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Gameday blog: Canes vs. Gators

It's the big day. 

We'll be hosting our live chat as usual. Join us in CoverItLive. 

Kickoff is at noon. Gators are a three-point favorite. Game can be seen on ESPN and heard on WQAM (560 AM locally). Make sure to follow me on Twitter @Manny_Navarro. I posted plenty of pregame Vines and photos.


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Gators wins 24 to 17, pains me to say being a Canes fan.

Not so fast... Duke makes a play when its needed most! Miami 21-17

Miami 31
Gators 21



FLA 20.

Miami 34-17

I dont see why Morris can't do the things that Bridgewater did to the gator 2 games ago.
The Gators will run it. We better be ready for play-action. And for gods's sake...cover that TE.
Canes in a VERY close game.

The canes defense is terrible. Barely any improvement on the defense from last year. We are going to have to out score the gators if we want to win.

f..uck florida

7-0, gators with cheap shots, canes with end zone shot.

I take it back. The defense is not great but it does look like they are better than last year.

Defense looking real good right now

The difference in D is very noticeable. All you coach d haters go elsewhere.

I can't believe it. Blocked!

That was dumb, going for 2 instead of 1. It is too early to get cute. That is good for the canes.

Now Stephen Morris needs to get it together. He has not thrown the ball sharply so far.

Lol, gators wishing we were Toledo.

Can't blame the d for 15 yard score.

Acc refs acting like they are sec refs. Robinson falls to the ground the call a penalty on him.

I hope the Gators offense proves me right in the 2nd half with making adjustments and out scheming coach oh no. The D looks too good for the the sissy scheme that we play. Must be the players hijacking the defense and ballin out Miami style!

Hope for gators? I am shocked.

Driskell showing his true colors.

Stfu Calvin...always w ur bs

Five that was a cheap shot

He's earned it.

D'No is bringing the house LOL! He's pumped! coaching for his life--I don't lame him.

Driskell is rattled like Dorsey was in NC game 2002.

Our O=Line is mauling outside of those holding penalties. Kehoe is going nuts! O-Line MVP's so far!

Compare Driskell's uniform and SteMo's. They're asking him to do too much, hence this drive of all runs and ball control. They've dialed him back already, good job defense! Morris is in his comfort zone.

Our D-Line just blew them up--UF is shook lol!

We are watching swagger develop.

Where is the moron that said the punter doesn't matter?

I said the CINCINNATI KID would come through for Miami this season, and CHANGE field position for MY Canes

Obvious face ask ignored by the refs.

J12 would be setting records in Coley's offense. S17 has no touch and can't read defenses like J12. Our D is too big and too slow to get to Driskell.

DZP is strong as hell!

Run defense looks solid

James Coley can coach offense, there's no doubt.

Acc refs, that is a FUMBLE!

Lou Holtz is either blind or he's a fool.

Pease hasn't shown Goldie anything yet. He will open up the offense just enough to pull this out. He can't show too much of his offense with the SEC games coming up on their schedule. Lack of adjustments will prove me right and goldie and oh no have to go

Gators - 44

Canes --- 9

Posted by: Over At Half... Only 50K Gators Left @ 0:00 | August 28, 2013 at 06:32 PM

44- points ... 30- first downs ... 580 total yards...

Posted by: Over At Half... Only 50K Gators Left @ 0:00 | August 28, 2013 at 06:33 PM

Morris and Dookie both carted off b4 halftime...

Posted by: Over At Half... Only 50K Gators Left @ 0:00 | August 28, 2013 at 06:34 PM

Ummm, looks like the obsessed troll was wrong yet again.

Lou Holtz hate for my Canes is still showing strong.

Dennis, he is blind, dumb, and his voice is so bad he should be struck dumb.

Florida is dominating our offense. Those who know football know that we are only in this game because of those turnovers

Lou Holtz "It's obvious UF is better"

U down to one liners calvin? LMAO!

They only got 1/2 of a td lmao

yo d, where you at? can't hear you over the canes fight song.... your coach is awesome. eh what say?

Poor play calling to start the second half Canes. Come on.

The Gaytors. Never have so many been so proud of so little.

The offensive play calling has been pathetic so far. The defense has played admirably but they are going to get worn out.

need better play calling and put coley in he does get open

terrible play callin

Nothin to say , just wanted yall to see my screenname

D is great the O is pathetic. If UF wins the game ball should go to the UM O coach.

Well yeah u idiot, its part of the game..keep reaching u sh.tbyrd

Well yeah u idiot, its part of the game..keep reaching u sh.tbyrd

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