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Canes' notes from Monday: Rashawn Scott update, Golden talks Muschamp

Junior Rashawn Scott, Miami's second-leading receiver last season, will not be suiting up against the Gators Saturday and likely could be out a while after injuring his shoulder last Friday against FAU.

Scott had his left arm in a sling Monday as he watched practice in his jersey and shorts.  

"It doesn't look good for this week. It looks like it's going to be a little bit longer than we want it to be," UM coach Al Golden said of Scott. "As soon as we make a definitive determination we'll let you know."

CanesInsider reported Scott has a broken collarbone and is expected to be out 4-6 weeks. Asked if the injury was a collarbone, Golden responded: "Shoulder."

"He's alright. He's dealt with something like this before," teammate Phillip Dorsett said. "He's not really down. He's still a good guy, still up, talking a lot, still in meetings. He'll be alright."

With Scott out, the Hurricanes are down to six healthy scholarship receivers. Asked if he might switch someone over to receiver to help out, Golden said: "No. D'Mauri [Jones] will have to step up. [Walk-on] Garrett Kidd will get some work there. We carry four tight ends. We'll have enough there."

> Freshman cornerback Corn Elder, who could play receiver if needed, said coaches have not talked to him about switching over to offense at all.

"I'm just working on getting better at corner and try to do whatever I can to help the team out," Elder said. "If needed, I'll do whatever they want. We haven't really talked [about a switch]. I'm just mastering my role at corner now."

> Golden was asked if he thinks there are any parallels between him and Gators coach Will Muschamp, who arrived at Florida at the same time time Golden did in Miami. 

"They're coming off national championships in [2006] and [2008] and didn't have an NCAA thing. I don't think they are parallels at all," Golden said. "They're different jobs. I don't know Will. I have tremendous respect for him as a football coach and as a man and as a teacher. But I don't have a relationship with him and I don't him. I have respect for him, the job that he's done there. But I don't think you could compare the two right now."

Golden said the Gators definitely have Miami's attention.

"You just have to watch them on tape, that's how they get your attention," Golden said. "Big physical team, deep, speed, can really run to the ball on defense. Excellent special teams. They get after the quarterback. They get you in money down situations. They get after you with the pass rush, make big plays happen on the back end. On offense, they'll pound you. That's been our achilles heel. I'm sure that's what they're going to do. We got to buckle up and stop 'em."

Golden said he hopes to see improvement from the passing game this week.

"I was disappointed. We all were," Golden said. "Our completion percentage coming in right after the first scrimmage and coming to the game was really good. We were crisp. We weren't putting the ball on the ground. I was really excited where we were last Monday and Tuesday. And we didn't throw and catch very well, didn't convert on third down which hurt us in time of possession again. It's a challenge right now for everybody. I think were 58 percent in the game, not where we want to be. We have to do a better job certainly against this group Saturday."

> Golden said while the offensive line's conditioning was good last Friday, they abandoned technique at times.


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I tell you what Harriet or Doris or Mary or Sally or whatever your name is...repost even one post where I have slammed the Canes or lied about them like you and your crowd does on a daily basis.

As I told you the other day little girl, your transparent act has grown old and tiresome...as Alvin Dark once said; "Hey kid (or in your case, little girl), take a hike!

Because parity in college football ahs changed skill levels. U get what U pay for now. Budget hires obviously don't cut it and it should be more than apparent if Golden fails (I don't want him to). Our talent used to make up for our coaching, but now that every other school is in South florida, those same players that were locks to play at UM, are going elsewhere, especially since its been proven of late that we can't coach them up.

Who wants to play for a Cleveland team? Who wants to play for the Browns? no one. Why? Because its well-known that the management is not totally committed to the product, just profit. Who wants to play for UM if they're told that the program is being short-changed monetarily, is irrelevant on the field--on a national level, and there's a lack institutional continuity and oversight? Those things aren't bad recruiting tactics/rumors anymore, they're now the truth.

Forget what everyone wanted or loved--those experiments didn't work and they're continuing to employ the same hiring philosophy. People were so inflamed/enraged over the the Trayvon Martin incident that they demanded the DA to go for the most aggressive charge. The DA knew that the most aggressive charge of murder couldn't be proved beyond a reasonable doubt with the evidence she had available, but went with the people and prevailing sentiment. And he walked. So what the people want, is not always what the people need. The people with the evidence and power are culpable.

I said that coaches have bosses called ADs and ADs have bosses called presidents, so why the correction?

Your second post proves my instability and lack of continuity claims. It doesn't matter where they went or why. The point is that they left one after the other, so has coaches and players. U conveniently ignored the whole middle section of my response where I listed several reasons to hold her accountable as U asked D.

Has the football program regressed during her tenure? Yes, its fact

Who has been another constant underneath her during this time? No one.

But your name remains to be a notorious ex-Gator coach though. Stop talking about me and discuss that please? You're deflecting again.

I've never attacked U for supporting Golden (U are NOT a Miami Hurricane fan) without u first attacking me for critiquing him. I challenge U to repost where i have done that. U are the accuser here, so the burden of proof *lies* with U. Remember a post where I've slammed the *Canes*--not the coach (who is 14-11 and defensive coordinator who coached us to a 116th ranked defense lasts season) we've had for 2 seasons. If U post where I've rebutted an insult with an insult--please don't forget the prior post--thanks and good hunting will.

U are a fan of college football coaches, not teams, hence the name U REFUSE to explain lol!

It's Walt Kichefski Week!

Good hunting Will....Muschamp--sure to be your new alias after the game lol!

Harriet your dress is so tight it has cut of what little blood flow is needed to service that miniscule brain of yours.

You are so painfully stupid you believe you can sell us canes fans that your never ending attacks on our coaching staff is not an attack on the team. What makes that statement so funny is you know so little about football that your pea brain has decided the coaches are not part of the football team...F'ing hilarious...yet, I wouldn't expect anything less from a cowardly Gator.

Hey Harriet...show us your tets! LOL!!!

Did Butch Davis win a NC as the Head Coach at Miami. I don't think so. I believe Mr. Davis did a dis-service to the U. Lyer and a cheater. When he left the program they were no longer his players and yes Miami is recruiting a different kind of football players. It shows on the field. Al recruit the percentages. There are more 2 and 3 star recruits than 4 and 5 stars Maybe we will get lucky.Only time will tell if this strategy works

But Tad Foote hated football and we won 5? Hmmm...I'll take the guy who lets us win thank you.

Posted by: Shalalala hurt UM football | September 02, 2013 at 05:50 PM

Which proves my point. President's don't run/influence football. Tad fought against it but Jimmy, Butch, Howard were just too good. Donna supports it but the decline started with Coker and plateaued with Shannon's regimes.

I'm so happy to have someone who has a plan like Al Golden. I take nothing away from Randy Shannon--he has growth to do in coaching--but some guys are great coordinators, and some guys are great HCs.

I'm not gonna say who the clowns are here because they're doing a good job of anouncing their presence, but if you start talking about Shalala as the reason we can't recruit, then you don't know anything about Miami/college football. Since when has any recruit ever chose a school because of the president? They care about the coach! They care about PT, depth charts/competition, and to a degree tradition. Y'all are trippin.

Did you say "Tad lets us win"? HE let US win...? ::smh:: I can't believe I just typed all this...

Fact checker, you could have found that Different Kind Of Student Athlete info from my "cAlvin's Lies" post. Everybody already knows that stuff is old news. Maybe I'll add cAlvin's Shalala didn't support Willie Williams to it though.

As for the other guys with the constant name calling.. just agree to disagree and move on already. This blog is getting worse and worse with the nonsense. I think some guys just like to argue for the sake of arguing. If a guy posts his opinion and you don't agree with it then state why. If a guy tries to pass off his opinion as a fact or posts an inaccurate "fact" (ala cAlvin) then post the truth and cite your source.

Players and alum looooove Donna Shalala. Look at that last campaign, hUh. A billi, and on to the next one.

Look at that Edge and Rock money. Under who?

Just spit that good ol'fashion ignorant hate man. Don't start talking like you know Miami football or Miami U.

Posted by: canesallnight | September 02, 2013 at 08:56 PM

Uhh, Butch recruited arguably the best collection of talent in the history of college football when he was here then went on to the pros without winning a NC. So good, that he left and let Coker drive them to a NC. They won 1, cheated out of another vs Ohio St and regressed under Coker thereafter.

Ed Reed, Warren Sapp, neither 4 or 5 stars but they had heart. And they fit our system. Get off the star system man. Randy had the NWtern group with many stars and it didn't quite work out. Let's move on from that. The U has never been about star ratings.

all bs.....golden just sucks.......there are no more excuse to makde....florida has a younger team and eveyone on this blog says dridkel su...cks

no reason UM should lose to UF.....

time for the rubber to meet the road......lose to UF....golden/dnofrio just leave quietly

all the golden lovers are quiet all of a suden...what happen to golden is a Jimmy J?

Urban Meyer is the king of negative recruiting and Muschamp may have continued Meyer's tradition at Florida. It did seem like Golden was biting his tongue talking about the Fla. coach. I have a strong feeling Fla. is one of the schools Golden referred to when talking about all the negative recruiting he faced.

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