in money down situations. They get after you with the pass rush, make big plays happen on the back end. On offense, they'll pound you. That's been our achilles heel. I'm sure that's what they're going to do. We got to buckle up and stop 'em."

Golden said he hopes to see improvement from the passing game this week.

"I was disappointed. We all were," Golden said. "Our completion percentage coming in right after the first scrimmage and coming to the game was really good. We were crisp. We weren't putting the ball on the ground. I was really excited where we were last Monday and Tuesday. And we didn't throw and catch very well, didn't convert on third down which hurt us in time of possession again. It's a challenge right now for everybody. I think were 58 percent in the game, not where we want to be. We have to do a better job certainly against this group Saturday."

> Golden said while the offensive line's conditioning was good last Friday, they abandoned technique at times.


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CAVEAT LECTOR y'all Cane good ol' boys. hUh

Sin City oddsmaker's see MIGHTY Florida as a - 3 point road chalk. At least for the time being. Bloody ouch!

And the Overs/Unders currently holds at... - 49. hUh

The line between Miami and the Gators OPENED with the mighty Gators as a... -2 point road favorite. Get outta' here, outsider!

However, early wagering action from the sagacious Wise Guys moved the line one point. Which is NOT very good news for y'all Cane good ol' boys. Eh. What say.

More LINE MOVEMENT later in the week will give the DEGENERATES a sublte clue on which team to bet.

For what's it worth. I'm thinking the line will move another POINT by Friday, and I SEE-r Florida being a game time... - 4 point chalk. Whatever, Dork.

Oh, I'd stay away from the Over/Unders y'all Miami gambling DEGENERATES!!

I don't blame Miami's players for being 70 percent, or the 58 percent Goldie mentioned above.

It's difficult to NOT overlook a F.A.U., especially when the MIGHTY Gators are lurking around in the shadows. hUh

By the way, the MIGHTY Gators return THREE STARTERS for their FINAL game against Miami. Yeah, yeah there's still a slim, possiblity of meeting Florida in a future bowl game. dUh

D's nuts

Put Clive Wilford at wide out. Florida will see the catch in the F.A.U. game and double him all day.single coverage everywhere else.If not with his size nobody can cover him in space one on one.

Clive Walford is talented but slow as hell. UF would never double him. The secondary is their strength, they have 2nd and 3rd round NFL talent back there.

Rashawn Scott should now be the #7 or #8 excuse for u...

I'll be handling the UF football team, just you watch

Teddy Bridgewater reminds me of Peyton Manning. Not the strongest arm, but the strongest arm is not always whats needed to be successful. He has similar touch, poise, and vision. Bridgewater is super intelligent and if continues to study the game, he'll be just as successful as Manning one day.

Louisville's O-Line cannot run block and their DB's are suspect. They will lose this year despite that weak schedule.

D's an insane stroke victim.

This is a UM blog Harriet, no one here cares about Louisville or how great UF is.

Here we go again, so we see what the theme is for this year:
goldie said he hopes to see improvement from the passing game this week.

If he's not confident in his own team that he's coached going on 3 years now, and for crying out loud goldie, quit mentioning the nc2a crap, it didn't have anything to do with you that has caused this team to look pathetic on defense, quit trying to set-up pre-game excuses. This team was playing way better defense before you got here and have only gone down the drain since you & your minions got here from the mac. If the team was playing defense at the level they were playing when shannon was the headcoach had it paired up with the offense we had last year we might of went undefeated.

Than coach goldie says this:

Big physical team, deep, speed, can really run to the ball on defense. Excellent special teams. They get after the quarterback. They get you in money down situations. They get after you with the pass rush, make big plays happen on the back end.

HELLO, goldie, i'm not sure what it's going to take, but you got access to all the expert film you need on how to play defense sitting all around in Coral Gables, than you starting to prepare for the gaytors and you seeing a similar defensive philosophy from the Great Teams of Canes past, but yet and still you & your boy keep running and believing in the this pussified scheme. Reminds of this old saying "You can lead a horse to water".

With Scott injured UM is "down" to 6 scholarship WR's? Most teams would give their right arm to have the receiving corps we have. The trick is to get more production out of the TE's. That said, let's all hope Scott recovers soon.

The D looked fine against FAU . Uf is one dimensional. The D. Will stop Uf .Canes win by 10. How can Uf not be favored. Number 10 against unranked Miami. Not ranked until Sep 9.

Posted by: Calvin | September 02, 2013 at 04:42 PM

Hey Calvin, leave this blog, you've exposed yourself as having no clue about UM football.


Posted by: Calvin | September 01, 2013 at 10:12 PM

Shalala never overlapped with Davis you f*cking idiot.

Posted by: Not a UM fan | September 02, 2013 at 01:26 PM

I think I missed Tad Foote by one year and told him as much when he lectured in one of my classes (nice man). Coker (another nice man) was coach when I got there after the 2001 championship, and I questioned whether Donna was even around for Butch Davis before writing my response. Thank you "Not a UM fan" for clarifying.

It belies the fact however, that Calvin is woefully wrong in the caricature he constructs repeatedly of Donna Shalala.

It's mystifying to me someone like Calvin, who's whole stick stands on historical perspective, could be so ridiculously inaccurate, wait for it...historically!

I don't like the personal back and forth but I do like to address fellow posters in a direct and respectful manner, so don't take this personal Calvin, but it's hard to take anything you say seriously after this.

You always rinse the blog with your historical relevance then make this kind of historical error?

Further my man, you disrespect one of the great college presidents in the country who has given value to the UM degree (alum should kiss her feet for that) and base your criticisms on her more conservative predecessor? A man that alienated ball players and best coaches to ever come through the Hect? Come again.

Noone mentions Lewis at reciever. He will have a breakout game against the gators.

Posted by: RichmondVaCane | September 02, 2013 at 04:47 PM

Walford IS too slow to get separation at wideout. They'll sit on him all day. They need to play-action with Duke and make the LBs/Safetys cover the TE. We should do double TE ala the Patriots and pound them. Then play-action. Duke will break one. We have more than enough. It's all about our D-line.

the ncaa has had a huge impact on miami. it is why guys like bostwick chose florida over miami. when the ncaa mess is gone the top guys in south florida won't be leaving south florida. This team will get better and better as season goes on. The fact is this team will get better yr to yr under golden also. What shannon left was a bare cupboard. Very very few canes golden inherited were any good. Hankerson and spence were good players but every one else was avg at best. So golden has doen an excellent job of replacing the talent on this canes team. The truth is the best players in miami are sophmores and freshman. We have some nice jrs on this team also. In chick and others but the top notch talent is still guys like coley, duke johnson, malcom lewis, tracy howard, deon bush, and those guys.

Calvin doesn't seem to care about facts. I think he's the loser split personality of Jim Gallo, and that doesn't say much because Gallo is a loser from head to toe.

UM better step its game up this week. If they play like they did against FAU they will lose, not by much, but they will lose. UF has a good O Line and a very good defense that borders on elite. Miami has the edge on offense, but they need to click on all cylinders and not let plays go to waste. Can't wait to see what Duke Johnson and Miami O-Line can do against the Florida D-Line. UM - 24, UF - 23

It's a bit hot in here, time for some ICE.

A little more of TKSWANN and the Florida game perspective rather than Calvin's negativity.

If the 'Canes beat the Gators and we will...what will Calvina say?...That is the question?. Slink away in the night.

We did NOT show anything of the game plan to UF so expect a different U to show and play.

We will win and for the first time in years, will be ranked 18th in the top 25.

Go to the bank on it..

Go 'Canes

Most ridiculous thing about the Shalala hate is that she's about a million times more supportive of the football program than Foote ever was, Foote actually wanted the football team to not try to be #1.

Coaches run football programs, not ADs, not university presidents. Shalala's as irrelevant to UM football as Judy Bonner is to Alabama football.

What shannon left was a bare cupboard. Very very few canes golden inherited were any good.

Posted by: mainecane | September 02, 2013 at 05:03 PM


Just another TYPICAL Canespace MOUTH PIECE! Nothing more and nothing less.

Chit CANESPACE'r. That has to be the absolute most ASININE, STUPID opinion, I've come across in this here Miami football forum, in quite a spell. Huh

By the way Canespace GOOD OL' BOY. Stevie Morris, a Shannon player!

Then there's Seantral Henderson! Another Shannon player.

Oh, what about Linder! Didn't he began his career with Shannon. Thought so, bUbba!

What about WR Hurns, mainecane. dUh Could he be a Shannon holdover. dUh

How about starters Feliciano and Bunche. It seems they came in with the Shannon regime. Eh. What say.

The bottom line this Canespace AGENT PROVACATEUR has been a Randy Shannon doubter from the get go. Isn't that true mainecane!

Heck, take TWO or THREE of Miami's offensive starters and I don't believe the EXPECATIONS would be so LOFTY this season.

We did NOT show anything of the game plan to UF so expect a different U to show and play.

Posted by: UGoCane | September 02, 2013 at 05:29 PM


And, did the MIGHTY Gators " show anything of their game plan " against a STRONGER Toledo squad! Didn't think so, bUbba!!

Get a life you insane stroke victim.

Lets see, Shalalala is supportive of football and we have won how many championships on her watch? But Tad Foote hated football and we won 5? Hmmm...I'll take the guy who lets us win thank you.

ICE is good for strokes.

But Tad Foote hated football and we won 5? Hmmm...I'll take the guy who lets us win thank you.

Posted by: Shalalala hurt UM football | September 02, 2013 at 05:50 PM


Bloody AMEN!!

I have no animosity towards President Shalala, yet her words about CHANGING the Cane football culture have rang true. Youse' know. Huh


Answer that question, HOW did Shalala hurt UM football?!?!?!

Head coaches run football programs, UM had two bad head coaches in a row, period.

Her words???

What about Tad's words?

"Our obligation is to fundamental values that are basically academic," he says. "Every decision is measured against that principle." He also says, with reference to football, "I don't think we should be too hung up on being Number 1."

Maybe those two fromer Hurricane Chief's had their HANDS-TIED, and what not, and couldn't continue to recruit those typical NASTY South Florida prep players.

U know. The type of nasty, football players Miami once had on their roster. hUh

How did they have their hands tied?

Who could they not recruit because the university president was Donna Shalala and not Tad freaking Foote?

Here are the facts - Miami has never spent any money on their football program and they've won multiple championships despite that because of the supreme talent of the area and a series of great head coaches.

Now they have all the resources and facilities they could ever want as well as the exact same talent pool and they're not winning anymore.

Those who know nothing about college football want to point to Shalala because she's an easy scapegoat - fact is Miami has had two terrible head coaches in a row at a time when they've moved to a new conference where the mid-tier teams are magnitudes better than in the old Big East.

Kellen Winslow, III. To name one.

Well, under President Shalala Miami WASN'T going to recruit those type of players any longer, for instance.

I could list a few more, but Cane bUbba should be able to connect the Orange nd' Green dots. Eh. What say.

fact is Miami has had two terrible head coaches in a row at a time when they've moved to a new conference where the mid-tier teams are magnitudes better than in the old Big East.

Posted by: Factchecker | September 02, 2013 at 06:00 PM


I give you the fact, factchecker, that the MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD teams in the A.C.C. are stronger than the passe Big East. hUh

Who is Kellen Winslow III?

Kellen Winslow II attended UM and would have regardless of who the president was.

You connect the dots, you're the one saying UM has lost out on athletes because of Donna Shalala.

And where did Donna Shalala say that they weren't going to recruit players like Kellen Winslow II?

Shockingly that doesn't come up in a google search.

You mean after the FIU brawl?

“We know that we are recruiting a different kind of student-athlete and it’s time for me to say publicly that I believe in them, that I believe they did something awful; but that I want them to continue at the University of Miami. It’s time for me to say to the community and to those who have been sending me e-mails that this University will be firm and punish people that do bad things, but we will not throw any student under the bus for instant restoration of our image or our reputation. I will not hang them in a public square. I will not eliminate their participation at the University. I will not take away their scholarships. We will discipline them appropriately. We will set a high standard for them and we will make it clear what our expectations are for them."

" We can play harder, but from the time we've been here you saw more guys finishing at the ball the way that we teach it, the way we expect it to happen in practices and games"

Is no'D trying to distance himself from what did (last year)and may go wrong on defense before it happens?

For some reasons I just don't the players believe in this guy.


Good research.

Searching the blog, that quote is obviously what D is talking about, and has talked about 100 times before.

You're flat out wrong, by "a different kind of student athlete" Shalala is talking about the same kind of athlete UM has always recruited - different in that they're thugs.

You obviously just misunderstood that quote or willingly took it out of context to make it seem like Shalala wants to change the way UM recruits.

Well now that I've corrected you and shown you the quote in it's entirety, you can drop that line or keep spouting some bullish*t that you now know to be a lie.

Eh? What say? Bloody retard.

Factchecker, even though U paid all that money for your education U still feel a burden of allegiance to the elites as if U went for free or they paid for U. What did your education really teach U--to fall underneath them (employee instead of employer) and protect their "get more by investing less philosophy?" This program has been sold short: monetarily (short changing budgets for adequate head coaches and assistants that could've kept this program a winner).

The worst thing to happen to this football program was Us winning the 2001 NC under Larry Coker, this experiment of having an inadequate/underpaid/under-skilled/players coach at the helm of an well-oiled machine that was on auto-pilot and eventually won did more long-lasting bad than, its apparent good at the time. The University got paid from the win and the administration/board & trustees realized their new "get more for less" business plan. Recruiting was a cinch as 5 star recruits: Tyrone Moss, Leggett, Kyle Wright, Youngblood, Ryan Moore and others lined up to play for us and Coker got lazy (following his bosses lead) and stopped doing proper player evaluations leading to multiple busts in recruiting.

Since that experiment worked that one year (it almost didn't as the coaching ineptness reared its head against Temple and Boston College--culminating in the NC loss to OSU and a superior coach in Tressel) when have been in an unstable cycle of lack of continuity, transparency, investigations, multiple: AD, player, head coach, assistant coach, position coach turnover. Who makes these hires? The president. If those hires are chronically leaving and inadequate then whose fault is that? Either her evaluation/hiring skills are bad or she is doing this on purpose. U choose. How many of each demographic I just named, have left UM during her tenure? Also, there's never been an prevailing sentiment that Shalala is responsible for anything so she isn't and has never been an easy scapegoat. She gets no flack from us the fans (maybe media or her bosses--I'm not privy to those circles though). She isn't above reproach because she has parlayed your degree to another level of acceptance. Thats your stuff--it has nothing to do with our success on the football field. The FACT is that our football team has regressed during her tenure. Since her first cheap hire--Coker, we have been stuck with inadequate and inept budget coaches ever since. I'm from Cleveland and all of our sports team's owners employ this business strategy on our ultra-loyal fan base annually--this is why we lose and are in a permanent state of "hoping" for a miracle when the money thats available is not being allocated to the product to ensure a winner.

I've been watching this movie my entire life and i never thought it would happen to my favorite team since the age of 8 years.

Who was the closest person to Nevin on campus? Who was known to party with him and has several pictures partying and accepting money from him. Who associated with him the most?


Not saying she's a bad person because she could be obeying orders from more powerful and influential people at UM, but its a fact that this program has been unstable and unsuccessful on and off the field on her watch. It aint all the coaches--they have bosses in the Ads and the Ads have bosses in the presidents.

Great work Fact-Checker.

D, Calvin, Gallo, Harriet and the many other aliases these one or two Gators use to pollute our Canes blogs are not use to posters presenting facts to refute their many, many lies.

Again, great work my friend.

Go Canes!

Ron Zook, but everyone is a Gator except him lol!

HarrietTubmanCane, except that's how Miami had ALWAYS done it.

Schnellenberger was a cheap hire. JJ was a cheap hire. Erickson was a cheap hire.

Everyone thought Coker was the man from the job. EVERYONE loved the idea of Randy Shannon.

So how can you blame Shalala for not paying coaches when UM build a dynasty with Tad Foote not paying coaches?

And BTW, university presidents hire ADs who hire the coaches.

Paul Dee was already at UM, he hired Coker and Shannon.

Shalala hired Hocutt, who was a great AD who made a solid hire in Al Golden and then got hired away for an AD job in his home state.

Then she hired Eichorst, who was a great AD who made a solid hire in Jim Larranga and then got hired away for an AD job in his home state.

Now she's hired Blake James, the jury is out but this is his dream position and he's done an excellent job so far.

So really what you're criticizing her for is hiring ADs who were good at their job.

Shame on her, right?

I think Goldie is doing an ok job overall. The defense needs some help. I think Artie Burns should be 3rd corner on the depth chart. He made a couple of good plays and I think he has more upside than Crawford.

Now as far as differences between Goldie and Shannon I think Goldie is way more organized and a better politician. Goldie is doing better with recruiting than RS did even with Miami's sanction situation. Shannon was not a great defensive coach. He was ok. He had great players that were recruited by Butch Davis and Greg Shiano. That was Greg's defense that won our last championship. We haven't been the same since Butch left. Even though Coker was the HC.

Feeling cautiously optimistic about Saturday...Gator hatred 2nd only to Notre Dame...


I can't really follow the illiterate post by D above but it seems that the early money is on the gator, and the bookies need more money on the Canes.

So he thinks that because the line is going up that the bookies are trying to lure more Cane bets, not to level the book, but, to attract a sucker bet.

In reality this just proves-out the over-rated perception of the SEC in general. EVERY bowl bound SEC team was favored in their bowls last year. Take away the great 'Bama team (who you would have to be nuts to bet against) and the SEC was 4-4 vs. the spread. Impressive?

Of course the early money was going to be on the gator.

So D's got it figured out? How did that thinking work out for the 'Dogs last weekend...

"View from Vegas

Georgia opened as a 1-point favorite and is up to 2 at many Vegas bet shops. The total is between 71 and 72."

...not too good, eh.

The bookies love guys like you who've "got it all figured out". There a dime a dozen around here.

Be There.

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