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Canes QB Stephen Morris calls USF a dirty team, says Bulls were going after his ankle

TAMPA -- UM quarterback Stephen Morris was not a happy camper after UM's 49-21 win over South Florida and didn't hold back.

I asked him about signaling to the sideline to leave the game midway through the second quarter and he responded: "South Florida is a dirty team to say the least.

"I don't know man. When your down under [the pile] and everybody is on top they're going to try and go for your ankles and everything. We were already up three, four touchdowns so I was like there ain't no point for me to try to mess with these guys. They're dirty. It is what is. I wanted to score 70 points on them. They disrespected us. I had no respect for them at all. At that point I felt like we should just keep pushing it, keep killing them."

What were they doing? "Little stuff in the pile. Just dumb stuff," he said.

Who was it? "I don't know who that is. Whoever was on the defensive line," he said.

Were they twisting your ankle? "It's the game of football. The obviously got the injury report thanks to a certain group of people. It is what it is."

How is your ankle? "It feels great. Compliments out to Vinny and the [training] staff. I'm going to be in the [training] room all day [Sunday]."


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UM can easily go 8-4 and possibly 7-5 with a loss to virginia....

gt - loss
fsu - loss
pitt - loss
vt - loss

at 8-4 golden goes 48-49 total mediocrity by UM standards.....and next year all of shannons guys graduate.....

Lol gallo, so u are saying all these loss teams are better than ufelony?


Do some home work please these schedules are done years in advance. The USF series was done 5 years ago when they were good not Miami's fault they got bad. Howard asked the U to play FAU as a favor how can you turn him down. You need one scrimmage SAv St.

Are we back no are we improving yes. Wait till the end of the season to judge. Do we have a great 2014 class coming in ? yes.

Golden is doing a great job with the ncaa screwing us not sure how many coaches could be doing what he is doing. Look at Kiffin just got fired.

The blog idiots are back.... welcome back Gallo, Calvin, and Dom the Homer.

Randy Shannon knew what he was doing... ROFL!!! Anybody who has seen the 4 UM games so far WOULD KNOW just by watching the tape that Morris' injury was to his ANKLE so "lower extremity" wouldn't be hiding anything.

calvin.......you will never get credit from this blog to a cane legacy like randy shannon......its all about giving unearned credit to al golden who has done nothing in my book so far.......

he is building is win/loss record just like he did at temple by playing inferior teams with awful win/loss records.......

is a disgrace that UM is playing these type of teams......i want to see UM play a REAL team like LSU or Georgia or Stamford......i want to see this so called "great job" by goldn/dnofrio.....thumping yourself on the chest like you are national champions against teams that shouldn't even be playng in the ncaa is a travesty of the brand......it make UM look weak.....

you see, this team is heading for a serious fall with this UNEARNED BRAVADO......

Posted by: Jim Gallo | September 29, 2013 at 08:38 AM

Good post, alot of people have gotten real over-confident after playing all these cupcakes. Like i said before, what shannon did in 2009 going 3 & 1 against real teams, this 4 & 0 start was manufactered. Also, to those who keep saying "the schedules are made years in advance" that's only halfway correct, otherwise we wouldn't have had the opportunity to turn Lsu down for next year. As well as rearrange the games on future schedules, if you think the schedules are etched in stone, you might want to do your homework.

More importantly though, to those who just try and disagree for the sake of(like women)trying to disagree, the one thing that's been agreed upon is, UM hasn't Truly been tested yet except in the gaytor game where although we won the game, that game showed that this defensive scheme has to force turn-overs in order to be effective, if no turn-overs come, that's going to be one of those games where things will get real.

I can't give donofrio credit for these cupcake games, only the gaytor game, because no matter what or how it was done, we beat them at the end of the day they have to live with it for years to come, but the "goldie buying time plan" is still in full affect. Going 4 & 0 with this schedule is something that's suppose to happen, this ain't temple now.

Also, i gots to give a shout out to my boy jared wheeler, one of my favortie players on the team from day one. I'm not sure how shane keeps beating him out myself but jared wheeler is old school and hustles all day long.

Randy Shannon knew what he was doing... ROFL!!! Anybody who has seen the 4 UM games so far WOULD KNOW just by watching the tape that Morris' injury was to his ANKLE so "lower extremity" wouldn't be hiding anything.

Posted by: say what? | September 29, 2013 at 10:43 AM

smo17 talking:
Were they twisting your ankle? "It's the game of football. They obviously got the injury report thanks to a certain group of people. It is what it is."

I'm wondering what "certain group of people" is he referring to. Again, this what not a problem under shannon no matter how you feel about em. You didn't hear players complaining about another team going after there injuries. But many buffoons & clowns complained about shannon not revealing exact player injuriesas if he didn't know or have a legit reason for doing what he was doing, only itches complained about that under shannon.

Stamford? They are areal team but savannah state is not? Stamford is a freaking high school team.

Yeah the problem under Shannon was losing games against teams we should beat. Gallober and Calvina have finished off another bag of d I c k s from that Florida game in which we beat what is considered the best defense in CFB by the experts, so get these boys another bag. They are hungry and bored.

This gentleman Jim Gallo is either joking or mentally disturbed...

I honestly don't believe that anyone is that dumb.

UM cant make a 3rd down if it was handed to them.....how in the world can that happen with this EXPERIENCED offense....all seniors practically.....

and if you think UM will beat Clemson, your in fantasy world......

RANDY EDSALL: Well, first of all, I don't think we should be ranking any teams until you get to the middle of October to see how anything comes out. You know, 4-0, we haven't accomplished anything yet......

lets see them against fsu this week......they might be the acc sleeper.....but this is a real coach approach....not a fake golden/dnofrio approach.....WERE BACK, lol ...please give me a break....

1 and 11 win/loss competition....lol, at least with randy edsall he admits he is nowhere with a 5-12 win/loss competition record.....

btw......morris is turning into a little p....sy.

it is almost like he senses that he isn't gonna have a good year and is making up excuses.....so what they tried to hurt you under the pile.....ITS CALLED FOOTBALL

"I don't know man. When your down under [the pile] and everybody is on top they're going to try and go for your ankles and everything. We were already up three, four touchdowns so I was like there ain't no point for me to try to mess with these guys. They're dirty

that's p...sy talk right there boy.....old time canes got to be embarrassed......wow

at least jacory harris didn't cry when he got hurt on his throwing hand and his offensive line gave the opposition open season on him towards the end of the season....

its weird.....

Shannon was terrible, that's why he's a position coach now. When he got fired no one beat down his door to be a head coach.

Wait and see how many people come calling for Golden at the end of this season.

randy edsall we know can build a team, and i do think the turtles are actually legit. Last year they lost all of their qb's and were down to i think some linebacker playing qb or something and you didn't hear edsall making any excuses and they still found ways to be competitive, that's real coaching right their. Now that they have a qb playing under center it's going to be real interesting to see what they do against Fsu, i'm pretty sure gumbo fisher will understand real quickly what he's up against, they're not playing boston college next week that's for sure. And steffon diggs is legit.

One mistake we're making is, duke johnson can't be on every kick-off return, that's just sheer stupidity. Only put him back there if we need a spark or something. The same with stacy coley, i'd rather have other guys back there on those instead of your star players, if we're trying to flip field position, ok, than bring them in but not for almost every kick-off. After duke ran that 100 yard kick-off that was called back, back, that man wasn't right the rest of the game, lol.

It was different last year when you had mike james to take over for a few series, but who keeps there starting runningback out their on special teams all game long. If i'm playing against us, i'd keep kicking it to em too, just to help tire him out as well. The first fumble by duke, you can put that in the same category as when he injured himself against the gaytors with that back-side block, he'll try and do to much, but he gives it his all for the team, just got to reign him in a lil bit, that's all.

Ryan Williams looked good yesterday. Its apparent he does a good job staying prepared to enter the game. The team looked good at times but they were a little sloppy and the end.

Artie Burns shouldve made a play on the last deep ball. He did everything but make the play. Good player, he'll get it next time.

USF looked like they were talking a lot of smack. They took a beating though.

Jacory didn't cry when he got injured, but we cried when he recovered and returned to play.

Jim Gallo,

First of all twisting someones ankle under a pile to further injure an already prevalent injury is NOT FOOTBALL...god listen to you. You would almost think you think its funny that it was happening. I agree that Morris should not have went public with it but still that's just dirty on the other team.

And you refuse to count Florida when you talk about our opponents win/loss record. You just include the ones you want to..that sir is misleading and you will fool the average blogger but not a die hard canes fan. I have been reading this blog for years and I dont think I have ever seen you write anything positive. Its ridiculous and directly correlates to your character as an individual. Even though a lot of people disagree with Calvin on this blog as well...even he writes positive things here and there, (ex. our ability to create turnovers). He gives credit where its due...meanwhile if we win its LUCK or because we played a bad opponent, if we lose its because we suck and cant do anything right, that goes for players and coaches.

Now I'm not going to sit here and pretend that im dazzled by the canes performance either. Besides Florida we have not played anyone strong. However, we have shown so much improvement on the Defensive side of the ball and the offense looks like its beginning to click. The next few weeks will be telling of where this team is headed in the future but for now I guess we have to keep dealing with ignorant comments like....ITS FOOTBALL (players are supposed to aim to further injure other players) ahhhhhhhh I shake my head. Go Canes

Gallo, you are your lists are a joke. You're a moron as is your racist boy Calvin.

Let's say you could own the Miami football team as a business and your only 2 HC choices were Shannon and Golden. You 2 morons are the only people besides Shannon, who would pick Shannon.

The facts are so against you in every dimension, find some new nit to pick.

Shannon was terrible, that's why he's a position coach now. When he got fired no one beat down his door to be a head coach.

Wait and see how many people come calling for Golden at the end of this season.

Posted by: Canesjunkie | September 29, 2013 at 12:03 PM

I could careless who calls for coach goldie, usc has an opening now, let's see if he takes that job, the only thing he's done thus far here that's significant is getting a victory over the gaytors. The next step is to beat Fsu and with them and their new starting qb, that shouldn't be to hard to do. Last year coach goldie said embarassingly "it's ok, their a little bit ahead of us right now" well are we tied this year, are we ahead of them, did we close the gap, what does he believe before that game.

goldie has it just like he wants it right now, easy schedule and easy wins. In all honesty, i don't think he had an easier 4 game stretch in all his 5 years at temple than he's had this year. Going up against the triple option shouldn't be that hard like it was last year for some reason.

good....let golden go, if USC can fire lane kiffin with a 3 year USC record on 25-13.......and al golden if he goes 10-2 this year ends up 23-13 at UM...

let him go also.....if USC will fire a head coach mid-year and we have the same performance with golden.....

we like you...but will miss you......and take dnofrio with you

Dorsett can't return punts, he's shaky. Find someone else.

Mr. Gallo - if you're seriously this negative about what Al Golden is doing with UM's football program then that is very sad.

If you're pretending to be this negative for whatever reason I'm not sure that's any less sad.

Regardless, you are very clearly wrong and embarrassing yourself. I don't know, maybe that's the point?

Here Mr. Gallo, watch this clip. Coach Golden isn't talking about you here.


Funny how gallo forgets we beat a 3-1 team, 1-11? Take out our 4 wins and it is 4-8 total. And nice how he forgets Oklahoma, Ohio state, Notre dame, and Kansas state. Yeah, Memphis was replaced by savannah state, but our ooc schedule had an unmentionable sec team on it. After saying all summer we would lose that game, you suddenly forgot it? Nah, more like you were traumatized by it.

I agree about Duke not being right after kickoff return. Let the kid focus on being a rb.

Gallo, your nonsense didn't work before the season started and is now just laughable, as the facts come in.

Why don't you air out your big long list of the Golden "casualties", aka a list primarily made up of criminals, bad workers and other rotten apples we were happy to get rid of.

A blind guy can see the team is much improved and is on a trajectory toward success that your boy RS couldn't have dreamed about

morris = tim bown......

ref.....they are dirty, jerome brown tried to steal my hankie that my girlfriend gave me....waaaaaaa

tolbert bain - jerome brown - bennie blades and melvin bratton need to go visit morris...lol

We need Big Mo to get the ball on 3rd and short. 5'-11" and 255 with legs like tree trunks. I don't get it. He can get us the yard we need. Hey USF! Big 4 my a@@!

Morris cried once, you've been crying ever since your gators lost.

New rankings out, sec still overrated. One loss and one comeback over an unrated team, South Carolina should be below Miami, as should an LSU team with the worst last minutes defense in the NCAA. Georgia barely scraped by and has a loss, drop them, too. Texas a&am gave up 49 to a weak Alabama offense, too. And ucla and Oklahoma, what raked teams have they beaten?

Pollsters are letting their hate get in the way of the facts.

Gallo predicting a loss to Georgia tech, but when we win, he will claim gt is a weak team. Maybe we should go to Connecticut and play Stamford instead?

The U - Tim Brown and the 1987 Notre Dame game

"stop crying like a little girl"......don't ever do that again morris...EVER

"jimmy.....you know his head off at every opportunity"

sorry.....we are just not the same and I will never accept these coaches...NEVER

take his head off...typo

stanford....you idiot.....UM should beat GT.....

all depends if UM is afraid of GT playing dirty.....lol

I was at game. There fans sore loosers. I was talking smack all day, it was great

Posted by: jbarry | September 28, 2013 at 06:58 PM

watch...usc will get a guy like jack del rio and UM has golden/dnofrio......makes you sick

Posted by: dom | September 28, 2013 at 09:07 PM

al golden has turned this team into little girls.......from fake touchdowns in stadium to running up into the student section as a head coach......

because we cant have guys like gionni paul and eddie johnson on our team....too much like the 1986 UM team.......

Gallo/Calvin: you are correct, until we win in ACC we should not be over confident. That said under Shannon we would be 2-2 today. quit all your negative BS when we are 4-0. Also suck some ICE.

Five Titles-

The pollsters are always going to find ways not to give the Canes their due.

After watching South Carolina yesterday I firmly believe our Canes would tear them apart. And the same goes for UCLA who was idle this week but is the medias flavor of the month, because of their comeback victory over a very bad Nebraska team whose coach will soon be standing in the unemployment line with Lane Kiffin.

Calvin/Gallo is either one and the same poster or should open a psychic hotline as they always disappear from this blog at the same time and much to all Canes regret reappear at the same precise moment.

What is fun is they are both on tilt today and their redundant, lie filled posts are now being submitted at a record pace hoping somehow if they print the same lies enough times they will come true.


M-Y Hurricanes are ranked NO. 14 in both major college football polls.

Yeah, yeah I understand y'all Cane partisans DON'T give a bloody Freak' about both the polls and team stat's. So what!

And for the love of Buddah! W-H-Y can't y'all Randy Shannon DISTRACTOR'S bloody LET IT BE!!

Damyum, Coach Shannon has left Miami and moved on. So perhaps y'all Cane good ol' boys should do the same! hUh

As for the non-conference schedule this season. It is what it is!

Yet, Miami would be wise to PENCIL in EITHER a B.C.S. " bottom-feeder " or B.C.S. " middle-of-the-road " team next season, i.e. a home and away series.

Because the Hurricanes still have an OPENING left in the 2013 non-conference slate.

For instance, the Hurricanes will play the following squads next season...

@ Go BIGot REDneck

FWIW... Arkansas St. is at the level of a South Florida/F.A.U. In other words, another unworthy opponent and what not.

Major college footbal tidbits related to the non-conference scheduling and what not.

The Big 10 CZAR wants ALL conference teams to CEASE playing those I-AA fee, fi, foes immediately.

Yet, both OHIO ST. and naturally NEBRASKA are staunchly opposed to that measure offered by said Big Ten CZAR.

In other words, this Delaney dude knows that STRENGHTH of non-conference will be a major FACTOR in the selection of those FOUR teams, which will play for future national championships. dUh

Again, this is Miami and the Hurricanes have NEVER been afraid to play the Big Goon's and what not!

Miami will face the Bumbling Bee's at 3:30 EST. The game will be televised on ESPNU.

That's ESPNU... not ESPN/ESPN-2.

I guess the ABC/ESPN college football SUIT's figure my Hurricane are going to bloody well MOLEST the Bumbling Bee's. Otherwise, why would they put Miami on the 4th String channel, again.

Gallo/Calvin: you are correct, until we win in ACC we should not be over confident. That said under Shannon we would be 2-2 today. quit all your negative BS when we are 4-0. Also suck some ICE.

Posted by: Tim "ICE" Harrison | September 29, 2013 at 12:58 PM

Saying under shannon we would be 2 & 2 is a joke, was shannon 2 & 2 in 2009 in his 1st 4 games against 4 real teams. You might know the answer to that question. Now had the 2009 squad played that 2008 gaytor squad, shannon would've beaten them for sure because they wouldn't have been able to score much, teblow would've been running for his life that year like he was in 2008.

As of right now, this is coach goldie's 3rd year, nd we are beginning to see what type of team he can produce. I always said coach goldie has the potential to be a good coach, but it can't be with a weak philosophy. Running from competition doesn't allow you to know where your team is, playing a team like the gaytors who were up for us just like we were for them, playing tuff games, not just your own conference games to rely on where you're at as a team is where you elarn who you are as a team.

What i like about this year's team though is, you got a lot of guys/seniors playing angry, linder is out there trying to kill people, jared wheeler whether a senior or freshman is going to play non-stop. shayon green ballin, which was the funniest moment for me yesterday seeing shayon green celebrating his first sack not realizing he had caused a fumble to, lol. We don't need a false sense of security as a team, which is what playing cupcakes will give you, see notre shame in the national championship game last year, they thought they actually had a real defense and realized real quick they were overrated we don't need that type of embarrassment.

people are use to us if nothing else, being able to play real defense. Right now this defense was only tested by a subpar gaytor offense that moved the ball up and down the field on us, now philosophically the defense worked to perfection against the gaytors.

Off topic, gotta give a shout out to our main man allen hurns, all he does is show up no matter who the competition is since he's been here. I remember when shannon recruited him and i kept telling people, that was a real good pick-up by shannon in getting allen hurns that year. All he's done since he's been here is make plays.

Also notice how the things we've said about smo17, when you hear the commentators saying "the d-co for usF is giving up the middle of the field" this goes directly to what we've been talking about with smo, they know he doesn't throw balls over the middle of the field, he completes alot of long bombs and out routes or bubble screens. That throw to herb was well done and is there for him because d-co's defend wide against smo becaue they know his tendecies.

Loser wrote Stamford, gets caught in lies, and attacks the messenger. Ignores the point though, that Miami DOES face tough ooc opponents every year.

How said UM was back? Nobody.

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