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Former Canes quarterback great Bernie Kosar arrested. Reached by Miami Herald text, he says he's "fine.''

 Former Cleveland Browns and Miami Hurricanes quarterback Bernie Kosar was "arrested and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol in Solon, Ohio, early Sunday," the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

The Miami Herald reached Kosar by text at 1 p.m. Sunday and he wrote back, "I am fine.''  He said he was at the Cleveland Browns game, but released no other information.

"Kosar was pulled over for speeding on SOM Center Road at 2:42 a.m., and police officers smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle, according to a press release from the Solon Police Department,'' Cleveland.com reported. "He took sobriety tests,and was then taken to the Solon Police Department without incident, the press release said.''

The press release, obtained by the Plain Dealer, described Kosar as the driver of a black Cadillac. It said Kosar posted a $500 bond and that his Bedford Municipal Court date is at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

"The Solon Police Department will not release any video of the stop involving Mr. Kosar until the disposition of the case has been finalized,'' the press release stated.

Kosar was the freshman quarterback who led UM to its first national championship under Howard Schnellenberger in 1983. He is a member of UM's Board of Trustees, is in the UM Sports Hall of Fame and a member of UM's Ring of Honor.

Among his many achievements at UM, Kosar is the single-season passing yards leader with 3,642 yards in 1984. 



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Much ado about nothing. Because haven't most, but not all, Cane loyalists driven while under the influence of the wine and what not.

Miami's game against the Bumlbing Bee's will be televised by ESPNU. Kick-off is set for 3:30 EST

By the way, my bad for making JEST of the slurping of a few TOT's and what not. Because driving and drinking has been very COSTLY and what not!!

Hurricanes are ranked NO.14 in both major college football polls.

And as long as Goldie's squad keeps winning, the Hurricanes should be ranked in the TOP 10 entering their game with the MIGHTY Seminoles. dUh

Yeah, yeah I understand y'all Cane loyalists SUBSRIBE to the " one game at a time " approach.

Well, some college football fandom don't mind in playing the LOOKING AHEAD game. Because ISN'T that what the college football bUbba does... hUh!

Gallo/Calvin: you are correct, until we win in ACC we should not be over confident. That said under Shannon we would be 2-2 today. quit all your negative BS when we are 4-0. Also suck some ICE.

Posted by: Tim "ICE" Harrison | September 29, 2013 at 12:58 PM

Saying under shannon we would be 2 & 2 is a joke, was shannon 2 & 2 in 2009 in his 1st 4 games against 4 real teams. You might know the answer to that question. Now had the 2009 squad played that 2008 gaytor squad, shannon would've beaten them for sure because they wouldn't have been able to score much, teblow would've been running for his life that year like he was in 2008.

As of right now, this is coach goldie's 3rd year, nd we are beginning to see what type of team he can produce. I always said coach goldie has the potential to be a good coach, but it can't be with a weak philosophy. Running from competition doesn't allow you to know where your team is, playing a team like the gaytors who were up for us just like we were for them, playing tuff games, not just your own conference games to rely on where you're at as a team is where you elarn who you are as a team.

What i like about this year's team though is, you got a lot of guys/seniors playing angry, linder is out there trying to kill people, jared wheeler whether a senior or freshman is going to play non-stop. shayon green ballin, which was the funniest moment for me yesterday seeing shayon green celebrating his first sack not realizing he had caused a fumble to, lol. We don't need a false sense of security as a team, which is what playing cupcakes will give you, see notre shame in the national championship game last year, they thought they actually had a real defense and realized real quick they were overrated we don't need that type of embarrassment.

people are use to us if nothing else, being able to play real defense. Right now this defense was only tested by a subpar gaytor offense that moved the ball up and down the field on us, now philosophically the defense worked to perfection against the gaytors.

Off topic, gotta give a shout out to our main man allen hurns, all he does is show up no matter who the competition is since he's been here. I remember when shannon recruited him and i kept telling people, that was a real good pick-up by shannon in getting allen hurns that year. All he's done since he's been here is make plays.

Also notice how the things we've said about smo17, when you hear the commentators saying "the d-co for usF is giving up the middle of the field" this goes directly to what we've been talking about with smo, they know he doesn't throw balls over the middle of the field, he completes alot of long bombs and out routes or bubble screens. That throw to herb was well done and is there for him because d-co's defend wide against smo becaue they know his tendecies.

Well, Williams took advantage of the middle of the field on that sweet pass with a feathery touch.

Calvin, the Green nd' Orange IRONY is, that Goldie's team WON'T be TESTED until the road game in Tallie.

Because the Bumbling Bee's are... the Bumbling Bee's. And Carolina Blue hasn't been impressive. Albeit Carolina will be READY for the Canes.

Then, there's A.C.C. bottom-feeder Wake Forest ( SEE what Clemson did to the Deacon's on Saturday. ).

Non-conference SOS will be one, among others, DETERMINIG variable regarding the 4 college football play-off teams.

Major college footbal tidbits related to the non-conference scheduling and what not.

The Big 10 CZAR wants ALL conference teams to CEASE playing those I-AA fee, fi, foes immediately.

Yet, both OHIO ST. and naturally NEBRASKA are staunchly opposed to that measure offered by said Big Ten CZAR.

In other words, this Delaney dude knows that STRENGHTH of non-conference will be a major FACTOR in the selection of those FOUR teams, which will play for future national championships. dUh

Again, this is Miami and the Hurricanes have NEVER been afraid to play the Big Goon's and what not!

Total team defense

NO. 10 Miami Hurricanes

FWIW... MIGHTY Gators are No. 2. And that's with their BEST ( #2 ), arguably speaking, defensive player out for the season.

Total team defense

NO. 10 Miami Hurricanes

FWIW... MIGHTY Gators are No. 2. And that's with their BEST ( #2 ), arguably speaking, defensive player out for the season.

Posted by: D | September 29, 2013 at 02:26 PM

Post a comment

While it's saying we're a top 10 defense, we know in Truth, playing FAU, the gaytors offense, Savannah St. and now usF does not make you a legit top 10 defense, but it looks good though. Right now we are a smoke & mirrors top 10 defense.

Again, this is Miami and the Hurricanes have NEVER been afraid to play the Big Goon's and what not!

Posted by: D | September 29, 2013 at 02:21 PM

At least before coach goldie got here, but we'll see.

At least before coach goldie got here, but we'll see.

Posted by: Calvin | September 29, 2013 at 02:36 PM


That's why it's IMPERATIVE that Goldie UP GRADE the non-conference schedule beginning next season.

Miami still has an OPENING in the preseason slate of the 2014 schedule and even playing a " lower-echelon " team from a B.C.S. program would be better than F.A.U./F.I.U./or New Mexico St., for instance.


@ Go BIGot REDneck

H- Arkansas St.

H- Florida A&M

And yes, it's a GRAND DELUSION regarding Miami's defensive rankings and what not. Yet, there are SEVERAL Top 20 defenses which have played a COMPARABLE non-conference slate of games.

Again, Miami's defense probably won't be TESTED until the F.S.U. road game.

EX-Cane Jimmy with another T.D. catch.

Oh, wasn't that a SHANNON recruit and what not.


Relax Canes fans. You have 3 wins verses 3 awful teams with 1 total win between them. And a barely win verses a team with a turnover prone, no offense and defense that shut you down to the tune of 200 total yards and 8, 3 n outs.

But you'll be making BCS Bowl reservations anyways proclaiming that you are back for the 8th. time in the last 8 years. You better pray #17 makes it through the season or your delusions will become a nitemare dreamt the last 8 years.

Silly Cane Fan....don't worry about us....we will be fine. Beat your Turds....score would have been worse had Golden kicked the ball deep after our sack/fumble/td.....our D forced 5 turnovers that day....your D had one off a horrible throw. You tell me which D balled out that game.

Took care of FAU
70 on the high school team
Should have hung 60+ on USF.....

Its good to know that the U is not only better then UFAG....but Tennessee and Kentucky Fried as well.....probably 80% of the SEC would lose to us.

Not only does D like reading his garbage, duh, here he goes with the Shannon trash. If Gallo, Calvin, and D would go to the gaynesville sun where they belong, this could be a great place for CANES fans to debate and give opinions, THAT COUNT. D is for duh
D is for dumb
D is for dufus
D is for dodo

Man .. what a bounce of crap being written today . trolls stop with the great coach randy talk... look genius if he was so great why is he not a head coach ? Assistant coach? Defensive coach ? Nope try lb coach at Arkansas so your post is just dumb as always!!! stats are for losers , winners point to the score board hahaha 4-0 trolls

Allow me to repeat to the Canes fans on this blog:

Why all the apologists and the need for some to ask for forgiveness regarding our schedule by claiming we really haven’t played anyone. And because of who we’ve beaten these same people say we cannot celebrate our accomplishments and dream out loud about winning the ACC Championship, play in a BCS Bowl Game and even win the National Championship.

The reality is our schedule is now more in-line with the other top tier programs around the country that people are all aflutter about.

Point in case is Ohio State. They have played the Buffalo Bulls, San Diego State Aztecs, California Golden Bears, Florida A&M Rattlers and just tonight the Wisconsin Badgers. Other than Wisconsin those teams come close to paralleling 3 of our 4 opponents, yet, ESPN and many others are predicting the Buckeyes will and should play for the National Championship.

How about the Gators? Other than our Canes they’ve played the Toledo Rockets, the cellar dwelling Tennessee Volunteers and tonight the perennially inept Kentucky Wildcats. You’re not reading or hearing Gator fans bemoaning their schedule wishing it was much tougher.

Wait--I’m not done! The #7 team in the country, the Louisville Cardinals have faced the powerhouses; Ohio University, Eastern Kentucky, the other pathetic Kentucky, Florida International and next week Temple. Here again there is no outcry by Cardinal fans concerning their embarrassment and disbelief in their team. In fact those fans believe they will ‘deservedly’ play in a BCS Bowl Game and possibly win the National Championship. I could go on, but I believe I’ve made my point.

Al Golden is the best coach in all of college football and his staff is the best in the land and we are only going to get better and better and better over the coming years with National Championship #6 right around the corner.

While none of us 'real' Canes fans like the new reality of college football where teams try to schedule championships (see the Gators over the last decade). The bottom-line is if you don't compete in the scheduling game you will have zero chance of EVER competing on the national stage on a regular basis.

The big money drives the scheduling and those that whine about Miami's schedule this year simply do not understand today's college football and are mindlessly living in the past.

For you deniers I suggest you go to the local gas station and see if they'll sell you gas at .45 cents a gallon, a new home in a high-end district for $65,000 and 5 day hospital stay for $1,500.

Like it or not--the times they are a changin' and only the fool will try to fight that fact.

At the 13:03sec mark i thought they were rooting for us, lol, close, the colors were right that's for sure!


True !! We have all learned that playing a tough non conference schedule in the system that is in place does nothing watch Louisville this year there SOS will be horrible but they should go undefeated they won't play a top 40 team ucf will be there toughest test but as long as everybody has a flaw there they will be at the end of the year

I agree we would be 2-2 under Shannon. No way Shannon prepares us to beat USF away, he couldn't even beat them at home. Gators would've crushed us.

Silly Cane Fan ... Here U Go Again

Are you seriously imagining that your fake internet rivalry is still going on?

Get a life loser, it's over. Find something else to do on the internet, your fake internet rivalry is dead.

Silly Cane Fan = Reality Bites. The Troll had to change his name because he looked line a fool after months of talking about his great Gayturds. Go Away fool.

Again, this is Miami and the Hurricanes have NEVER been afraid to play the Big Goon's and what not!
Posted by: D | September 29, 2013 at 02:21 PM
At least before coach goldie got here, but we'll see.
Posted by: Calvin | September 29, 2013 at 02:36 PM

Riiiiight, because Coach Golden (Not The A.D. YEARS IN ADVANCE) makes the schedule, right? What a bunch of F**kin Idiots on this thread.

Hell, Shannon couldn't even beat South Florida with his boy Japicky Harris. Give it up Calvina and Gallober, U two piss and moan all last year and when we are winning ya'll are pissing and moaning. U two losers just can't stand the fact that Golden who incidently I hand picked and wanted to replace Shannon has done more with less and accomplished more than Shannon ever did or could.

^ Preach!!!!

Calvin, you dummy,

Shannon had noodle arm, t benjamin, lamar miller, mike james, and hank and he still lost to USF

I never thought I'd agree with Ron Zook. But I do.


LMAO at FSU having to play Maryland, NC State, and Clemson before us.

Herb Waters & Stacy Coley = legit

Gus Edwards & Alex Figueroa = studs

Williams will run the offense better than Morris next season. Miami needs a young stud TE to go with all the young talent they are amassing. Baptizing UF will help swing a few kids and, if Miami can get seven freshers to contribute next year...look out.

Not impressed by FSU who has faced Pitt, Nevada, and Bethune Cookman before almost losing to Boston College in their first conference game. They haven't played a proven team/defense yet. Winston, who hasn't seen real defense, will be humbled soon enough.


Oh yea, Goldie's team was tested against UF. D[]_[]Hurricanes already answered the bell and, to be honest, there may not be a bigger test this season from anyone. I can't see a game getting more physical than that.

[]_[]Tuff showed an proved.

Shannon is a true Cane but he is not head coach material. This is evident in the fact he could not get a new job without a serious cut in responsibility.

Shannon lost me when he dropped the last game in the OB to Virginia so bad - what a disgrace that was. His teams always quit when they were punched in the mouth.

Shannon would be 2-2 at this point in the season. I don't miss the confused sideline look and the teams that couldn't care less about winning. I don't miss the confusing Joe Rose interviews or the post game excuse lists. I don't miss spongebob QB.

Golden is the man. He loves our team and he is energetic on the sideline. We may not be 100% back but show me another coach that could do what he did over the past 3 years (and no, Shalalalala would never spring for Saban so don't even go here).

Golden has "ICE" in his veins.

Miami Booker T. Washington sophomore running back Mark Walton (2016) verbally committed to Al Golden and the Miami Hurricanes on Sunday.

Conference games matter. Need to win the ACC.

Looks like we'll force some turn-overs against Fsu, jamie winston is a gambler, and that'll play into our hands. I don't think he wants to meet Da president either, but he just might. They do have a nice group of wide-outs though, it'll be a good game, here's to duke staying healthy.

I thought Truth miller had the best stride, but stacy coley might be in 1st place now. If he continues to get better, he'll consistently start to make this look just like highschool, and he like Alquadin Muhammad, will both feel like college is not as hard as they thought it would be.


Stacey has that Andre Johnson ability. He'll be out of here after year 3.

FSU can't get to the qb unless they blitz. Pruit does a good job getting favorable matchups though. He knows how to attack protections. I still believe the offensive line hasn't hit a stride yet. Too many short yardage plays where they got stood up. I still don't understand all of those counter plays being called. Our line's strength is size not athleticism, pound it straight ahead on dive plays. Even the td Duke scored on, it was a stretch play. Too much finese.

Sorry to see Bernie arrested for DUI in Solon, Ohio.

Trivia Fact: Solon, Ohio is the home of Dolphins great, Larry Csonka.

Go figure.

Go Canes!

Ron Zook im with ya about the Scheduling for Title runs and our whole deal is if we beat FSU like UF and they don't lose any other games except FSU in title game to us, that would have to be better than Cardinals and possibly Oregon and Osu

Agree with the many posters who like Al Golden. We are lucky to have him. He is a disciplined coach and connects with his players (that is, those that stick around). I am even willing to give Coach D'Onofio the benefit of the doubt, and like what I see with the defense. UM is on its way back to national prominence. I can feel it...

But we must win the ACC and beat teams like Ga. Tech...

Can't look beyond gt. Don't even mention fsu, yet. Must get the next win.

Bad news on Bernie. Hopefully he gets help.

I agree with ICE on his assessment of Randy. His teams could not handle getting punched in the mouth. They folded under pressure. If you ever went to the games you definitely know what we're talking about saying Randy looked lost on the sidelines. Randy is a true Cane but not a head coach.

Bernie, get some help man. He's been battling alcohol for a long time.

why is this Kosar junk news? Typical nonsense from Degnan and Kaufman. Why not write an article about the CURRENT canes? Idk,anyuthing.Make sh8t up but Kosar? Really? Degfman's cupboard of UM reporting is really bare. Man!

Here's a piece of bad news: Big Daddy Wilfork just tore his achilles. Done. Big man like that that is a career ending injury. Maybe not. The 2001-2002 Um legacy is slowly dwindling. Time to make more stories. Time for Lamar Miller and Jimmy Graham to take over.

Colts still have a Cane doing pretty good, too.

Still, the fact that players from the 2001 team are still contributing in the NFL is awesome!


Stacey has that Andre Johnson ability. He'll be out of here after year 3.

FSU can't get to the qb unless they blitz. Pruit does a good job getting favorable matchups though. He knows how to attack protections. I still believe the offensive line hasn't hit a stride yet. Too many short yardage plays where they got stood up. I still don't understand all of those counter plays being called. Our line's strength is size not athleticism, pound it straight ahead on dive plays. Even the td Duke scored on, it was a stretch play. Too much finese.

Posted by: True Cane | September 29, 2013 at 10:16 PM

No doubt, stacy coley, like some of us said before he made his decision is one of those players that don't come around to often and makes things look easy even tho he still doesn't actually know what he's doing. I don't like seeing him on special teams to many times myself either. Nobody's going to be able to beat him out unless he doesn't start because of his down-field blocking, but other than that, trying to cover that man one on one, good luck, going to be fun seeing us go against Fsu, somebody getting bombed.

That's the one area where whipple didn't get cute is in the running game, i'm sure shannon had something to do with that as well, but whether it was javariss james or damien berry or miller, we ran more power plays under them. When jedd got here, that's when the finess counters started and i said back than we're not Fsu, than next thing you know, we get james coley an Fsu alum as our oc and so it's definitely bred in em to run those finess counters. One things for sure though, the percentage of successful running plays we have with maurice haggens leading the way has got to be in the 95% range, which is why i'm not sure why we don't use him more.

I will say this though, having smo17 under center does hinder your running game because he's not good at play action and rarely does he play under center. Come next year, i don't see any of the qb's on the roster beating out ryan williams, if they do, than we definitely got something, but ryan with protection will be more effective than smo17 when it comes to just managing the offense, he puts the ball on the money where guys will have more time to get more yac yards, smo's passes normally are not those type of passes.

Another HUGE difference between RS and AG is that AG is fired up and running up n down the sidelines, and chest bumping his players and really stays in the groove of the game. RS stood stoic like a statue and very seldom got excited and guess what, kids FEED off whatever vibe you're sending out. RS's vibe was just blah and when you have a lot of young players you need to be FIRED UP. Randy stood around like he'd been coaching title teams or something.

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