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Gameday blog: Miami Hurricanes at USF Bulls

TAMPA -- You know the drill.

Your Miami Hurricanes (3-0) are playing at Raymond James Stadium against the winless USF Bulls (0-3). Kickoff is at noon. Today's game can be seen on ESPNU. Hope you have it. 

Al Golden has played up USF's defense. Bulls coach Willie Taggart is a good coach and eventually should right the ship. But it shouldn't be much of a contest today.

Vegas lists Miami as an 18.5 point favorite. I've got the Canes winning 44-7.


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Go Canes! ICE

nothing to post about.......well see if all the golden talk is all BS or real.....

I say he and dnofrio are weak......stats and titles is all that matters......slobbering love affair is irrelevant.......

2 ridiculous wins against high school teams and 1 give away by florida.....still don't know who this team is yet......well see

0-3 usf.....another embarrassment.


Jim Gallo you are stupid and have no life. I don't know how you wake up every day with no other purpose in life but to be a moron on the website of a team you don't even like.

I feel sorry for you.

Go find an Alabama blog to be a fool on, your act has grown thin here.


You practically don't post anything for a week, and when a team that has had a bye week, a new QB UM has not seen, installed specials for a Team that has no film on them...you want to open your trap.

You realy are all everyone says about you!


Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

Hey Gallo, you Fn Pus_y!

Take that Score for the D!

Where is your little girl panty waste list now!


Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

Remember when Shannon was coach? How much would we be losing by at this point in the game?

This team reminds me so much of the 1999 Canes.

Wish Jacory wouldn't have sucked ass so bad we had to burn Morris' redshirt year,

Would have loved to see him returning next year, though Williams looks good.

Williams is money. I miss the rainbow dead ducks j12 threw to the cornerbacks. A lot of 1999 canes here I agree...hopefully we stay humble until acc schedule begins. Truth be told we have only played 1 team this year.

I am having a heart attack every time duke takes a head shot. Please pull him. He seems wobbly today already. Acc play around the corner...need him healthy.

Didn't a certain clown on this blog criticize Golden for having Tyriq McCord put on weight and also criticize him about having McCord play in space and drop into coverage?

A little sloppy on the O...holding onto the ball...gives them something to work on next week to keep them humble...speaking of which...after we score on O...the guys do not get real excited...play like they have been there before...and will get there again...I really like that!

The D has held tight after the first drive...they gave up 75yrds and a TD...but since...USF 21 plays for 50 yards....pretty good D if you ask me...

Let the O come back out for a serise get a score...and then play the 2nd 3rd and walk-ons...

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!

It behooves Cane loyalist on whether M-Y Hurricanes will be TESTED before their November 2nd showdown with MIGHTY F.S.U. dUh

Because East Caroline is " taking it " to Carolina Blue and the Bumbling Bee's are... well the Bumbling Bee's.

By the way, I mentioned a few moons ago that Goldie should start Wheeler and Ryan against So.Florida. Well, Goldie took my advice on C Wheeler, but should've kept Stevie on the Diasbled List with Mc Dermett. hUh

Oh, I SEE-r QB Crow playing in the second-half, along with more Cane 2nd/3rd team players.

M-Y Miami Hurricanes are on PACE to break the 650 yard offensive total barrier.

Yeah, yeah I understand Cane partisans don't give a FREAK' bout' stats and what not.

I give credit to Marky Mark and his D-unit staff for making adjustments after the Bulls opening drive T.D. dUh

FWIW... Miami is null and void in the turnover margin category, so far.

The W is all that counts D!

As to Golden taking your advice...with Wheeler...LOL...as you know he only got the call because the #1 C has a bad wheel...

Good to see Dallas getting some touches and getting some live game action...same as Williams...we will be prepared if 17 and 8 go down...

So far...this is shaping up well for UM moving into the ACC schedule!

Finish the second half strong get the young guys reps and get out as healthy as you can!

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green & White!


Recruited by the horrible Coach AL GOLDEN...

Eh What Say Calvina and Gallo?

42-7 with the back up team running....

Eh what say Gallo-gator?


Another FLORIDA LOSS????

can they just bring crow in the last 5 mins not the hold quarter.

miami is going to win but can the coaches stop not trying to score!!!!!!!!!!!!

Moe, we got to get the yound guys some playing time, so they do not have to go in the game in a critical situation with no significant playing time...

The final score does not matter as long as we get the W.

In addition, if there are issues with the 2nd & 3rd teams, if give the coaches reason to not be happy with the team as a whole and make sure they can continue to coach the kids up...even the starters...

First couple of ACC games are going to be interesting...

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green, & White!

Garbage time TD with our 3rd stringers...

who cares...

1st team (even with Ryan Williams in) looks like they are starting to click.

But IT IS USF.... so we can't know much until GT

Yup...Coach is going to be upset!

That is good for The U going into GT...an upset coach with the way the 4th went.

I will be interesting to see out 1st go for a whole game...Offense did well but for the red zone fumbles and some penalties...

D played well!

Good solid win!

Now...let's play some ACC Football!

Go Canes!

Bleeding Orange, Green, & White!

Garbage time is right! UM could have beaten USF 70-7 if Al had not called off the dogs.

Go 'canes!

FAU - Stinks

Gayturds - Stink

Savannah St. - If they Stunk, it would be an upgrade.

USF - Stinks

G.T. - Stinks

At 5-0, after next week, just what has this Cane team really done other than beat, not just bad, but really really bad football teams ?

If we were to lose say, Morris, Duke and Perryman to season ending injuries like so many other teams have, just how good are we really ?

Long way to go, but better than last year. Just saying to reel it in a bit. Keep the horse in front of the cart.


Another FLORIDA LOSS????

Posted by: WestCoastCane | September 28, 2013 at 02:31 PM

AND ENUFF WITH THE TURDS !!! They're in our rear view mirror like roadkill on the side of the road ! Why do U keep bringing them up like a drug addict constantly needing a fix u idiot ! FU@K'EM !

Posted by: It's A Cane Thing! | September 28, 2013 at 03:03 PM

Grest points. We need to play the young guys. That's our 1 true weakness. Not just depth, but experienced depth. That's why I say we still have a long way to go, Football wise speaking, until we are a complete football team. We will lose some very good Senior talent after this year, and the key to, "Being Back" isn't what we do this year (we aren't winning any National Championships this year). It's how we develope this year, when adversity hits, and it will via, bad calls, breaks, turnovers and injuries, loses that shoulda been wins, leading into next year and then forward is the key.

Like I said, we aren't there yet with the quality of wins verses the teams we've played.

If U ain't moving forward, Ur going backwards,

Now lets watch LSU n Georgia (yeah I know, fook the sec) and honestly self-actualize if we can go into their houses and ball them out like we did back in 2000 n 2001.

We have a ways to go, but heading down the right fork in the road. But there's lots more forking forks coming.

4 & 0...undefeated... way to go Big Al Golden and those Mighty Canes. Championship football has retuned to the "U"!!

Great offensive output by Morris before he exited the game early. Williams also performed off the charts. Our receiving corp. was fantastic as were our running backs. Also, our offensive line showed improvement.

Our 1st and 2nd team defense only allowed one score and that was due to South Florida having 2 weeks to prepare for the Canes and came out on their first possession with several unique looks, but once Coach D'Onofrio made his adjustments the Bulls offense was smothered. And another game with the "D" sacking and hurrying the QB and several forced turnovers.

All this with the undeniable damage the NCAA investigation has done to our Canes...it truly is great to be a Miami Hurricane!

New ID, saying "we", but ripping the Canes 4-0 start, defending the Gator troll, and saying we need to watch two sec teams.

Gee, gallo hasn't been here since that ID arrived.....

Fsu struggling, South Carolina struggled against UFC (sec sec sec) and unc loses again. But Miami has no chance? Ha!

Georgia uses a Cane QB to get the win. Nice.

What in the world is the Offenisve coordinator, Coley, doing putting Duke in for shortyardage situations in the goal line. He has Hagens, he has Clements, he has Gus Edwards. WT_FFFFFFF?

Memo to the oC: Duke is 190 lbs soaking wet and he looks wobbly plus I still think his shoulder hurts. Duke is not a straight up runner!!!!!! Please stop this stupidity.

And I still think Duke should not be returning KOFFS.

Where was Gus Edwards?

Where was Beau Sandland?

UM is 4-0. South carolina struggled. and Ok State lost. UM should move up. FSU won by 2 TDs. Lucky as UGA beat LSU otyherwise we'd jump themn too.

4-0 baby/ First time since 2004. That was a loooong time ago.

Recall, in '04, or -5 I cant recall, Um climbes as highas 2 or 3 in the BCS before playing Ga Tech. Thats when Kyle Wright was sacked 9 times and it was all down hill since then. I am proud of this team- but team got a bit sloppy there for a bit. Duke fumbling with inches to go for a 1st down and 1 yd for a TD was inexcusable. The one "block in the back" on Tracy Howard when Dorsett had that long run back was a garbage call. Ryan Williams is the real deal but what concerns me is Grey Crow. Come on Crow, really? really? You in front of family and friends, and teammates from Hillborough and Pinellas counties and you go and throw a pick six to a D-end and go 0-2? That's embarassing. You young QBs need to understand that punting is ok and youcannot be the hero in circumstances like that. You are no Peyton Manning to try to zip balls into coverage!

And Duke- Tuck the rock in bro! come on!

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