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Canes receiver Stacy Coley named co-ACC Rookie of the Week

Hurricanes freshman receiver Stacy Coley was named the ACC Co-Rookie of the Week, sharing the honor with Virginia Tech cornerback Brandon Facyson.

Coley is the fourth Hurricane to earn ACC Player of the Week honors in 2013. Senior Brandon Linder was named Co-Offensive Lineman of the Week on Sept. 3, junior Denzel Perryman was named Linebacker of the Week and junior Anthony Chickillo was named Co-Defensive Lineman of the Week on Sept. 9.

Coley hauled in career highs for receptions (4), receiving yards (96) and receiving touchdowns (2) in Miami’s 49-21 road win at USF.

In the video below, Coley says veterans like Phillip Dorsett have been helping him grasp the Hurricanes offense. He talks about what he's learned in his first month on the job and what coaches are harping on with him.


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Good for Stacy, and good for Morris and the coaches in not giving up on him after that rough start.

Soon it won't just be an acc rookie of the week award, it'll be acc player/receiver of the week. Thus far, this man basically should've had a touchdown in 3 games and maybe even the gaytor game he might've had a touchdown had they let him get in that atmosphere, who knows. Anyway, from a talent standpoint alone he's our best receiver. We're strong at receiver, especially if rashawn scott comes back strong, freak injury on a meaningless play as far as the score went but from an effort and opportunity standpoint he gave it his all though and that'll always impress many people.

When it's said and done Coley and Waters are going to be on par with the Santana Moss/Reggie Wayne combo.....don't believe me just watch

Good for Stacy, and good for Morris and the coaches in not giving up on him after that rough start.

Posted by: Five Titles | September 30, 2013 at 05:36 PM

I'm not sure why people call it a rough start, it reminds me of when people use to dawg hankerson and use to keep telling them, if a guy is dropping balls that's good news cause it means he's getting open, now all he has to do is complete the play. leonard is in the nfl doing well, still dropping a few here and there but all he does is get open, with stacy coley, it was a combination of things, one, smo17 has a rocket and the ball more than likely got there faster than it normally does in practice, and it was his 1st game, the touchdown wasn't a drop, just a better defensive play, but it also, let him know how much faster he needs to put the ball away at this level to as well.

To much talent, our receiving core looks strong, we can definitely use some more recruits their for sure.

Calvin: True. Coley is a freshman, too. I don't like to harp on that part, but it does figure in, especially in a psychological sense. UM has the type of offensive players to score at least 40 points a game. There is still not enough usage from the TE spot. I hope this OC realizes there are a lot of ways Duke can help U, and without the ball in his hands.

This coaching crew will bring UM a notch up from mediocrity.

Fact: If there is a coaching opening at USF, UCF, FAU or some FL school, there is no reason why RS shouldn't get that job if he wants it. Correct me if I'm wrong: RS was a consideration for the FAU job and can handle a FL coaching job because he has a lock on the recruiting base.

Go back and watch the 1st few games and that's why they're calling it a rough start. That appears to be behind him now. Dropping balls consistently is an issue, not good news because it means he's getting open. That's as dumb as Cam Cameron's "Fail, Forward, Fast" mentality.

After seeing poor RS operate as a HC, no one will be hiring him. The Peter Principle may be renamed the Randy Principle after that failed experiment.

Everyone forgot about Waters over the summer...i kept bringing him up in posts. He will be the man by seasons end.

Dorsett, Hurns, Walters, Coley. If used properly there is no defense in the ACC that can stop all four of these play makers. Well maybe one, FSU. G-Tech and V-Tech defenses are nothing to scoff at either. The "U" must be ready to play 60 minutes versus G-Tech. If not G-Tech does have enough talent to take this one from the "U". Go Canes.

GKC nailed that one. RS was the embodiment of the Peter Principle Indeed. I mean that is it. good call. I loved RS, but he was in over his head and is gone. Let it go.

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