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Canes QB Stephen Morris calls USF a dirty team, says Bulls were going after his ankle

TAMPA -- UM quarterback Stephen Morris was not a happy camper after UM's 49-21 win over South Florida and didn't hold back.

I asked him about signaling to the sideline to leave the game midway through the second quarter and he responded: "South Florida is a dirty team to say the least.

"I don't know man. When your down under [the pile] and everybody is on top they're going to try and go for your ankles and everything. We were already up three, four touchdowns so I was like there ain't no point for me to try to mess with these guys. They're dirty. It is what is. I wanted to score 70 points on them. They disrespected us. I had no respect for them at all. At that point I felt like we should just keep pushing it, keep killing them."

What were they doing? "Little stuff in the pile. Just dumb stuff," he said.

Who was it? "I don't know who that is. Whoever was on the defensive line," he said.

Were they twisting your ankle? "It's the game of football. The obviously got the injury report thanks to a certain group of people. It is what it is."

How is your ankle? "It feels great. Compliments out to Vinny and the [training] staff. I'm going to be in the [training] room all day [Sunday]."


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Offensive coordinator James Coley told WQAM: "Some players move the sticks. Stacy Coley changes the scoreboard.”

USF did their best to impersonate FIU when they played us in 2007. Dirty play by USF was evident for most of the day.

Why didn' RB Clements see any action today. And I didn't notice LB Figuero on the turf either.

Coley will be A.C.C. All-Conference by the time he departs for the N.F.L.

Not as dirty as WV...lol

Florida Gators coach Will Muschamp told the media this week that defensive lineman Dominique Easley had just "tweaked his knee a little bit" when in reality Easley and others were tweeting that he had blown out his knee and was out for the season. Yes, this is the same Muschamp who slammed the media a few weeks ago for not getting their facts straight. Memo to Muschamp: Pot meet kettle!

Funny how u don't see any more Gaytors on here talking chit. Anyway, Coley will be the best of the best to ever play here. Kid is very natural and is our most explosive target. I am ready for him to get more touches. Gus Edwards also needs more carries. This football program has taken the next step building depth and recruiting the right kind of athletes.

I was at game. There fans sore loosers. I was talking smack all day, it was great

Like most of the other Florida Public Universities they probably suffer from an inferiority complex.

Games done. Next game GT.

Better team to test where we are at.

I'm more positive about this season and our future than ever with what i see in Ryan

GO CANES !!!! Just got home usf should be a shamed ... top 15 in state team in town and there was more cane fans there then bull fans ... 47,000 at noon 22,000 after the half lol ... all I heard was how they dropped 21 on us lmao message to coach please don't let up against in state "rivals" ever again ..... good game for the back ups, wish we dropped 70 on them though 4-0 feels pretty good i have miss this feeling


Cue Calvina and Gallo-gator whining about USF's 21 points against our 2nd and 3rd stringers.

7 of those 21 points was a defensive score by USF.

Did you see FSU struggle against BC? They are beatable. By Miami that is. The other team that we never talk about anymore lol will lose big to FSU.

And unbeatable Alabama? 6-0 with less than a minute in the half.

Gt last year was a 42-36 shoot out, without Coley, and with our old defense. Should beat them by more than six to show our improvement.

Gus Edwards should get those 3rd and 1s or the goal line runs. NOT DUKE. MEssage to the OC: NOT DUKE!

I think Duke is <100% he dont look right. For some reason he doesnt seem like he is ruinning 100%.

Hey- I wished they put 70 on them as well. But facts are that Um covered the 18.5 spread, and called off the dogs by the end of the third q. Seriously. I dont think Goldenis going to purposefully run up the score on a state school. Unless that schools mascot is a dirty stinking reptile.

But look at our offense- The line gave Morris and Williams loads of time.

The big challenge will be FSU and Va Tech. Next week vs Ga Tech- count on a lot of pressure from the edges.
They are also good against the run up front/ so Um must adjust quickly and not sit there with 3rd and long all day.

BTW, I am predicting a better performance than last year's 40-9, so 45-7.

Posted by: Five Titles | September 26, 2013 at 02:02 PM

Well, it was 42-7 with a missed chip shot fg before the third stringers took over, so I consider that better, even if they were three points closer thanks to our classy response to their classless behavior. We could have made it 77-7 again...

It occurred to me after today's game that Calvina/Gallo's lies and nonsense is actually a good thing.

As one example...Calvina has been absurdly attacking Stephen Morris and in only a short appearance today Stephen looked like a combination of Unitas, Marino and Brady.

And who will forget the lame brain twins attacking Miami's defense and the impact of the U-Tough program all through the off season and now every single lie they posted has been smashed.

At this point dumb and dumber only have the cheerleaders left to attack...have at it girls!!

Good game, a little sloppy though. Three times inside the 10 with no points is unacceptable.

I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I can't see a one-dimensional GT team beating us.


Like the ole days, If SEC keeps knocking off each other, in 3-4 weeks, FSU n Miami can both be top 10 with a shot at BCS title game. Assuming FSU beats Clemson and we win........But that hasn't been that way since 01.02 with Miami vs FSU , or 03 season....

Alabama most likely is going 12-0, unless Georgia can knock them off.........WITH THE OFFENSE WE HAVE, WE R NEVER OUT OF ANYGAME FELLAS. Oregon has the weak pac 12 so we need them to lose.......IF Alabama and Oregon go undefeated , and say U is 13-0, that's computer call. Next year is the playoffs

I was worried about next season qb situation .We are loaded by Olsen was going to be RS Freshman. Now, I have some confidence in Williams. I am sure Olsen will have a shot to beat him out, but even if Williams is our QB next year, the rest of the team is loaded duke coley wr's, te's, most offense is back......

THE U.........Even if Williams wins the QB battle. in 2015 Kevin Olsen would be a redshirt sophomore so he has a lot of time

Back in the 80s, when a qb signed at Miami, they expected not to play until their JR year, and its getting back that way.............IT ALL HAPPENS, ONLY AT THE U

ALL U UFELONS . WE TOLD U THIS WAS OUR BEST TEAM SINCE 04........no one wanted to listen.

I personally think next yr's team will be loaded other than Morris, and 1 more year in weight room, and this 25-30 kid class is top 5.........THEN WE WILL B LOADED

The good thing was the SCHEDULE CHANGE, that gave us va tech at home this yr and @fsu. With Syracuse and PITT comin to acc, va tech game is home 2 yrs in a row, and now we don't have to play @fsu @vatech every yr.............So, prediction, worse case. 10-2 and playing Fsu or Clemson in ACC TITLE GAME.......my true prediction, we can go 11-1 lose to fsu and still play in acc title game or 12-0.

But with losing to just va tech and FSU(WONT HAPPEN), that should be enough to get to acc champ game.........

No Carolina is really weak this year
Ga Tech, we should take them out.
Wake---------spank them
Duke=--spank them
UVA/PITT if we are 10-0 goin into last 2 vs these guys, should b 12-0

Dom, don't forget about Crow. Or the quarterback we currently have committed Brad Kaaya. All of them will have an equal shot for the starting position.

U HATERS, Miami was #7 in the NATION in points against this year--- unfortunately they got cheap 14 pts in the 4th

WHERE ARE THE DONOFRIO HATERS NOW? NO D IN HIS NAME?? played 18 yr olds last yr.

WE HAVENT PEAKED YET. next years team EVEN W/ new qb will be better. AND #1-5 RECRUTING CLASS COMING ....DEPTH UP THE ARSE BABY.............

Derrick Griffin , the #1WR/TE ranked as ESPNS best last year is in prep school. ADD HIM TO THIS OFFENSE NEXT YEAR. A SPEEDY GUY THATS 6-8 at TE.......EVEN WITH Kevin Olsen or Ryan Williams. NOT COUNTING THE TOP 5 RECRUTING CLASS THATS COMING

MIAMI IS BACK BABY.......We aint a 1 and done like notre dame, who won like 6 games last yr in the last min, and now suck again..............we are loaded, built for a long run, Rb depth Wr depth ,Te depth, oline depth, and now this class THE D HAS DEPTH BABY...............


I agree. Kevin Olsen was top 5 on some ranks, but anyone notice this Kaaya kid jumped up to a 4 star on all the sites and is a stud. Wait till the new rankings come out after high school season, a lot of the under radar kids we offered at the camp, who got 2 stars or low 3 on rivals are jumping up. The WR Langham was a 2 star at the camp, and now he is on ESPN 300 LIST.

#2. Should be a good battle, but Williams with his experience, maybe getting Olsen PT like Williams is this year, kaaya will be a true freshman and with CROW, might RS. ....
next yr
Williams SR
Kevin Olsen RS FRESH
Brad kaaya redshirt might b best
Alabama qb recruit-----redshirt or change positions maybe.................

Anyways. WHAT A GOOD PROBLEM TO HAVE............This offense is more explosive than the Ken Dorsey team with Andre Johnson and company. yes they were great, but NOT THIS FAST

WE R LOADED. but . still maybe 1 year away from being a fully loaded depth wise like Alabama.........but can easily go 13-0 this year.....

Gosh I miss Canetrash.....where are you bro??


RJ,,,,,,,,and company We have paid our dues fellas. Not since the 04/05 season were we even considered title contenders. its been 8-9 friggin years.

not jumping ahead of ourselves, but this yr just feels different. Even those jacory teams that would have a big win(Oklahoma or FSU), would come back and put up a stinker..........golden has them ready each week. and the team is STILL YOUNG. waters is young, duke is soph, coley true freshman, gus freshman, Crawford 1st time , many Defenders fresh and sophomers.


What I especially liked about today was when Crow came in and seemed lost Coach Golden yanked him, which in my view sent a loud and clear message to Crow and the rest of the team...when your number is called you better damn well be prepared to perform!!

Dom The Homer is back...

Agreed Ron Zook, but I do feel like Crow will be a great quarterback, kid has an amazing arm, just gotta work on mental aspects of the game. People are talking about Kevin Olsen but even Al Golden has been quoted saying that he isn't anywhere close to being ready and he has a long way to go. So with that being said I would assume the quarterback battle next year will be between Williams and Crow with Olsen taking another year to work on everything.


Didn't mean to discount your opinion of Crow...and agree that Crow has potential to be special.

It is great to know that we now have a coaching staff that develops players versus what we saw in the recent past where players seemed to regress during the season and many of which never developed at all.

It will be fun to watch Crow's progress over the coming years.

Ron Zook-

Hahaha don't worry my friend you didn't discount my opinion at all. Like you said I'm looking forward to his progress. But on another note, 2 crucial big weeks coming up. The Georgia and North Carolina game will send a message to not only the conference but the country if we can win decisively. Go Canes! 4-0 baby!!!!!!

Canes QB Stephen Morris calls USF a dirty team, says Bulls were going after his ankle

Sounds like he misses the days when all the opponents would know is, so & so has a "lower extremity" injury. Kept em guessing. shannon knew what he was doing, he played the game and when you played it on the defensive side, he understood very well why he was doing what he was doing, but you had idiots criticizing shannon as if they were entitled to know what the injury was.

Also, to those who keep trying to point out where we're ranked defensively, when you've played FAU, gaytors, Savannah St. & now usF, it's not really the smart thing to do to try and point those defensive stats out. Until we actually start playing teams with a real offense those are mis-leading defensive stats.

The one thing that's not mis-leading are the forced turn-overs. That's a legit stat that you can judge now, we're forcing turn-overs again.

Offensively, stacy coley is going to continue to be a nightmare for defenses and he's just getting started. I remember when ryan williams first came in and the one thing you kept hearing about him in practice was, how accurate he is with the football, that continues to be True and he throws the ball where our receivers can run after they catch it.

It's not a good idea to have duke johnson back there on every kick-off. If the game is close or we're trying to break the game open but you can clearly see it's affecting him.

For the first time today i actually saw phillip dorsett make and actual move instead of just trying to run straight and try out-run somebody.

Shannon had no clue,if that's all u can come up w to defend Randy"deer in the head lights" Shannon, just let it go. Calvin,that tenure of Shannon was a huge fail,he was no genius and did nothing great.EVER. Al Golden is the best thing to happen to Miami other than the firing of that epic fail Randy Shannon!

This is the first time in a LONG TIME that I can say I'm seeing player development. I'm a Randy Shannon defender and there is no way a player like Herb Waters develop this way under Shannon..... NO WAY!!


You got to get off of Shannon...He is a True Cane and everyone knows that...he was not a good Head Coach...no on will give you grief about Shannon outside of what he did as a Head Coach...you have got to realize that and accept that and move on...

I agree with you that we really have had one game 2 marjor scrimages and a very minor scrimage...we should do what we have done.

The UF game really tested our Offense and we did just enough to win. The D won that game...and I am not sure like you that we really know what we have other than an aggressive 1st Team D that has talent...

Next week will be a huge test for us against a very challenging foe...who if we take lightly can beat us...

To all you folks on here are spouting 12-0, 11-1, 10-3, etc...Really! We have only played one decent team UF. What give you the right to assume we are in line to play Alabama in a NC Game this year...what have you seen that makes that a given? The inability to move the ball against UF, the Red Zoneand fumbles by Duke? The Fact Gus has had 6 chances to get into the End Zone and could not...The Fact we have given up long plays agaist FAU, SS and USF?

Don't get me wrong...I think and feel we are a good team at this point, and I am glad we took care of Business today, but there were way too many mistakes and issues that must be corrected in order for us to beat decent teams...

Don't get caught up in what you want Miami to be able to do vs what they can and need to do...which is take each game and get better for the next so they are in the best position to come out with a Win!

If we are lucky enough to be undefeated vs an undefeated FSU team and come out with a win...then you all can start talking smack about what if's...until then kind of like I enjoy telling the UM Blog Poster Little Girl Panty Waste...STFU!

One Game At A Time Mentality!

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

Why all the apologists and the need for some to ask for forgiveness regarding our schedule by claiming we really haven’t played anyone. And because of who we’ve beaten these same people say we cannot celebrate our accomplishments and dream out loud about winning the ACC Championship, play in a BCS Bowl Game and even win the National Championship. The reality is our schedule is now more in-line with the other top tier programs around the country that people are all aflutter about.

Point in case is Ohio State. They have played the Buffalo Bulls, San Diego State Aztecs, California Golden Bears, Florida A&M Rattlers and just tonight the Wisconsin Badgers. Other than Wisconsin those teams come close to paralleling 3 of our 4 opponents, yet, ESPN and many others are predicting the Buckeyes will and should play for the National Championship. How about the Gators? Other than our Canes they’ve played the Toledo Rockets, cellar dwelling Tennessee Volunteers and tonight the perennially inept Kentucky Wildcats. You’re not reading or hearing Gator fans bemoaning their schedule wishing it was much tougher. Wait--I’m not done! The #7 team in the country, the Louisville Cardinals have faced the powerhouses; Ohio University, Eastern Kentucky, the other pathetic Kentucky, Florida International and next week Temple. Here again there is no outcry by Cardinal fans concerning their embarrassment and disbelief in their team. In fact those fans believe they will ‘deservedly’ play in a BCS Bowl Game and possibly win the National Championship. I could go on, but I believe I’ve made my point.

I say we’ve earned the right to enjoy every nano-second of this season and no Canes fans should feel as though they shouldn’t be standing on the tallest mountain screaming about the greatness of this new and highly improved 2013 version of Miami Hurricanes football.

Al Golden is the best coach in all of college football and his staff is the best in the land and we are only going to get better and better and better over the coming years with National Championship #6 right around the corner.


Listen to you wanna be CANES FANS. Improvement. They as a team haven't improved? Must have not watch the games last year when they were a good team, but the team they are. Who were the back ups. Bush, Burns, Gilbert(plays football), Kirby(WOW) Corneis, and Elder. D Wade.."Don't believe me Just Watch". OOOHHHHH there go them Miami Boys!!!!!!!!

Not calling them boys back ups.Bcuz they aren't. I really enjoyed Artie B and Bush today. SPEED. Artie B, the play he made on the back side. I thought that was a D.end . Seriously. D. has definitely made me close my trap. The president wasn't "even around today, but he was, handled his biz and got out of there". Great team Coach G. I knew Ray ray and Jo Jo wasn't paying attention.

If people are calling themselves UM fans but at the same time celebrating these victories over cupcakes, i'm not sure when you became a Miami fan, but you're definitely a "U" fan, cause those are a different breed. Those are the same ones who will come on here and tell us how smo17 is one of the greatest qb's in college football and over-hype him when i said before the season started that teddy b is a way better qb than smo17 and the proof will come once we play the gaytors.

Many of you said before the gaytor game that the gaytors defense from last year was way better than what we would face this year, so yall basically said smo17 would be going up against a weaker defense, teddy b and charlie strong and crew had way less time to prepare for that gaytors defense, we had all spring & summer and we only put up 21 points because the defense got turn-overs, so 2 touchdowns came on short fields.

Like i said before, any defense smo17 torches, you can almost guarantee that's not a good defense. He does not need to play next week, but i know it's his senior year and they're trying to keep him out there. But whether he plays next week or not, ryan williams can run the offense. Like i said before, the biggest improvement i've seen from morris this year is james coely has done a great job with smo17's footwork in the pocket. Also that bomb he threw to coley was a combination of 2 things, great footwork(the james coley affect) and the fact that he couldn't run anyway.

Lastly, i'm not sure why people don't want to give shannon credit, that man protected his players, you never heard players complaining about another team like smo17 just did, why, because smo17's injury would've been classified as a "lower extremity". smo17 should stop crying in the media like that, it's football, what he's crying about is nothing new.

Ineresting article!

Miami should move up three spots this week. Okie state and LSU lost, South Carolina and FSU struggled, and even th end and other losses below us help, since i am sure a few voters voted nd over us. Nice place to be going into conference play.

The ND that is...

Blog reads so much better now with folks talking sports again. Anyone catch how we are no longer 117th on defense?

I believe it is time for the trolls to drop that one, too.

Calvin, I politely disagree on one point. We did not have all spring and summer to gameplan one team, no team does that, and they were our second game, not the first.

CAlvin- stupid as usual.

Everyone else- good points.

Ron Zook- ditto.

Why the lameposts by the haters? Ohio State, in fact everyone hasplayed patsies, Even Alabama has. Alabama- to their credit has played two fairly good teams in Va Tech and Ole Miss thus far. But go ahgead look at their schedule. Look at every team's schedules. EVERYONE. I MEAN EVERYONE PLAYS CHUMPS. THE SEC PLAYS CHUMPS, THE ACC, THE PAC 12. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT USF WAS GOINGTO BE BAD? LOOK AT SOUTHERN CAL. JUST HAD 62 POINTS PUT ON BY ASU. SOUTHERN CAL A CHUMP? YES. AND THEY WERE RANKED AHEAD OF MIAMI COMING INTO THE SEASON. SPORTS WRITERS DONT KNOW SQUAT. THEY GUESS JUST LIKE YOU OR I.

Calvin- the two TD passes that Morris threw against what most people considered to be one of the top 2 defenses in the country (Florida)- to Dorsett and the second one inthe corner of the endzone were against bad defenses? Do yourself a favor and all of us to and

shut the *** up with your stupid nonsense because no one herew agrees with you, or even takes your dumb a55 sseriously.

calvin.......you will never get credit from this blog to a cane legacy like randy shannon......its all about giving unearned credit to al golden who has done nothing in my book so far.......

he is building is win/loss record just like he did at temple by playing inferior teams with awful win/loss records.......

is a disgrace that UM is playing these type of teams......i want to see UM play a REAL team like LSU or Georgia or Stamford......i want to see this so called "great job" by goldn/dnofrio.....thumping yourself on the chest like you are national champions against teams that shouldn't even be playng in the ncaa is a travesty of the brand......it make UM look weak.....

you see, this team is heading for a serious fall with this UNEARNED BRAVADO......

last year records vs current

fla atlantic / 3-9.......1-3
savanah state / 1-10.....0-4
usf / 3-9................0-4
gt / 7-7.................3-1
nc / 8-4.................1-3
wake / 5-7...............2-3
vt / 7-6.................3-1
duke / 6-7...............2-2
virginia / 4-8...........2-2

how can anyone say UM is back when the win/loss records of the teams played so far is 1-11?

pitt / 6-7

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