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Canes will be wearing orange jerseys against the Gators

There's been a little confusion all week about which jerseys the Hurricanes will be wearing this week.

As of lunchtime Friday, two UM spokesman have told The Herald players will be wearing orange tops for Saturday's showdown with the Gators. UM has asked fans to wear white as part of their "White Out the Gators" campaign. 

Some fans are a bit confused as to why officials would ask its fans to wear white when the visiting Gators will be wearing white jerseys and UM will be in orange.

Miami associate athletic director Chris Freet pointed out that other sports teams -- like the Miami Heat -- have asked fans to wear white while the team has worn a different color jersey. 

A UM student organization called Category 5 is distributing 6,000 white t-shirts that feature coach Al Golden’s tie and a pair of Sebastian the Ibis sunglasses for students on the lower level.

Freet said the student section will be packed Saturday.


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It's a dumb idea that backfired and is going to look ridiculous on TV. Poor job by UM here.

Whats wrong with wearing Orange?

screw that! I'm wearing my orange Jersey. dumb idea...

Jersey colors ... Really ?

Really ?

No way Gators will stop both Duke running and Morris passing.

Posted by: TK SWANN | September 06, 2013 at 01:19 AM


"As dazzling and explosive as sophomore Duke Johnson has been since he arrived (he put up a career-high 186 yards last week against FAU), he's yet to have to shoulder a load bigger than 19 carries in a game and he has yet to deliver against top-end opponents. Last year against Miami's three ranked opponents (Notre Dame, Kansas State and Florida State) Johnson combined for 68 yards on 23 attempts (2.96 per carry) without a touchdown."

"As hot as Canes quarterback Stephen Morris finished last season, he really didn't put up great performances against Miami's toughest foes, throwing for only 639 combined yards, one touchdown and one interception against UM's ranked opponents in 2012. He was also sacked nine times combined in those three games compared to seven the rest of the season."


What ? []_[] mean like how K. State-UNC-FSU-Notre Dame couldn't STONE COLD shut down both #8 n #17 last year ? "No way" the GATORS Key on #8 Dookie forcing #17 Bobblehead into 3rd. n Long series after series riiieet ?

Typical Cane mentality that never learns from recent past history...

"NO WAY" []_[] will ever digest and understand the FACTS ...


HOLA ARTURO MANG !!! Less than 24 Hours Brother !


And []_[]r sieve of an 'efense that gave up OVER 500 Yards in 9 of []_[]r 12 games last year is bigger, stronger, no longer young and magically will become a Top-Defense riiieet ?





psssst ... []_[] need to wake up.

More poor planning by shalalala's crew. Just win and give up on the gimmicks.

And of course, []_[]'ll have ZERO penalties, blown assignments, fumbles, interceptions while []_[]r endless depth will keep all phases of []_[]r game fresh as daisies. While the GATORS will have over 100 yards in yellow laundry, multiple blown assignments, 2 picks, 3 fumbles and will wilt due to their complete lack of any quality depth whatsoever ..... Riiieet ?


aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh CandyCaneLand > OZ ...

It's stupid they aren't wearing all white in these hot conditions.

But the real reason for the "white out" is to make it seem like there are more Canes fans at the game than Gators fans. Although many Gators fans will be wearing orange (and blue), because it is going to be so hot out, they will also be wearing white. Because of the "white out" campaign, anyone wearing white will appear to be a Canes fan on TV. Also, because the seats are mostly orange, an "orange out" does not look good on TV. It will just remind everyone that the stadium is typically half full. Sad, but true.

It's gonna be hot as hell tomorrow....thanks ESPN

Lets sign them out like we did bosworth....bye bye gators, were glad to see U go.

There's been a little confusion all week about which jerseys the Hurricanes will be wearing this week.

Some fans are a bit confused as to why officials would ask its fans to wear white when the visiting Gators will be wearing white jerseys and UM will be in orange.


JESUS H. CHRIST []_[] have to be complete Cane Oxymoron Morons ...

Next time, Miami associate athletic director Chris Freet, send the memo out in 2nd. grade Grammar, dumpster smoke signals and in Espanol...

Orange or White or Orange or White or Orange or White or Orange or White or Orange or White or Orange or White or Orange or White ???

Yo Cane Clucks ... Try a nice shade of DEEP Black n Blue ....


Yo ARTY, I'll NEVER Forget the sign that the Dumb Clucks brought up to the SWAMP in 2008 ... This is NO B.S. ... Right in front of the Cane Cheerleaders front row in the S.E. End Zone... I Sheeet you not... Right before the canes came out before Kickoff the N[]_[]mbn[]_[]t fans unfurled their Miami High Educated Messterpiece... It was about 15 feet long in huge block letters that said...


"MIAMIA" !!!!

They entire Stadium was howling with laughter and it took them 15 minutes and the cheerleaders telling them that they spelled MIAMI wrong before they realized it.

The fools had to rip out the second "A" and then find tape to retape it. They had no tape. So the cheerleaders had to let them borrow some athletic tape and it kept falling apart until they finally waded it up in as their 2nd. Half Beatdown ensued ...

Ahhhhhhhhhh ... Good times Arty ... Good times ...

If Shannon would've gotten this type of support wow! Will the media turn on Golden within the next year if he doesn't win.

If the Canes get blown out fans will turn on Golden quickly. I don't think it will happen, but fans will not tolerate a huge Gators win, especially if there are a bunch of excuses afterwards. There will be pressure on Golden to fire his buddy, which he will have to cave in to eventually. Let's hope it does not come to this. Of course, a win tomorrow will ensure he is in good graces with fans for at least two seasons.

just win baby....just win....play it like it's your last chance to ever get on the 2 acres...and go down swingin'!!!

It's gonna be hot as hell tomorrow....thanks ESPN

Posted by: Canesjunkie | September 06, 2013 at 02:46 PM


GATORS vs Toledo @Noon ... 95 degrees 80% Humidity 115 on the Field ...

Not ONE Cramp or Halftime IV needed ... No worries whatsoever ...

Total loser, trying to bait other men into stupid keyboard confrontations.

Lonely aren't you?

There's plenty of other places in the web where you can get people to talk to you, maybe even jar something up your bunghole Soldy.

Actually it was 89 and the gators D had their hands on their hips gassed trying to hook up to the cooling lines on the sideline.

WARNING - BOLO: I just saw a bunch of rednecks that look like the "Beverly Hillbillies" invading Miami. They are coming in droves driving old beat up trucks and heading South doing 30 MPH on I-95. It appears they are coming from Gaynesville because I saw a bunch of Jethros and Ellie Maes sitting on top of the trucks holding shot guns and moonshine bottles. I think that when you put about 15 of these Gaytor fans on a single truck you may have a full set of teeth. So hide your farm animals and lock your doors, the U-Felons are in town, and half of them are on parole. Future inmates and murderers will take the field this weekend, but at least they are all coming with their their parole officers so that's a relief. Beware, it's the Honey Boo Boo gang from Deliverance Country a/k/a Gaynesville coming to Miami to watch their Gaytors lose for the 7th time in the last 8 game. There may be thousands of these hillbillies coming, but the economy of South Florida will not reap any benefits this weekend because these inbred rednecks will not eat at any restaurants or stay in hotels. Instead, they will BBQ some possum and road kill that they picked up along the way, and they will sleep in their trucks drinking moonshine and chewing tobacco all night long. You will be able to easily spot these rednecks as they will set up their trailer-park style accommodations anywhere there is a swamp, or a large empty wooded field with lots of grass and cow manure(this will make them feel right at home). There you will find a bunch of beat up old Chevy trucks with misspelled bumper stickers all over, a gun rack and a cowboy hat on the dashboard. They will park in an empty field by the stadium and will set up an outhouse next to their trucks. Also, you will be able to see a camp fire flaming right next to their Rebel Flags, as they fondle their sisters and walk around with denim overalls and no shoes. At the entrance to these hillbilly camps, you will find a large wood carving of Timmy Tebow, and it will have a bunch of cheap candles burning on the floor in front of it, and sitting on a mantle will be a crying towel (allegedly the same towel that Tebow used to wipe his tears). Of course, Banjo music will be playing loudly in the background. Dentists can take the week off. Go Canes!

Wish ag would bring back the green jersey.

Yeah, we want to do everything Penn State does

The New York Times
September 6, 2013
Johnny Football’s Payday
Welcome aboard, Time magazine. So glad you decided to join our little bandwagon!


I’m referring, as you may already know, to the cover story in the current issue. “It’s Time to Pay College Athletes,” reads the headline, accompanied by the current poster boy for the issue, Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel. Indeed it is.

Now that I think about it, the bandwagon isn’t so little anymore. Over the last year or so, more and more voices have joined the chorus calling for more equitable treatment of college football and men’s basketball players — athletes who essentially hold down full-time jobs, and are expected to be big revenue producers for their schools, but whose sole compensation is a scholarship, often renewable at the whim of the coach, that may or may not lead to an education and that usually doesn’t even cover the full cost of college.

What has been especially striking to me in recent weeks is the way the Manziel case has become a tipping point. Last season, as a freshman, Manziel — whose nickname is Johnny Football — won the coveted Heisman Trophy after leading the Aggies to an 11-2 record, which included an exciting victory over Alabama, the eventual national champion.

In early August, ESPN reported that Manziel had signed his name on some sports memorabilia in return “for a five-figure flat fee” from an autograph broker. After much Sturm und Drang, not to mention an N.C.A.A. investigation, Manziel was handed a silly punishment: a half-game suspension, which he served last Saturday, when the Aggies played their opening game of the season against the Owls of Rice University. The N.C.A.A. said that it found no evidence that he had taken any money, but it imposed the penalty because one of its rules states that players can’t sign autographs for people who are going to try to make money from their signature, even if they reap no reward themselves.

It is worth noting that as college athletes go, Manziel is not the most sympathetic of characters. Unlike many college athletes, he doesn’t need money; his father inherited an oil fortune. Last spring, he didn’t go to class on the A&M campus but instead took all online courses. He can come across in profiles as surly, entitled and aggrieved. And his drinking is such that his coach, Kevin Sumlin, and his parents had him see an alcohol counselor, according to ESPN The Magazine.

But none of that has seemed to matter. Instead of viewing this as a case of a pampered player breaking the rules, many people saw it instead as example of how ridiculous the rules are. As Time magazine put it, “The real question is, ‘What’s wrong with that?’ ” referring to a college athlete’s getting paid for his autograph.

“The case just seems so egregious,” said Warren Zola, an assistant dean at Boston College’s Carroll School of Management who advises athletes preparing to turn pro. “Punished for signing your own name?”

Critics of the current system, like me, often complain that everyone in the business of college sports gets rich except the players. In the case of Manziel, you can see that clearly. After Manziel’s great season, his coach, Sumlin, got a $1.1 million raise; his salary, according to Time, now tops $3 million. The magazine came up with estimates showing that A&M’s media exposure, thanks in part to Manziel’s Heisman Trophy, is worth $37 million, and that the retail value of A&M merchandise is $72 million — a 20 percent jump from the previous year. “The general public now recognizes the fact that the money is preposterous,” Zola told me. It is this influx of money, much of it generated by television contracts, that makes the continued “amateur” status of the players so untenable.

There are, of course, voices missing from the new chorus: those of the college sports insiders, who cling to the status quo. And why wouldn’t they? But theirs is not necessarily the last word. In Congress, a bill was recently introduced that would give players more rights, a sure sign that the issue is catching on. In the courts, lawsuits aimed at making it possible for players to earn some money from their likenesses continue to move forward. If a large enough segment of the public comes to see that, however much they love football or men’s basketball, the current state of affairs is inherently unfair, public outcry may force the necessary change.

Time’s cover suggests we may be getting to that point.

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