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Golden talks redshirts, Deon Bush and more after Wednesday's practice

With 60-point underdog Savannah State on tap for Saturday Hurricanes coach Al Golden figures to get plenty of his young players some work this week. But who will Golden and his staff try to keep out of the game to keep them on target for a redshirt at season's end?

"We're trying to hold [fullback] Walter Tucker, [cornerback] Ray Lewis, [offensive lineman] Sunny [Odogwu] and [quarterback] Kevin Olsen," Golden said Wednesday after another soggy practice in Coral Gables. "Obviously [offensive lineman] Hunter Knighton is out [with an injury] so we're redshirting him. We're playing [receiver] Stacy [Coley], [tight end] Stan [Dobard], [running back] Gus [Edwards], [offensive lineman Alex] Gall and I think everybody else has a role."

The Hurricanes added 14 high school seniors and prep school players to their roster in their last recruiting class and two junior college signees. So far the four Golden mentioned targeted for redshirts and Gall are the only players who haven't seen playing time yet.

"This will be his first go," Golden said. "We've been spending two weeks getting him ready for this. We realized we didn't have enough depth to push through the season after the opener. We've been pushing Alex for the last 2 1/2 weeks. He'll be ready for his opportunity this weekend."

As good as it feels to get a few kids redshirted to help build depth, Golden says the Canes "aren't out of the woods yet."

"As you guys have indicated many times, our scholarship numbers are not where they need to be," Golden said. "Therefore were not as deep as we want to be at all positions. But we can afford to redshirt some guys and I feel like we are building depth. But we got to be careful. It can't be a fool's gold depth.

"We got to understand that on the d-line we're top heavy. And we need help quickly. We need help at mid-year at that position for instance. Wide receiver we have on scholarship and we have six healthy. That's a bad number. We need help at wide out. I can go on down the line, but those are the two areas in addition to the offensive line I think you guys know are really focal points for us in recruiting right now."


> Golden, who missed Tuesday's press conference because he was feeling ill according to UM, said Wednesday he was feeling better. "I hope my energy [is contagious] but nothing else," he quipped.

> Safety Deon Bush, who said Tuesday he was still feeling sore, apparently was checked again medically on Monday, Golden said, and obviously cleared to continue practice. Bush had off-season sports hernia surgery and hasn't played yet, but is hoping to get in on Saturday.

"Good week so far," Golden said. "We doubled back and made sure medically that he was really good on Monday just to make sure he felt good and had piece of mind. He's really had a good week. I'm anxious to see Deon continue to get better this week and get his conditioning where it needs to be and move forward."

> Even though his team is a heavy favorite this weekend, Golden said the focus he keeps stressing to players is self improvement. He said there was plenty Florida exposed to keep UM busy the past two weeks. As for bench marks he would like to see the offense hit -- 45 percent conversions on third down and 80 percent scoring on red-zone visits.

> Of facing an FCS Tigers team this week, Golden said: "There is a big disparity going from an SEC opponent to this week. What I'm trying to teach is that it really doesn't what the other team does. At the end of the day it's about us executing."

Golden said the fact Miami is even playing Savannah State is just part of the "system we live in right now."

"Nobody was sending us sympathy cards last year when we played three of our first four on the road at Manhattan [Kansas] and at Soldier [Field in Chicago]," Golden said. "That's the system we're in. I would like for it all to be uniform. I'm sure most coaches would also. Right now all I care about is getting each individual player better."


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I SEE-r DB Bush getting his initial live game action against LOWLY South Florida.

Oh, bloody SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on the VAST MAJORITY of Canespace/eoth partisans for WANTING Bo Pellini as head coach! And they know whom they be. dUh

we got hammered against the mighty U...all we could do is give sorry lame ass excuses afterwards. The U whipped us like they owned us! Oh yeah...FIRE WILL MUSCHAMP ASAP!!


Bo Pelini? Please I think I just v-mitted in my mouth. No way. He is a less civilized version of Muschump.

Funny how former AD Eichorst tookhis howdy doody looking a55 to nebraska thinking he was going to greener pastures. Now he has to deal with this anger management specimen, and with an overrated NU team.

He does have sell outs evry game though. What else is there to do around those cornfields?

Al Golden is the best coach in college football!!

Oh Gallo, where are you? I miss your comments and lists. Who have you added to the list this week?

Why is D trying to start these stupid B.P. rumors. It's just like a turd in drag to come here and start this garbage. Miami has a coach, a coach who is building a championship team to compete year after year. Not just a one and done. D, take gallo and calvin with you, (your the same person anyway),enjoy your trailer park model, hopefully a double wide with 3 personalities, and go on YOUR gaytor blog.

Sarasotacane - D is clearly insane but he's not starting any rumors, he's gloating over UM fans who reportedly wanted Pellini as our coach during the search.

Pellini was caught on tape ranting about fans and his team just lost to UCLA.


as a FYI; Comprehsion isn't a strong suit for a lot of these bloggers.


I hear ya Al-nobody has dang sure cared about the tough schedules we have played not just last year but, for about the last 10. FSU-UF always seems to get those warm up games so to speak & like last year-3 of our 1st 4 games were on the road & none of them were warm up games so-I know where Al is coming from. Our team & program needed this jump start this year-we needed a schedule to get out feet back under us & get confidence back in here & CANE FB back out there. I hate that it has to be at the expense of a team that has just had it's brains kicked out by teams that frankly they should have done better against. Al is a Class act-I know he's not gonna keep his foot on the pedal with our 1's-when he sees what he needs to-we will see work from our 2's & 3's & you can't just tell them to shut down either-You wanna see success from them too. But as far as going out there to try & score a hundred-that's not Al against a team like this-against UF or FSU well, that's a different story. If we have the chance to hang 50 & shut them out-I hope Al does it-just flat rub it in their face with all that negative recruiting & BS they have said about the CANES. Already got 1 get back so FSU- You're definitely on the CANE radar & I hope we are at our best & just putting the hurt on teams leading up to them. But as far as pumping our ego in this 1-I think it's more about like what Al said"To see individual progress & for our younger guy's to get work & get them ready for the stretch we are coming up on. Not to embarrass a team we don't need to to get our point across that"WE ARE FOR REAL" !

Now there's a man right there-GATORCLAWSE- Unfortunately bruh-Ya'll have very few of that breed, more like that dumazz D up there that don't have a clue what's goin on & that's" THE "U" is coming for #6 & we will get it before the TURDS get #4 so-Might as well admit it D-The CANES have had ya'll under our spell-have beat ya 8 out of the last 9x & some of them well most of them were flat out beat downs. If you wanna have something to say about scheduling-why don't you take those nutts of your's you have after this loss & run to Foley with them & schedule us every year-I know we're game - ? is -ARE "U" & we already know that answer.


Why do you use the screen name "macjones" when posting on the Hurricanes Palm Beach Post blog?

All posters just put D on ignore..

The loser that he is has no idea of what he thinks or says on blogs...

His duh's and eh's sound like a real Dweeb. Not a fan of the 'U' but just hanging around ..

Totally ignore. Nothing to contribute.
Go 'Canes

Sorry Lt., True cane, but I got it. I don't need a moron like TC to describe his failures like "comprehending". It was just the fact of the timing in bringing up the Bo garbage, out of nowhere. It's not like Bo doesn't have a job, or we don't have a coach. But true cane, if you are, you are the reason these blogs are like dumpster fires. Maybe that's really you calvin, or D. or Gallo. and now True cane. WOW that's a lot of confusion going on in that head, especially since it's so small. and short

Duh. Ya'll just don't get what's happening. Bo should have been hired, and that's a fact. But you people want this goldie as coach. This will be the undoing of the defense this week. Maybe even a loss with the ego problem on this team. Take the spread, I guarantee it. Go gators

As good as your Alabama give the points guarantee? Loser.

Posted by: Sarasotacane | September 18, 2013 at 05:35 PM

So funny that a Gator douche has to pretend to be a cane fan now to get a dig in on another cane fan!

Go 'canes!

Posted by: D | September 18, 2013 at 05:40 PM

Lol. stupid.

They felt like they were going to score on us all game long?


Teams who do that and go for it on 4th down in field goal range do that out of DESPERATION dummy.

What's it like to be wrong about every single thing you think and then write?

Posted by: Go Canes | September 18, 2013 at 11:42 AM

You can't make this stuff up, here's a guy trying to be a smart arse and ended up continuing to be a jack-arse but responding to the wrong point. I'm thinking this guy didn't have a t.v. to watch the game. You can see what i posted below and what this imbecile called himself trying to respond to, the reading non-comprehension levels continue to surface, so please keep posting so we can see how bright you are!

Hey Calvin, did [[_]] forget that our defense stopped a dumb 2 point conversion that some idiot coach called up after the blocked punt and a 9 yard TD run by Driskel. I guess it wasn't motivation for our defense to keep u out of the end zone another time in the red zone or maybe it was the spark that said these guys can't score on us!! And I'm not sure because I was having to much fun shoving all the BS that comes out of gator fans mouths back into there face but who calls for the field goal kicker to come out on 3rd down, 1st down, 3rd down, and another 3rd down when u turned it over. So what I think is if u kick the extra point instead of going for 2 it would of been 21-17 so last time I checked that is still a W for the [[_]]

Posted by: Brian Kisch | September 18, 2013 at 05:59 AM

What was funny about the 2 point conversion try is, they only did it because they felt like they'd score on us all game long. This defensive scheme is designed specifically for redzone purposes in mind, which once the field shrinks, the scheme becomes that much stronger, so when teams take chances, they're going to either turn the ball over or get 3 points, but you'll be able to drive up & down the field on this defensive scheme we run. As predicted, jeff driskell had a career day against us but he also paid for it.

This defensive scheme tries to lull you to sleep and gives you a false sense of security in the redzone, i understand it but i'm still a 4-3 man myself where the principle is to not give up nothing. Anyway, it was a good win no doubt, but consistency is the key.
Posted by: Calvin | September 18, 2013 at 11:20 AM

a no good stankin ass gatah can't be trusted


You've made it bro, you have you own personal stalker/ troll. You and Calvin has become the elite. LOL


What are they going to say now, Barry Jackson listed a slew of Shannon's recruits that's ballin for the 2013 Hurricanes. Yes, Coach Golden is credited with their development no doubt, good job Al, but I thought Shannon couldn't recruit. LOL. So now is Barry Jackson a no nothing troll? You know they can't form their own opinions so let the back-pedaling or bashing begin in 5, 4, 3, 2, .......

Posted by: True Cane | September 18, 2013 at 10:43 AM

We in they head True "Pre-game" Cane style, they can't shake us or fade us, LOL!

Exactly True Cane, I've clearly struck a nerve LOL!

I've been gone over a week and for years prior to a month ago, but this dude is here constantly day and night, changing aliases and trolling but supposedly has a life..ok.

Cal, I can't believe dudes truly can't help but feel the way they do despite it being totally wrong, its mystifying..

Couldn't talk Canes football if their lives depended on it.

That's a career day for floridas qb? Glad I'm missing his career.

The blog isn't as bad today after us beating the gators. I repeatedly said player development was the key for this team. I can say that the Coach G and the staff definitely have done their job.Florida will be the toughest team the Canes play all year. I am actually pulling for the gators to have a good year just tomake our win more impressive. hats off to the team. MESSAGE TO DONNA SHALALA: DON'T SCREW THIS UP

I think FSU will be our toughest test this season. They'll smash UF when they meet.

Jameis Winston is the real deal, if he can just keep his head out the clouds considering the early praise he is receiving.

Without him, FSU would be down this year--considering their coaching, not talent. Winston's talent has pushed their offensive game-planning to another level. He is a capable QB.

Winston reminds me of a young Aaron Rodgers
Bridgewater reminds me of a young Peyton Manning
Manziel reminds me of a young Drew Brees or Russell Wilson

UF defense against a first year qb? Not sure that defense will get smashed by anyone. They can all kill each as far as I'm concerned, but just saying.

Stephen Morris is like a Drew Brees. Manzel is good Russell Wilson. I've seen 3 minutes of Bridgewater, best qb out of mnw?

D, what say, eh, duh, canespace ,
21-16 what say. Eh?

Drew Brees is the best QB at making defensive reads, checking down and consistently throwing into small windows across coverages behind LBs and in front of safeties. SteMo struggles with that mightily. Brady and Manning are others who excel at this rare talent. I think its one of SteMo's few weaknesses, but integral to success on the next level.

Exactly True Cane, I've clearly struck a nerve LOL!

I've been gone over a week and for years prior to a month ago, but this dude is here constantly day and night, changing aliases and trolling but supposedly has a life..ok.

Cal, I can't believe dudes truly can't help but feel the way they do despite it being totally wrong, its mystifying..

Couldn't talk Canes football if their lives depended on it.
Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | September 18, 2013 at 08:13 PM

If most of them are not talking about us they not talking, lol.

Drew Brees is the best QB at making defensive reads, checking down and consistently throwing into small windows across coverages behind LBs and in front of safeties. SteMo struggles with that mightily. Brady and Manning are others who excel at this rare talent. I think its one of SteMo's few weaknesses, but integral to success on the next level.

Posted by: HarrietTubmanCane | September 18, 2013 at 09:39 PM

smo17 has 2 major problem areas he has to work on just to be a solid to strong qb, #1 is his accuracy, way to inaccurate to be a top notch qb, when your completion percentage is in the 50's that's not a good percentage. #2, his ball mechanics are piss poor, he fools no one with play-action or with fake hand-offs. Coach coley has improved his foot-work in the pocket though, but smo17 is not a good qb playing under center which is another reason why play-action for us is some what negated because of that fact, when smo17 is under center he has always had a hard time picking up the linebackers, which is why he's not good throwing to the middle of the field, so defenses often times just split there safties out wide sometimes pre-snap but definitely post snap.

#3, smo17 doesn't understand what type of pass to throw often times, he's always trying to gun it in there. Like that pass to stacy coley, yeah he dropped it, but as wide open as he was, no need to gun it in there like that, just throw a catch-able ball, same thing happened last year against k st. yeah duke johnson is going to say it was his fault he dropped that slant pass, but on the real side, smo17 gunning it in there at that short distance was un-called for. He tried to gun that one pass to clive walford to the back-shoulder that jaylen watkins almost picked off instead of throwing it away and to the outside over the head of the db like jacory use to do it. j70 was an assasin out there in that redzone.

LOL, j-70..assassinate the qb position. He was terrible,u moron. This blog was so nice w/o u around. Now ur back w more Bs. Always something w u.Go outside dude,stop wasting everyone's time!!

Who up in here wants some ICE?

CAlvin Jacorry anassassin in the redzone?

You are an a55-asin on this blog.

Are you dumb or did you forget Jacoory's picks in the redzone- no- in the end zone against Ohio State?

What about his weak a55 FAIL on 1st and goal at the 2 against Kansas State?

Please..... enough with that j70.

j-picky is his true name and he is 4th string in the canadian league- he cant even get an ofer from the arena league thats how weak he was. worse QB Miami has had in the last 40 years.

Will Gallo add his own name to the Golden Casualty lists?

I wonder why the NCAA didn't use the bye week to announce their sanctions. I think they are waiting until there are no SEC allegations to attack the big bad Hurricanes. Unfortunately, the SEC is FULL of violations, so we might have to wait a couple more YEARS for them to finally be able to bring the hammer down after they sweep the SEC stuff under the rug again (Cam), and again (Tennessee), and again (Manzell), and again (Alabama).

You all send an e-mail to the NCAA I did. Without insulting language or anything I professed my opinion that they are an institution out of control, which lacks accountability and internal control. That Um has punished itself enough. That UM's allegations were made by a convict. A convicted liar and thief who obviously had a vendetta against UM. That having an NCAA official actually recommend Shapiro for a job in the NCAA, and to actually commend him ws so egregious and gross, that it flies in the face of everything the NCAA claims to stand for. That because of their lack of ethical conduct and the obvious malfeasance displayed by NCAA investigators on the caze, that the UM case needs to be dismissed with at most probation and a few scholarships. That the whole concept of due process and a quick resolution to an investigation has been laughed at and dismissed by the NCAA leadership. That the usual 6 week time line for enumeration of penalties after the COI hearing has long passed us by and UM still suffers. That public opinion of the NCAA if its worth anything to them is at an all-time low, and for the sake of their credibility,transparency and public trust they need to tread lightly and fairly here because up to now this whole procss has been disorganized, unethical, corrupt, chaotic and dirty.

The NCAA is a joke.

Will Gallo add his own name to the Golden Casualty lists?

Posted by: MovingZen | September 19, 2013 at 08:30 AM


Great post!

I keep asking myself why are we gonna lose to Tennessee

Bold In Cleveland

The Browns' future is better after they dealt Trent Richardson, who isn't a game-changer.

$EC is sooo lame...recruits need to pay attention.

The two year plus wait is a worse punishment than anything the NCAA will hand down.

And Sarasotacane, no need to get defensive, you did misunderstand D's post, you thought he was implying Pelini should be UM's coach when he actually said the complete opposite.

Fact: Candycanes are a bunch of losers living in the past. You guys suck and will realize it when you get beat by GT, FSU, and a bottom dweller you suppose to beat.

1. Can't beat elite ACC teams.....Clemson,FSU
2. Defense is suspect
3. Duke is overrated! Gets his yards from cupcakes teams
4 Haven't had a half good QB since Dorsey
5. Al Golden sucks
6. Live in the past!!!
7. Cant beat any team in the top 10.

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