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Former Canes quarterback great Bernie Kosar arrested. Reached by Miami Herald text, he says he's "fine.''

 Former Cleveland Browns and Miami Hurricanes quarterback Bernie Kosar was "arrested and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol in Solon, Ohio, early Sunday," the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported.

The Miami Herald reached Kosar by text at 1 p.m. Sunday and he wrote back, "I am fine.''  He said he was at the Cleveland Browns game, but released no other information.

"Kosar was pulled over for speeding on SOM Center Road at 2:42 a.m., and police officers smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle, according to a press release from the Solon Police Department,'' Cleveland.com reported. "He took sobriety tests,and was then taken to the Solon Police Department without incident, the press release said.''

The press release, obtained by the Plain Dealer, described Kosar as the driver of a black Cadillac. It said Kosar posted a $500 bond and that his Bedford Municipal Court date is at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday.

"The Solon Police Department will not release any video of the stop involving Mr. Kosar until the disposition of the case has been finalized,'' the press release stated.

Kosar was the freshman quarterback who led UM to its first national championship under Howard Schnellenberger in 1983. He is a member of UM's Board of Trustees, is in the UM Sports Hall of Fame and a member of UM's Ring of Honor.

Among his many achievements at UM, Kosar is the single-season passing yards leader with 3,642 yards in 1984. 



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In each game, we have left points on the field that we could have had, but also in each case, they were isolated, correctable, and have been corrected.

Game 1: Coley drops, DB drops.
Game 2:
DBs are catching interceptions.
Game 3 and 4: Coley making catches.

Game 2: Punt block.
Game 3 and 4: Punt block and coverage much better. Our punter leading the state in yards per punt.

Game 3: Issues were with the backups.

Game 4: Duke two fumbles. Crow with the INT for a TD.
I expect that those will be corrected as well.

Another area I hope (yes, hope) to see improvement in is in our punt and kick return coverage. We are allowing these teams to get some 20 yard returns on us, and that is gonna cost us in a close game.

So, Georgia Tech, get ready to see some furious coverage if our coaches are also noticing that.

True Cane, herb waters actually looks like andre johnson in the face, but stacey coley, in my opinion can't really be compared to much to any other receiver that has come thru UM with the exception of maybe a thomas jones when it comes to moves. When he catches the ball he's already and sill pulling away from db's which is why i want to see how he does against Fsu and their fast db's!

My Florida Gators have beaten Toledo and the two worst teams in the SEC LEast. UT and Kentucky would struggle to be middle of the pack in the former Big East. So, we Gatr Trash don't have a lot to be proud of.

The Arky beatdown looms even though Rutgers beat them down. So much for SEC! SEC!

When we cheer SEC, are really just cheering Bama and LSU.


Now I guess alot of these bimbo's understood why we said before the season "expecting a 10 win season" is very un-Cane like. No one left on our schedule except for FSU (who i'm not sold on) should give us a game. Va Tech, although I like the way Bud have them boys playing defense, with attacking d-line and big press corners, is too inept on offense. UNC is garbage, Ga. Tech is garbage, Pitt gave up 55 to Duke (almost like us last year, lol), Duke gave up 58 to Pitt.

Thomas Jones? The only Jones's the Canes have had worth mentioning were Chris Jones and Daryl Jones. Thomas Jones played at UVA.

All big teams play bo-hacky opponents to fill their schedule. Alabama is playing Georgia State next year. Will there be the same outcry against BAMA playing "panzies" or "fillers" as there was by Michelle Kaufmann in her recent article????

A 1AA last weekend played Kentucky Wesleyan (D-2 or 3 I think)and beat them 70-3 or something. Where do we then draw the line? So--- Should 1AA teams NOT play D-2 teams either? Why not?

I have no problem with UM playing 1 AA (FCS)teams, but I'd rather they stick with our "traditional" sacrifical lambs: FAMU, Bethune and as far as 1A or FBS teams, FAU, FIU, or Temple.

That brings me to this- whatis the difference between Alabama, oregon or UF playing FAU/FIU and pasting 70 on them, versus Um playing Savannah State and pasting 77 on them???? Answer NO effing difference!

Correction bama is playing ga State this year. I bet the line will be 65 on that one.

We play the teams on the schedule. There's no way around playing Duke and equivalent teams. You realize we've lost to Georgia Tech, UNC, USF, and Virginia in the recent past, right.

Five Titles I agree that we have some issues to clean up on Special Teams. Punt coverage and kick returns, along with penalties, are things that can be cleaned up.

As we start the ACC schedule there are areas that we still need to refine. With good dedication of talented Coaches, and focusing on the Process, we can do that. Film work will do wonders to bring the play reality up close, and correctable.

We need though for the official to watch for GT's chop blocks and low hits. I know that VT and Coach Beamer in the past have complained about this, but based on the VT win we have a template to work with, and fine tune our game plan for GT.
Canes 48-24
Go 'Canes

TruCane this is why you aren't a coach, you're part of the OVERLOOK gang, and STILL haven't learned that once you start playing the CONFERENCE games ANYTHING can happen, and it's one game at a time mentality that helps get you through it. You and Calvin STILL can't get through your heads this is NOT the late 80's, early 90's, or late 90's early 2000's when we were in the Big East. The landscape is different and when you play teams year in and year out, they can read you better. On paper we should beat GT, but anything can happen. They're tired of losing to us.

Posted by: 9>5>2 | September 30, 2013 at 06:35 AM

Why is anything that you consider bad news about the Canes not news at all and only good and positive stories about the Canes worthy news according to you ?

You sound and should be a part of Obamas PR press team.

Bernie is a known drunk that was arrested and could have killed someone including himself. Should "the news" wait until he does slaughter a family in an accident before it's reported that he's a notorious lush n drunk in the news ? You're the one always popping off all the time about other teams players and former players getting arrested after they were reported in the news. It's good when it works in your favor, but bad reporting when it doesn't right.

Hypocrite much ?


Did you post the same pious comments when Bernie Machen, Carlos Dunlap, Frankie Hammond, et al Gators, were arrested for DUI?

Please direct us to the post where you condemned Jeremy Foley and Urban Meyer for ignoring and hiding the crimes, one of which may be an attempted murder, that Gator mass murderer Aaron Hernandez committed while a student at Florida?

What's that saying...hmmm...Gators who live in glass double wide trailers shouldn't throw their empty Colt 45 bottles!


One more thing...you quit the Miami series AGAIN (21 - 16!).

"Carl", the same sicko that joked about the death of Canes players, I bet you had NO PROBLEM when Aaron Hernandez went on a shooting spree, and only got caught after his third or fourth one.

Oh, and since this is Bernie's first incident, how is he a "notorious lush and drunk"?

And funny that a new ID is suddenly an expert on the postings of 9>5>2. Perhaps you should stick with one ID, then you can claim to know what he has written in the past.

"Hypocrite much?" We know you are an expert on hypocrisy, sicko, jumping from blog to blog, posting sick comments and lies like claiming Bernie Kosar is a known lush and drunk.

He was ACCUSED of driving drunk. Bernie, Hammond, and the rest of your sick DUI crew were CONVICTED of DUI.

You are no longer an opponent of the Canes, and we have moved on from you, how about you do the same, Curse Piggy?

Those who say we would be 2-2 under Shannon are dreaming.

With everything that happened with Shapiro as soon as Shannon got booted, we would barely have a team to field had he stayed on.

Anyone remember we only had THREE commits the day he got fired?? We wouldn't have 90% of the players Golden has gotten since he got here.

This team would have beaten Savannah State and that's it.

Anyone who thinks we'd be anything but the worst team in the ACC with Shannon as coach today is either incredibly stupid or delusional.

Listen to you guys. Jesus H. Christ. I've been a Cane since before Howard in the 1970's. It's just stunning how you all debate, point and counter point everything with the Gaturds as a comparison. You guys are Gaturd consumed and paranoid. Why do they consume just about your every thought and response to anything here? I simply stated that Bernie, whom I know, is a raging alcoholic that needs serious intervention and professional help. And directed solely towards 9-5-2, NOT ANY OF YOU that responded, to say, "this is not news worthy and the writer of the story is a fool for printing it" is homerism at it's worse. Should they wait until there's a high speed Interstate fire ball and fatalities ? This is all on Bernie period. Hope he gets the help that he desperately needs.

Try sticking to and within the blog story and your anything outside Miami Football paranoia will be held in check. Grow a pair and quit worrying or even mentioning that sheet school to the north. But we all know, like any addict like Bernie, that's pretty much an impossibility for sensitive fans such as yourselves.

(ok, time for many of you fellow jelly spined Canes that get your feeling hurt and no self control to fire back about the TURDS and make moronic comparisons.)

Oh, and since this is Bernie's first incident, how is he a "notorious lush and drunk"?

And funny that a new ID is suddenly an expert on the postings of 9>5>2. Perhaps you should stick with one ID, then you can claim to know what he has written in the past.

He was ACCUSED of driving drunk.

Posted by: Five Titles | September 30, 2013 at 11:39 AM

Are you serious ? Really ? Anyone else here believe Bernie doesn't have and has had a complete substance abuse problem since his College Coke days up until he was busted this weekend ? Five titles, how many of those Titles were you alive for ? 1 ? 2 since '89 ? You naivety is only preceeded by your utter sense of denial in your above statements. You know nothing of the subject and although they won't post here, go ask Cane fans that know and ask them about Bernie and if he hasn't needed help for years and years.

That's EXACTLY why it's newsworthy.


These guys (most like teenage girls) are always like that. In their brain only a gator fan has anything critical to say about the Canes. How dare a Cane fan speak on something so important like a guy with a known alcoholism problem being accused of DUI. Who cares about a garbage program from Gaysville. We're talking about one of our guys and they are are stuck with the gaytors on their brain. Unfourtuantely, Bernie like most has his demons, I hope he gets it taken care of. I agree with you it is important enough to put on a UM sports blog because he did play sports at UM.








Did you post the same pious comments when Bernie Machen, Carlos Dunlap, Frankie Hammond, et al Gators, were arrested for DUI?

Please direct us to the post where you condemned Jeremy Foley and Urban Meyer for ignoring and hiding the crimes, one of which may be an attempted murder, that Gator mass murderer Aaron Hernandez committed while a student at Florida?

What's that saying...hmmm...Gators who live in glass double wide trailers shouldn't throw their empty Colt 45 bottles!

Posted by: Ron Zook | September 30, 2013 at 11:27 AM

No I didn't nor will I ever post anything gaturd on a gaturd blog or anywhere about anything TURD for any reason. That's for people like you and your fellow gaturd obsessed personas and likeminded posters that like many addicts, simply cannot help themselves.

Dude, we Won the Turd War and they are roadkill in our rearview mirrors everytime we drive to n fro down Alligator Alley. Act like you've been there, which we have for over 30 years and move on. Enough with the "no but I you are" Turd insecurities.

Word True Cane. Prayers for Bernie to get the help he needs. That man put the entire U on his back during the '83 Season and Stamped us on the College Football map. It's time we help repay the favor before it's to late.

"I know you are but what am I" TURD Insecurities.


Glad Bernie didn't mess up himself or someone else permanently due to what appears on the surface to be a poor decision in life. Hope this is the moment he looks in the mirror and gets himself set on sobriety once and for all, one day at a time for the rest of his life. Get a sponsor, go to meetings and beat this thing so you can be the AD at UM one day soon.

Carl, you got multiple responses from the same name changing UM troll that continues to seek out a windmill to tilt at because he's a drug taking freak with a severe inferiority complex. It's the same guy that can't handle Zakkee or Calvin making any posts because has got so many socks on his hands that he has to type with his nose. They all are eye roll inducing and he won't be missed when he finally gets off the steroids due to a heart attack or cancer consumption in the sarasota area of the state.

Yeah, SUUUURRREE you are a brand new ID that just happens to be the same as this guy below:

"No I didn't nor will I ever post anything gaturd on a gaturd blog or anywhere about anything TURD for any reason."


carl Says:
March 20th, 2013 at 8:18 am
"The last time SCum won a NC gas was $1.19 a gallon. Too funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Win an NC or shut it."


Nice try at backtracking, number one, and then at trying to pry info about people on here, number 2, Curse Piggy. Won't work with the folks on here that have seen your game before.

You claim to know Bernie Kosar personally, then turn around on a Canes blog to attack him. Yeah, you are a REAL friend. "Should "the news" wait until he does slaughter a family in an accident before it's reported that he's a notorious lush n drunk in the news ?" Yeah, with "friends" like "carl", who needs enemies.

As for ENOUGH!, It is enough when WE decide it is, not some random troll on the attack on yet another Canes blog. Go back to Gator Bytes where you belong, "carl".

Funny how you USE all the current phraseology, like "gaturd" and "personas", but claim you have never been here before.

The Gator Witch trials/hunts and Inquisitions continue despite the leader naming himself after what he so desperately wants to separate himself from.

Sorry Carl, this behavior is exposition of the P.T.S.D. (Pig Tramatized the Site's Demonizers) the Curse left this site. These dudes keep his hate and angst alive with their constant paranoia of trolling that has led to the constant bickering and now self-imposed destruction of this blog. As a result, they are highly insecure, hyper-sensitive, needy of a villainous character to condemn, justify and validate their fanhood and existence as bloggers. So much so, that they're so reliant on a nemesis that they'll create one out of thin air in hopes of re-creating their trauma and obvious ownage scenarios, over and over again.

They are Willie Lynch victims and are now self-checked, self-subjugating. Anyone who has a dissenting viewpoint is a Gator and/or troll. Pure bigotry.

And the utmost and prime influence and disposition of the Gator fans they claim to hate so much. They are just as obnoxious (what other fan demographic would continuous clamor about a 21-16 victory for a month, as if they didn't believe they could win that game???--only Gator fans would still be gloating about that win).

What other fan group would anoint a career and current .500 coach as their savior, "blessed and lucky to have him...HOLLY LEUJAH!!!! and flawless leader" ala the Gator's nauseating infatuation with Tebow who actually won titles and a Heisman while there. You'd guess that group to be Gator fans right?, but its actually the new, mentally abused and swagger deficient pageantry/corporate Cane fan.

What other fan group would bash an old player and coach that was a part of 4 of the 5 titles they love to boast of and name themselves after, only in order to, bolster, ingratiate themselves to, and provide a performance excuse and crutch for an incoming coach from the north east with a history of mediocrity and no Cane legacy (hasn't done anything for U as the departing coach has)? You'd guess that only Gator fans could be so disloyal and covertly racist....but no, the answer is the new pageantry based, expectations lowered, "its ok to manufacture a title run..everyone else does..." Cane fan.

Dudes absolutely hate the Gaytors in word, but totally resemble them in actions.

FACT: Ty Willingham is the ONLY blacks head coach in the history of college football to be fired as a head coach and rehired ever again, as a head coach. Was Shannon a great HC--NO! But for a Cane fan worth his word to not weigh this fact into the equation of why RS can't get another job--is irresponsible and inept. Why can't he get a DC job after winning the highest award at that level (Broyles Award in 2001)? Explain that? He was a more than adequate and successful DC--no one can debate that!

1) Racist--the overboard hate for & defamation of RS and numerous other references to food stamps and African-Americans--Liberty City barbershops blah, blah, blah. Also the act of calling someone else racist because they have the nerve to reference race where it is relevant. U can do it, but another poster (especially black) cannot not.
2) Disloyal to people who have named U, made U, or re-established U as Cane fans
Hyper loyal to someone who hasn't done anything for U yet, but what they have been paid, given a raise, and no performance appraisal after one year to do.
Man-worshipping (Al Golden = Tebow)
Delusional about the actual state and need for improvement of your team
Obnoxious and boastful of the slightest and smallest achievements ("Vanity is the consequence or by-product of inferiority")
Bigotry--intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself.

^^All known Gator traits and behaviors--continuously exhibited all this blog by those who excessively mention their hate for Gators the most.

Wake up.

Googled "Bernie Kosar good friend Carl", and got Carl Pelini, coach at FAU. Are you trying to claim that you are Carl Pelini? LOL! Please don't embarrass yourself any further with your easy to confirm false lies.

Here, since you are such great buddies, have Bernie post here, or have him call Manny and let him know you are his BFF. I have a feeling that will NEVER happen, gatr troll.


Take it easy, you killin'em.


which I believe has him desperate to make a big splash and what bigger splash could he make than slamming a team that many in this country hold in contempt due to their championship football that was mostly accomplished with...gasp!...predominately black football players! To be clear--I am not saying that Emmert's actions are race based, but are ego and survival driven. Again, I desperately hope I am wrong!!!
Posted by: Ron Zook | September 27, 2013 at 04:42 PM

Its funny how when injustice and an obvious disparities in treatment hits home--then truth rises up thru bigot's chests like vomit. This NCAA crap has its silver-linings and is one that the few racist Canes fans we have--should take heed.

"Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere." We can't help our beginnings, but they are what they are, there's no need to ignore or deny them. Embrace them, learn from them and move on to the future with a fervor of not allowing them to occur ever again in mind.

Zook the Gator coach, how is it that U are allowed to infuse and mention race in a post on a sports blog, but no one else can?

Injustice doesn't care about race, gender, or sexual orientation. When the chickens come home to roost, now U want to tell the truth and speak out. But when its not your demographic being oppressed than U are quiet or supporting the oppressors. If I had made this post--U would have called me a racist because I'm black--and as a black man i can't reference race without being called a "racist" or "playing the race card", but what did U just do?

"To be clear--I am not saying that Emmert's actions are race based, but are ego and survival driven. Again, I desperately hope I am wrong!!!" ---Ron Zook ex Gator coach

^^What does this mean exactly? Why did U bring up race and the NCAA if U didn't mean to make or persuade a connection between the two?

Why do U "desperately hope" U are wrong"?

ALL of your comments are: race, ego, and survival driven. So U know U are right.

Mark Emmert = Ron Zook, cut from the same hypocritical cloth.

U disassociate with your antagonist and oppressor (NCAA, Gator Nation and Emmert) in word, but assimilate and agree with them in action.

True Cane, believe me when I say that I try to take your advice and not even respond to the hypocrisy, but sometimes it goes overboard and I can't help it. Keep posting, I enjoy U and Calvin's posts. A "Its a Canes Thing" and a couple other guys have had some good posts as well.


I feel ya. Sometimes you have to take out the trash.

Harriet, the Canes are much better year over year and your and your ilk are still morons.

No one cares about some lame history you continue to bring up. Some here probably weren't born yet when your alleged story takes place.

Golden is well over 500 now, so try a calculator.

Your race card and Calvins wore out a long time ago. No rel Canes give a small crap about skin tone, only performance.

Even idiots like Kiffen will get another job after the stench wears off because they have a sales streak. Shannon might be the last person on earth I'd put before a group of boosters or media. He couldn't sell water to a person dying of thirst.

Huh??? What story?

At UM he is over, but not overall as a head coach duh!

Then there must be a bunch of fake Cane fans--exactly my point.

Irrelevant, first U talk about respecting performance only, then bring up appearances and abilities to sell yourself as a deficiency of importance with Shannon in the next breath.

What a hick, scorned racist dog U are. Hypocrisy just oozes from your aura. What a lame joke.

"...year over year and your and your ilk..."


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