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Gameday blog: Canes vs. Gators

It's the big day. 

We'll be hosting our live chat as usual. Join us in CoverItLive. 

Kickoff is at noon. Gators are a three-point favorite. Game can be seen on ESPN and heard on WQAM (560 AM locally). Make sure to follow me on Twitter @Manny_Navarro. I posted plenty of pregame Vines and photos.


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florida's defense is superior to miami's offense.
miami's defense is superior to florida's offense.
wow. good to see miami D stepping up.
if miami can just pull together one more drive or a quick TD,
that would be HUGE!!!!!!

Horrendous offensive play calling by Miami since getting 14 points.

Why does UM shun the short pass to set up the run?

i don't think play calling has been horrible. Morris has made a few mistakes.

just don't think miami expected florida defense to shut them down like this.
miami is going up against one of the best D's in the country. let's not forget this.

Agreed..Fla d is tough.

Coley has dialed Morris back and its reason. Morris play QB with a lead, is a totally different Stephen Morris playing from behind. He actually dials himself back and relaxes with a lead, he loves to lead "the comeback". He wants to go deep and up top every play and Coley knows it. Whipple encouraged it and it led to INTs. Our offense since 14-0 is a reflection and result of who Stephen Morris is. They're trying to guide a heat seeking missile away from the heat jmo.

Morris will play bad until we have the ball last and are down on points.

This conservative play-calling is killing him (Morris) mentally. Coley needs to give him a post pattern every series to keep him interested.

Stephen Morris sucks! Horrible interception. He may have cost the canes the game.

holy crap!!!! tracy howard shows up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
al golden recruit y'all

Yea baby! The defense saved Morris. Now let's put the game away.

Is the gators' defensive line that good or is the hurricanes OL this bad?

The defense has grown up in this game. No matter what happens.

Good night, Gators.

A Duke Johnson and Malcolm Lewis recruit. A fact Golden admitted himself. It was on his watch of course and he gets credit, but our recruits turned Tracy Howard, Howard said so as well. The dude is cooking a good hamburger today, there's need to super size it or add extra cheese.

69 yards since 1st quarter. doesn't matter how ugly a win is a win!!

The defense has grown up in this game. No matter what happens.

Posted by: Orlando Dolphan | September 07, 2013 at 03:09 PM

^^The truth

Too easy


well, 2 plays now on 2nd down even if they stuff run should only give them the ball with 20-30 seconds left and no TO's.....

Well fellas........LETS GO U.

Miami-21, Florida-16.

Gators, I ain't worried bout nothin.
Gators, I ain't worried bout nothin.

Lmaooo at Calvin, Soldy, Orlando Dolphan, Gallo, and Harriet sit your asses down and be quiet. Its over for you and all your nonsense Al and Denofrio is here to stay

Let's see what this UM hater, Holtz, has to say..

SHUT IT SOUP has been served!


Calm down Charles. I am Canes fan too but I am realistic. Stephen Morris was awful today. The defense played very well. The home cooking helped but Florida is still the better team. Canes played hard and got the big turnovers. I am thrilled but we are not a top 10 team yet. But I agree that they are headed in the right direction.

Well, I guess the Florida trolls won't be returning any more this season. Kind of embarrassing to run your mouth and then not back it up on the field. I guess most telling was when Easley sat out a couple of plays and the Florida defense was standing on the field with their hands on their hips sucking wind back in the first quarter.

Gator fans , how about a big steaming piece of STFU ?


U been quiet all month with that post stickied for today LMAO!!! Lame we won and if we lost I had plans to not go in on the coaches.

I'm a Miami Hurricanes fan...not a Al Golden fan...period. that hasn't changed. I won't change my mind on him until he wins a championship here...period.

Great win for the U!!! Crow is delicious!!!

Lol, he who laughs last laughs best. And we are laughing FOREVER at the coward gators. HA ha ha!

Goldie and oh no are still an outsiders until they win a nc and this sissy defensive scheme may have beat florida but it won't be good enough to bring a nc to miami

It almost looks like Lou Holtz bet on the game. He seems very upset by the result of the game. I am happy to see that somber look on his old face.

Calvin, Gallo, shhhh, and all the rest of you Florida fans.....SUCK ON SOME ICE!!!!!!! Go Canes!!!!!!!!

Coach D You and the defense. What a game you guys had today. Game ball to the defense and D coach. This hurricane team can make their own history. As I said before 12-0 Why not.

"Calvin, Gallo, shhhh, and all the rest of you Florida fans.....SUCK ON SOME ICE!!!!!!! Go Canes!!!!!!!!

Posted by: Tim "ICE" Harris | September 07, 2013 at 03:35 PM"

Hahahahaha. Nice to see you on the board, coach!

False cane

Please stfu

Donofrio and the D won this mfing game

Never shall you say anything anymore

This was won with heart. Pure and simple

Morris and the O C need tons of work

lol...calvin and his friends have disappeared today... LMFAO.....this magic act should continue through the season.. MUAH HA HAAAAAA!!!!

I was one who was calling for DC's head last year .
Don't know exactly how he did it , but this group was ready today .

Looking at the rest of the schedule if the Cane stay healthy, they should only lose game. No way the Canes can beat the Noles at their house. If they only lose one game in the regular season and they go to the ACC championship, we have to consider this a very successful season that will help in recruiting.

We own your asses now mother frickers

LMAO!!!! Idiot Gallo..... where are you?!?!?!

JG was on record blogging that Miami's defense will be NO better and Florida will win by 3TD's, more so because of their running game.

Now go ahead and win that "tough" SEC

Calvin, come out, come out wherever your are

What say eh hola soldy you dumb gator clucks. Now swallow and don't spit out a drop!

good win.....but 6 turnovers by Florida and only 21-16, is weak. defense played OK......offense was horrible and duke jonhson is talented but has a lot of hype. he got shut down AGAIN against a good team. NO WAY can he handle a lot of carries as you saw today.

well see what happens next but a win is good. still not a fan of golden/dnofrio.....

the score should have been at least 2 more TD's by UM.....

Where r the Gayturd fans now!

Still waiting, Gallo..... Funny how you are no where to be found. Idiot.

Come on Calvin. Give the coaches at least one day in sun to bask in the glory of beating the gators. Maybe we can all go mud slinging and hillbilly hand fishing.


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